Customer Reviews

A selection of the praise lavished upon Brian May Guitars and our fantastic range of instruments and accessories by satisfied customers around the world.

02 July 2024  |  Jacobus

My guitar arrived today, and I could not be happier with the entire experience.

From the moment I communicated my interest, you went above and beyond to ensure that everything went smoothly. Your customer support is truly impressive, and it made the purchase process a breeze and the waiting much more tolerable.

I can honestly say that this has been a dream come true for me. Thank you again.

What a great unique guitar, it will stay in my collection for ever.

02 July 2024  |  J.

The knobs were safely packed, and quickly shipped to the US. They were perfect, and perfectly completed the look of my Red Special.

Phenomenal service and customer experience.


24 June 2024  |  Ignacio

I got a BMG Special for my daughter, and she is delighted with it: the best present of her whole life, she said.

The shipment was very fast and the parcel company chosen by BMG made a great job and eased me custom procedures.

05 June 2024  |  Sanjeet

Well, what can I say... this guitar it absolutely fabulous!

Itís well made. Excellent setup. Stable trem. Fantastic pickups. Huge number of tonal variations which are very simple to access and toggle between thanks to the clever switches. I plugged mine into straight into a Fender Champ, sounds ace. Then I put a tube based drive pedal and pushed its treble a bit, and straight into some heavy rock heaven.

Thereís nothing else at this price point that competes with it.

Buy one and play it!

02 June 2024  |  Silvano

I received this jewel of an instrument three weeks ago and have now been able to test it extensively.

One thing first - I am completely thrilled! I play through a Line 6 Spider V head into a Fender cabinet. It includes tons of guitar amp models, speakers, and effects. I also found a lot of Brian May sounds via the Spider V Remote mobile app and downloaded the ones I liked most. I've now played the guitar through my favorite settings and there isn't a single one where it doesn't sound outstanding. Whether it's Scorpions, AC/DC, Chuck Berry, country, etc., the sound is simply phenomenal. It is full, dynamic, the sustain unrivaled. The tone is also convincing in the clean range, I have never heard it like this on any other guitar.

I would also like to say a big thank you to Dave Good (Sales, Marketing, Design). Throughout the whole process, from being put on the waiting list to the final purchase, and also for any specific questions, he was a great contact, friendly, professional, helpful and very accommodating.

29 May 2024  |  Laurent

Top qualitť, top service, rien ŗ rajouter. Juste prendre la guitare et profiter du son ! 🥰

29 May 2024  |  Jeffrey

There is a lot to be said for hitting the right timbre when setting guitar tone. I've tried several other mid boost options looking for that Brian May sound... they were all disappointing.

This one is spot on.

All three settings sound authentic to me. This pedal does crank out a lot of noise depending on the settings so I recommend having a noise gate on hand to tame the hiss. Once I added the noise gate to my setup this pedal is exactly what I had been looking for.

18 May 2024  |  Ton

I had the opportunity to purchase this 'News of the World' guitar personally signed by Brian May. I am so happy with it. It is not only a great guitar with a very special sound, but also a piece of art. You can see the craftsmanship in it. I had the signature protected by a number of layers of lacquer. This was done by a guitar specialist who has done this before. It worked very well.

The purchase process went great, I was kept well informed and I was even able to add something extra to the order a few days later.

I would like to thank the team behind Brian May Guitars and of course Brian himself for his valuable time. You made someone very happy. A childhood dream come true.

5 stars+++++

14 May 2024  |  Vincent

Really had a great expťrience with BMG, from registration to the waiting list for a BMG Super through the followup until the delivery after purchase phase went complete.

You can really trust them. I am now the happy owner of a BMG Super. One of the guitars I really wanted.

23 April 2024  |  Zoe

Five ***** Stars. Back in Time to 1980 and the FLASH Movie with the sound of Queen. Good quality. Strap is on my Red Special guitar. Greetings to Brian May from Elijah Westerteiger in Germany.

23 April 2024  |  Maurits

Really good quality! Is nice to use on my signed BMG Special!

23 April 2024  |  Terence

Killer look! The handwork, build quality, super professional setup surpasses all factory or custom builders! And what a sound!

The plastic protective stickers on the black pickups need to be rethought, though... Very sticky after removal, needed some WD40 to rub off.

14 April 2024  |  Amit

As a Queen/Brian May fan, I knew I needed the BMG special.

When I got it, I realized how much it adds to my playing experience thanks to its light weight, incredible pickup options, long fretboard and great tremolo system.

The guitar sounds amazing, especially when playing the iconic music of Queen, but also when playing any other song.

Bonus points for the incredibly fast shipping! (Less than 3 days).

12 April 2024  |  Greg

After being on the waiting list for quite a while, I just took delivery of my BMG Super. Throughout the process, BMG's rep answered questions promptly and was able to give me a feel for where I was in the list for delivery. When it arrived, I opened it and was immediately impressed with the craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Then I plugged it in...

WOW! I've had it for several days and every time I really dive in I start laughing. This is probably the best tone I've ever had from a guitar (and I have over 2 dozen, more if you consider those I've sold). I have played it through an AC15, AC30, '65 Fender Deluxe Reverb re-issue, PRS HDRX 20, vintage '65 Bandmaster,and a few others. Everything from a chimey Chuck Berry to a metal growl, to Zeppelin and, of course, some Brian May magic.

Pedals? Who needs pedals? Fine, maybe some echo/delay, but this guitar stands on its own... and like the builder of the original, head and shoulders above all others!

12 April 2024  |  Milan

Got it! She works and came undamaged. Love that the volume is closer to my pinky. She is beautiful, just wiped the strings and barely any tuning, intonation seems almost perfect, I will give it a few weeks, see if needs super minor adjustments. I do have Brianís Special from Burns, which I have treasured for so many years. Iím so curious, your choices were great, it stays in tune, so maybe the zero fret not so necessary 🤘🎸💕. But the zero fret does work so well in the Special, never broke a string on that one 🤣🤞

11 April 2024  |  Maarten

First of all thank you very much for the delivery and service level.

It's a pleasure and honour to be part of the approximately 40,000 (if I am correct) owners of a Brian May Guitar. It's been a joy and without any doubt will never cease to be.

I expect we will be in touch for future purchases, but for now I will enjoy my time with this guitar and the amazing Vox amPlug.

05 April 2024  |  Mike

I received my signed Brian May Special last month along with a superb hard case and soft case and could not be more delighted. I want to thank Dave Good (at House Music, London) especially for his assistance in purchasing this great guitar. It plays beautifully, well, it would surely do so if I was a better player!

I can find no fault with it - the action is as low as I like it to be and, to top it off, to have the Guitar signed by Sir Brian May himself... well, Dave, you have made this old man very happy indeed. I smile every time I take it out and play it.

Please send my thanks to Sir Brian for taking time out to do this. God bless him. Many thanks.

27 March 2024  |  David

Great to have a left-handed version of this legendary guitar! Thank you, Brian May Guitars! Once I ordered the guitar, shipping from London to New York was insanely fast.

27 March 2024  |  Scott

OK, so let's get this out of the way. This thing is pink. I know, right? Duh! But I mean this thing is PINK! The pictures don't really do the actual colour justice. I have several pink guitars but this is, by far, the pinkest of them all - and I freaking love it!

This is my second BMG Special - I already owned the more conservative red model and have harped-on about what a fantastic guitar that one is in my other review. Our pink friend here is equally impressive. Straight out of the box it plays and sounds incredible. I did have a little trouble with some residue left behind when I peeled-off the protective plastic - particularly on the pickups - but that came off very easily with a little 'sticky stuff remover'. I'd rather have that than scratches on the pickguards etc. so it's all good.

Our South Korean friends make some incredible instruments and these are no exception. The fit and finish is perfect, no sharp fret ends, and I love the addition of locking tuners. All I had to do was slap a pair of strap locks on (as I do with all of my instruments) and we were rocking.

Barry and the team at House Music are super helpful too, and lovely to deal with - I'm already looking forward to BMG Special number three!

26 March 2024  |  Scott

First off, I don't play in any kind of Queen tribute band but play mostly rock and pop. My solos have always been lacking that edge and I've tried everything on the market to try to get my lead stuff to cut through the mix without playing at crazy volume levels. This is it! I have it on the '80s setting and it's just perfect. This will live on my pedalboard for ever more.

25 March 2024  |  Jens-U.

The guitar has a great sound and is fun to play.

10 March 2024  |  Stefan

I recently had the pleasure of acquiring a BMG Super and, I must say, the experience from start to finish was nothing short of spectacular. From the moment I got in touch with the store, the level of customer service I received was top-notch. Dave was not only very responsive but also exceptionally friendly, making the entire process seamless and enjoyable. A real exceptional and highly recommendable service.

The guitar itself is a masterpiece. It is evident that meticulous attention to detail was a priority in its creation. The build quality is superb, with every component feeling sturdy and well-crafted. Playing this guitar is a dream come true - the sound it produces is rich, clear, and vibrant, truly worthy of the rock icon it pays homage to. It's not just an instrument; it's an extension of my musical expression, perfectly balanced and comfortable to play for hours on end.

Owning a BMG Super is not just about having a great guitar; it's about holding a piece of musical history in your hands. The dedication to quality and the nod to Brian May's genius make this instrument special. It feels incredibly rewarding to play a guitar that resonates with the spirit of such a masterful musician.

In conclusion, my experience with the BMG Super and the customer service I received has been phenomenal. I wholeheartedly recommend this guitar and the shop to anyone who values exceptional craftsmanship and the legacy of one of rock's greatest guitarists.

Whether you're a die-hard fan of Brian May, or a musician in search of a top-quality electric guitar, the BMG Super will not disappoint.

It's not just an instrument; it's an inspiration.

08 March 2024  |  Scott

Right out of the box, this guitar very quickly became one of my favourites. It feels and plays exactly the way I would expect from a guitar which originates from the fine craftspeople in South Korea (the same factory that used to make the PRS SE guitars when they were as good or better than the USA versions).

The fit & finish is absolutely perfect and the feel is pure quality. There's clear plastic on the pickguards, pickups, truss rod cover and rear cover so don't be fooled into thinking the plastic parts aren't shiny!

I like my action set very low and this guitar allows me to have the strings just off the frets. I haven't had to adjust the truss rod at all and I'm still rocking the strings that it came with as they feel great.

This is also a very versatile instrument I don't play in a Queen tribute band at all but I could play absolutely any gig with this guitar.

I now keep looking at the pink LE!

29 February 2024  |  Richard

I have just received the Treble Booster Classic and couldn't be happier!

Not only does it delivers the classic BM tones, but it is of superior build quality. The indicators for the different tones are super helpful.

Additionally, I had to change another order and submitted my request. This was followed up by a call form the US rep to confirm everything... Well done!

28 February 2024  |  Gregory

I am more than happy with the BMG Special. It sounds great, it feels great, and the unique pickup system is very versatile! The thicker neck feels very comfortable and now that I'm used to it, I actually prefer it over a standard neck.

My concern when buying it was that some had mentioned that it is only good for attempting to replicate Brian's sound. However, after testing it out, that is just not true. Playing songs from some of my other favourite artists such as Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, even Avenged Sevenfold, all sounded great on this guitar.

On top of that, it is simply a beautiful instrument. I've already had people ask me if they can see it, and I've had it with me at a couple of music shops and it certainly turned some heads.

I have no trouble admitting how impressed with this thing I am. As a huge Brian May fan, and even just as a person learning how to play guitar, I am very happy that this is the guitar I went with.

27 February 2024  |  Vadim

This truly is a work of art as many others have stated. Not only does it look amazing, but the build quality is superb along with its sound and ability to retain notes. The extra added bonuses contribute greatly to the overall impression of the purchase - It comes with a certificate personally signed by Sir Brian May.

Looking forward to playing this for many years - It is perfect for personal recording or playing live, and that is an understatement.

19 February 2024  |  Geoffrey

I love the color of this guitar! And the neck action is smooth and fast and well for me. I have small hands. The variety of tones on a clean amp is amazing. Going in and out of phase between pickups will send you down a rabbit hole for hours. It does for me anyway!

I would recommend this guitar to anyone who plays. Shipping was fast, too. Thanks so much.

18 February 2024  |  Scott

This is my second Brian May Guitars purchase. My first was a Black and Gold LE that I love very much. That said, the BMG Super is a beast! Though of course between the two guitars there is similarity in tone, however the Super seems to have more bite. Quite a bit more actually, and I've noticed when doing the out of phase thing I can really dial in (as close as possible without being Brian) the tones for things like Boh Rhap, Princes Of etc.

I can't express enough how unbelievable the tonal quality of this guitar is. I have several (meaning very many) guitars and this is in a league all its own.

The one thing I will tell you is the neck is exceptionally fat. Way larger than anything I have ever played before but though that will take some getting used to I believe it lends to the sustain of the instrument. Notes go on forever. I am a five star very happy owner of a Brian May Super.

I'd also like to mention my contact representative through the process of both guitars. His name is Dave Good. Straight through the process of both guitars, the communication level was superb. I never, ever had to wait a day for a return email or a followup. Responses came right away and were clear and friendly. He never expressed any frustration with someone that could be overly excited about a purchase like this and if being honest probably emailed him more than I should have lol. I emailed him one day with a small packaging/delivery request and he not only was cool with it, but gave me the great news that my guitar was ready sooner than expected. He made this a great experience.

I am a very happy person right now and for anyone considering the purchase of a Super, I would tell you it's worth every penny and more. The team knocked it out of the park.

Thank you so much!

16 February 2024  |  Phillip

The Brian May Super is a beautiful guitar. From the moment it arrived I was in love. This is a high spec and detailed instrument that is as gorgeous to look at as it is to play. It's also the only official instrument that comes close to the original. I've owned my Super for a number of months now but even on the days I don't play it, I still open the case just to admire it.

There are a few discrepancies from the original without a doubt. I've already changed the trem tip and a brass screw over the spring cover, which for me makes a real difference. For the purists out there, the fret board isn't lacquered but honestly, this doesn't bother me.

The neck is thick and chunky as per Brian and Harold's original, though amazingly it's so easy to play. The sounds the guitar produces are also authentic. Additionally, I feel the Red Special itself is flexible by design to get a wide range of tones from across the rock-board. Whether it's playing Queen songs, shredding like Nuno Bettencourt or soloing like Slash, The Red Special Super is a versatile and rich guitar.

I also want to give a shout out to Dave at BMG and to say thanks. Throughout the process, including after-sales, Dave has given his time generously to answer all my questions and support my Red Special journey. I also spoke to BMG's guitar tech Chris during one of his surgeries and he was lovely, knowledgeable and extremely informative. Beyond the guitars, BMG are a great company too.

I highly recommend both the Brian May Super as thing of beauty and Brian May Guitars as a company of excellence. Owning this guitar really is a dream come true.

06 February 2024  |  Alejandro

I ordered the Treble Booster Classic pedal and Dave was really helpful during all the process, not only with my concerns regarding the shipment, but also other questions I had, and he's always available to reply - and I mean it, always! A pleasure to make business with.

Oh, and the pedal is awesome as well, but I already was counting on that, considering the circuits integrated and who employed them...

05 February 2024  |  Bruce

Itís great to experience the iconic design of the BMG Special with such a bright, fluorescent Hot Pink finish! The guitar plays just as great as my other BMG Specials! Iím definitely going to bring this on gigs.

30 January 2024  |  Nick

Superb quality strap, beautifully crafted using vegan leather, great service, carefully packaged and delivered on time, thank you.

25 January 2024  |  Brett

Sharp looking and very well made. Looks great on my BMG Special.

23 January 2024  |  Mike

Excellent product and very good seller - excellent communications.

Always great service from Brian May Guitars - staff extremely helpful and knowledgeable.

Mike Hayes, Southampton

20 January 2024  |  Andrew

First of all, it's a red guitar cable. Second, it's supremely sturdy and I've suffered nothing in tone or responsiveness. Sir Brian May will only affix his name/endorsement to quality equipment, so this purchase is as safe as can be.

14 January 2024  |  Paula

The hard case is strong, durable, beautiful and perfectly made. Itís even vegan, no animal products, of course and the interior is top quality plush lining. Ordering was easy and I received updates as the shipping process went along. It was shipped with care, in a durable box. Thank you.

19 December 2023  |  James

I'm intentionally avoiding classic Queen tones; I am able to discover new sounds & tones I've not had before. The play on the neck reminds me of my old 2005 Les Paul (which I no longer have). So comfortable for chords & to riff on.

I've wanted a BMG lefty for years! I am so happy with it and how it sounds playing my punk rock songs.

17 November 2023  |  Markus

I want to say thank you for all the support and help regarding my order for the Super.

The guitar arrived well and the only thing I can say is "WOWď, what a beauty and what a finish. Best of all is the neck. I knew that this would be a chunky one but this one is outstanding of every neck I played before. I am lucky to have longer fingers than others LOL

It sounds great and a dream comes true. And, yes, I had some tears in my eyes as I opened the case and saw her for the first time in real. Of course I took my "History of the Red Special" book to compare some details and it's so amazing to hold it in my hands.

My Queen history is back from the early '80s, but I never saw Fred live. I had the chance in 1986, but my parents didn't allow me to go for it. So the very first Queen gig I saw was in 2015 with Adam. I don't know what was the most I did - crying or singing - but I will never forget.

And now I have my own real Red Special.

Again, thanks to all of you and, if possible, a big hug and greets to Brian when you see him.

12 November 2023  |  Johannes

I ordered the BMG Super a couple of years ago, and then almost forgot about it. So now I received it.

An outstanding instrument. Very well built and as close to the original, as you may expect.

The neck is glued in and the fretboard is ebony, which I would prefer anyway. Bridge and tremolo however are an upgrade to the first run of the BMG Super and, as I understand it, correct to the original. The thick neck is a pleasure to play.

Together with the small VOX MV50 Nutube Brian May amp the guitar is incredible fun to play. It has a dry rhythm and singing lead tone that no other guitar has.

I am very happy, I am a lucky owner of a guitar of its own class.

17 October 2023  |  James

Iíll start by saying that everyone at BMG area joy to deal with. Great communications from Dave leading up to the productís release, fast delivery, and the guitar was setup beautifully. Gig ready!

Unboxing was great fun - what a finish! It really does sparkle, and everyone who has seen it has commented on how beautiful it looks.

This guitar sounds exactly as it should. Sparkly cleans, creamy drive sounds. Just add a treble booster and 3 AC30s (or any digital model of an AC30 - I use the Helix for live use these days).

In the couple of weeks Iíve had the guitar itís been onstage with me for three shows with my tribute, Donít Stop Queen Now. So far it has been used for Fat Bottomed Girls and Youíre My Best Friend, and later this year it will also be used for Thank God Itís Christmas. If youíre reading this review youíll doubtless be familiar with how different the guitar sounds are across these songs, so that in itself is testament to the broad range of tones available from this one guitar.

I love this guitar and would definitely recommend for anyone wanting to stand out aurally and visually, onstage or at home!

12 October 2023  |  Peter

Very pleasantly surprised at the BMG Special. I knew it would be good but itís much better than I had anticipated. High quality, nails the key Brian May tones and is great value. I ordered it as Iím going to be playing in a local production of the Queen musical ďWe will rock youĒ in 2024.
It arrived in Sydney, Australia a week later which is very impressive!! Iíd read all the online reviews and watched many of the You Tube clips of the BMG Special. Everything worked perfectly straight out the box. Easy to quickly get used to the pick-up system (I expect I will be playing 90% of the time on the Bridge/ Middle p/u in-phase positions).
Only change I made was to put on higher gauge 10-46 strings and re-balance the tremelo arm as I prefer a higher gauge string on all my guitars.
Combined with the KAT Brian May Treble Booster and a VOX AC 30 or AC15 amp it sounds awesome ! Very pleased with the purchase and fast service 😀👍

01 September 2023  |  Ronald

I just received my new left-handed BMG Special! As a US customer who used to own a Burns model, this new one feels lighter, more balanced, and the neck is very user-friendly. The sound is exactly what I expected. Switches and knobs are all functional and smooth, and the guitar is just so darned beautiful! Dr. May and the manufacturer have me a raving fan.

As for the Brian May Guitars store, Dave Good provided exceptional customer service. His responses to my emails were prompt and helpful. I placed the order at 6:30pm EDT on 28 August. The shipment was dispatched first thing on 29 August, across the Atlantice Ocean it went, and today, August 31 at 3:40pm, the new guitar arrived at my front door. That's less than 3 days on an international order! And Dave kept me apprised of the order the entire way.

I am so impressed with the guitar and the service. Brian May Guitars is the BEST!!

08 July 2023  |  JŲrg

It took me nearly 3 years to wait until I had my "Super", due to lockdown and other circumstances. Now, at the day before my 60th birthday, I received it. The time until then I have found Dave Good (nomen est omen) the most helpful person, keeping in touch, always answering requests in a nice and cheerful manner. This kind of customer support isn`t standard these days! Even though it was not sure if she will be ever delivered... it had now come true.

The guitar itself is a masterpiece (I use to built my own guitars)... the neck a bit narrower than a Les Paul, but the shape of the neck I would describe a bit more than a full C-Shape. Everything at this guitar says "quality first". The finish is absolutely top! The bindings are made perfectly, the headstock, the tuners, the layout of the picks, bridge... everything is in a straight line.

The sound is something "unusual" and will definately take a while to reach a point where you will sound a bit "May-alike". To catch up her true colours it is best to try her out at a clean amp. No effects... so you can say which switch-selection gives the basis. Then you can go for the sound we all love.

The hardcase is also a very fine sample of craftmanship, including the certificate of origin, a rag, cushion, tools, sticker, manual, keys.

All in all: The excellence of Sir Brian Mays music found its way in this guitar, the customer service, and therefore the three years of waiting was definitely worth it.

Thank you from Germany.

26 June 2023  |  Michal

I was surprised by the size of the guitar body. But super. The guitar is very close in shape and size to an electric guitar and that was the real reason for the purchase. Another big surprise is the playable 24 fret neck on an acoustic guitar. The guitar's full sound is owed to the .012 strings. However, that's too much for playing solos in higher pitches. The variation of sound settings (pickup/microphone) is also perfect. The guitar arrived quickly and ready to play (9V battery included, gig bag). Overall great satisfaction.

25 June 2023  |  Robert

I absolutely LOVE my new Rhapsody! From the wonderful sound that it projects to the beautiful wood tones, it's really a unique instrument. I couldn't be happier. I'm a big fan of Brian May; I already have a Red Special, which I also LOVE!

By the way, your team deserves an award for speediness of delivery. I think it only took 3 days from the submission of my order to the arrival at my door front (UK to L.A., not too shabby!). Thanks, guys!

22 June 2023  |  Sue

Iím so pleased with the quality of the BMG scarf. The fabric is soft and well made. The scarf has generous length and width and the print is clear and vibrant. Very happy with the purchase and delivery to New York was quicker than I anticipated.

Canít wait to wear it when I see Queen + Adam Lambert in concert in October!

09 June 2023  |  Mateo

I've recently bought the BMG Special and it has immediately become my favorite guitar. I had been waiting for it for many years and finally having it feels awesome. The guitar literally wants to be played, it is extremely comfortable to play and it sounds amazing. The pairing of a BMG Special, sixpence and AmpliTube is probably the best you could ever ask for as a Brian May fan. I absolutely recommend this beauty to all Queen fans and just people who want a very versatile guitar.

01 June 2023  |  Robert

After waiting 4 years I received the guitar. When I opened it it was just beautiful. I have been learning to play for a couple of years but the BMG Super is so light and so easy to play.

The payment process was extremely easy. I received an email sayer the guitar was ready so I paid through the link and it arrived a couple of days later.

I have purchased various items including a Special and each time the process from ordering to receiving the items was so easy and timely.

18 May 2023  |  Russell

This is an excellent pedal, complimenting my board nicely. You canít get the tones of a master without using the same tools they used.

12 May 2023  |  Jodi

A great sounding device... has lots of tones and effects that help to obtain that Red Special sound. I am super pleased with this and I have to thank BMG for once again being efficient and infallible in their service!

12 May 2023  |  Shizuko

Easy to use. even for guitar beginners, and really fun to make Brian's sound!

11 May 2023  |  Craig

Super little head and speaker. The service was brilliant after my original order got lost. The staff were superb and organised a replacement straight away - Fantastic service.

08 May 2023  |  Scott

I have many exceptionally valuable guitars and am presently on the waiting list for a Super. I knew this guitar would be good, though I am shocked with how good it is.

It showed up fast, was in tune, and has stayed that way. I have this guitar paired with the new Vox MV50-BM and it is out of this world. The tone is Queen city, but not limited to that at all. I thought it would be something cool to hold me over until I got the Super, but in truth it is the guitar I reach for every time above all others I own.

Its quality, fit and finish are beyond great. It is my favorite guitar and I have been playing for 40+ years now. Thank you so much for this work of art. It is everything a fan like me could ever wish for.

27 March 2023  |  Tapanon

Such a lovely guitar and has a great sound. It's fun to play.

26 March 2023  |  David

Great strings, also completes the look of my home built red special. Thanks.

03 March 2023  |  Steven

Another great product from BMG.

From the moment you order your own, to when it's in your hands, you are kept informed at all times. The Flash guitar strap is of great quality and it's a very complimentary addition to my daughter's signed Red Special.

28 February 2023  |  Larry

Thanks for the prompt delivery. Case looks great. I'm buying-in incrementally. I hope to put it to use in summer 2023 as I'm saving to purchase a BMG Special.

Shipping costs make it a bit of a reach given inflation all-around.

Everything about dealing with BMG feels great to me as a customer. I appreciate your focus on customer service - seems to be a lost art these days.

28 February 2023  |  Paul

This has been a life long dream to own a guitar like Brian May.

I cannot speak highly enough of the guitar.

The delivery was quick and well packaged. Looking forward to purchasing another one in the near future.

27 February 2023  |  Jules

Obviously it has an iconic look, but the playability on this machine is amazing. Iíve owned a lot of guitars but this Red Special easily outplays a Gibson Les Paul, SG or even a Tele or Strat. I am amazed at how great this is. This is in my top 3 guitars, no doubt. (Itís on top of it

13 February 2023  |  Karine

What an amazing gem!

So excited to hold this beautiful BMG Special in my hands.

The whole purchasing and delivery process was just impeccable. With regular updates on preparing, delivery, shipping and arrival, I was able to follow the whole journey of my BMG Special. She arrived nicely packed and very well protected to travel safely to her new home. Thank you for all the time and care you gave to this Bijou.

And now, let's make some "noise"!

10 February 2023  |  Thomas

Had my signed BMG special for 2 weeks now and I absolutely love it. It feels great, sounds amazing, and obviously it looks very cool.

Absolutely over the moon with my guitar and thank you so much Sir Brian May for signing it!

10 February 2023  |  Philip

I've been a fan of Brian's since I saw Queen in Waterbury, CT in 1975. So, after all these years, I finally decided to purchase one of his guitars and I am glad I did!

Dave in sales and marketing responded to my emails quickly, answering all my questions and concerns.

The guitar is a blast to play, great setup, came with 9's, which I prefer. Switch pickup selection is easy to navigate (I set up a strat style with 3 toggles, so familiar) and I am finding unique tones with the phase switching. I am not looking for Brian's sound, just enjoying the guitar for what I play. The shorter scale allows for a very soft feel which is nice. Light touch, slick fret board. I thought playing beyond the twelfth fret migtht be tight, but not a problem. Stays in tune, whammy bar is nice and has a nice subtle touch (I don't dive bomb). No buzz outs on the fret board and I like a low action. Intonation spot on, gig bag is heavy duty and black guitar strap is very cool.

I will admit I was surprised it was not double boxed when it arrived but it was well packaged and in the gig bag well wrapped. Thanks guys!

08 February 2023  |  David

The BMG Special is a bit different than the original Red Special (or BMG Super), but it still has its essence. In my opinion, it's a version of Dr May's guitar with a more modern approach to today's components.

Aesthetically it is the most beautiful guitar of all. It has a sound that is so versatile, unique and characteristic that it is impossible not to love it.

It maintains the tuning super well. In addition, the guitar having a semi-hollow body, it is much lighter than it seems at first glance.

I am lucky to have a BMG Special signed by Dr May.

Thanks to Dr May and his entire team for the incredible work you do!

05 February 2023  |  Stefan

This guitar is just fantastic. I once owned a Fender but never really got into guitar playing, but this guitar just wants you to play. It feels excellent in the hand, and the strings are nice and bendable, but stay very much in tune.

The sound it produces is lovely and, especially when using the AmpliTube Brian May, it sounds very much like the man himself.

The joy factor of this beauty is very high. So if you can afford it, you won't regret it.

02 February 2023  |  Martin

Ordering was easy, transport to Germany and customs clearance without any problems.

The high quality belt is nice and soft and has a comfortable width. It was a must for The BMG Special in Antique Cherry.

I would buy it again.

02 February 2023  |  Martin

Ordering was easy, transport to Germany and customs clearance without any problems.

I hadn't personally seen or held the guitar in my hand and I like it. I'm a beginner so can't say much.

I would buy them again.

02 February 2023  |  Travis

Thank you for the great guitar.

The guitar came set up perfect out of the box. It was even in tune!!

I have bought over 100 guitars in my playing journey and this is the best experience this far.

I canít recommend your company enough.

For this price, the value is incredible.

31 January 2023  |  Karl

Well, what can I say? I am so ecstatic, delighted, and really beyond words.

Dave, you are a legend. My BMG Special has its own place in my massive collection of Queen and Brian May memorabilia... I'm currently looking for a specialist to preserve this wonderful signature that the good Dr has taken the time out to sign. Dave, may I say a fantastic credit to you and your company for my very high quality guitar.

I now have more accessories to purchase from your brilliant company.

Very, very highly recommended if there are other people out there who would like to buy these guitars.

Many thanks again

24 January 2023  |  Anna

I'm just a beginner guitarist but have significant experience with other instruments. The BMG Rhapsody is a pleasure to play and wonderful to hear. It has rich tones and looks beautiful. It motivates me to practice.

10 January 2023  |  Jonathan

Guitar is well built, short scale with 24 frets is great as I have a hand injury and it has become difficult for me to stretch to 5 frets. I love the out of phase sounds possible.

09 January 2023  |  Philip

If you are dreaming of a Red Special (or other colour), let me tell you this... I cannot thank the guys at BMG and Sir Brian May enough for this stunning signed instrument I have before me - and for their amazingly personal service!

From the moment I enquired about it until the day it landed in NZ (yes, the opposite side of the planet), they kept me fully informed and up-to-date on the process. And then, the cherry on the top... Sir Brian signed it 2023, I guess knowing it wouldnít arrive until after the new year among other things. How thoughtful was that!

Sir Brian and (Gill/Dave at BMG), I realise the mammoth effort you have all gone to with this promotion and hope you know just how much these amazing instruments inspire everyone who owns one. 'Over doing the job' to use the phrase - but in the best possible way!

So thanks again to you for this beautiful instrument that my family and I will cherish hugely - and to anyone still dreaming, I recommend going for it, it's totally worth it!

Best wishes from Auckland, New Zealand

05 January 2023  |  Rachel

This hoodie is lovely quality and a very happy 13yr old Queen and Brian May fan was delighted at Christmas.

Efficient service and good communications re. order. Thanks!

31 December 2022  |  Kelly

My husband is blown away by the quality of the guitar and that, although there was a long journey to the west coast of the USA, it was still in tune right out of the box. Thanks for making such a high quality product that my guitarist loves!

15 December 2022  |  Guido

The BMG Treble Booster is an extraordinary sound enhancer. I didn't expect this amount of sound improvement. Only disadvantage is that it needs to be placed as first pedal in the pedla chain... even right before a wireless transmitter unit, which then you would have to carry around with you. But 5 stars for the sound.

11 December 2022  |  Richard

The quality of the product is obviously very good. Bought it as a present for a huge Queen fan and he appreciated it very much. I would definitely recommend the product and this shop.

01 December 2022  |  Bill

Hello to all at House Music and BMG, I have been playing guitar for over 40 years and, as you might imagine, I've owned many guitars of all makes and models but none of them even come close to the Red Special. This is the most awesome sounding, player friendly guitar ever built. I play mine through a Vox 15R, mated to a Vox extension cabinet with twin vintage Celestion Greenback 12's and I'm still awed by the sounds and tones I get from this guitar.

My experience with House Music was most pleasant. Dave Good made my purchase really easy, as this was the first time buying anything from anyone overseas especially my cousins from across the pond, if you will. I'm planning to purchase the Red Special bass so I can have a set.

Again an incredible guitar, thanks again, Dave, and to Dr. Brian May for all the wonderful music you gave to the world. I saw Queen five times at the Los Angeles Forum in the '70s. Thanks again, everyone

25 November 2022  |  Trevor

I waited and waited and waited, then suddenly it's here a beautiful cherry red 6 string guitar, signed and looks the bizz. Complete with padded bag emblazoned with Brian May Guitars - Pricey NO... quality and excellence you pay for, but I believe this is reasonable for a genuine signed guitar from a god of rock.

19 November 2022  |  Derek

What a beautiful guitar. Lovely smooth and low action, making it very easy to play. The finish is perfect, not a blemish or dull patch in the lacquer anywhere. Really enjoy playing it, and so glad I made the choice to buy this incredible instrument.

09 November 2022  |  Roderic

Although neither is red! I got a sunburst about a year or so ago, and put myself on the list for the Tangerine Dream. What a beautiful axe. The switching is as clean as you can imagine, but that finish - dang! - what a unique color. A true one of a kind.

06 November 2022  |  Shadejah

I have been an avid music lover and was excited to recently go back to playing guitar. So happy with this purchase. Quality in sound and craftsmanship is top tier! Absolutely am in love with this guitar!

29 October 2022  |  Aragorn

This is a very good guitar, not only because it's Brian May's guitar, but the guitar itself has a very good tone and it also has several different pickup selections to choose from! The neck is very comfortable to play on, it stays in tune fairly consistently, comes with an optional whammy bar, and with 24 frets it is extremely versatile for playing all genres of music! This guitar is an essential for any Queen fan, and an absolute must for playing Brian May licks and solos!

26 October 2022  |  Sunny

Crazy beautiful and top quality instrument with endless possibilities. I'm honored to now be the proud owner of a Black'n'Gold.

Thanks to Dave and all at BMG!

26 October 2022  |  Amanda

I received this incredible red Special in the mail for a one off prototype project Iíve been dreaming up since the Covid lock down of 2020, with the idea originally inspired by listening to Rory Gallagherís Moonchild. What I didnít expect when I got my red Special was not only how impressed I was from how incredible it sounded and its set up, but how comfortable I felt playing it, even over my first guitar, a Stratocaster. This guitar has every tone and sound that Iíve ever wanted a guitar to do / make.

This is the ultimate guitar.

The pickups and resonance cannot be matched by any other guitar on the market, and Iíve been playing for 20 years and have played some masterbuilt guitars in my life. Brian Mayís design of the Red Special is truly superior. I fall in love with it more and more everyday. Iíd easily put this guitar up there with my 1965 Epiphone Olympic Double, a guitar that transports me to the cosmos (if you know what I mean). This red Special is truly an incredible guitar.

Brian May Guitars has truly built a fine instrument

26 October 2022  |  Darren

I was really blown away by the sound and feel of the guitar. After shipping quickly to me in the US, it sounded and felt great right out of the box. Didn't need to adjust a thing. The shorter scale combined with the 24 frets give this guitar a unique feel. The pickups sound great, and the toggle system provides a huge variety of tonal options. This is, perhaps, my new favorite guitar, with competition from guitars at nearly triple the price...

23 October 2022  |  Matlemad

I'm not giving it 5 stars, because 5 stars would go to the guitar you built - or tailored - yourself... and occupies a special place in your ears and heart.

Still, after owning two BMs from different eras and crafts (industrial and luthier) - and RS-izing myself other old guitars - I must say THIS instrument speaks to the heart. You'll be drawn to play B's riffs all the time, sure... but hey, that's cool. Explore this instrument in other ways and you'll be surprised what you can achieve creatively. The thinner neck and the other features that make this guitar different from the "Old Lady" are fundamental to achieve that freedom with such an iconic instrument.

20 October 2022  |  Thomas

I received my BMG SUPER at the end of July this year. I can now give you a feedback on this magnificent guitar.

Exceptional build quality ó Before even playing with it, we spend some time looking at it because it is really beautiful. The grip may seem surprising at first because the neck is rather big, but you get used to it very quickly and then it's only happiness.

In terms of sound then there is great as it is versatile and then the potentiometers are really very precise.

And then a big thank you to Dave and the entire team for their kindness and professionalism, especially their patience due to several errors made by my bank at the time of payment. Kisses

09 October 2022  |  Timothy

I have waited several years to get this guitar, due to health issues causing me to retire from performing, and justifying the money when I already have 11 others... LOL.

I have to say that I have played a multitude of guitars over my 40 plus years of playing and nothing, and I do mean nothing, has even come close to the experience of playing this guitar... Thank you for an amazing quality product that does exactly what it says it will.

Anyway, just wanted you to know how happy I am to be a member of the "Special club", and what an amazazing experience it is to own this beautiful instrument. Like I said, I was on the fence for years, so a bit of advice... ORDER YOURS NOW... YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY.

The different tones and mixes of sound are uncanny, and the smooth playability of this guitar will have you in love immediately.

07 October 2022  |  Martin

I'm in an '80s band and I play a Red Special. I saw the Flash guitar strap and thought it would be very cool and different.

It's great quality, holds a couple of spare picks and adjusts in a cool way.

I love it and would recommend it.

07 October 2022  |  Libor

Absolutely excellent guitar, very fast delivery to the Czech Republic (5 days). I fell in love with it immediately. Now itís my main guitar in my band.

Thank you so much for this masterpiece!!

05 October 2022  |  Chloe

Iíve been wanting a Red Special for four years at least so finally owning one is a dream come true. It sounds amazing and looks amazing and itís so so shiny and gorgeous, I looooove this guitar!

29 September 2022  |  David

Great service, very prompt. Excellent quality parts, recommended.

26 September 2022  |  Neal

The guitar is exactly what I was expecting. Plays like a dream and has a tone all its own. Fit and finish are top notch. Some say it is a one trick pony but I beg to differ. It has more tonal variations then any other guitar I own and I have some fairly flexible guitars. I did install an Trem-Endus so the Wilkinson trem goes right back in tune after use. Not a single regret. If you're thinking about it you won't be disappointed.

22 September 2022  |  Justin

I have been eyeing the LE Natural wood design for some time to go with my Cherry Red. It is one of the most beautiful guitars I have ever seen, sounds amazing and feels right while playing.

22 September 2022  |  Juan

Greetings from Spain. Since I'm not being asked about the signed guitar I received in August, I'll comment from here.

I want to thank the entire team responsible for management.

They have spread a little happiness around the world. They can be proud to be part of the "Queen family" in general and the "May family" in particular. Thank you very much to all.

21 September 2022  |  Jenna

A great pedal for my first that's small, very well built, is easy to use, and it gives a great sound, so super excited to start learning some of Brian's great pieces.

21 September 2022  |  Robin

Notwithstanding the quality and function of the items (excellent), the sales and service from BM Guitars has been second to none, to be honest. International delivery (at no more than normal costs) to Switzerland was both quicker than expected, and completely trouble free (customs can be interesting here).

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending BM Guitars and House Music for anyone wishing to buy high quality items with superb service. Thank you.

21 September 2022  |  Carlos

It came to me less than a week after I made the purchase, I've had enough time to try it and it's just perfect. Very versatile, you can play any style you want (and all the Queen songs, of course). I'm very happy with these purchase. I'm very happy I have my favorite guitar right now, thanks!

12 September 2022  |  Corey

Everything flowed very smoothly for delivery, and the guitar looked immaculate.

Thanks very much for the care and attention.

10 August 2022  |  Antonio

Very happy with this purchase, it's just what I was hoping for. Good build quality and materials, and a spectacular variety of tones thanks to the independent- on all three pickups - on/off and phase switching buttons. I've always wondered how to reproduce the varied tonality of Brian May's work, and this is it. I was surprised at the nice resonance and sustain of this guitar, I guess this is due to the body being partially hollow. Truly awesome.

05 August 2022  |  Steven

Amazing looking guitar. Sounds awesome and an excellent feel and weight when holding and playing. The artwork on it is amazing and the main reason got the purchase and couldn't wait to get it.

I think it will be more of a display piece but will, and must, be played occasionally also. Slightly annoying is the scratch plate plastic seal is still on the guitar and you have to carefully loosen the screws and knobs in order to get it all off in one piece or you will have tiny pieces still stuck to the guitar. Otherwise, perfect, thank you.