New 2012 Specials

New colours abound in the ever expanding Brian May Guitars arsenal with a brand new trio of striking limited edition finishes.

First up is a superb Natural finish Special with black scratch plates, which some have commented might arguably be closer to the Old Lady's current faded glory than the favoured Antique Cherry finish!?

Eddie Ojeda, axe master with veteran NYC shock-rockers Twisted Sister, has already taken delivery of a suitably monikered Metal May. In what can only described as "None-More-Black", this beauty boasts a black finish, black plates, black tuners, control knobs, pickup covers and bridge plate with a contrasting white pin-stripe binding and white pickup/phase switches... we figured that, with a guitar with this much on-board versatility, you should be able to see what you're doing!

Last but not least, we have introduced a sumptuous Limited Edition Windermere Blue Special with a chrome hardware and a defiantly retro, "mint-green" set of plates. Think Lake Placid... but more British!