BMG Super

The BMG Super... Revisited!

We are pleased to announce that production of the BMG SUPER - the flagship model of the Brian May Guitars range - has now resumed and we are looking forward to being able to offer a limited quantity of these superlative instruments for sale on a monthly basis. 

We are indebted to British electronics wizard Adrian Turner, who will now be personally crafting genuine Adeson-spec BMG "Super" brand pickups exclusively for this project. The BMG Super and Andrew Guyton's excellent custom instruments will therefore be the only commercially available guitars to feature Adrian's work.

Please note that, while we do plan to make these period-accurate units available as a standalone set at some point in the future, for the time being these pickups will only be available on the BMG Super.

Initial quantities of the new Super were made available at the beginning of November and sold out almost immediately, so we urge all customers who wish to purchase a BMG Super - including all those who had previously requested to receive an email notification - to submit their contact details now for the new official waiting list, from which instruments will be allocated on a strictly "first-come, first-served" basis.

This will be a fairer, ordered system that will eliminate the requirement to re-register, avoid the lottery of notification emails and guarantee that registered customers will be offered a Super to purchase in due course. As soon as a guitar becomes available, the BMG sales team will contact customers personally to complete their purchase, either by credit card or bank transfer.

BMG Supers Incoming

Good news for SUPER fans... we have a very limited number of these fantastic, limited edition, premium quality guitars currently in production.


Delivery is anticipated to be some time in late July 2016 but we have decided to accept pre-order deposits now as so many of you have shown an interest in owning one of these amazing replicas.

A minimum deposit of £500 is required now to secure your order.

With demand uniquely high for the SUPER, we will be allocating instruments on a strictly "first come-first served" basis so please don't delay in contacting us if you wish to place an order.

Please contact the BMG Team for full details

Guitar Interactive BMG Review Special

Issue 40 of Guitar Interactive sees master guitarist and We Will Rock You veteran, Jamie Humphries take control of the always excellent free online magazine for a massive tribute to Brian May.

"Choosing a Brian May Special or, even better, a Super, will set you apart from the crowd... you will get a fabulous guitar in either case and one that will go places other guitars simply cannot venture into"

Alongside brand new interviews with Brian and his long serving tech Pete Malandrone (available exclusively in the magazine's online edition), Jamie presents a trio of extensive video reviews of the BMG Super, the BMG Special and the electro acoustic BMG Rhapsody.

The bumper edition also includes appraisals of Nigel Knight's Deacy amp replica, the Vox Custom AC30C2 and the full range of Greg Fryer/Knight Audio and KAT treble boosters.

BM aficionados should head to the GI website to check out Jamie's web-exclusive "Tone On A Budget" video in which the BMG Special is just one element in an eminently affordable hardware solution to the age-old conundrum of how to get the Brian May sound without blowing the bank.


Guitarist Approves The BMG Super

"The dream of all Brian May fans has finally been realised...

The Super is as genuine a recreation of the Red Special as is realistic for what is a pretty good price"

The UK's "Guitar Player's Bible" delivered their own verdict on the internationally acclaimed BMG Super in their February '09 issue with a glowing 4.5 star review by Simon Bradley, a man who knows more than a thing or two about the Red Special.

Simon lavishes suitably abundant praise on every aspect of the Super - its construction, finish and overall build quality, the "truly wonderful to play" neck design, its quite staggering versatility and, of course, for the painstaking attention to detail that puts this instrument "closer in vibe, tone and feel to the original Red Special than any other hitherto realistically available copy".


The BMG Super Rocks The Cosmos

Brian May & Jamie Moses - SuperHere's a shot of Brian May together with guitarist Jamie Moses playing the heck out of the new BMG Super at the Nottingham leg of the current, sold-out Queen & Paul Rodgers COSMIC ROCKS World Tour.

The tour, which kicked off with a performance in Kharkov's Freedom Square, Ukraine, in front of an astonishing 350,000 people, comes hot on the heels of the first studio album of new material from the remaining Queen duo of Brian and Roger Taylor since 1995′s "Made in Heaven" - and a full 17 years since Freddie Mercury's death.

The Super is Jamie's main stage instrument on this globe trotting journey which runs through to November, climaxing with a string of South American arena shows.

Photo Credit: Steve Braithwaite

The BMG Super... On Sale & On Tour

Production models of the BMG Super are now shipping.

After receiving the first ten prototypes earlier in the year, all of which were immediately snapped up, we have subsequently received the first ten production guitars - again all sold out!

With development overseen by master-luthier Greg Fryer and his team, we are totally blown away by the end result and the instrument is garnering some serious acclaim - check out the review in Guitarist magazine in the near future . 

Deposits are now being taken on serial numbers 011 to 020, which will be available at the beginning of October.

In the meantime, don't miss out on seeing the current Queen/Paul Rodgers tour, where both Brian May and axeman, Jamie Moses will be using the Super to full effect.

Greg Fryer Super Q&A

Brian May guitar enthusiasts Mark Reynolds and Mike Ryde recently grilled superstar luthier Greg Fryer at length about the new BMG Super and have shared the whole Q&A in a handy pdf download.

As they explain...

"The questionnaire attempts to garner further detail about the design, construction and thoughts behind the BMG Super Red Special replica. 

Brian has recently used the Super at the Kharkov Freedom Square concert (Ukraine, 12th September 2008) on the Queen & Paul Rodgers tour. This questionnaire might explain some of the reasons as to why Brian has chosen to use this guitar on the current tour."


BMG At The London Guitar Show

The complete BMG canon of instruments was on display at the year's biggest MI shindig - the London Guitar Show at the ExCel Exhibition Centre (June 12th - 15th)..

Alongside the full line-up of BMG Special's in a variety of standard and Limited Edition finishes, the House Music stand showcased a stack of new, established and upcoming products, including the superb, premium quality Super, the pint-sized Mini-May and the first prototypes of a Brian May designed electro-acoustic guitar.

The assembled players, fans and industry movers and shakers were also treated to an amazing opportunity to view some very exclusive custom instruments, including the FACE - a 60th birthday present to Brian May from Barry Moorhouse, who commissioned British artist Paul Karslake (brother of Jo Wood, Rolling Stone Ronnie's former wife) to create the beautifully cosmic finish.


The BMG Super Arrives

The BM SuperAt the start of a brand new year, a brand new model.

Brian May Guitars is proud to announce the arrival of The BMG SUPER - a meticulously constructed, hand crafted replica of the original Red Special.


  • Original Red Special spec neck dimensions and 7.25" radius fingerboard.
  • Exact spec Red Special body and headstock shape
  • Adeson Burns Tri-Sonic pickup set developed by Adrian Turner and Greg Fryer to the original specifications and tonal nuances of Brian May's original pickups.
  • Modified 7.25" radius Wilkinson roller bridge.
  • Mahogany body and top with original spec acoustic chambers and white binding.
  • Original Brian May style tremolo tailpiece and trem arm.
  • Glued in mahogany neck.
  • Jim Dunlop 613

BMG Super Preview

Brian May 'Super' In ProductionThere has much excitement recently in the Brian May Guitars camp with the first samples of the brand new BMG Super starting to come through production.

Commented House Music MD Barry Moorhouse...

"The quality of these guitars is outstanding, with pre-production having been guided and overseen by BMG guru Greg Fryer."

We hope to receive the first completed instruments by the end of this month, thereby adding another model into the ever expanding Brian May Guitars range."

More updates to follow soon.

New Model Updates

BM RhapsodyIn the very near future, we are aiming to release a Brian May guitar that will bridge the gap between the BMG Special model and the Andrew Guyton & Greg Fryer replica models.

In response to demand from many guitarists, this guitar will be of a closer spec to the original Red Special, and therefore retailing somewhere between £1,500 - £2,500.

Be sure to wait for this high quality instrument - approved and developed by Brian, Greg Fryer, Andrew Guyton, Pete Malandrone and Barry Moorhouse and, of course, using the priceless ’Old Lady’ as a blueprint.

The long awaited Brian May acoustic is still in development... various design amendments and manufacturing tweaks have delayed the availability of this instrument, for which we apologise, but hey, we just want to get it right!