The Ultimate BMG Special Review?

A huge shout-out to young Brazilian guitarist Lucas Vianna for a quite superb review of the BMG Special that may well prove to be the ultimate guide to this amazingly versatile instrument.

Currently principal guitarist in the new Brazilian production of We Will Rock You in São Paulo, Lucas evidently knows his way around this guitar and - courtesy of some slick graphics and his exemplary technique - does a excellent job of breaking down the idiosyncrasies of the BM switching system. But what makes this professionally produced video so darn entertaining is the way he demonstrates just how jaw-droppingly protean the Special truly is.

Of course, the Queen-style voicings are spot on, thank you very much, but the real fun is hearing Lucas using the Special to deliver seriously authentic takes on David Gilmour's "Time" solo, Jimmy Page's feral rhythm tone from "Whole Lotta Love" and the distinctive riffs from Dire Straits' "Money For Nothing", Deep Purple's "Burn" and Kurt Cobain's alt-rock anthem "Smells Like Teen Spirit".

We've long maintained that there really is no guitar from any manufacturer at this price that delivers as much as the Special - this video demonstrates that point perfectly and is essential viewing for anybody still on the fence about buying one.