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BMG Special LE • Honey Sunburst

"The most bad ass guitar I’ve heard in a very long time"

Dear Mr. Moorhouse

I recently purchased a pair of BMG Replica Control Knobs, and included in the package was your business card. I thought this would be a good opportunity to tell you about my experience with my Brian May Guitar.

I purchased the guitar in May of 2014 online from Musicians Friend as motivation to regain the feeling in my left arm that I had lost due to a thyroid condition. Although I already owned a couple of nice guitars, I thought a new one would give me a reason to play everyday and help heal the numbness in my arm. As I continued to play and regain the feeling back in my arm, I discovered how truly unique the Brian May Guitar was compared any of the other guitars I owned.  Fast forward to nearly 4 years later and it’s the only guitar I play. The others are in there cases and haven’t seen the light of day in quite some time.

After thousands of hours of playing on my BMG guitar, it has held up pretty well. I have the Honey Sunburst model, and while some of the gold chrome has naturally worn off from playing it so much, it is still in great shape (see attached photo, with new BMG Replica knobs). It stays in tune exceptionally better than any other guitar I’ve owned, and I’ve never broken a string. I do a lot of bends, vibrato, use a sixpence, and yet no broken strings ever. The strings will go eventually go dead, but I've never broken one. About a year ago I took my Brian May Guitar over to a friends professional recording studio (he has owned it for over 40 years) and it immediately caught his ear, saying “that is the most bad ass guitar I’ve heard in a very long time.” He was impressed the most with the intonation of the guitar, remarking several times that it was absolutely perfect.

The only difficulty that I experienced with the guitar, and actually wasn’t with the guitar at all, was trying to acquire a Hiscox hard case for it in the United States. None of the dealers in the U.S.A. carry them. I found a couple in Great Britain that had them but they told me that they had an agreement with Hiscox not to sell them in the United States. Luckily after a lot of searching I found a retailer in Leeds, UK that was willing to ship an authentic Hiscox/Brian May Guitar case to me.

I wanted to write to thank you for helping bring this instrument into the marketplace so that someone like myself could afford to own a Red Special replica. Having read Brian May and Simon Bradley’s book Brian May’s Red Special and other information online about Brian May Guitars, I recognized your business card in my packet immediately. Over the past 3 ½ years this guitar been a big part of my musical life, and I hope to be playing live and recording later on in 2018 with my cherished Brian May Guitar.

Also, please extend my thanks to Pete Malandrone, and especially Dr. May for sharing an affordable, accessible quality replica of the Red Special with myself and many others around the world. It is truly a world-class instrument.


William Grady • Fort Dodge, Iowa, USA • January 2018

<< "For perfectly sensible reasons, our American partners were reluctant to stock bespoke cases and - although they have always been available to purchase from us WITH the guitar- we had decided not to supply the BMG branded cases on their own outside of the European Union because of what we considered the disproportionate cost of shipping them... 

However, in response to customer demand, we are pleased to announce that the BMG "LITEFLITE" HISCOX CASE is now available to ship WORLDWIDE! >>

"Does what it says... AND some!"

I have a friend who bought one recently... so that - and a penchant for honey coloured guitars - swayed me. I have only had this for a few days and played it little... I will be setting it up for 10's and tieing down the bridge as I attack the strings quite hard while soloing and so need a hard tail (this is the same for ANY guitar I own).

Early impressions are that the fit and finish are second to none and available sounds quite phenomenal! The neck is comfortable and eminently playable.

No regrets at all and highly recommended!

Mac Baker • Wallington, UK • March 2017

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BMG Special LE • Emerald Green

"Green with envy"

It has great sustain and a wonderful tone... and that's before you plug it in. On plugging in, what can I say, it's a kind of magic - it really is! With the switching setup you can get at least a dozen really useful and beautiful tones from this thing. 

The finish is flawless, the fretwork, fingerboard and tremolo are all really well done, the tuners are smooth and precise and after stretching the strings she holds tune really well. The neck feels really comfortable to play and the 45mm width at the nut is a really good idea, especially when playing open chords. I got mine with the free case upgrade, and It's a really good case too

PROS - How long have you got? / CONS - I've only got one off them... at the moment!

Mark Halford • Chester, UK • March 2016

"Excellent guitar!!"

Very pleased with this guitar, looks good and sounds good too! Also the service received from you was 1st class and fast.

Helen Dunthorne • Canvey Island, UK • February 2016

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BMG Special LE • Baby Blue

"Tone is awesome"

It is a beautiful guitar, finish is immaculate and could not ask for better playability, tone is awesome. Very, Very happy customer.

Michael Ashton • Burwood East, Australia • June 2017

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BMG Special LE • Windermere Blue


The guitar was shipped quickly and it is a beautiful guitar.

I've owned over 30 guitars and this is one of the best I've owned!

Michael Ashton • London, Ontario, Canada • July 2017

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BMG Special LE • 3 Tone Sunburst


I received the guitar, and I am ecstatic! It is gorgeous and sounds exactly how I wished (Basically, just like the Old Lady). I’ve been trying to recreate these tones since I was 15 when I picked up the guitar. It’s awesome to actually have them and in such a fabulous replica of the original, too!

Many thanks to you, Barry, and your whole staff for making these. Not just the product, but your service is top-notch! (You can tell Barry the long-distance phone bill was well worth the chat we had.)

Should you see Dr. May or Mr. Malandrone, please thank them on behalf of a grateful American fan whose other instruments are about to become very jealous of the time he'll be affording his new BMG.

Also, my whole family – including my teenage kids – can’t wait for them to come back to San Jose, CA! In the meantime, we’re contenting ourselves with covering Queen tunes in our garage. smiley

Jeremiah Christensen • San José, CA, USA • September 2017

"Best guitar sound"

I am glad to have the best guitar sound at an affordable price.

Chaidapha Phaintham • Moungsakonnakhon, Thailand • November 2016

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BMG Special LE • Black 'N' Gold

"Love this guitar"

Not only does this black and gold look like "the sh*t!”, the tones are incredible. I love the ability to turn on or off each pickup without the limitation of a 5-way switch like a Strat. Throw in the phase switches and the combinations grow exponentially. Grab a treble booster and a good distortion unit and you're off. 

I'll be using this one a lot!

Kevin Austin • Cotati, CA, USA • April 2018

"Best guitar ever"

I've never had a guitar this versatile.

Its playability is effortless and sound options are limitless... and they all sound so good too.

On top of it all, the pickups are absolutely noiseless!

Govert Krul • Den Haag, Netherlands • March 2017

"Attractive & unique"

Hey! I just wanted to say how much I love this guitar.

Not only does it sound and play great but I love the way it looks - and so do audience members! I just recently got back from tour and I cannot tell you how many times people complimented me on my attractive and unique looking guitar.


Greg Wellham • Guitarist with indie rockers SUPER CITY • Baltimore MD, USA • January 2017

"Thanks for the support & advice"

Just wanted to say that I ordered the Black 'N' Gold model... arriving sometime over the next couple of weeks. I ordered it via GuitarGuitar in Glasgow as I was able to take advantage of their 12 months interest free credit, but I wouldn't have ordered it at all were it not for the support and advice I got from you guys (specifically Barry, I think?...). 

Looking forward to getting my hands on the guitar! 

David McKay • Scotland • June 2016

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BMG Special LE • Natural

“Marvellous instrument!!!”

This guitar looks great, the finish is very well done and the sonic possibilities are endless. The sounds you can get out of this guitar are really amazing and It surely has that Brian May tone to It. Marvellous instrument!!!

Cesar Mamede • Brazil • June 2018

"Simply fabulous!!"

Tim O'Sullivan • Christiansburg, VA, USA • December 2017

"Looks and plays superb"

I ordered this guitar from House Music and it arrived quickly and set up to perfection for me. 

It's my second Brian May guitar as I bought one about 4 years ago and I can tell you the quality was good then, but the new example I got has shown me the quality is even better now. 

I got the extras for free as well - Replica Control Knobs/BMG Microfibre Cloth/Elites Strings/Brian May Sixpence/BMG T-Shirt - which is a bonus.

This guitar looks and plays superb.

Paul Clarke • Maidenhead, UK • May 2016

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BMG Special LE • Metal May

"Pure black beauty"

I have been playing my 25th anniv. silver Strat since 1978 and needless to say it was May's playing, even my Mum loved the sound of Queen, that influenced me to play. The BMG MM (Metal May) is a guitar of pure black beauty. Believe it or not but when Brian May took over production I wrote and asked his factory in England to build something similar. They were not able to do it then but now they have it! OMG, talk about the stars lining up with that.

With that being said it did take a bit of getting used to in two major areas :

1. The neck - There is room to play on this bad boy of a fret board! I have long fingers so I only noticed a minor difference on the thickness of the neck but it does have a feel all its own. I also had to adjust to the spaces between the strings as they are wider but for some reason made bending easier.

2. The switches - Unlike my Strat the Metal May has so many variables it takes more than just a week or so to get a grip on some of the variations. I suggest to vary the switches and your amp settings to get your OWN sound, one that feels good to you then map it out on paper so you don't forget. And folks, my review is based on NO effects. 

The Metal May does a great job on sustains, bending strings (I am sure that bending is more difficult with my Strat due to the width of the neck and pick ups (the MM seems to offer a board designed with bending in mind), feedback is fun to play with as well.

My Strat is made with a heavy wood body of which I have grown accustomed to. Upon receiving the MM I noticed it to be lighter than mine but keep in mind this is the more affordable axe as compared to BMG Super. And for some folks too heavy of a guitar can be a strain on the neck/shoulders.

The unique sound is routed through the Tri Sonic pickups which are incredible to hear. And again, with the array of switches the sounds are endless from bright to crunch. I like crunch!

Overall a well thought out guitar at a price that is competitive in today's market. I never thought as a 16 year old kid seeing Queen in Las Vegas at the Aladdin Theater that I would even come close to holding my hero's guitar.  

My bucket list is the BMG Super but this will abide my time quite well my dear!

Jimmy Dale • Gilbert, AZ, USA • August 2018

"The most cool looking of the May collection"

I love this guitar... This was my first BMG Guitar so I was expecting big things. I was not disappointed... this guitar is amazing.

Firstly, very accurate to the original and the sound is hauntingly near. With the black one, the in and out phase switches really show up bright and once you get some retro silver switches on there, the whole guitar looks really futuristic. I think with the black one the shape is accentuated with its white glowing edges. The black pickups really look 'Rocky' and I can't think of a cooler looking guitar.

This is a limited edition so grab it while it's available. I am very very happy with my purchase and will continue to check the site for updates and new editions.

The team were professional and friendly and full of advice and amused me with tales of Brian himself propping and requesting guitars. Which brings you back to why you're here in the first place, Brian May, the man, the legend. Himself and his father created this guitar and now you have the choice to enjoy it too, in many flavours. If you like Brian's sound and are fan of cool looking guitars, I recommend you will not be disappointed with this. Love it, and always will!

Daniel Makepeace • Aylesbury, UK • October 2015

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BMG Special LE • Jubilee Gold

"Works great"

I just wanted to tell you that since i have the BMG Special (Gold), I can't find a better guitar, nor even higher in price. 

I play some cumbia with rock and it works great having vintage and modern sounds as well.

Thanks for such a great instrument.

Jimi Meza • Colombia, South America • March 2016

"Prized possession"

I received a gold top Brian May Special for Christmas last year from my wonderful wife. I adore it, it is my most prized possession.

Richard Ott • Huntsville, Alabama USA • November 2015

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BMG Special LE • White

"Champion organisation"

I have a grin wider than the English Channel. Thank you so much for a wonderful guitar and user friendly online buying experience.

Chris Barr • Templestowe, Victoria, Australia • June 2016


I have nothing but amazing things to say about my experience using the BMG special for the last few years, both in the studio and live. I love being able to get the "Brian May sound" when I want it, but playing a wide variety of styles, the versatility I can get from one guitar is unmatched by anything else out there.

Timmy Sean • Guitarist with LA based, indie synth pop/rockers Sir Video • February 2016

"Gold service!"

I had already purchased a Red Special replica - a black 'Metal May' - but I love these guitars so much, I had to buy another one.

These guitars are a real thrill. I'm a huge Brian May fan but never before conceived owning a replica of his guitar! They are so well made and acoustically very accurate. The sound, through a Galileo or Digitech Brian May, is hauntingly accurate. Everything is so accurately done, down to the last detail but I didn't just want one the same as Brian, I wanted one with a little different flavour. The red scratchpate is simply stunning and the black outline around the the edge really makes that iconic shape sing. In fact this guitar sings to you before you even pick it up and play!

So well made and the team are so professional and a real credit to Brian May. The guitar was ordered on the Friday and delivered to my work address on the Monday. So quick, no scratches, all in immaculate shape and professionally packaged. The gig bag is great as are all the accessories, the cleaning cloths are so good and I really couldn't ask for more.

This guitar is amazing. For a Brian May fan a real must. Thanks guys.

Daniel Makepeace • Aylesbury, UK • October 2015

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BMG Special • Antique Cherry

BMG Special Signature Edition... "The ultimate guitar""

Oscar Grooters • Hengelo, Netherlands • August 2018

"Really happy & excited"

I am writing to tell you that I have received the guitar, and I am really happy and excited. It is a product of the highest quality, and it is a pleasure to play my music in the red special

It arrived in a very short time until Buenos Aires and in excellent conditions. 

Greetings and love from Buenos Aires!

Santiago Dappiano • Buenos Aires, Argentina • July 2018

 “Fantastic guitar!”

A Brian May Guitar has been on my wish list for ages - as long as they have been available, but it was only recently that I looked into getting one, and was amazed by the price for such a high spec instrument. 

I already have 7 guitars, covering all of the classic types, and with prices covering a huge range as well. How would the BMG Special compare? 

It was packed safely and securely, delivered promptly. When I took it out of the packaging, I was stunned by just what a beautiful looking instrument it is. It was set up very nicely as well, with a comfortable action that suits me down to the ground. When I finally plugged it in, the sound was crisp and clear, and the various switching options gave a huge range of choices. 

I have created some dedicated patches in my FX unit, which allow me to get the legendary classic sounds, but the guitar suits all of my other patches as well - it's versatile and having the 2 octave neck gives me extra freedom! The ebony fingerboard is lovely - I have always loved ebony and I just don't know how BMG can do it for this price! 

This is a superb bargain - snap one up quickly: you won't be disappointed!

Bimal Jangra • Derby, UK • June 2018

BMG Special Signature Edition... “Thank you”

Hello House Music & Dr May

Please find that the hand signed Red Special guitar along with its padded soft case and also the hard case that I ordered, have all arrived safely across to Northern Ireland.

This will be a fantastic birthday present for my dad and a real family heirloom to be passed down from one generation to the next.

Thank you so much to you all and a special thanks to Dr May for signing the guitar and making this something to treasure.

Kindest regards

Michael Lyttle • Newtownards, Co. Down, UK • June 2018

“Great Service”

Very fast delivery to Germany within  3 Days !!! All Items well packed. thx

Mathias Wißmann • Neckarsulm, Germany • June 2018

BMG Special Signature Edition... “Tutto perfetto”

Fantastica!! Grazie per avermi spedito la chitarra in tempo per il compleanno di mio figlio! 

Great!! Thank you for sending me the guitar in time for my son's birthday! Thank You!!

Sergio Prandini • Bologna, Italy • June 2018

BMG Special Signature Edition... Old lady autografata dal doc

Emozione unica. La cosa più bella è stato vedere la felicità di mio figlio (Alessandro Brian) di due anni e mezzo, che mentre scartavo l'imballaggio urlava "la chitarra di Ma! La chitarra di May!"

Stefania Poli • Seravezza, Italy • June 2018

BMG Special Signature Edition... “Such an iconic axe!”

What to say? The BMG Special is close to perfection : lightweight, easy to play with a very stable tremolo from Wilkinson. The short scale neck with 24 frets is a bit disconcerting for my large fingers. The cherry red color is very eye-candy. You can see the beauty of the mahogany in the transparency.

The sound is... unbelievable, way beyond my expectations! Neither a Strat or a Les Paul, somewhere in between. The RS can be very twangy (try the bridge pickup alone!) or very muddy (try 3 pickups together in phase).

The clean sounds are beautiful, shimmering and mesmerizing. Of course, this axe is made to rock at full throttle! With distorted sounds, it sings, goes in feedback easily, the neck is fast. With a bit of practice, you find the right pickup combinations to re-create the iconic sounds of Brian!

Gift in the gift, my guitar has the silver signature of the Master on its body...

Jean-Christophe Mouton • Antibes, France • May 2016

“Amazing guitar”

A really wonderful guitar. Superb condition, action, sound, really comfortable. Was shipped to me fast and safe too... Great job!

Grigori Rõžuk • Tallinn, Estonia • May 2018

BMG Special Signature Edition... “Perfect guitar”

It was worth to wait so long for this signed guitar. It sounds very good and my son plays it all day long.

Gerlinde Sommer • Nürnberg, Germany • May 2018

BMG Special Signature Edition... “Great sound, reasonable price!”

This guitar, at this price, is far exceeding my expectations. Clear, brilliant sound, faithful to the original one. I love the keyboard (really easy to play), the bridge tremolo and the endless sound options given by the 6 switches. 

Gotta' try it!

Alessandra Cambria • Segrate, Italy • May 2018

“Money well spent”

Lovely instrument, received well packaged and on time. 

My son is in love with it… and so are the neighbours!

Pericles Lykoudis • Athens, Greece • May 2018

BMG Special Signature Edition... “UK to New Zealand in 1 piece”

This was a great purchase which was made easier with the help from Gill who made sure, on my arrival from New Zealand to the UK to run the hottest on record London Marathon for MacMillan Cancer Support charity, that the guitar was all ready and waiting for me to return to New Zealand with it.

The extra hard case that I ordered to go with it was worth its weight in gold, as the guitar made it 13,000 miles around the world in 1 piece, flying economy!!

This guitar will take pride and joy placed in the entrance to my house for all to see and admire. Who knows, maybe it will get played as well - occasionally :-)

Andy Connor • London, UK • May 2018

BMG Special Signature Edition... “Help me down from the moon”

I just received the guitar a few weeks ago, and I can't understand how it is possible to get such a good guitar to this price! Simply if you are considering to buy one of these guitars and aren't sure yet - just buy it you will not regret it!

This guitar will give you anything from some nice strat sounds to a tele and Les Paul type of sound. It is so versatile and I am sure that many will agree to this. I must have another one in the near future - even if it dosen't have a signature from Dr. Brian May.

Tobias Surland • Roskilde, Denmark • May 2018

"The most versatile guitar I own"

If you've never owned or played a Red Special before, I'd recommend starting with a BMG special. 

Make sure the BMG neck is to your liking, because original copies are even wider and thicker. I've had my BMG for 4 years, have well over a thousand playing hours on it, and it's a quality guitar. The tremolo is the best of any guitar I've owned... and, although it doesn't look like the original, it works perfectly and that matters the most to me. 

The BMG is the most versatile guitar I own. Yes, it does the Brian May tone, but it's great for blues, jazz, and any other classic rock. 90% of my playing is blues and rock (10% Queen), and this guitar does that. You can get it to sound like a Strat, like a semi-hollow, or have it do the Brian May tone. The switching allows me to give a different emotion to my playing without punching pedals. 

Plus, if I bang up the BMG I'm not kicking myself for dinging a $3-4K guitar... if it gets lost or stolen I can get a replacement much faster. 

Final thought: If you're chasing the BM tone, the amp and treble booster is as important as the guitar. For under what you'd pay for a copy of a Red Special you can get a BMG, a nice Vox AC30, and a treble booster (don't forget the treble booster... it should be standard issue with any BMG guitar!).

William Grady • Fort Dodge, Iowa, USA • Via Facebook • April 2018

<< We will actually be launching a BMG brand Treble Booster, developed by audio engineer Nigel Knight of Knight Audio Technologies, some time in late 2018/early 2019... follow Brian May Guitars on Facebook or Twitter for further information! >>

"Excellent performance"

This is the single most awesome thing I have ever bought, the guitar itself came well packaged and arrived when promised. The build quality is fantastic and, even better, the sound is out of this world. The team were great, prompt, and polite in all my dealings with them.

This was an excellent overall performance... I just need to learn to play now!

Chris Fluskey • Fishguard, UK • April 2018


The Burns inspired Brian May Special is a tonal T-Rex. Sounds awesome through a Vox... all I need now is a big curly wig!

Tony Cole • Oakleigh South, Victoria, Australia • April 2018


Very playable, great tone options, great build quality

Mark Woodger • Queensland, Australia • April 2018


I love this guitar! Sounds like no other guitar I own (and I own a lot). Plays great - looks great. Absolutely love it! Arrived from the UK to South Bend, Indiana in less than a week. I couldn't be happier with this purchase. 

Thanks to everyone at BMG and House Music Limited.

John Ryder • South Bend, IN, USA • April 2018

BMG Special Signature Edition… “Great service”

Thank you very much for the great service and the fulfilment of a little extra request. THANK YOU!!!

Gunter Finck • Berlin, Germany • April 2018

BMG Special Signature Edition… “Thank you”

Thank you for that very special and wonderful instrument!

Thomas Roeder • Elxleben, Germany • March 2018

BMG Special Signature Edition... “Worth the wait”

The Red Special arrived in perfect state. Although I had to wait a couple of months since it had to he signed by Brian, it was totaly worth it.

Great sound, and a lust for the eye!

Bert Been • Hoorn, Netherlands • March 2018

BMG Special Signature Edition... “My pride and joy”

I've had a BMG for a few years now - had a few people play it and love it with the words 'exceptional value' used more than once!

I did always want a signed one though - we got a friend an ex-WWRY for his 40th some years ago and I've considered mugging him many times since!

I've noticed this signed one came with aluminium rotaries and a tremolo end cap, unlike my first. There also seems to be a brighter or fuller tone from the new one, perhaps due to age difference?

Anyway, I'm thrilled with my wonderful guitar, it proudly hangs on the wall (though very occasionally played - it would be a shame to never let it 'live' ;)).

For anyone who's considering it, I would 100% recommend one, superb guitar in it's own right and at the price it's untouchable.

Carl Woods • Ennis, Co, Clare, Ireland • March 2018

BMG Special Left Handed… “One happy boy!”

My son was so happy to receive his guitar last Friday .... he's 15 years old and this has been such a goal of his to purchase the guitar, and he did it, with his own hard work and determination. It is such a beautiful guitar, the hard protective case is of fine quality. Cannot fault. it will be treasured for years to come. 

Thank you so much, Brian May Guitars.

Karyn Cray • Tauranga, New Zealand • February 2018

BMG Special Signature Edition... “Legendary”

I ordered a BMG Special shortly after seeing Queen in concert in Houston, TX in August 2017 and received it shortly thereafter. 

Before I start in on the guitar, let me say that every interaction I've had with the wonderful people at House Music has made me happier about my decision. Thank you, Gill and everyone else there. You've been kind and very patient with my complicated order. 

The guitar is better than I expected. The range of tone I can extract from this instrument is breadth-taking (pun absolutely intended). The pickups and the unique and innovative wiring profile offer so much sonic variety, it's nearly overwhelming. That alone makes this a guitar of note. 

But the overall quality of this instrument is what elevates it to a work of art. From the locking tuners to the strap button, all the hardware is top quality. Of note is the super-stable tremolo that does NOT knock the guitar out of tune. 

Furthermore, the wide neck profile and the chambered body make this instrument feel like a luxury. So light and yet so CHUNKY. I've never played a guitar like it. It is now my primary six-string. It's like having a LP, Strat, and Tele all in one stunningly beautiful guitar. 

Thank you so much to the whole team involved in realizing this guitar, and to Dr. May, especially.

Wade Rowland • Austin, TX, USA • February 2018

"Fantastic guitar"

Fantastic guitar with a specific sound like no other of my 9 guitars. So happy I bought this one to complete my collection. The neck is perfect, and so playable. Associated with a Treble Booster (mine is a Mesa Tone Burster) and a Vox AC30C2 you do have the exact Queen sound.

Incredible for just €789!

Sakuna Kok • Boulogne, France • January 2018

"Such a joy to play"

I was very pleasantly surprised with the setup of the guitar when it arrived - everything was spot on, from intonation to action to tremolo (which IMHO is better than usual 6 point trem).

Locking tuners work as they should, even after prolonged use of trem (dive-bombs included :)... there were no problems with the intonation.

The guitar is such a joy to play, being 24" scale with comfortable neck profile, and 2 easily accessible full octaves per string. However, it is more suitable for playing with the strap (after all, it's rock guitar), a bit awkward when sitting down. Volume and tone pots, together with upgraded lovely Aluminium Replica "Top-Hats", are working quite nice, turning the volume pot offers wide array of useful tones from sparkling clean to down and dirty screaming... of course depending on your amp and pedal settings :).

Pickup combinations work very well, although sometimes in an out-of-phase setting they can be shrill sounding... it all depends on type of amplifier used.

The guitar is very versatile, not just for (obvious) Queen songs, but suitable for a vast range of styles - I enjoy playing with it songs of Rory Gallagher, Beatles, Led Zeppelin, CCR, to name a few...

Great guitar, well manufactured, setup and service were excellent! I would recommend this guitar (and House Music Limited) not just to Queen/Brian May fans, but to anyone in need of a guitar that can cover many styles.

P.S. I would sure like to obtain BMG Super ... but it will have to wait until I learn to play better :o)

Tomislav Kokic • Zagreb, Croatia • December 2017


Bought this as a Christmas gift for my partner, he was thrilled with it!

It has infinite tone possibilities and is red! It was easy to order and delivered promptly in good condition. I was updated regularly with the status of the order and it arrived ready to unwrap and play!

Emma Harding • Cranleigh, UK • December 2017


Muy bonita, acabados perfectos.

Marcos Fernández García • Madrid, Spain • December 2017

"I love this guitar"

There were a few faults with it but I can live with that, otherwise a great all round guitar with a variety of sounds that can be made from using the controls!

Barbara Mary Ward • Dudley, UK • December 2017


Excellent guitar, especially due to the individual phase control of the three pickups. It enables reproducing the Brian May's unique sound. A downloadable PDF manual would help a lot. Also a more accurate description of the difference between the BMG Special and the the LE versions could be useful.

Isaac Yaes • Bat Yam, Israel • December 2017

<< NB : The BMG SPECIAL LE SERIES features Limited Edition finishes and custom hardware combinations but otherwise shares the exact same specs as the classic Antique Cherry model >>


Arrived in Australia in good condition and in good time... it is a beautiful guitar. I'm very happy with my purchase.

John Roche • Sydenham, Victoria, Australia • November 2017

"Thanks for the guitar!"

Good performance! Pleasantly surprised by the new knobs!

Maxim Nedozhogin • Balashikha, Russia • November 2017

BMG Special Signature Edition... “Definitely Special!”

It was such a thrill to get my signed BMG Special yesterday! It was nicely packaged, and I got the optional hard case, which was really impressive. The guitar itself feels amazing to play and is well made. Having the signature of my favourite guitar hero on the top makes it the perfect memento for an amazing concert. 

I love it! Thank you so much everyone!!

Gary Barone • Port Moody, BC, Canada • November 2017

"Wonderful instrument"

Dear Guitar folks

I wanted to let you know what I received my signed Red Special yesterday.

What a wonderful instrument at such a great price! I've been playing all morning!

I wanted to thank you for such a great item. It made it all the way to Hollywood, California in one piece and the packaging was terrific.

Thanks again and much success to everyone there!

Jason McDonald • Los Angeles CA, USA • October 2017

BMG Special Signature Edition... “Definitely Special!”

Hi, Thank you so much for my signed red Special it really has been the highlight of my birthday.

And the kind message to go with it, you guys have been amazing - best customer service I have ever received.

Aaron Williamson • Markinch, Scotland • October 2017

"Unique guitar"

A nice, high quality guitar, easy to play with a lot of unique sounds. Good job, guys!

Stano Zipaj • Kosice, Slovakia • October 2017

"Swift & complete"

I placed the order on a Friday night and it was shipped on Weds. Good work. Was away for work so picked it up yesterday and put it to work. The only was niggle was there should be a small note inserted to illustrate position of the worm screw for the tremolo arm - far from obvious, but a 'net search sorted it.

Martin Austin • Riehen, Switzerland • August 2017

<< NB : As part of a comprehensive overview of the main features of the Brian May Guitars Special, instructions for fitting the tremolo arm on the BMG Wilkinson "Wave" knife-edge bridge can be found on our PRODUCT SUPPORT PAGE >>


Just received my BMG Special and I need to say it lives well up my wildest imagination. Setting up the guitar was easy and it plays like a dream. The sound is stunning!

Thanks very much for building this legend and making it available for the public. This guitar is so different from anything else out there. Sounds so much better... And then the looks... Brian and his dad did an amazing thing by creating this thing. And I know this will continue for years and years.

Goodbye Fender... Goodbye Gibson... So long.

Hans De Graaf • Netherlands • August 2017

"Fabulous guitar... Marvellously friendly service"

My BMG Special arrived a couple of hours ago and I just wanted to tell you how fabulous this guitar really is.

I took it for a spin with "Bohemian Rhapsody" (who doesn't!) and "Tie Your Mother Down" and was blown away on the spot.

But I bought it to play my own music on and a couple of my numbers sounded so different. I couldn't believe I was playing my stuff with that fantastic sound! My Strat and my Les Paul are presently destined to sit in their stands for a while. They are simply outclassed by the BMG, and believe me I am ultra-attached to my Les Paul!!!

I especially wanted to thank you very, very much for such marvellously friendly service. It felt good to feel appreciated when I put the phone down again. Great work. I'm sure I will be returning. I'd love a green Special... My wife will shortly go mad.

So many thanks and congratulations on the quality of the guitar and the friendliness of the service.

Have a great, great day!

Yugen • Leipzig, Germany • June 2017

"Amazing guitar!!"

Well done and thank you BM and team... a tremendous testament to Brian and Harold's incredible originality and the BMG team's enterprise.

The guitar is brilliant and the ordering, purchase, communication, packaging, delivery and presentation have been first-class.

Robert Cassels​ • Whittlesford, UK • June 2017

"Thank you very much"

"High quality guitar and sounds very well"

It took around one week to arrive in Quebec, Canada with UPS.  

This guitar is amazing, it is worth the money asked for and it sounds as the original if you have a good treble booster and the right amplifier. The Hiscox Hard Case is outstanding too.

The service and communication from Barry and Gill Moorhouse is very good and they are quick to reply your questions.

If you want to sound like the legend Brian May, you need one of these beauties.

Michel Gauvin • Quebec, Canada • May 2017

"What a guitar"

Perfect service, nice people on the phone. Delivery came one day before schedule - and what a guitar. :-)

100% recommendation from me.

Frank Graver Poulsen • Fredericia, Denmark • May 2017

BMG Signed Special Left Handed *Strung upside down?!*

(aka "Mental lefty, cack handed guitar!" according to the legend that is Pete Malandrone)

The guitar is amazing! Best guitar I've ever owned.

Mick Hare • Reading, UK • March 2017

"The touch of The Legend"

The guitar is pretty good, the accessories as well. Details don't matter. I got it, it's great first of all.

Brian, thank you!

Andrei Popov • Russian Federation • March 2017

"Top customer service..."

"A dream comes true..."

This is an amazing instrument and I could not be more satisfied.

Beyond this, for me, it is a symbol of something that I love, that has been part of my life for years and I have the honor to have it at home now. 

Thank you, Dr. Brian May for all that you represent for me and others around the world.

Alexandre Mori​ • Valinhos, Brazil • January 2017


This is the most awesome guitar I've ever played! 

To anyone hesitating buying it : just press the "Add to Basket" button and check out!

Tung-Lin Shih​ • Hualien City, Taiwan • January 2017


The BMG Special has just arrived. It is perfect, a dream come true. Thanks, I really mean it.

Best regards

Gerardo Siso • Madrid, Spain • January 2017


Wonderful product, perfect sound, excellent quality and excellent contact with Barry!!!!!

Céline Queffelec • Annemasse, France • January 2017

"Your company really has helped transform my life"

I would like to thank you and everyone who works at Brian May Guitars for creating a great range of guitars. I have purchased a guitar from your collection and I could not be happier with the quality of the product that I have received.

During the last year I have had some personal and family issues that have really affected me. I purchased one of your instruments in the hope that learning music would give me a release and help me overcome some of these problems. Learning guitar is one of the best things that I have ever done. I feel a new sense of confidence and I can immerse myself in music, your guitar has enabled this to happen. 

It may seem insignificant to some people, but i feel that your company really has helped transform my life and that is something that i will be eternally grateful for. 

William Taylor • Shifnal, UK • December 2016

"Best support ever!"

Thank you very much and I wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year !!!!

Best Support ever!!!!! 

Kind regards

Nicole & Guido Hinterthür • Alsdorf, Germany • December 2016

"Great sounds"

I love this red Special guitar, great sounds... in brazil the best guitar in my hands.

God bless you.

Marcelo Alves Ribeiro • Brazil • December 2016

"Best. Guitar. EVER"

This is the best guitar ever. Forget Fender, Gibson and Ibanez: this is definitely the guitar you need. 

21 sound combinations, high end finishes & much more...

Thank you to the staff too for the kind and fast support.

Abate Luca • Torino, Italy • December 2016

"Great value for money guitar and 5-star service"

I had planned to buy the Super Red Special but after a telephone conversation with Barry, who gave me good advice, I opted for the BMG Special. 

This is an awesome guitar for the price and I'm delighted with it. It's light and very easy to play and when played through the amp has a lovely clear tone.

Many thanks for the best customer service I've experienced in a long time.

Friendly, helpful and very professional staff. 10/10 all round.

Deborah Willott • Uxbridge, UK • November 2016

"What a beauty!"

I'm positively surprised about the quality of this guitar. It took about 10 days from the order to get the guitar to Finland. Everything was decent and the guitar needed only minor adjustments and of course tuning to the right pitch :-) 

I really like BMG Special guitar and it's a keeper. The sounds and playability are awesome. Also reaching the upper frets is much easier than on my Fenders and Les Paul. 

Thanks for the BMG and all the best for the Master itself, Dr. Brian May!

Marko Selin • Oulu, Finland • November 2016

"I love your guitar!"

Brian, awesome design... I play mainly Gibson products but - man - I love your guitar!

I have the black and gold. Awesome. Always loved a zero fret. I like P90's and not Fender or small singles... 'til your version. Big, full fat sound or as thin as you care to go. Brother, you got it right... the first time. Tune it, play, pick it up 3 days later, still in tune and cranking.

Only thing I could think to do to make it MY guitar would be maybe a maple cap on the body... but that might just screw everything up. Probably will buy another as backup, in case I need work done someday on BM#1.

Randy Knowles • November 2016

"Great experience"

Not only an amazing instrument - the service was excellent. Fast flawless delivery to Australia.

The Hiscox case is also worth every cent...  I am really enjoying getting to know this guitar and all of its sonic capability. 

Definitely an instant favorite.

Tony Hookins • Flagstaff Hill, Australia • September 2016

"Great service and gorgeous guitar!"

Just received my BMG Special. The exterior box had been a bit dented and torn, but the guitar was well enough protected that it remained in pristine condition - and it looks beautiful! Haven't had time to play, beyond a quick tune up, but I am very pleased with BMG's service and prompt delivery!

Glenn Gillis • Ontario, Canada • August 2016


The guitar arrived quickly and is magnificent - great service and website done very well for ease of use.

Gianluca Gregorio • Sanremo, Italy • August 2016

"A fantastic guitar"

What a finish and I like the wider neck. A fantastic guitar and it took just three days to deliver it to Sweden.

Gunnar Jakobsson • Enskede, Sweden • July 2016

"Excellent customer service"

The guitar is beautiful with great quality finish. Staff and customer service is excellent, answered all questions promptly. Thank you for all your help with completing my order!!

Daniel Fitch • Isle Of Wight, UK • June 2016

"All-purpose, utility tone machine"

Needless to say, but this an extraordinary guitar made by extraordinary men. If people truly understood what an absolutely killer guitar this is, every guitarist would have one. Every guitar player SHOULD have one. It's up there with any Fender or Gibson imho and, for me personally, surpasses any in my personal line-up. It's an all-purpose, utility tone machine.

Now I just have to figure out how to save up for the BMG Super, and not drive my wife stark raving mad in the process...

Peter Williams • Lakeland, Florida USA • June 2016


Just letting you know I bought my Brian May Guitar from the guys over in Western Australia... called the Rock Inn... It is fantastic... cheers!

Bruce • Australia • June 2016

"Amazing value"

Just wanted you all to know I purchased one of these online from Guitar Center here in the USA and received it today. I cannot believe what a beautiful, well-made instrument this guitar is, especially for the money. It is an amazing value... Rock on!

Daniel Ascher • USA • May 2016

"Beautifully built"

Outstanding guitar, beautifully built and fantastic sound and tones.

Stuart Baxter • UK • May 2015

"Great service. Great guitar"

Website was very clear and easy to use. I ordered late Thursday afternoon. Order was confirmed almost immediately, completed Friday and delivered Monday with tracking on the shipping.

It's early days yet, but the guitar is great. Different from my others but really, really nifty. Very well finished and set up. Nice slightly smaller size and lighter than strat or tele. I love the neck and 24 frets, also the fretboard.  I'm not a techie so it might be my imagination but I seem to have more room which really suits my (clumsy) fingers. Definitely different sound too.

I've only had it a week so about all I can say so far. But I think I'm going to love it. I'm very impressed. Brian and his dad did a great job all those years ago and I've got a strong feeling that this modern-day copy is pretty true to what they achieved.

Richard Green • York, UK • May 2015

"Love it!"

Like many, I've waited a long, long time to own a Brian May guitar and I absolutely love it.

Thank you!

Richard Wardman • Milton Keynes, UK • May 2016


Well, all the reviews are correct... playable out of the box, didn't even have to tune it, fabulous looking guitar, fabulous sound and so much more original than a Strat or a Gibson (Just a shame you can't get the Digitech pedal anymore for the full BM sound!).

Stephen Horner • Loughborough, UK • April 2016

"Simply superb"

Guys, I just wanted to say 'congratulations' on the BMG Special. 

I took delivery of mine last week and I cannot praise it highly enough. It came immaculately set up straight from the box (I normally have to set any new guitar up myself, even ones at 6 times the cost - not so with the BMG). The build quality I have to say is simply superb... the frets and neck are beautifully dressed.

Well done - I am over the moon with my "Red Special".

Leslie Black • March 2016

"Great guitar"

Great company, great service, fast delivery, and most of all, great guitar. Thank you Brian May!

Marcelo Mulato • São Paulo, Brazil • March 2016


What a marvellous guitar. Couldn't be happier!

Tiana Dimech • Watanobbi, NSW, Australia • February 2016


Really nice guitar, I'm having a lot of fun with it. The service and communication was excellent as well.

Gina Squier • New South Wales, Australia • February 2016

"Sounds amazing"

These replicas are fantastic. I use mine for everything, including when doing work in Manchester with friends who have recommended me for sessions.

I love the fact that it's designed to feedback too in the right way and when I use BM's setup, it sounds amazing.

Joe Threlfall • Manchester, UK • February 2016

"A wonderful instrument"

Hi, I recently purchased a Brian May Special and I just wanted to say how much I love it and enjoy playing it. It has such a great feel and playability that it is now my go-to guitar.

The quality is also fantastic... Thank you for such a wonderful instrument!

Andy Thorpe • UK • January 2016

"Terrific customer service"

Excellent guitar and the hard case option is pretty sweet too. Terrific customer service and communications too!

John Swanson • Hoddesdon, UK • January 2016

"Great service"

Great service, super guitar, easy to set up, lots of useful information on the BMG website, wonderful rich tones and a pleasure to play... Well done BMG!

Alan Stanley • Lower Hutt, New Zealand • December 2015

"Awesome guitar"

Awesome guitar... Absolutely amazing. The service was excellent, as was the postage time.

Thanks a lot!

Liam Mallon • Forrestfield, Western Australia • December 2015

"Wonderful website"

Dear House Music Team

Congratulations on the new Brian May Guitars website. It's fantastic!!! Very clearly arranged and with fantastic information about that wonderful instrument!

Rock on!!!

Sebastian Skaletz • Mühlhausen, Germany • November 2015

"Great guitar..."

Sounds as good as it looks. Good set up. Quick delivery. Thanks.

Anthony Marinos • Wiltshire, UK • October 2015

"So beautiful"

Hi guys (and girls!)

I bought my BMG Special a few months ago. How can I explain how happy I am? Well built, so beautiful, but also so impressive! 

A dream came true when I bought my guitar... I saw Brian in Paris at the end of January, and I decided to buy mine. The guitar is so good to play, but it's not so easy to find the perfect sound… I think I just begin to understand how to get the best of it, so joyful when it sounds!!! Amazing!!! 

You made a good guitar, I guess you gave happiness to many people around the world, thank you for this. If you see Brian, salute him and tell him to go on, he's perfect (I think he knows that ;-) )

Ludovic Audonnet • Limoges, France • October 2015

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BMG Mini May

"Great Guitar"

This is a real quality item. Delighted with it. I bought it for my son (7) to start guitar and it is ideal. Stays in tune and intonates well. Great service when purchased as well. 

I think I’ll get the full size one for myself!

Gillon Fabbroni • Harrogate, UK • March 2018

Mini May Signature Edition - "Fantastic"

Thank you for the Mini May. I received it on my birthday. It's a fantastic guitar!!!!!

Ombretta Favarini​ • Umbertide, Italy • January 2017

Mini May Signature Edition - "Dream come true"

Hi there from Italy...

After some months of waiting i have obtained my BMG Mini May - signed By Brian May.

Simply amazing! thank you so much BMG!!! (the Mini May is it in a show case now!)

Gabriele Mariani​ • San Martino in Rio, Italy • January 2017

Mini May Signature Edition - "Super!"

I am not a guitarist, more of a die hard Queen / Brian May fan. However, my son is an accomplished guitarist and is impressed with the "Mini May".  

Aesthetically, the guitar appears well made and I would recommend to anyone looking a small practice guitar.  Mine is signed so probably won't be played a lot. :)

Kieron Ferris • Cornebarrieu, France • January 2017

Mini May Signature Edition

Mini May Signature Edition - "Long wait was worth it!"

The guitar arrived safely, with cover, and was just what was wanted. 

It will have pride of place on the wall, with my other Queen memorabilia!

Kevin Griffiths • Burgess Hill, UK • December 2016

Mini May Signature Edition - "Mini May but huge fun"

It still makes me smile... and proud... great sound from a small 'un.

Michael Sell • Bristol, UK • December 2016

Mini May Signature Edition - "Great!"

Great product and great service, as always... highly recommended! The BMG Mini is a must, a beautiful and quality product.

And to have it signed by Dr. May... is a DREAM!!

Giacomo Fornè • Agarone, Switzerland • December 2017

Mini May Signature Edition - "Very happy with this purchase!"

Obviously having a guitar that is hand-signed by Brian May is something special. I already had in mind ordering a Mini May in the near future but when this Summer Tour offer came along I didn't have to think twice! It was guite a long wait (I placed the order in May, after the opening gig of Q+AL at the Rock in Rio Lisboa Festival and the guitar arrived last Wednesday, Dec. 21) but definitely worth that wait. 

The Mini May is obviously not as versatile as my BMG Special. There is a difference in building quality but this guitar is not supposed to be an exact copy of The Red Special. One thing I would like to mention is that the fretboard of the BMG Special is the most comfortable for playing than anything else on the market. It would be very nice if the Mini May would have the same on that. 

But I am very pleased with the guitar and the overall shopping experience at BMG!

Keep up the good work and I'm looking forward to new special offers and additions to the BMG family!


Johan Abrahamse • Middelburg, Netherlands • December 2016

Mini May Signature Edition - "Good service"

Very nice guitar and good service... thanks!

Jacques Gustin • Assesse, Belgium • December 2016

Mini May Signature Edition - "Top top Mini May"

Beautiful guitars... and good sellers.

Michele De Nadal • Zoppé Di Cadore, Italy • December 2016

Mini May Signature Edition - "Perfect service from BMG!"

The guitar arrived to me safely. It has been worth the wait for it.

Perfect service from BMG!

For me it is a treasure as it contains signature of the great Man & great guitarist, Dr. Brian May. 

Many thanks to Dr. Bri and many thanks to BMG Team. I am very happy man now :-)

Radoslaw Lasecki • Warsaw, Poland • December 2016

Mini May Signature Edition - "Brilliant"

Fabulous guitar which sits fabulously alongside its mother Red Special!

Thanks very much

Dave Fordham • UK • December 2016

Mini May Signature Edition - "The service was perfect"

I'm just so happy with my Mini May!!!

It was worth waiting for every second. The service and info I got was also perfect.

Great job!!!!!

Frank Eulenpesch • Venlo, Netherlands • December 2016

Mini May Signature Edition - "A kind of magic"

The Mini May signed by Brian finally arrived today :-) 

The guitar as the product is perfect.

But now something personal : I am 48, have lived my teenage behind the iron curtain in Czechoslovakia. "Thanks", bloody communist regime without the possibility of seeing Queen live in concert, without the chance to buy Queen record (only on the black market) etc.

Despite everything I am all my life a faithful Queen fan. Today Slovakia is also part of modern Europe and my over 300 pieces Queen collection has the Holy Grail from today - a guitar with Brian's Signature. 

Thank you, Brian, it's a kind of magic for me.

Peter Weber • Bratislava, Slovakia • December 2016

Mini May Signature Edition - "It's great!"

I will only use it for memorable, but its very great... Thanks!

Péter Schütz • Budapest, Hungary • December 2016

Mini May Signature Edition - "Fantastic guitar!"

It's so beautiful!!!

Elisabetta Carraro • Albignasego, Italy • December 2016

Mini May Signature Edition - "Great small guitar"

I received my Mini May yesterday. The general appearance is great, not to say that mine has been autographed by Dr. May, which becomes something I will treasure.

It looks beautiful; the red metallic paint is very nice as well as the natural wooden back of the neck (you have the complete specifications in this webpage).

The guitar is accompanied by a padded gig bag with Brian May Guitars Signature Logo which is very good for its conservation, although sure I will put it in any kind of glass display for its contemplation.

I was a little bit baffled at the beginning about how to tune it, due to its short scale (this is my first “travel guitar”, although sure this shall never travel out of my garage!). Looking for information online I found that this kind of guitars can be tuned in different ways, being the most conventional the A-D-G-C-E-A tuning (same as a conventional guitar with a capo in the 5th fret). Having done that, I plugged it in my VOX AC15 and the sound was great; clean and powerful. The BM Tri-sonic pickup (only one) sounds great clean or adding different pedals; I think it will give me a lot of pleasure playing.

If I’m wrong about the way to tune it, maybe someone could clarify it (and it would be a good idea to include an instruction manual with the guitars).

This incredible guitar has increased my collection of BMG guitars; the BMG Special (purchased in 2004), the BMG Super (purchased in 2014) and the Mini May (2016), all of them great professional guitars. 

Thank you very much to all the team at BMG guitars and especially to Dr. May for the “written gift”.

Domingo Zarzo Martinez • Alicante, Spain • December 2016

Mini May Signature Edition - "Thank you"

Compact, small, light, well-treated guitar with surprising sound. Great for travelling. 

I'm really happy. Thank you for a good deal. 

Signature by Dr. Brian May... great, thank you and recommend.

Jaroslav SkůRa • Ostrov, Czech Republic • December 2016

"A magnificent guitar"

Perfect design and incredible sound. Special thanks to Dr. Brian May and Brian May Guitars.

Dimitar Borisov • Sofia, Bulgaria • October 2016

"Fabulous little guitar"

Tuned it up, and was good to go! You won't regret buying this - great customer service too, it arrived within 2 business days of me ordering it.

Comes in a handy little travel bag.

Jenny Green • Cradley Heath, UK • September 2016

"Great customer service"

Just to let you know that the guitar has arrived safely... Many thanks again for all your help and great customer service.

I just wish all companies I deal with were as customer focused as yours!

Dave Hicks • Nottingham, UK • January 2016

"Not a toy at all!"

Bought this on a whim (and as a little sister to my Guild and Rhapsody)... But what a delightful surprise, as it has a very pretty tone, and is a heap of fun to play. 

Definitely worth the $.

Noel Dwyer • Brisbane, Australia • January 2016

"A real guitar"

Really, really pleased... traded in my old BMG Mini May for a 2015 model. The first one was useful mainly because it was small. This one is useful because it's a real guitar.

They've moved the bridge to increase the scale length so the intonation is good, put the pickup in the body instead of the scratchplate so the sound and sustain are great, improved the build quality, used nice inlays and better wood for the neck and got rid of all those silly upper frets. 

Just as the old one was tricky to play, this one is really easy to play.

John Maxwell Hobbs • Glasgow, Scotland • December 2015

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BMG Super

"Best of the best!"

The most playable, versatile guitar you can own. I have a BM Special which I love but the Super goes beyond. I love them both!! Can't go wrong with either.

Thom Liscio • UK • March 2018

"What a great guitar!!"

I own a BMG Special since 2011 - that's a fine guitar, but the Super is just... finer! The build quality is outstanding and the sound... just magnificent!

As I often play an acoustic dreadnought guitar, the huge neck fits just wonderful, no need getting used to it, because the necks are very similiar! The playability of the Super really is "super"!!

My journey of seeking for "my" electric guitar has been finished now! And that really is great!

Wolfgang Waldhof • Austria • April 2016

"Incredible guitar"

I received my BMG Super guitar as a gift (what a gift!) from my wife on my 50th birthday, a year and a half ago (I was born in the same year as the "Old Lady").

Of course it is my most appreciated treasure among all my other instruments. I bought another Red Special in 2005 and, although is also a great guitar, the Super surpasses widely the quality and specification of its “little sister”.

The overall construction quality is incredible and with the most careful attention to detail. Of course, it is a very beautiful guitar and it’s a dream for any Queen and Brian May fan but its versatility makes it an incredible instrument for any playing style.

The neck seems apparently huge in width (and it is!), but it’s very smooth and comfortable for playing. The well known multiple combination of pickups and phases supplies a lot of different tones. I usually play the guitar through a VOX AC15 amplifier (AC30 is too much loud for my home, maybe for any home!) with different effects and pedals, including the Digitech BM which also supplies great sounds.

It is almost impossible to detune this guitar. In my case, the guitar is usually resting inside a glass display cabinet and after several weeks without playing it (I play my another BMG for rehearsals) it is still in tune!! The roller bridge was and is an incredible invention, besides the zero fret, the tuners, and the overall construction of the guitar, getting the miracle.

I strongly recommend this very high quality guitar if you have doubts about it. The guitar can compete (and to win) with any other custom guitar from the other well known brands you are thinking about.

The guitar is accompanied by a hard-shell case - extremely good (in my case a beautiful white one) - and a certificate of authentication, numbered and personally signed by Dr. Brian May which is itself an extraordinary gift.

Many thanks to all of you; Dr. Brian May, Peter Malandrone, Greg Fryer, Andrew Guyton, Kazutaka Ijuin, the House Music Team (Gill, Barry, Katie, etc.), Adrian Turner, Bohemia Electric Corp and all those who have contributed to the design and construction of this incredible creature.

Domingo Z • February 2016

"I love the BMG Super"

I bought my first Super in March 2015. If you love Queen music and Brian May’s guitar playing, or just love to play a wonderful guitar then you couldn’t ask for more than the Brian May Super. The build quality is superb and only matched by the quality of sound that comes out of it.

With 3 on/off pickup switches and 3 in/out of phase switches the variety of sounds is enormous, from a light melodic sound to a heavy overdriven sound they are all there. So if you want a Brian May sound - or something totally different, all of your own - you can create it.

As with the original, it has a thick, chunky neck with 24 accessible frets and a tremolo that returns perfectly time after time. The touch you need on it is so light it makes it really easy to play. Even through my little Vox VT20+ it gives a big sound.

So with its great build quality and great versatility, if you are playing in your bedroom or on a massive stage you would have to go a long way to beat it.

Added to that the service from Barry and all of the House Music team has been outstanding.

I love this guitar.

Jamie Rail • Cornwall, UK • October 2015

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BMG Bass

"Strange kind of bass!"

As a bass player for a long time and fan of Dr. May, I was interested in this beautiful instrument.

When I opened the box it was a good surprise, as beautiful as my BMG Special. The knobs look better! No trouble with the weight! The scale is good and playing with pick-up knobs can give you a good sound between the hell of the humbucker and the sharpness of the single.

The width of the neck is quite huge but doesn't give me any trouble. Mine had been shipped without flatwound strings, I changed the roundwound for flats and it's really better, smoother.

The electronics are also good quality - no noise, no scratches. Plugged in my fuzz, I can have a bigger feedback on my amp than my guitarist. I really enjoy this bass... if you're thinking about something different in shape with an amazing groove, buy it. 

Ludovic Audonnet • Limoges, France • September 2016

"Love it"

Just a personal observation... I recently bought a BMG Bass and really love the the sound and medium scale. If I'm being honest, coming from playing a Fender Jazz, with its 38mm neck, if the BMG bass had a tad narrower neck (45mm is a bit wide) to me, it would be the perfect bass.

As said, just a personal preference. It's the only thing to me that lets it down. Love it otherwise!

Donald Easton • Edinburgh, Scotland • June 2016

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Ovation Custom Balladeer (ex-WWRY)

"Great service"

As usual, an excellent guitar and a bonus, it's from one of the best musicals EVER, "We Will Rock You" and a great service from them as well.

Would definitely recommend buying from them and I will definitely be buying again myself.

Gary Ashman • Bath, UK • May 2017

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BMG Ukulele

"Pretty nice"

Nice design and very playable.

Eric Sims • Livonia, MI, USA • February 2018

"Fine service... First impressions all good"

First of all, my uke arrived from the UK to a town 300km from the nearest state capital in Australia within 9 days! Very impressed.

As the uke is a Xmas present I’ve only had a chance to check it all over, plug it in and have a brief play. It looks and feels really good! The sound was a bit mid biased but a quick fiddle with the EQ and all’s well. Sorry, this is only a ‘first impression’ review but the first impression is good.

Bob Haanstra • Albury, NSW, Australia • December 2017

"My son loved the BMG uke!"

This was an early Christmas present for my son. He absolutely loves it! And so do I!!!!

It looks great! Sounds great! Plays so very easy! Very nice uke!!!!

Janean Crapo • Battle Creek, MI, USA • July 2017

"Fine service"

Received ukulele well within the promised time, well packed + in perfect condition... very pleased with the uke, which is well set up.

Would recommend your company to my ukulele club and any friends.

Thank you for your fine service.

Richard Harris • Eastbourne, UK • June 2017

"Best writing tool ever"

I've had the BMG Uke for almost a year and it's now my main touring instrument along with my Avalon guitar. The tuner is an excellent addition and I find the overall size of body and frets perfect for both acoustic and plugged in shows.

It has a great resonant sound and looks awesome to boot!

It's already helped me write two new tunes for the next Track Dogs album...

What more could you ask for?

Garrett Wall​ • Track Dogs • Madrid, Spain • May 2017

Better tenor uke I have, great sound and look! 

Received in 5 days in Italy. Signature on uke and bag... Love forever Queen and Brian May as guitarist and astronomist... must have!!!

Daniela Risso Girardi​ • Torino, Italy • May 2017


Very fast delivery well packed. Superb product and fantastic sound.

Garth Dixon • Kidderminster, UK • March 2017


Very fast delivery well packed. Superb product and fantastic sound.

Very impressed with the service and speed of delivery. 

I got this for my partner as she plays in a ukelele band. Very nice instrument, lovely tone. She was extremely impressed and immediately started more finger picking than on her other ukes. 

I'm looking for a travel guitar and very tempted to try the one in your range.

Stephen Birkett • Newcastle under Lyme, UK • January 2017

"A great ukulele"

Lovely quality - the tuner is a great help. Nice case too. Very happy with my purchase.

Alex Fordham • London, UK • January 2017

"Very satisfied"

Yesterday I received my BMG Uke. Delivery took less than a week. That's why my Xmas is so early this year! It came well packed in a case with strings and everything to play it right away. It was even (almost) tuned. So I started to play - and enjoyed! 

Sounds great, looks great, plays fine, enlightens me - one big star extra on top of the five!

Thanks a lot! I will come back.

Frank Spitzenberger • Brandenburg, Germany • November 2016

"A great little companion"

I bought my BMG Uke about 9 months ago now and have finally learned to play some bits on it.

It gives a surprisingly good sound for such a small instrument, especially plugged in. the construction quality is great along with the sound.

A great companion for my BMG Super and Rhapsody.

Thanks to all at House/BMG.

Jamie Rail • Cornwall, UK • June 2016

"A little gem"

This is a little gem. I have recorded with it DI'd and also mic'ed, on separate occasions... both sounded great. Lots of presence, without even trying to EQ. 

It's a far cry from my plastic Tommy Steel uke my dad bought me in 1957!

Peter Morrison • Farnham, UK • November 2015

"Sounds great"

I've had mine since early February 2015. The BMG Uke is well made and sounds great. It is a little quiet, acoustically, but the Fishman KULA under saddle pick-up system sounds great when amplified.

I have a Kala solid mahogany uke but, although this is laminated, this is a great instrument and is now my main gigging uke.

Steve Doane • Sleaford, UK • November 2015

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BMG Rhapsody

"Thank you..."

I really like this guitar, as I really like it and I respect Brian May. I had also bought the BMG Special and now I can be proud of owning two great guitars. 

Ferdinando Martelli • Firenze, Italy • December 2017

"Sounds great"

Finally the little Rhapsody arrived home after long time waiting. It was a gift for my daughter, and she is very happy. It's sounds great, it's beautiful and comfortable. Thank you!

Francisco José Mellinas • Cartagena, Spain • August 2017

"Absolutely fantastic"

The BMG Rhapsody is fantastic - there are no words to describe the sensations I feel when I'm playing it. Thanks from my heart.

Emanuele Di Salvo • Palermo, Italy • March 2017

Rhapsody Signature Edition - "A masterpiece"

Hi Barry... guitar well received today... all is ok... really a "masterpiece".

Many thanks!

Dirk Cools • Groot-Bijgaarden, Belgium • January 2017

"I love the Rhapsody"

I have owned a BMG Rhapsody since they first came out. I have played many others in that time but keep coming back to the Rhapsody... with its chunky neck and 24 accessible frets. it is just a joy to play and so versatile. With its small (but perfectly formed) body you really need to plug it in to get the best from it. The B-Band pickup and pre-amp it give a great full sound for a small guitar, but practicing alone it is fine unplugged. 

All my friends who have played it have loved it too.

Looks good, feels good and sounds great... what more can you ask?

Also a perfect match for my BMG Super.

Jamie Rail • Cornwall, UK • October 2015

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BMG Accessories

BMG G7th Brian May Red Special Edition G7th Capo… “Excellent Function”

Nice design capo.

Carolyn Leanza • Aliso Viejo, CA, USA • March 2018

BMG Microfibre Polishing Cloth… “Excellent Product”

The perfect polishing cloth to bring out the luster in every guitar.

Carolyn Leanza • Aliso Viejo, CA, USA • March 2018

BMG G7th Brian May Red Special Edition G7th Capo… “Ingenious”

This capo is brilliantly engineered. Other capos feel like I'm setting a rat trap. This incredibly compact capo has no spring-loaded feel. No danger of it popping out of my hands when I take it off... the small release lever simply relaxes the steady grip on the neck, making it nearly effortless to place OR reposition. The accessories match the quality and elegance of the guitars themselves. 

Thank you, Dr. May and company.

Wade Rowland • Austin, TX, USA • February 2018

BMG Replica Selector Switches… "Great Knobs" 

What can I say? Perfect! A lot of soldering though!

Jan Hageman • Tumba, Sweden • February 2018

Brian May Red Special Edition G7th Capo… “Excellent”

Really an excellent product...I do enjoy it!!!!

David Kožušník • Ostrov, Czech Republic • February 2018

BMG Replica Knobs… “A nicer look to my BMG”

The quality of these buttons is very good and they fit perfectly on the potentiometer's shaft and they are blocked with a hexagonal locking nut.  Nice little red dot on each button.   Took a while to have these buttons in stock and shipped but they worth the waiting :).

Michel Gauvin • Shawinigan, Quebec, Canada • January 2018

BMG Replica Selector Switches… "Great" 

I bought these for my Honey Sunburst BMG that I bought in 2014. The gold replica knobs make my guitar look more like a Red Special then the original smaller knobs. I'm very happy with knobs and they arrived in the USA within a week after ordering. Highly recommended for those who need the gold instead of the aluminum.

William Grady • Fort Dodge, Iowa, USA • January 2018

BMG Microfibre Polishing Cloth… "Excellent" 

Service rapide, matériel très très bien. Je recommanderais le site.

Michel Vallee • Pont D'Ouilly, France • January 2018

“The official polishing cloth!”

Thanks... good quality cloth for keeping with the guitar.... and Red Special colour too!

Peter Williamson • Edinburgh, Scotland, December 2017

BMG Service

Thank you very much for your response.

This is my second RS - it's an 2008 BMG model I bought brand new to replace a Burns RS.

I had never noticed the collar before sitting proud before, so I will take your advice and try to knock it back in. I'll let you know how I get on... awesome service cheers!

Richard Boodell • UK • Feb 2017

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BMG Hiscox Moulded "Lite-Flite" Case

"Great service"

Excellent case befitting an excellent guitar... Great service from supplier.

J.W. Smith​ • Melton Mowbray, UK • May 2018

“Excellent Product”

When it first arrived, I was expecting to see a red velour interior, but then I checked the website and saw that the colour had been changed.  I love the red, but the grey is nice too.

Carolyn Leanza • Aliso Viejo, CA, USA • March 2018

“Just in Case”

THIS is a guitar case. WOW. It's SO light, yet so very sturdy and strong. The latches are very, very secure. And the hinges are solid; there is no "play" when you open or close the lid. Inside, the case is nicely padded and fits the Red Special perfectly. Nice and snug. With a more-than-ample storage compartment on the inside. 

Absolutely flight and travel-ready. Superior protection without adding excessive weight. 


Wade Rowland • Austin, TX, USA • February 2018


Super case and very light... it fits my other guitar too... fantastic.

Barbara Mary Ward • Dudley, UK • December 2017


Lovely, excellent quality case. A fitting surround for an excellent guitar!

Emma Harding • Cranleigh, UK • December 2017

"A REAL hard case, for an amazing guitar"

I'm very happy!! The Hiscox Brian May Hard Case is a really, really excellent case, very nice!

The shipping is fast 4-5 days for Italy!

Thank you, Brian May Guitars.

Giacomo Porta​ • Santo Stefano Ticino, Italy • September 2017


Delivery by UPS in time, The guitar box is excellent and of good quality.

Andreas Gaumann​ • Kaufbeuren, Germany • June 2017


A really professional hard case. I'm very happy for it!

Luca Abate • Torino, Italy • March 2017


Fast and good

Tony Krijgsman • Leusden, Netherlands • January 2017

"Excellent product"

It is indeed a fitting case for a great great guitar. I have several other guitars with hard cases and I can assure that none are better than this one!

Congratulations on a product well developed and chosen.

Luis Manuel Pombo • Arcozelo, Portugal • October 2016

"Fast shipping"

Fast shipping and everybody took the time to answer all of my questions.

Thierry Nigon • Paris, France • February 2016

"Perfect fit"

I was pleased to receive the hard case in less than 2 days. The case is great, fits my BMG perfectly.

Sebastien Wlodyka • Vizille, France • November 2015

"Fits perfect"

I was pleased to receive the hard case in less than 2 days. The case is great, fits perfectly my BMG.

Sebastien Wlodyka • Vizille, France • November 2015

"Excellent service"

A top quality case at reasonable price, sent very quickly. Excellent service, very impressed. Thank you.

James Bogle • East Ayrshire, Scotland • October 2015

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Elites Guitar Strings

Elites “Science Of Sound” Acoustic Strings

Excellent strings - brought my acoustic sound alive

Neil Williams • West Bromwich, UK • May 2018

Elites Electric Strings

Easy bending and lasting strings.

Stano Zipaj • Kosice, Slovakia • October 2017

Elites “Science Of Sound” & Elites Electric Strings

Amazing strings with wonderful sound. 

Great experience. Personal and professional approach to customers.

Thank you and see you soon...

Jaroslav SkůRa • Ostrov, Czech Republic • January 2017

Elites “Science Of Sound” Acoustic Strings

I use them on an American 1995 Ovation semi-acoustic... Lovely tone.

Tony Godkin • Wexford, Ireland • August 2016

Elites Electric Strings - “Number one strings!”

These strings are just great... I have no issues with them, I would recommend them to anybody.

Joseph Lord • Newport, Wales • October 2015

Elites “Science Of Sound” Acoustic Strings

Excellent strings - top quality and nice rich tone. Impressive service... very pleased with how my order was handled. Thank you.

James Bogle • East Ayrshire, Scotland • October 2015

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BMG Custom Guitar Straps

"Tutto perfetto"

Grazie mille per avermi spedito in tempo per il compleanno di mio figlio... la chitarra e la strap.

Thank you so much for sending me in time for my son's birthday... The guitar and the strap.

Sergio Prandini • San Giovanni in Persiceto, Italy • June 2018

"Very comfortable and classy"

I have chosen the red strap to fit with my cherry Red Special. The strap is very comfortable and well padded, easy to lengthen or shorten. 

A great feature : there are two spaces to place your picks... or your sixpence coins!

Jean-Christophe Mouton • Antibes, France • May 2018

"Loved it"

Was a gift and he loved it! Thanks for the timely shipping!

Ted Snyder • Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA • May 2018

“Excellent Product”

Lovely colour, comfortable and easy to adjust.

Carolyn Leanza • Aliso Viejo, CA, USA • March 2018


This is such an outstanding strap, that I've gone and ordered a duplicate of this model, plus one black strap and one beige. The vegan leather has the feel of a fine grain lamb or calf skin. And the wide profile and ample padding ride very comfortably on the shoulder. Adjusting the strap is simple and the special fastener is extremely solid. 

What I love most about this strap is the wonderfully functional pick holders. It's so easy to grab a spare pick out of the duo of pockets when I've dropped a pick on stage. LOVE these straps.

Wade Rowland • Austin, TX, USA • February 2018


A fine quality strap! Fits easily and very comfortable.

Emma Harding • Cranleigh, UK • December 2017

"Great strap"

High quality strap. A nice match with the BMG Special.

Stano Zipaj • Kosice, Slovakia • October 2017

"Great guitar strap"

Really well made good fitting and comfortable. The length adjustment is a little fiddly but more secure than many (and you'll only do it once). Also looks good.

Mr Richard Scott-Watson • Faringdon, UK • August 2017

"An absolute dream to use"

Having purchased a BMG Red Special, my ultimate guitar that I've wanted for a very very long time, I was disappointed that it kept moving round while I was stood up playing.

Onto the BMG website and spotted the BMG strap... It's an absolute dream to use, fully adjustable and rock solid feeling with the guitar.  It doesn't move unless you make it, it's ultra comfortable and feels like an exceptionally good quality item, which being endorsed by Dr. May is no less than expected.

I would thouroughly recommend this item to any player for any guitar, but if you have a Red Special it's a must-have to complete the experience!

Clint Thacker • Walsall, UK • June 2017

"Excellent quality"

Excellent quality, nice colour, perfect delivery by UPS.

Andreas Gaumann​ • Kaufbeuren, Germany • June 2017

"Quality, value, comfort"

What is there not to like about this fine guitar strap?

Compliments my Red Special to a 'T' and has, somehow, made my old Les Paul seem lighter!

Mark Pritchett • Bromley UK • May 2017

"Very high quality"

A very high quality guitar strap... What you would expect from anything with Brian May's name on it?!

Colin Bonney • St Helens, UK • March 2017

"Great fit for my BMG guitar"

Ordered and received the item within a week, so kudos for shipping it out promptly.

The strap fits my BMG perfectly and looks great. I'm a little concerned about the longevity given that Dr. May has insisted on not using leather, but we shall see!

Carl Woods • Ennis, Ireland • March 2017

"Very comfortable"

High quality strap.

Luca Abate • Torino, Italy • March 2017


Fast and good

Tony Krijgsman • Leusden, Netherlands • January 2017

"100% pleased"

Having wanted the red one first choice but being out of stock, I chose the black one instead... I am glad I did - I think it looks better on my guitar, breaks it up.

100% pleased with my purchase and quality of the product.

Thank you.

Stephen Waterworth • Widnes, UK  • December 2016

"Great strap"

Very solid product. Great ideas with places for picks and length changing system. The most important thing is that it's just beautiful. Shipping to Poland without any problems.

Thanks a lot to BMG and House Music crew!

Grzegorz Szumiec​ • Kraków, Poland • November 2016

"A fine guitar strap"

Very comfortable, easy to adjust and lots of places for extra picks... just everything you need!!

Wolfgang Waldhof • Dornbirn, Austria • October 2016

"Good quality & style"

There are of course better products if you're a serious guitar player, but this strap is worth the money.

Good design, it doesn't feel cheap, feels good in the hands and on the shoulder... and It will match my "Mini May" perfectly :-D

Magnus Rouden • Kalmar, Sweden • October 2016

"Quality strap"

Brilliant strap and terrific superfast service, highly recommended.

Very happy with purchase, thank you very much.

James Bogle • Hurlford, UK • September 2016

"I am very happy!"

Great processing, handmade BMG Guitar Strap, comfortable and wide.

100% free of animal parts :) I am very happy!

Thank you for your excellent communication and willingness.

Jaroslav SkůRa • Ostrov, Czech Republic • September 2016

"Great Strap"

Very good strap. Highly recommended. Its exactly what I want. Good material.

Eneko Hormaetxea Basabe • Bizkaia, Spain • August 2016

"Very comfortable"

A very comfortable strap with plenty of adjustment.

John Rawnsley • Kenilworth, UK • June 2016


I have been looking for a strap to match my BMG Super since I got it, now it is here. The new BMG straps are superb, easily adjustable and comfortable and also look great. A perfect match for your Brian May Guitar, though I am sure they would look great on any guitar.

Jamie Rail • Bodmin, UK • May 2016

"Very nice strap! Swift delivery..."

This is a very nice quality guitar strap. Easy adjustable length. This really looks nice on my BMG Special! The soft lining makes this strap very comfy for longer playing sessions.

Johan Abrahamse • Middelburg, Netherlands • May 2016

"Very well made"

A very well made custom strap... nothing more would surprise me as Brian has put his name to it.

Gary Ashman • Bath, UK • May 2016

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BMG T-Shirts

BMG 2018 T-shirt… “Merci beaucoup”

Bonsoir, Envoi rapide et soigné, merci beaucoup.

Puille Patrick • Metz, France • March 2018

BMG 2018 T-shirt... "High quality T-shirt, fast delivery"

Thank you very much for the fast delivery to Germany. This T-Shirt is a "must have" for me as a great Brian May fan and guitarist.

The design is great, the quality is very good. The processing in your online-shop is very easy and fast to do. Thank you very much.

Frank Holtrichter • Essen, Germany • April 2018

BMG 2018 T-shirt... "Great T-shirt"

Bought this T-shirt for my husband for his birthday. He loved the design. Good quality and fitted well. Very happy with it.

Karen Wallace • Stanford Le Hope, Essex • April 2018

BMG 2018 T-shirt... "Perfect"

I like the material, quality and delivery was really fast. It’s a pity that M is the smallest available size but still, the T-shirt is perfect and I like it very much.

Slavka Fufalova • Medzilaborce, Slovakia • April 2018

BMG 2018 T-shirt… "T-Shirt" 

Just a T-shirt, but nice quality and very prompt overseas delivery.

Dr. Gail Larsen Peterkin • Houston, Texas, USA • February 2018

BMG 2018 T-shirt… "Great Tee" 

Fast service and good quality tee shirt.

Mike Parker • Derbyshire, UK • February 2018

BMG 2018 T-shirt

First class service

Ian Wilmott • Newark, UK • February 2018

BMG 2017 T-shirt… "Nice one!"

Cool shirt, quality print!!

Joerg Hayden • Villach, Austria • December 2017

BMG 2017 T-shirt

Spokojný s nákupom a zdrevím Dr. Maya!

Ján Matys • Čadca, Slovakia • August 2017

BMG 2016 T-shirt... "Brilliant T-shirt"

Love the print, the soft material and the aspect of the fitted sleeves (which is great as most T-shirts have regular sleeves that kind of flap in the wind so that's why I love the fitted sleeves!).

Thanks again for an awesome shirt... all the best!

Martin Derrick • Redditch, UK • October 2016

BMG 2016 T-shirt... "Great Shirt"

Great quality T-shirt delivered very quickly.

First class service again, highly recommended, thanks guys.

James Bogle • Hurlford, UK • September 2016

BMG 2016 T-shirt... "Very Good"

Very good shirt and on time.

Mick Young • Chesterfield, UK • September 2016

BMG 2016 T-shirt... "Fantastic"

Fantastic quality 'T', true to size. Excellent delivery, will order from here again. Thanks, guys.

Stephen Quirk • Liverpool, UK • September 2016

BMG 2016 T-shirt... "Amazing"

Great colour, graphic stands out amazing against the grey.

Tony Godkin • Wexford, Ireland • August 2016

BMG 2016 T-shirt... "Fantastic"

Superb item !!!... Fast shipping !!!... Great Transaction !!!

Peter Nowak • Krefeld, Germany • July 2016

BMG 2016 T-shirt... "Awesome"

Unique, colorful and too cool for words! Proud to support Rock's best guitar player's branding!

Cam McPherson • Edmonton, Canada • July 2016

BMG 2016 T-shirt... "Consigliatissimo!"

Spedizione veloce, prodotto rispondente alle aspettative. Facile la comunicazione, sito consigliatissimo!

Pierpaolo Del Bagno • Polla, Italy • June 2016

BMG 2016 T-shirt..."Great new T-shirt"

Just got my new design 2016 T-shirt. Lovin' it!

As is always the case with the guys at House Music/BMG, great product and great service...

Many thanks!

Jamie Rail • Bodmin, UK • May 2016

BMG London • England T-shirt... "Love this T-shirt"

I purchased this BMG "London • England" T-shirt as a present for my nephew & I know he will be thrilled with it... Brian is his idol.

Excellent quality print & material. Highly recommended!

Elaine Wardle • Luton, UK • June 2016

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The Official BMG Shirt

"Such bliss"

Amanda Perkins • DanielsonConnecticut, USA • July 2018

“Perfect fit”

Very smooth to order, and deliver... Perfect fit with the colorful design.

Tony Johansson • Alta, Sweden • July 2018

"The icing on the cake to an amazing night"

Dear Gill... Just wanted to say thanks again for sorting the shirts for us.

As you can see from the attached pic from Wembley last night, it was all worthwhile! Brian was over the moon at our attire (apparently we’re the first on the backstage tour this year to wear them!). In fact, it was Brian who said we must get a photo together before we had a chance to ask!


Having the shirts was the icing on the cake to an amazing night and we’re very grateful.

Thanks again and all the best

Dave Fordham • Copthorne, UK • July 2018


Charlotte Perry • Maidenhead, UK • June 2018

"Late birthday present!"

Hanny van Arkel • Limburg, Netherlands • June 2018

"A1 service all round!"

Many thanks for your  prompt service guys. 

I had ordered an XL size shirt, but being a chunky Northerner, I noticed that I required an XXL size.  After speaking on the phone, an exchange  was made with no fuss at all.  

A great shirt it is too! Much appreciated, folks!

Tim Cooke with folk duo Chonkinfeckle • Wigan, UK • June 2018

"I have a happy child here"

Chiara Tomaini​ • Bovisio Masciago​, Italy • June 2018

"Superb chemise!!!"

Great shirt and good quality. Thank you BMG.

Puille Patrick • Metz, France • June 2018

"Another perfect product!"

Yes, another perfect product from Brian in my Queen collection. 

P.S. And now I'm waiting for my next (second) guitar signed by Brian. Excellent times! :-)

Peter Weber • Bratislava, Slovakia • August 2017


Fantastic, very funny shirt!!!

Juan Jose Rodriguez González • Madrid, Spain • August 2017

"The life of the party"

When I first saw Bri wearing the shirt I thought, "How cool's that". Now I'll be the life of the party with my own shirt.

Thanks, Bri.

Ian Murray • Victoria, Australia • August 2017


My shirt is just fantastic.  It fits great and the quality is perfect. The communication with BMG was awesome as they let me know via email regularly on the ETA. To see Brian’s jacket in the same pattern at the Q+AL concerts just made my day.  

Would recommend the shirt and the company with 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Cheryl Adams • Sydney, Australia • August 2017

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