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Here is just a selection of the praise lavished upon Brian May Guitars and our fantastic range of instruments and accessories by satisfied customers around the world.

A dream comes true
17 November 2023  |  Markus

I want to say thank you for all the support and help regarding my order for the Super.

The guitar arrived well and the only thing I can say is "WOWď, what a beauty and what a finish. Best of all is the neck. I knew that this would be a chunky one but this one is outstanding of every neck I played before. I am lucky to have longer fingers than others LOL

It sounds great and a dream comes true. And, yes, I had some tears in my eyes as I opened the case and saw her for the first time in real. Of course I took my "History of the Red Special" book to compare some details and it's so amazing to hold it in my hands.

My Queen history is back from the early '80s, but I never saw Fred live. I had the chance in 1986, but my parents didn't allow me to go for it. So the very first Queen gig I saw was in 2015 with Adam. I don't know what was the most I did - crying or singing - but I will never forget.

And now I have my own real Red Special.

Again, thanks to all of you and, if possible, a big hug and greets to Brian when you see him.

Outstanding Instrument
12 November 2023  |  Johannes

I ordered the BMG Super a couple of years ago, and then almost forgot about it. So now I received it.

An outstanding instrument. Very well built and as close to the original, as you may expect.

The neck is glued in and the fretboard is ebony, which I would prefer anyway. Bridge and tremolo however are an upgrade to the first run of the BMG Super and, as I understand it, correct to the original. The thick neck is a pleasure to play.

Together with the small VOX MV50 Nutube Brian May amp the guitar is incredible fun to play. It has a dry rhythm and singing lead tone that no other guitar has.

I am very happy, I am a lucky owner of a guitar of its own class.

BMG Special guitar - good quality, fast delivery and awesome, classic sound !
12 October 2023  |  Peter

Very pleasantly surprised at the BMG Special. I knew it would be good but itís much better than I had anticipated. High quality, nails the key Brian May tones and is great value. I ordered it as Iím going to be playing in a local production of the Queen musical ďWe will rock youĒ in 2024.
It arrived in Sydney, Australia a week later which is very impressive!! Iíd read all the online reviews and watched many of the You Tube clips of the BMG Special. Everything worked perfectly straight out the box. Easy to quickly get used to the pick-up system (I expect I will be playing 90% of the time on the Bridge/ Middle p/u in-phase positions).
Only change I made was to put on higher gauge 10-46 strings and re-balance the tremelo arm as I prefer a higher gauge string on all my guitars.
Combined with the KAT Brian May Treble Booster and a VOX AC 30 or AC15 amp it sounds awesome ! Very pleased with the purchase and fast service 😀👍

Fantastic guitar!
01 September 2023  |  Ronald

I just received my new left-handed BMG Special! As a US customer who used to own a Burns model, this new one feels lighter, more balanced, and the neck is very user-friendly. The sound is exactly what I expected. Switches and knobs are all functional and smooth, and the guitar is just so darned beautiful! Dr. May and the manufacturer have me a raving fan.

As for the Brian May Guitars store, Dave Good provided exceptional customer service. His responses to my emails were prompt and helpful. I placed the order at 6:30pm EDT on 28 August. The shipment was dispatched first thing on 29 August, across the Atlantice Ocean it went, and today, August 31 at 3:40pm, the new guitar arrived at my front door. That's less than 3 days on an international order! And Dave kept me apprised of the order the entire way.

I am so impressed with the guitar and the service. Brian May Guitars is the BEST!!

A sample of excellence!
08 July 2023  |  JŲrg

It took me nearly 3 years to wait until I had my "Super", due to lockdown and other circumstances. Now, at the day before my 60th birthday, I received it. The time until then I have found Dave Good (nomen est omen) the most helpful person, keeping in touch, always answering requests in a nice and cheerful manner. This kind of customer support isn`t standard these days! Even though it was not sure if she will be ever delivered... it had now come true.

The guitar itself is a masterpiece (I use to built my own guitars)... the neck a bit narrower than a Les Paul, but the shape of the neck I would describe a bit more than a full C-Shape. Everything at this guitar says "quality first". The finish is absolutely top! The bindings are made perfectly, the headstock, the tuners, the layout of the picks, bridge... everything is in a straight line.

The sound is something "unusual" and will definately take a while to reach a point where you will sound a bit "May-alike". To catch up her true colours it is best to try her out at a clean amp. No effects... so you can say which switch-selection gives the basis. Then you can go for the sound we all love.

The hardcase is also a very fine sample of craftmanship, including the certificate of origin, a rag, cushion, tools, sticker, manual, keys.

All in all: The excellence of Sir Brian Mays music found its way in this guitar, the customer service, and therefore the three years of waiting was definitely worth it.

Thank you from Germany.

Lots of music from a small instrument
26 June 2023  |  Michal

I was surprised by the size of the guitar body. But super. The guitar is very close in shape and size to an electric guitar and that was the real reason for the purchase. Another big surprise is the playable 24 fret neck on an acoustic guitar. The guitar's full sound is owed to the .012 strings. However, that's too much for playing solos in higher pitches. The variation of sound settings (pickup/microphone) is also perfect. The guitar arrived quickly and ready to play (9V battery included, gig bag). Overall great satisfaction.

I couldn't be happier
25 June 2023  |  Robert

I absolutely LOVE my new Rhapsody! From the wonderful sound that it projects to the beautiful wood tones, it's really a unique instrument. I couldn't be happier. I'm a big fan of Brian May; I already have a Red Special, which I also LOVE!

By the way, your team deserves an award for speediness of delivery. I think it only took 3 days from the submission of my order to the arrival at my door front (UK to L.A., not too shabby!). Thanks, guys!

22 June 2023  |  Sue

Iím so pleased with the quality of the BMG scarf. The fabric is soft and well made. The scarf has generous length and width and the print is clear and vibrant. Very happy with the purchase and delivery to New York was quicker than I anticipated.

Canít wait to wear it when I see Queen + Adam Lambert in concert in October!

My lifelong dream
09 June 2023  |  Mateo

I've recently bought the BMG Special and it has immediately become my favorite guitar. I had been waiting for it for many years and finally having it feels awesome. The guitar literally wants to be played, it is extremely comfortable to play and it sounds amazing. The pairing of a BMG Special, sixpence and AmpliTube is probably the best you could ever ask for as a Brian May fan. I absolutely recommend this beauty to all Queen fans and just people who want a very versatile guitar.

Just beautiful
01 June 2023  |  Robert

After waiting 4 years I received the guitar. When I opened it it was just beautiful. I have been learning to play for a couple of years but the BMG Super is so light and so easy to play.

The payment process was extremely easy. I received an email sayer the guitar was ready so I paid through the link and it arrived a couple of days later.

I have purchased various items including a Special and each time the process from ordering to receiving the items was so easy and timely.

18 May 2023  |  Russell

This is an excellent pedal, complimenting my board nicely. You canít get the tones of a master without using the same tools they used.

A great sounding device, and great service!
12 May 2023  |  Jodi

A great sounding device... has lots of tones and effects that help to obtain that Red Special sound. I am super pleased with this and I have to thank BMG for once again being efficient and infallible in their service!

12 May 2023  |  Shizuko

Easy to use. even for guitar beginners, and really fun to make Brian's sound!

Fantastic service
11 May 2023  |  Craig

Super little head and speaker. The service was brilliant after my original order got lost. The staff were superb and organised a replacement straight away - Fantastic service.

08 May 2023  |  Scott

I have many exceptionally valuable guitars and am presently on the waiting list for a Super. I knew this guitar would be good, though I am shocked with how good it is.

It showed up fast, was in tune, and has stayed that way. I have this guitar paired with the new Vox MV50-BM and it is out of this world. The tone is Queen city, but not limited to that at all. I thought it would be something cool to hold me over until I got the Super, but in truth it is the guitar I reach for every time above all others I own.

Its quality, fit and finish are beyond great. It is my favorite guitar and I have been playing for 40+ years now. Thank you so much for this work of art. It is everything a fan like me could ever wish for.

Lovely guitar
27 March 2023  |  Tapanon

Such a lovely guitar and has a great sound. It's fun to play.

Great strings
26 March 2023  |  David

Great strings, also completes the look of my home built red special. Thanks.

I want it all!
03 March 2023  |  Steven

Another great product from BMG.

From the moment you order your own, to when it's in your hands, you are kept informed at all times. The Flash guitar strap is of great quality and it's a very complimentary addition to my daughter's signed Red Special.

Seems great
28 February 2023  |  Larry

Thanks for the prompt delivery. Case looks great. I'm buying-in incrementally. I hope to put it to use in summer 2023 as I'm saving to purchase a BMG Special.

Shipping costs make it a bit of a reach given inflation all-around.

Everything about dealing with BMG feels great to me as a customer. I appreciate your focus on customer service - seems to be a lost art these days.

28 February 2023  |  Paul

This has been a life long dream to own a guitar like Brian May.

I cannot speak highly enough of the guitar.

The delivery was quick and well packaged. Looking forward to purchasing another one in the near future.

AMAZING guitar
27 February 2023  |  Jules

Obviously it has an iconic look, but the playability on this machine is amazing. Iíve owned a lot of guitars but this Red Special easily outplays a Gibson Les Paul, SG or even a Tele or Strat. I am amazed at how great this is. This is in my top 3 guitars, no doubt. (Itís on top of it

Thank you, Brian May Guitars!
13 February 2023  |  Karine

What an amazing gem!

So excited to hold this beautiful BMG Special in my hands.

The whole purchasing and delivery process was just impeccable. With regular updates on preparing, delivery, shipping and arrival, I was able to follow the whole journey of my BMG Special. She arrived nicely packed and very well protected to travel safely to her new home. Thank you for all the time and care you gave to this Bijou.

And now, let's make some "noise"!

Love it
10 February 2023  |  Thomas

Had my signed BMG special for 2 weeks now and I absolutely love it. It feels great, sounds amazing, and obviously it looks very cool.

Absolutely over the moon with my guitar and thank you so much Sir Brian May for signing it!

Enjoying my BMG Special
10 February 2023  |  Philip

I've been a fan of Brian's since I saw Queen in Waterbury, CT in 1975. So, after all these years, I finally decided to purchase one of his guitars and I am glad I did!

Dave in sales and marketing responded to my emails quickly, answering all my questions and concerns.

The guitar is a blast to play, great setup, came with 9's, which I prefer. Switch pickup selection is easy to navigate (I set up a strat style with 3 toggles, so familiar) and I am finding unique tones with the phase switching. I am not looking for Brian's sound, just enjoying the guitar for what I play. The shorter scale allows for a very soft feel which is nice. Light touch, slick fret board. I thought playing beyond the twelfth fret migtht be tight, but not a problem. Stays in tune, whammy bar is nice and has a nice subtle touch (I don't dive bomb). No buzz outs on the fret board and I like a low action. Intonation spot on, gig bag is heavy duty and black guitar strap is very cool.

I will admit I was surprised it was not double boxed when it arrived but it was well packaged and in the gig bag well wrapped. Thanks guys!

Possibly the best guitar ever designed
08 February 2023  |  David

The BMG Special is a bit different than the original Red Special (or BMG Super), but it still has its essence. In my opinion, it's a version of Dr May's guitar with a more modern approach to today's components.

Aesthetically it is the most beautiful guitar of all. It has a sound that is so versatile, unique and characteristic that it is impossible not to love it.

It maintains the tuning super well. In addition, the guitar having a semi-hollow body, it is much lighter than it seems at first glance.

I am lucky to have a BMG Special signed by Dr May.

Thanks to Dr May and his entire team for the incredible work you do!

05 February 2023  |  Stefan

This guitar is just fantastic. I once owned a Fender but never really got into guitar playing, but this guitar just wants you to play. It feels excellent in the hand, and the strings are nice and bendable, but stay very much in tune.

The sound it produces is lovely and, especially when using the AmpliTube Brian May, it sounds very much like the man himself.

The joy factor of this beauty is very high. So if you can afford it, you won't regret it.

A must for the BMG Special
02 February 2023  |  Martin

Ordering was easy, transport to Germany and customs clearance without any problems.

The high quality belt is nice and soft and has a comfortable width. It was a must for The BMG Special in Antique Cherry.

I would buy it again.

Ordering was easy
02 February 2023  |  Martin

Ordering was easy, transport to Germany and customs clearance without any problems.

I hadn't personally seen or held the guitar in my hand and I like it. I'm a beginner so can't say much.

I would buy them again.

Perfect set-up, incredible value
02 February 2023  |  Travis

Thank you for the great guitar.

The guitar came set up perfect out of the box. It was even in tune!!

I have bought over 100 guitars in my playing journey and this is the best experience this far.

I canít recommend your company enough.

For this price, the value is incredible.

Thank you Dave and Sir Brian
31 January 2023  |  Karl

Well, what can I say? I am so ecstatic, delighted, and really beyond words.

Dave, you are a legend. My BMG Special has its own place in my massive collection of Queen and Brian May memorabilia... I'm currently looking for a specialist to preserve this wonderful signature that the good Dr has taken the time out to sign. Dave, may I say a fantastic credit to you and your company for my very high quality guitar.

I now have more accessories to purchase from your brilliant company.

Very, very highly recommended if there are other people out there who would like to buy these guitars.

Many thanks again

Beautiful instrument
24 January 2023  |  Anna

I'm just a beginner guitarist but have significant experience with other instruments. The BMG Rhapsody is a pleasure to play and wonderful to hear. It has rich tones and looks beautiful. It motivates me to practice.

Nice guitar
10 January 2023  |  Jonathan

Guitar is well built, short scale with 24 frets is great as I have a hand injury and it has become difficult for me to stretch to 5 frets. I love the out of phase sounds possible.

Truly remarkable - and not just the guitar!
09 January 2023  |  Philip

If you are dreaming of a Red Special (or other colour), let me tell you this... I cannot thank the guys at BMG and Sir Brian May enough for this stunning signed instrument I have before me - and for their amazingly personal service!

From the moment I enquired about it until the day it landed in NZ (yes, the opposite side of the planet), they kept me fully informed and up-to-date on the process. And then, the cherry on the top... Sir Brian signed it 2023, I guess knowing it wouldnít arrive until after the new year among other things. How thoughtful was that!

Sir Brian and (Gill/Dave at BMG), I realise the mammoth effort you have all gone to with this promotion and hope you know just how much these amazing instruments inspire everyone who owns one. 'Over doing the job' to use the phrase - but in the best possible way!

So thanks again to you for this beautiful instrument that my family and I will cherish hugely - and to anyone still dreaming, I recommend going for it, it's totally worth it!

Best wishes from Auckland, New Zealand

Excellent quality
05 January 2023  |  Rachel

This hoodie is lovely quality and a very happy 13yr old Queen and Brian May fan was delighted at Christmas.

Efficient service and good communications re. order. Thanks!

Still in tune
31 December 2022  |  Kelly

My husband is blown away by the quality of the guitar and that, although there was a long journey to the west coast of the USA, it was still in tune right out of the box. Thanks for making such a high quality product that my guitarist loves!

Extraordinary sound former
15 December 2022  |  Guido

The BMG Treble Booster is an extraordinary sound enhancer. I didn't expect this amount of sound improvement. Only disadvantage is that it needs to be placed as first pedal in the pedla chain... even right before a wireless transmitter unit, which then you would have to carry around with you. But 5 stars for the sound.

Great product
11 December 2022  |  Richard

The quality of the product is obviously very good. Bought it as a present for a huge Queen fan and he appreciated it very much. I would definitely recommend the product and this shop.

Awesome, player friendly guitar
01 December 2022  |  Bill

Hello to all at House Music and BMG, I have been playing guitar for over 40 years and, as you might imagine, I've owned many guitars of all makes and models but none of them even come close to the Red Special. This is the most awesome sounding, player friendly guitar ever built. I play mine through a Vox 15R, mated to a Vox extension cabinet with twin vintage Celestion Greenback 12's and I'm still awed by the sounds and tones I get from this guitar.

My experience with House Music was most pleasant. Dave Good made my purchase really easy, as this was the first time buying anything from anyone overseas especially my cousins from across the pond, if you will. I'm planning to purchase the Red Special bass so I can have a set.

Again an incredible guitar, thanks again, Dave, and to Dr. Brian May for all the wonderful music you gave to the world. I saw Queen five times at the Los Angeles Forum in the '70s. Thanks again, everyone

Excellent quality, looks brilliant
25 November 2022  |  Trevor

I waited and waited and waited, then suddenly it's here a beautiful cherry red 6 string guitar, signed and looks the bizz. Complete with padded bag emblazoned with Brian May Guitars - Pricey NO... quality and excellence you pay for, but I believe this is reasonable for a genuine signed guitar from a god of rock.

19 November 2022  |  Derek

What a beautiful guitar. Lovely smooth and low action, making it very easy to play. The finish is perfect, not a blemish or dull patch in the lacquer anywhere. Really enjoy playing it, and so glad I made the choice to buy this incredible instrument.

My 2nd Red Special! And worth the wait
09 November 2022  |  Roderic

Although neither is red! I got a sunburst about a year or so ago, and put myself on the list for the Tangerine Dream. What a beautiful axe. The switching is as clean as you can imagine, but that finish - dang! - what a unique color. A true one of a kind.

Dream come true!
06 November 2022  |  Shadejah

I have been an avid music lover and was excited to recently go back to playing guitar. So happy with this purchase. Quality in sound and craftsmanship is top tier! Absolutely am in love with this guitar!

29 October 2022  |  Aragorn

This is a very good guitar, not only because it's Brian May's guitar, but the guitar itself has a very good tone and it also has several different pickup selections to choose from! The neck is very comfortable to play on, it stays in tune fairly consistently, comes with an optional whammy bar, and with 24 frets it is extremely versatile for playing all genres of music! This guitar is an essential for any Queen fan, and an absolute must for playing Brian May licks and solos!

Crazy beautiful
26 October 2022  |  Sunny

Crazy beautiful and top quality instrument with endless possibilities. I'm honored to now be the proud owner of a Black'n'Gold.

Thanks to Dave and all at BMG!

One of the best guitar purchases of my life
26 October 2022  |  Amanda

I received this incredible red Special in the mail for a one off prototype project Iíve been dreaming up since the Covid lock down of 2020, with the idea originally inspired by listening to Rory Gallagherís Moonchild. What I didnít expect when I got my red Special was not only how impressed I was from how incredible it sounded and its set up, but how comfortable I felt playing it, even over my first guitar, a Stratocaster. This guitar has every tone and sound that Iíve ever wanted a guitar to do / make.

This is the ultimate guitar.

The pickups and resonance cannot be matched by any other guitar on the market, and Iíve been playing for 20 years and have played some masterbuilt guitars in my life. Brian Mayís design of the Red Special is truly superior. I fall in love with it more and more everyday. Iíd easily put this guitar up there with my 1965 Epiphone Olympic Double, a guitar that transports me to the cosmos (if you know what I mean). This red Special is truly an incredible guitar.

Brian May Guitars has truly built a fine instrument

Unique sound, delightful to play, great price!
26 October 2022  |  Darren

I was really blown away by the sound and feel of the guitar. After shipping quickly to me in the US, it sounded and felt great right out of the box. Didn't need to adjust a thing. The shorter scale combined with the 24 frets give this guitar a unique feel. The pickups sound great, and the toggle system provides a huge variety of tonal options. This is, perhaps, my new favorite guitar, with competition from guitars at nearly triple the price...

Speaks to the heart
23 October 2022  |  Matlemad

I'm not giving it 5 stars, because 5 stars would go to the guitar you built - or tailored - yourself... and occupies a special place in your ears and heart.

Still, after owning two BMs from different eras and crafts (industrial and luthier) - and RS-izing myself other old guitars - I must say THIS instrument speaks to the heart. You'll be drawn to play B's riffs all the time, sure... but hey, that's cool. Explore this instrument in other ways and you'll be surprised what you can achieve creatively. The thinner neck and the other features that make this guitar different from the "Old Lady" are fundamental to achieve that freedom with such an iconic instrument.

20 October 2022  |  Thomas

I received my BMG SUPER at the end of July this year. I can now give you a feedback on this magnificent guitar.

Exceptional build quality ó Before even playing with it, we spend some time looking at it because it is really beautiful. The grip may seem surprising at first because the neck is rather big, but you get used to it very quickly and then it's only happiness.

In terms of sound then there is great as it is versatile and then the potentiometers are really very precise.

And then a big thank you to Dave and the entire team for their kindness and professionalism, especially their patience due to several errors made by my bank at the time of payment. Kisses

Most amazing guitar I have ever owned in 40 years of playing
09 October 2022  |  Timothy

I have waited several years to get this guitar, due to health issues causing me to retire from performing, and justifying the money when I already have 11 others... LOL.

I have to say that I have played a multitude of guitars over my 40 plus years of playing and nothing, and I do mean nothing, has even come close to the experience of playing this guitar... Thank you for an amazing quality product that does exactly what it says it will.

Anyway, just wanted you to know how happy I am to be a member of the "Special club", and what an amazazing experience it is to own this beautiful instrument. Like I said, I was on the fence for years, so a bit of advice... ORDER YOURS NOW... YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY.

The different tones and mixes of sound are uncanny, and the smooth playability of this guitar will have you in love immediately.

FLASH... aaaahhhhhhh
07 October 2022  |  Martin

I'm in an '80s band and I play a Red Special. I saw the Flash guitar strap and thought it would be very cool and different.

It's great quality, holds a couple of spare picks and adjusts in a cool way.

I love it and would recommend it.

07 October 2022  |  Libor

Absolutely excellent guitar, very fast delivery to the Czech Republic (5 days). I fell in love with it immediately. Now itís my main guitar in my band.

Thank you so much for this masterpiece!!

Perfect guitar
05 October 2022  |  Chloe

Iíve been wanting a Red Special for four years at least so finally owning one is a dream come true. It sounds amazing and looks amazing and itís so so shiny and gorgeous, I looooove this guitar!

Great service
29 September 2022  |  David

Great service, very prompt. Excellent quality parts, recommended.

Exactly what I expected
26 September 2022  |  Neal

The guitar is exactly what I was expecting. Plays like a dream and has a tone all its own. Fit and finish are top notch. Some say it is a one trick pony but I beg to differ. It has more tonal variations then any other guitar I own and I have some fairly flexible guitars. I did install an Trem-Endus so the Wilkinson trem goes right back in tune after use. Not a single regret. If you're thinking about it you won't be disappointed.

22 September 2022  |  Justin

I have been eyeing the LE Natural wood design for some time to go with my Cherry Red. It is one of the most beautiful guitars I have ever seen, sounds amazing and feels right while playing.

22 September 2022  |  Juan

Greetings from Spain. Since I'm not being asked about the signed guitar I received in August, I'll comment from here.

I want to thank the entire team responsible for management.

They have spread a little happiness around the world. They can be proud to be part of the "Queen family" in general and the "May family" in particular. Thank you very much to all.

The sound of May
21 September 2022  |  Jenna

A great pedal for my first that's small, very well built, is easy to use, and it gives a great sound, so super excited to start learning some of Brian's great pieces.

Superb service
21 September 2022  |  Robin

Notwithstanding the quality and function of the items (excellent), the sales and service from BM Guitars has been second to none, to be honest. International delivery (at no more than normal costs) to Switzerland was both quicker than expected, and completely trouble free (customs can be interesting here).

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending BM Guitars and House Music for anyone wishing to buy high quality items with superb service. Thank you.

Best guitar from the best guitarist
21 September 2022  |  Carlos

It came to me less than a week after I made the purchase, I've had enough time to try it and it's just perfect. Very versatile, you can play any style you want (and all the Queen songs, of course). I'm very happy with these purchase. I'm very happy I have my favorite guitar right now, thanks!

12 September 2022  |  Corey

Everything flowed very smoothly for delivery, and the guitar looked immaculate.

Thanks very much for the care and attention.

Truly awesome
10 August 2022  |  Antonio

Very happy with this purchase, it's just what I was hoping for. Good build quality and materials, and a spectacular variety of tones thanks to the independent- on all three pickups - on/off and phase switching buttons. I've always wondered how to reproduce the varied tonality of Brian May's work, and this is it. I was surprised at the nice resonance and sustain of this guitar, I guess this is due to the body being partially hollow. Truly awesome.

05 August 2022  |  Steven

Amazing looking guitar. Sounds awesome and an excellent feel and weight when holding and playing. The artwork on it is amazing and the main reason got the purchase and couldn't wait to get it.

I think it will be more of a display piece but will, and must, be played occasionally also. Slightly annoying is the scratch plate plastic seal is still on the guitar and you have to carefully loosen the screws and knobs in order to get it all off in one piece or you will have tiny pieces still stuck to the guitar. Otherwise, perfect, thank you.

Fast and friendly
05 August 2022  |  Mark

Needed this quickly for it to help protect my BMG Special during my move to Thailand.

Service was great and delivery was well within what was a VERY tight deadline before we left the UK.

Many thanks!

A beautiful guitar
03 August 2022  |  Robert

Hello Brian May Guitars

I really couldn't be more happy with this purchase. What a beautiful guitar and what a sound... Beautiful clean tones and a lot of sustain. Also, thank you very much for all your replies to my questions more than a year before this guitar was available, and the quick delivery.

Greetings from France.

Black 'N' Gold is great!!!
30 July 2022  |  Rupert

Hi, folks.

I recently purchased the Black & Gold model. This guitar is much lighter than my BMG red of 2004 and seems to have more resonance in the body. The tremolo is much tighter and more precise when turning back to original tunes.

Overall, manufacturing seems to be in higher quality than in previous times. Knobs & tuners also improved. This guitar is really great, I love it!

Very pleased
30 July 2022  |  Peter

Shipped to New Zealand. It arrived in perfect condition and works well. I needed to sort out power supply but that was not a problem. Tested battery source and that worked too.

What I expected and perfect for what it is intended to do. I am very happy with this and it is now number one in my pedal board (as indicated it should be). It gives great added sound quality to the Red Special and the different settings are interesting and worthwhile.

I am very pleased with this purchase

Great guitar
23 July 2022  |  Kazuhiko

I am very happy to get this guitar. Beautiful & high quality. It arrived in Tokyo one week after I placed the order.

I am happy with the excellent service.

Thank you (^^♪

In a class of Its own
13 July 2022  |  Richard

Although the many positive attributes (and eccentricities) of this unique instrument have been covered many times over by others here, and elsewhere, I wanted to, nevertheless, take a moment to put my impressions of the guitar (all most excellent) in print; and also take a moment to tip my hat to the outstanding professionalism and courtesy shown to me by all at House Music-most especially the invaluable assistance provided by one Dave Good, so instrumental (pun intended...) in getting this killer axe into my hands, as soon as it was once again in production.

Yes, the neck is large and REALLY comfortable: truly, after 10 days of (constantly) playing this magnificent beast, everything else feels sort of well, inferior (really)! But the rainbow of sounds which can be coaxed out of this thing is truly remarkable: I count 15 individual and distinctly different settings yielding noticeably different tonalities! All are usable IMHO and they have opened up new sonic landscapes I had not even thought existed.

Here's the thing: I'm a bit of a geezer who owns several guitars from all the different walks of "guitar life". The usual suspects: LPs, Strats, Teles, Gretches, Rickenbackers (I USED to consider myself a "Tele Guy"...), but the BMG Super simply keeps me coming back to it.

This isn't a honeymoon thing either, as I'm somewhat merciless upon first receiving a new acquisition: I know within minutes if it's a keeper or if it's headed for a new owner.

The Super is a keeper.

Rather than waxing on any more about this interesting and unique guitar, I urge you to (try and) get yourself one: You won't be sorry...


Great service and easy purchase
08 June 2022  |  Mervyn

Really happy with my BMG Red Special! Barry was fantastic and prompt. Everything about purchase was easy.

Spot on all-in-one design & tone
06 June 2022  |  Keko

This is probably what many guitar players addicted to the treble boosters were seeking for many years... the all-in-one package idea is simply brilliant (although I'm sure it took some in-house arguing and discussions to make it happen - a technical challenge - and deliver it in such a sturdy & compact pro-like product).

The delivered tone, at certain settings, is an exact replica of my father's old "Rangemaster" from the late '60s which Iīve been playing around with since I was a kid. On top, there is the further choice to adjust all the offered possibilities of different time periods (like a sound time machine) to get the desired tone adjustments. Bottom line is that is a great piece of kit to boost your tone (if you are a treble booster lover, of course). Love the metallic casing and pro-like foot button, that reminds me the old Mesa Boogie Mark Series pedal switches (indestructible!!).

One tip when the package is delivered: carefully open the box as the control knob was loose and fell off to the floor. Not a "major" issue anyway.

Thanks to BMG team for the swift delivery.

Fast shipping
04 June 2022  |  Thierry

Fast shipping and very well packaged. Nice item, as pictured.

Beautiful Instrument!
03 June 2022  |  David

Have only had it a couple weeks but love it.

Setup was very good out of the box (good action, intonation and no buzz). Shipping cost to USA is extremely high? But for what itís worth I will say I ordered it on a Sunday night from BMG in London and on Thursday I was playing it in Chicago.

Lighting fast shipping and it was packed great.

To my US amigos, I would just say that, yes, there are ways to buy the original red finish from USA dealers and save shipping but to get the Windemere finish was worth every penny. It looks nice in the pictures, but ten times better in person; truly the most beautiful guitar Iíve ever owned. Sorry Fender, this is my new go-to. Plays great, feels sturdy, stays in tune when you hit the tremolo bar and the options you get out of the switching system are sweet.

Thanks BMG, cheers!

Damn fun bass!
03 June 2022  |  Rich

I'm a big fan of active electronics but this thing has some great sounds!

I'm a fan of the mudbucker and my old EB3 copy is active. This little
monster sounds great as it is!

Great range, comfortable scale for my arthritis, and fun to play. From a low end thump to a crisp high, this bass does great.

Really interesting
02 June 2022  |  John

Bought for my 15 year old son, who has a just bought his first Strat and is a huge Queen and Rory Gallagher fan. Using it with a Vox Mini 5 at home on AC15 setting, it works really well, and brings the guitar to life unlike any digital amp settings. Lots of hiss etc. but that's part of the '70s trade-off with treble boosting AC15/30 amps. It's like a journey back in time, a great place for a 15 year old and 46 year old to start from, and the sounds are great, takes you to many interesting places.

Well worth the money, love you and God bless you Brian. Hope to see you in Dublin again soon

29 May 2022  |  John

The guitar strap is excellent and a suitable accessory to my Brian May Super guitar.

19 May 2022  |  Armando

Iīm very satisfied!

A joy to play
05 May 2022  |  David

Been playing for 60 years with many different guitars and I compare this Brian May Guitar with my treasured 1960's Fender Jazzmaster.

Great product well made.

Great strap
04 May 2022  |  Zachary

Great strap and it got here fast.

28 April 2022  |  John

I had almost given up on getting this guitar, but now I have one it is great. The craftsmanship is amazing and the guitar plays excellently.

Just ordered a Brian May strap to complement my guitar and will buy a lead when they are back in stock. Thanks to Dave Good and his colleagues for producing this guitar, but special thanks to Dr. Brian May for setting up the company to enable this to happen.

A remarkable instrument - well worth the wait!
27 April 2022  |  David

It was rather a long wait - 4 1/2 years to be precise - but I can honestly say that it was worth it.

Having not played the instrument before, I was unsure whether it would ending up being a 'display' or 'play' instrument. However, within minutes of picking the Super up, I realised it was definitely in the latter camp; really great feel, versatile range of sounds, an all-round comfortable instrument.

One thing I would point out is that the guitar, like the original Old Lady, has a very chunky neck - much bigger than an old school 'U' shaped Fender neck - but I really like bigger necks so it felt like home to me straight away. Overall, well worth the wait.

Excellent service, excellent guitar
27 April 2022  |  Benjamin

I put my name down for a BMG Super back in 2018, lots of delays due to supply chain issues (Brexit, COVID, so entirely understandable disruption), but I was kept informed every step of the way, with all my questions answered within one day.

The guitar arrived today and it's a remarkable instrument, eminently playable, surprisingly light, well finished, and just a generally great instrument. BMG could not have done more to make me a happy customer and I highly recommend the guitar and BMG as a customer-centric business.

Feels great!
27 April 2022  |  Kevin

This is the 1st time I have bought a guitar without touching it 1st, but being a BMG I took a chance somewhat confidently and what I received is the friendliest neck on a guitar I have noodled on. There are no flaws or defects that I can see and it sounds great and just plain fun. Thanks very much guys and gals for sending me an instrument I will use constantly.

Prized possession
25 April 2022  |  Richard

Dr. May, You have built an exceptional quality made guitar again!

The pictures do not do it justice. The quality of the finish, sika spruce top, the sapele back and sides, in addition to the onboard electronics, make this a not only beautiful guitar, but a great playing guitar. Its smaller size makes it excellent to take with you, protected by the precise fitting padded BMG case.

This is a very special guitar and could easily cost twice as much, but only for Dr. May who chooses to sell this guitar at an affordable price. Dr. May I can not thank you enough, it is my prized possession.

Questions answered
24 April 2022  |  Joerg

I still remember the magic moment. It was back in 1974, me being something like eleven years old, put my saved 11 Deutsche Mark into my pocket and hopped on the bus to the local record shop. A friend of mine said there was a sale on a record by a British band who were doing "harmony singing", as he put it.

The record was actually only 8 Deutsche Mark, not that big of a success I supposed, discount rack, way back in the shelf. Back home I put it on my parents' old mono Dual music box - and was blown away by the guitar intro on "Keep Yourself Aliveď. When the central guitar orchestration appeared, I put the needle back time and again to understand: What was that? Why did my tears flow? It hit me emotionally deep inside. Something so different to all the Beatles and Hendrix guitar sound I listened to. Being an aspiring one-year-learner on a cheap copy of the now famed Egmont acoustic (yes, it was possible to do it much crappier), I dreamt of pimping this guitar and make it ring like Queenīs guitarist Brian May. Sure, later on I liked the "operatic sectionsď a lot, Freddieīs unmatched vocals, but essentially it has always been the guitar that shook me from the inside.

Today, turning to be sixty in a few days, I am happy to hold a Brian May Guitars Super in my hands. After a long, long time, prolonged by the pandemic and obvious production issues the guitar finally arrived quickly after a kind email notice of Dave Good, BMG's marketing & sales manager, in perfect condition via DHL.

Since being eleven I read all about the Red Special I could lay my hands on, started to build my own - yet unfinished - version of something similar and played guitar in amateur bands since I've been thirteen. Starting with a heavily modified HŲfner 4560 back in 1975. the line-up now includes selected Gibson Les Paul, Gretsch Bo Diddley, Dan Electro Silvertone vintage, and a small number of British Mmster luthier Patrick Eggle Guitars mainly dated in the early '90s, even some super rare Red Wing Ventura and Tornado and one of the marvelous Jim Sullivan Legend of 1993.

To be honest, whenever a "Brian May soundď was asked for on a live perfromance, the Eggles could provide a sufficiently proper impersonation with a home-made Rangemaster copy, and later on a more road-worthy Fryer treble booster deluxe, even without the famous AC30. A hardly known boutique amp S3 Climax by German valve wizard GŁnther Christ and a grandiose Engl 2x50 Power amp delivered via a classic Marshall JCM1960 come close enough for a live gig.

But why the Red Special Super now? Because the question from nearly 50 years ago remains still unanswered: What was that?

Now, after some days of diving into the guitars props and specs I begin to understand. And that's what this review is all about: What makes the Red Special Super special?

Basic inspection of overall quality shows a close to one hundred percent perfection, very minor flaws, probably only visible for the experienced and scrutinizing eyes of a dentist and a top notch polishing grade throughout. The guitar presented itself stringed with the Optima .009 gauge Brian May gold strings - nice feat - and the tremolo bar surprisingly came mounted. The insertion point of the bar into the brass nuckle presents some minor grating, but I feel it is more true to the original than CAD/CAM perfection. I know from my professional dental field that the costs rise exponentially if one aims to hand shape and polish these complex forms. I am fine with that. If one likes to get these things up front it is commonly known what an Andrew Gruyton RS is sold for.

Amazingly the guitar arrived nicely in tune, so the first checks on the acoustic properties reveal a chambered construction, reminding me of the acoustic properties of my old very thin semi-acoustic HŲfner 4560: surprising clarity, each string individually "thereď, no muddy mumble, nice, one could easily play it without amplification at all in the living room without the typical Strat/Tele/Les Paul solid body "no soundď.

After three days the strings seemed to have set in, and the whammy bar does what it's supposed to do with no detuning. Dive bombs: no problem. The close look at the mechanics of the instrument reveal the engineering view so often written about, the zero-fret concept, the now-locking Gotoh tuners, the roller bridge, known as being first of their kind in an assumed "amateur DIY guitarď.

But who plays the BMG Super without amps? My living room stuff mentioned above driven in directly without treble booster help displayed a nice, clean and by any means professional clean sound, the BMG super pickups appear to be perfectly adjusted.

Even at this point the first glimpse of an answer to the foremost question appears shadily: the guitars answers perfectly balanced on all strings, every single strings generates a contoured defined tone, chords, single lines, riffs. Early on in the evaluation the volume control delivers amazing adjustments. Honestly, I am not that much of a volume-knob-fiddler, but here the impact on the sound is significant.

At this point the first "I understandď flashes cross my mind. Crunching the S3 Climax - without the integrated all-valve treble booster - the next flashes light up: here it is.

The guitar is THERE, unmistakingly present, differentiated in string identification quite uniquely. Even though I am not that much of a "play like Brain Mayď guy - I humbly assume I have my own style of playing - the guitar appears easy on providing Brian May-like playing, not only the sounds. And here the idea appears: Brian May started playing this guitar being around 17 years old. This guitar shaped his style, his playing. It is statistically highly unlikely that events like that occur, but father and son May built an instrument which lead to the unique playing style and sound, and if I may say that as a complete amateur in the music business, this doesn't happen often. If it was the engineering approach or sheer luck, who knows?

Back to facts: When switching the S3 on full gain a great and volouptous heavy guitar sound appears. Kicking in the in-built treble booster the guitar rings out, tapping easily - though not adjusted to a laser adjusted, no-fret appearance like the Jim Sullivan Legend is.

The often cited massive neck withstands any resonance even at high volumes and in my opinion appears to be a major element of the outstanding unique tone. The set neck does its job properly, I understand that the Mays inserted the screw on the original additionally to be sure... I did that on a repair with my HŲfner too. Feels better, but I doubt any effect on the BMG Super, it looks better without the screw.

Since I am a pretty tall guy with large hands, the neck required minor adaption, no more than an hour or two, the strings action does not call for any thumb pressure on the neck. My Eggles -Patrick Eggle is well known for his slender necks - handle quite differently, but not as far off as one might imagine.

Nevertheless, my personal respect for Brian May even rose, since this guitar, like all top-level instruments, will not hide sloppinesss or lack of precision while playing. Imagine that on a two-hour show.

Having driven the Super through much of the Rock 'n' Roll and heavy genre from blues, ZZ-Top, Tex-blues to tapping, AC/DC riffing and Hendrix-style national anthems, and even some classical guitar Bach - to the joy of the radiologist whose office is upon mine - I finally cabled the BMG Super to its indigene habitat: The AC30 C2 (with master volume) and the Fryer treble booster deluxe - plus the sixpence.

I am pretty familiar with playing coins, in my early days just a single pick would be sold for one (!) Deutsche Mark, so we put "Pfennigď (penny) on the railway trails, let it flatten by the train and shaped it with mom's nail care stuff.

And here it comes. First sound IS "Queen", IS "Brian May". The pending question answered from 1974. What was that? It was the Red Special in Brian May's hands. Plus the sparkles of the sixpence and the overdriven AC30.

And the faint idea shaped in the early reviewing manifests. I am no Queen cover band player, yes, I can do a so-so BoRap solo, but this guitar leads you to the guitar playing we all love so much. It fosters the scales, the orchestral cello-department-like baritone lines, just get yourself a multi-track and you know how the musical genius of Brian May found its instrument - and probably musical partner - to express and sometimes probably hint at musical ideas which this great instrument generates within itself in interaction with the player.

Use the volume knob: It crisps up and lowers volume to the well known sounds. But with a slight attack on the sixpence the AC30 rings the bell. You donít have to hit it hard, this is an instrument for a sensible player. Once getting used to the guitar's response and the delicate handling of the small sixpence you can articulate like having your own language - within the language family of Brian May. Combined with Freddie Mercury musical and vocal uniqueness, the equally amazing rhythm section with John Deacon and Roger Taylor, it appears to be unlikely that this band would not have risen to the stars.

If this guitar shall be your Brian May impersonation guitar: perfect choice, for any afficionado or Queen cover band guitar master - because you have to be that to handle the Brian May lines. I did not get into the pick-up combinations, it is well documented and often written about. The new pickups leave not a micrometer of room for anything but praise: perfect choice.

But if you - like me - are doubtlessly a dedicated fan on the one hand but a self assured musician in his own style on the other, this instrument will give you a new approach to heavy guitar playing, even jazz and swing comes easy, always with the option to let it ring if occasion occurs with just a tap on the treble booster or a slightly more aggressive picking. My secret love: speedy country and western typical Telecaster stuff: Easy. (Why in the world Reinhold Mack persuaded Brian May to use a Telecaster on "Crazy Little Thing Called Loveď?)

Getting acquainted deeply to an instrument like the BMG Super takes its time. But this instrument surely will be my first pick for many occasions. I did not expect this, I felt I just should have one to close my guitar playing life cycle. Starting with a crappy copy of an Egmont at the age of eleven to the privilege of owning an amazing interpretation of the Red Special at sixty, feels like I can live with that. We all may be grateful to Brian May and his late father for providing the world with such an instrument, well thought out, constructed to last decades, a true workhorse. I am personally grateful that an instrument on this level of quality is made available by Brian May and Brian May Guitars, and surely all the folks on the project. Itīs a musician's guitar, a player's guitar. It may well be an investment, but I do not tend to think like that on musical instruments. They are means to express your soul and balance you within the challenges life offers. This one does.

If the suspicion should arise this instrument was given to me for free: No, I had to pay the absolutely OK price, and I would do it again. Umberto Eco once suggested the author should perish upon finishing his work that he might not hinder the exegesis. Please have mercy on me, spare me some more years with this great guitar.

Very good guitar
22 April 2022  |  XIN

I can't wait to play those classic songs of Queen,By the way, there are also many fans of Queen in China!

A guitar that will definitely rock you!
19 April 2022  |  Nebojsa

The guitar came already tuned to our surprise and in perfect conditions, as well as the rigid cover and the wonderful signed strap. Itís such a wonderful guitar with a particular sound. My daughter canít take her hands off of it!

A lifelong dream come true
18 April 2022  |  David

It finally arrived. After seemingly years of waiting, MY Red Special Super is here.

Thanks to the team at Brian May Guitars for making a lifelong dream come true.

I need to say, WOW, itís everything I hoped it would be. The finish, build quality and attention to detail is superb, and the case is a nice touch to keep it safe and secure.

Now, to plug it in and (grins from ear to ear) itís all there Ė the sounds we all have loved for the last 50 years all leap out from my speakers. OK, my version of them anyway. The neck seems huge at first but I suddenly realised after about half an hour that I had forgotten about it and was playing away in total comfort. It just feels right.

One major surprise was playing non-Queen songs through a Boss GT1000 and getting EVH tones, Slash tones, even a great Dave Gilmour tone. The guitar really comes into its own showing remarkable versatility. It seems to do it all.

Yes I have been a Queen fan all my adult life so I may be biased but the guitar is what it is... SUPER.

Not many will get the chance to play one in the flesh but, if you do enjoy it, you will love it.

13 April 2022  |  Martin

Great quality great product. Piece of art really nice to play, never had such a pleasure to get a guitar.

Absolute engineering masterpiece!
08 April 2022  |  Csilla

This guitar produces the MOST BEAUTIFUL sound that I have ever heard! The craftsmanship on it is spectacular and has the most gorgeous colour, the pictures just don't do it any justice. The on/off and phase switches on each pickup give it such versatility that I had never thought possible before! You go from a smooth, mellow tone to a sharp piercing tone at the flick of a switch. I highly recommend this guitar to anyone and everyone and would suggest to also purchase the treble booster pedal to go with it, as it just completes the overdriven yet under control "screaming" sound. I am absolutely in love with this guitar and give it a 39/10 badgers!

08 April 2022  |  Miguel

The best guitar I have.

Everything I hoped it would be
03 April 2022  |  Lisa

This really does give you Brianís sounds - I couldnít believe how authentic it sounds. Once you get beyond playing all of your favourite Queen riffs however (and this will take a while!), you will discover an incredibly versatile guitar that sounds and plays amazing. It feels genuinely different from the run of the mill - Iím over the moon with it. Great friendly service from the team at BMG as well!

Outstanding job!
23 March 2022  |  Alexander

Amazing quality instrument, feels like jewellery to look at and to hold! Thank you everybody who made it possible, and thank you ever so much, Dr. May, for every note you have played on your Red Special!

Excellent strap!
17 March 2022  |  Susan

I love this strap! Itís very well made, extremely comfortable, easily adjustable, snd 100% vegan! Iím so happy with my purchase!

A great guitar
11 March 2022  |  Will

What a great guitar. Takes a little time to get used to all the pickup settings. Plays super fast right out of the box. Set-up was perfect. Shipping was very fast, Less than a week to get here.

Quality is spot on!
01 March 2022  |  Robert

Received my Brian May Guitar just over a week after ordering it from the UK. Must say I am more than pleased with this guitar, from the action all the way down to the phase switches.

This makes 12 guitars that I currently own and this BMG is by far head and shoulders above all of them! Quality is spot on! Honestly never thought I'd ever own a BMG Special, but the investment is well worth the price.

Thanks to Brian May and his team for making such a great guitar!

Great guitar
19 February 2022  |  Douglas

I Baught this guitar, not to sound like Brian May, but as a great guitar with a great variety of sounds. I love having the ability to switch between the lighter sound of a single coil pickup but without having to switch guitar when I want to go back to my usual preference for the humbucker sound.

I couldn't be happier
14 February 2022  |  Richard

I recently received my BMG Special and I couldn't be any happier. For the price you pay - $1,000 - the quality is something you'd expect in an instrument in the $2,000+ price point. I also build my own guitars and I look at everything with a sharp eye and the fit and finish is of a superior craftsmanship. I'd like to also comment on working with my sales person, Mr. Dave Good at BMG Guitars. I've never ordered a guitar from an overseas supplier and Dave explained the process and eased any of my fears. Overall my experience with the Brian May Guitar company I give a 5 star review, I would purchase from these guys again anytime.

Amazing sound
10 February 2022  |  Marco

I like very much of the sound and the quality of the Ukulele. Thank you very much.

Great looking and sounding uke!
09 February 2022  |  Mark

The BMG Uke arrived today and I am very pleased with it! It looks great and sounds even better, particularly when plugged into an acoustic amp. It sits proudly alongside my BMG Rhapsody and other acoustic guitars. Many thanks!

Beaut of a Uke
07 February 2022  |  Patrick

Highly delighted with the Brian May Uke. Lovely neck, great sound and so much fun to play. Nice tuner too! If you're looking to keep good company with a well priced beaut of a Uke this is the one.

Well done
04 February 2022  |  Dante

Superb guitar at an affordable price!
Thanks and rock on🤘🏼.

Just brilliant
04 February 2022  |  Simon

Not just the shirt but the whole BMG experience. Such lovely people to deal with and brilliant service, with amazingly fast overseas service - arrived just in five days from UK to Oz!

Love my new BMG Special
03 February 2022  |  Joseph

The BMG company is great - great communication (I had several questions that were quickly and kindly answered before my purchase). Everything was as described. Set up and fit and finish are great, sound is awesome, though Amplitube or a Marshall - huge variety of sounds, and it's super slinky to play. Tiny bit of buzz on some areas of the lower 3 strings, but it does not sound through the amp. I may need to raise up the action a hair if it becomes a problem. I will wait until it settles since it got shopped across the Atlantic this winter though. Super happy with purchase.

Awesome strap
02 February 2022  |  Barry

I found this strap to be both comfortable, easy to adjust and aesthetically pleasing in its own right, but looks awesome with the Special attached.

Exciting guitar!
02 February 2022  |  Barry

Despite my age (61) I still get exciteded about guitars, and this one didn't disappoint. It played beautifully straight out of the box. It took an hour or so for the strings to play in and the guitar holds its tuning well. The neck suits my hand well and I find it an easy guitar to play. I would prefer to have the trem arm stay where I leave it instead of it swinging freely, not sure if there is an adjustment that can be made to the trem arm to make this possible, or an adjustment to my playing technique may be required.

Tone-wise it is very versatile and I find it is capable of covering any genre as I play a wide variety of songs. I have a Les Paul Anniversary, Fender Strat and a number of other guitars; the Special is up there with them. I would seriously recommend this instrument, it's great!

01 February 2022  |  Mark

I wanted to say a big thank you to the team at BMG and Dr May for the guitar. It arrived the day before my birthday which was amazing. 'Tie your Mother Down' was the first (and probably predictable) first play on it. My son was so excited and now we are starting to share it.

From 1st email to delivery and play - excellent!
I have already recommended to friends.

Fantastic delivery
25 January 2022  |  Neil

Fantastic delivery, I canít wait to get them on my Red tomorrow!

I love my BMG Uke! Plays so smoothly! Super fast shipment!
20 January 2022  |  Birgit

I am a huge Brian May fan and I love playing the ukulele so this is a dream come true!! I had had my eye on this for a while. So as soon as it came back in stock last Friday, I jumped on it. I'm in Texas, didn't expect delivery for 7 to 10 days (normal delivery time for packages from Europe). I am very impressed how fast shipment was. Order was processed on Monday, uke was on the plane to the US on Tuesday, last night (Wednesday) it was delivered!

The uke itself is beautiful, super fun and smooth to play and has a gorgeous sound. The tuner and pickup work great. I couldn't ask for more. Love that it came with a bag with the BMG logo on it. Thank you!

Comfortable and eye-catching
15 January 2022  |  Deborah

Really nice guitar strap. Comfy and looks and feels like leather - but isn't. The colour of the strap may not sit well with every guitar, but I attached mine to my Arielle guitar and it looks amazing.

14 January 2022  |  Tim

Love it. Also, my brother was a guitar tech and he said it's really well put together guitar.

Very good
05 January 2022  |  Dominic

A well made T-shirt that should last for quite awhile. Recommended

A lot of fun to play!
03 January 2022  |  Fred

I love my new Arielle, so glad you made this - and I found myself one - what a way to start 2022!

I think that its classic, yet modern and sleek-looking, is so retro in the cool slanted 2-color scheme, and the Explorer-esque shape. Its sound is the real deal - it's very sweet, clean with the special unique pickups.

It sounds really crisp for a 24 inch scale, which has become my favorite neck length. And such sustain - best of my bunch! Along with the super bridge and tuners, they all really go together nicely to keep it in tune. Just thought I'd let you know - I'm digging this, and it is a lot of fun to play!

Superb customer service & delivery
29 December 2021  |  Vita

Great quality, superb customer service and delivery. It was perfect present for my husband. He loves this shirt.

Finally a great, comfortable, reusable mask!
29 December 2021  |  Kama

I've been trying out mask after mask, and finally got this one. The fabric is super soft, so are the straps. There's a big bonus in the choice of how to wear it (loop over ears or behind the head) and the fact that you can add more protection if needed is excellent. All of that with the beautiful design makes this a great purchase!

The Ideal gift for a Brian May Fan
29 December 2021  |  Nicholas

I purchased the BMG Scarf as a gift for a good friend in Denver USA and the feedback I have had is very good. The first thing Loree said was the quality was exceptional and it felt good to wear it.

A piece of history
25 December 2021  |  Sylvain

I received this marvelous Guitar early December. Thanks so much to the whole team, and Dr. May of course. I'm delighted to have the chance to play this fantastic recreation of a piece of history!

I stopped watching the "Get Back" documentary to receive this piece of art. It's already my favorite guitar among my collection which includes some beautiful Gibson, Fender and Musicman. I like everything from the size to the sound!

If you had the chance to speak to the man himself, you can tell him that a French guy who discovered rock through Queen records in late '80s has the feeling to own a bit of history now .

Another fantastic T-Shirt
23 December 2021  |  Steve

Wow, another fantastic T-Shirt From the BMG Team. Quality is always 100%. This design is to the true detail of the BMG guitar headstock itself! Thank you BMG team for the supersonic turnaround ó Ordered on the Tuesday afternoon and I received it on Thursday morning!

Merry Christmas Guys!

A stunner
14 December 2021  |  Ian

Received my tan colour guitar strap and it's a stunner, very comfortable and goes great with my BMG Natural LE series.

And I LOVE the fact it's animal cruelty free! The world needs more products like these 💜

Simply amazing
14 December 2021  |  Ian

I Received my BMG Natural and it is absolutely beautiful, the sales team were fabulous and very professional.

I can't recommend BMG instruments highly enough, they are simply amazing Ė "Treat yourself and rock on".

09 December 2021  |  Panteleimon

I couldnít believe that Iíll be so in love with my new instrument. A wonderful guitar, specially for my live appearances. The sound is amazing from such a small instrument, the electrics are working perfect, and of course I love the shape of Brian May Guitars!!!

It's so nice!
09 December 2021  |  Shoko

This shirt is so comfortable to wear, the texture is so gentle. The Red Special colouring is so beautiful and fantastic, and the colour of the base fabric, heather navy, is so charming.

I love this shirt so much (it would have been
better if it was available in a small size...).

The real deal
06 December 2021  |  Adrien

This guitar is extremely versatile, and you don't have to be a Queen/Brian May fan to appreciate it. It is an extremely well made piece of kit (great value for the price) and exploring the pick up combinations brings me lots of joy. It plays very well, the neck is fast and the general finish is great. You should always try before you buy but in this case I didn't because it was a present - yes, my wife is amazing - and I regret nothing. Amazing guitar, really holds its own against my other Gibsons and Fenders. Buy the Treble Booster pedal with it and you will sound like the real deal.

THE Brian May sound
06 December 2021  |  Adrien

You may already have a Red Special, or plan to buy one (if not, you should), but what makes the incomparable Queen sound comes out of that little pedal. It's uncanny. I play it through an Orange amp with high gain and it sounds just like the real thing (although my skills are nowhere near the good doctor's). Even with a Gibson SG, Les Paul and a Fender Strat Pro the sound is very close. Amazing.

First class service
06 December 2021  |  Robert

In addition to being a quality built product my guitar has a perfect finish and is a pleasure to play. The guitar's design gives it an easy and comfortable action. Everything works as it should and, aesthetically, it is a thing of beauty.

I have not, as yet, used the BMG Guitar Strap but again it is well manufactured and is in keeping with the quality of the guitar.

A first class service was provided by House Music Ltd. Barry and Gill Moorehouse could not have been more helpful.

Very comfortable
02 December 2021  |  John

Very comfortable strap to wear and easy to adjust. Thanks for including it free with the guitar purchase.

02 December 2021  |  John

This is a very well made guitar with an easy to play fretboard. I would recommend this guitar to anyone.

Everything I ever dreamed of...
01 December 2021  |  Paul

I have fancied owning a copy of the Red Special for a number of years but could never justify the cost.

I discussed this with my brother (also a guitar player), and decided to bite the bullet. I will never be the player Brian May is, but this guitar allows me to come closer to his tone. This is a wonderful instrument, beautifully made, and packaged carefully to ensure its safe arrival.

I will have many hours of fun replicating Brian's riffs in my own unskilled fashion.

My life is complete!

30 November 2021  |  Juan

I will probably never use it since I don't want to destroy it. It is a great museum piece, for sure!

Always wanted one!!!!
30 November 2021  |  Juan

This guitar is so much fun! I have always wanted one as Brian May is my all-time favorite player! The tone is fantastically Brian! It will be the guitar I play EXCLUSIVELY on my next nerd-rock record for Cosmic Punch!

I'm very happy with my purchase!

Beautiful guitar
30 November 2021  |  Martin

Stunningly beautiful guitar that even sounds great with me playing it! The customer service I received from the company was outstanding.

Thank you for the product and the service.

Lovely and comfortable
22 November 2021  |  Steven

Great product, delivered in good time.

Childhood dream come true
12 November 2021  |  Aaron

Ever since I learned guitar as a kid, marvelling at Brian's tone and harmony, I've lusted after that guitar. All the better I could buy it in my favorite colour!

Beautiful guitar
08 November 2021  |  Nico

I am very happy with my beautiful guitar. And I think she plays very nice.

I'm in love with my KAT
03 November 2021  |  Andreas

Everything in perfect order! Only the German customs office takes ages and cashes again properly. You need a lot of patience. The Treble Booster is nicely packaged and a sticker from KAT is also included and, of course, it sounds great!

Simply fantastic
22 October 2021  |  Alessandro

Iím a huge fan of Arielle and a long-time customer of BMG so I could not miss this guitar. Itís a fantastic instrument. I find the shape extremely comfortable, the neck thickness allows for great playability, and the fretboard is just 'wow'. If you think this is a Red Special in a different shape, well it's not. This is unique. It is also extremely versatile. I published a video on YouTube where I play different genres with different gear and itís great. You can play anything you want with this guitar, so I highly recommend it.

What a difference in look, and much better control!
21 October 2021  |  Adrian

The product was out of stock on the website so I entered my email for any updates. Within two days the item was available and I ordered it. The knobs arrived very quickly and now fitted to my old (2015) BMG Special. What a difference in look, and much better control! They fitted better than the original chrome plated ones which were slightly awkward to rotate quickly. Thank you for making these available.

Queen dream come true
19 October 2021  |  Beat

When the new BMG Special arrived I was super excited. Workmanship of the guitar is perfect. It almost looks better than Brianís original one (just kidding). Love the six switches between the three pickups and after watching Brian Mayís YouTube tutorial video I had a better understanding what these switches can do.

Efficient customer service, fast delivery and excellent product. Who wants to live forever? I am sure this guitar will. Thanks again for such an iconic guitar.

12 October 2021  |  Stuart

Fabulous guitar, not just for Queen covers. Great all rounder, just surprised it flies under the radar. Love it.

Loving it
12 October 2021  |  Wyatt

Very well built guitar. Loving it. Delivery was surprisingly fast. Thanks

Well worth the wait! I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS THING!
11 October 2021  |  Michel

Although I was originally dismayed to have received a defective pedal (which apparently is a very rare occurrence) the fine folks at House Music were able to send me a replacement right away (and even covered the shipping costs!) and it WORKS LIKE A DREAM... I play an official BMG Red Special guitar into a Vox AC30 and the addition of the KAT Treble Booster was the missing ingredient that has really let me dial in THAT tone!

Also, some people on forums were telling me that you have to have your amp cranked in order for the TB to work, but this is not true. It sounds fantastic at bedroom volumes.

06 October 2021  |  Trevor

Awesome case to protect my BMG Special. Really well made and Iím confident it will last a very long time..

04 October 2021  |  Cyril

Une superbe guitare de trŤs trŤs bonne qualitť et une prise en main immťdiate. Je recommande!

Superb support
23 September 2021  |  Paul

We met a few weeks ago when I popped into the workshop to drop off my son Rhysí BMG Special, which had developed a pickup issue.

He has been playing it relentlessly for the past 8 weeks and I thought youíd appreciate knowing that (of course) everything is fine with the guitar.

I also wanted to thank you and the team at House Music for being so friendly, helpful and accommodating; I really enjoyed meeting everyone and hearing your advice.

I hope everyone there remains well and that business is good.

Thanks again for the superb support - I hope Iíll have the chance to order from you again in the future.

Kind Regards,


Exceptional service
22 September 2021  |  Stuart

Just to say my BMG arrived safe and well yesterday morning!

Exceptional service - UK to Cyprus, door-to-door, in 5 days!!!

The guitar is perfectly set up, other than tuning I have not had to touch it - even the strap didnít need lengthening.

Great value guitar. Thanks for your help.

Yours sincerely
Stuart Lawrence, Tala, Paphos, Cyprus

22 September 2021  |  Chris

My BMG arrived fast and well packaged on the other side of the world. It's absolutely stunning! I'll treasure it for the rest of my life.

Now, if only I could play as well as the good Doctor, that would certainly be something.

01 September 2021  |  Elia

The best guitar I've ever seen! Powerful sound! I love it! Beautiful case and well set-up!

Very good service
23 August 2021  |  Gabriele

I'm more than pleased with the Red Special... she's the most versatile guitar I ever owned and she is very well crafted. Many thanks to Brian who created such a beautiful guitar and made it possible that we can buy a copy of his Red Special.

And many thanks to you all for the very good service!

23 August 2021  |  Axel

Cette guitare est un rÍve, fan de Brian May, j'ai beaucoup rťflťchi avant de l'acheter, et je ne regrette pas du tout, la guitare est magnifique et trŤs bien finie, le manche est un peu plus large et bas et demande donc un temps d'adaptation mais une fois celui ci passť, c'est que du bonheur, le son des micros est gťnial, typiquement celui attendu, et le vibrato flottant est lui aussi gťnial, si vous en rÍvez aussi, alors foncez vous ne serez pas dťÁu!

20 August 2021  |  Leandro

Itīs a piece of art. The natural colour of the wood further enhances the beauty of the guitar. Itīs pleasurable to play it, and the switches allow you to discover new sounds, and try to play the wonderful songs of Queen.

5 stars are very few... 10 star!!
18 August 2021  |  Oreste

Perfect purchase... The BMG is a fantastic guitar... a guitar with attention to detail, with quality materials... Excellent electronics... Perfect sales network that follows everything step by step and is always present to meet every need... Great... Great Brian May.

Best strap in the world!
09 August 2021  |  Sergio

That is the best strap in the world. The Right On straps are made in Spain, very confortable and durable. To have one with the colors of my Red Special and the Brian May logo is a dream - my Red Special was already using a Right On strap, now it has the PERFECT strap.

Job well done
05 August 2021  |  Jody

You folks deserve a huge shout out for a job well done... my orders are always filled and shipped fabulously fast and efficiently.

Thank you for doing what you do and I appreciate the way you do your jobs! Stay safe and have a great day ✨

So helpful
02 August 2021  |  Gabriele

Hello from Scotland! Thank you so much for letting me know that the RS is on her way! This morning I phoned the shop and your technician was so helpful... thank you for this too.

I will recommend BMG whenever I can.

02 August 2021  |  Andrew

It's got to be said, but you have the best customer service I have ever known. Absolutely amazing. 😁 Many Thanks.

Great case!
23 July 2021  |  Rui

I have had my Red Special since 2003, it's actually a Burns model, but I've never had a case for it. I'm happy that Brian May Guitars has such a sturdy case that fits well and protects the guitar.

Highly recommended!

Marvellous to play
23 July 2021  |  Peter

I am extremely pleased with my BMG Special which arrived safely in New Zealand having been shipped from the UK. It was very well packed and undamaged.

On opening the package, the guitar needed just a slight re-tune and was ready to play. I was also pleased that the intonation was correct and needed no adjustment. Similarly the fretboard height is set up properly and no adjustments were required to the truss rod.

It is a beautiful guitar and marvelous to play. The only comment I would make is that there were no instructions with the guitar, i.e. fitting of the tremolo arm (I did go onto the BMG website and found the video which showed, among other things, how to fit and secure). The accessories, along with the allen, Keys also includes a large spring but as yet I have not been able to find out what the spring is for.

All in all I am very, very happy with my purchase and would highly recommend. Five stars in my book. I now just need to learn how to play!!

Awesome guitar
19 July 2021  |  Trevor

Very pleased with the overall purchase experience. Very good information updates and on-time shipping and delivery.

Everything arrived well packaged and protected. The guitar is truly amazing, the tone and playability was very good straight out of the box and the quality and finishing detail are superb, especially on the neck and fretwork - better than some higher priced guitars from other well known brands.

Great Guitar
17 July 2021  |  Adrian

Very pleased with my purchase - this is just an excellent guitar, and definitely not just for Queen songs. The range of sounds from the selector switches is amazing. The initial setup from the factory is spot on making the guitar very easy to play. I like the fact that you can switch from a fat, full humbucker sound to single coil Fender style sound very easily. In short, ďChuffed to bitsĒ!

Recommended guitar strap
16 July 2021  |  Idar

Very comfortable to use, over several hours.

Superb Instrument
12 July 2021  |  Isaias

It is a masterpiece. It exceeded my expectations in every way. Of all the guitars I own, this one became my favorite. Thank you for the privilege of owning such a gem.

BMG to Melbourne
10 July 2021  |  Patrick

Very happy with the BMG - strings very easy to bend (zero fret?), amazing how many different sounds with the switching system, tremolo a lot of fun.

VERY good quality all round and no hassle shipping to australia.The $300 import duty is the only other thing to consider if you want this versatile guitar.

09 July 2021  |  Francis

An excellent quality instrument for the price - you will not find better.

Dream guitar finally made a reality
05 July 2021  |  Jesse

After wanting one for close to 15 years, I finally pulled the trigger and bought myself a proper BMG and I couldnít be happier with it. Showed up a lot faster than I had imagined and was ready to go right out of the box. It was set up beautifully and plays like a dream. Now maybe Iíll save up and get a Super next!!!

One of a kind bass
02 July 2021  |  Ian

The BMG Bass is a finely crafted bass guitar with a smooth, deep tone ideal for those classic British sounding songs. It is well balanced with nicely fitted quality hardware and two classic style pickups. Finished in glossy red it really does look the part. Comes with a very cool practical gig bag. Excellent sales and service by the Brian May team, I ordered this on a Saturday morning and was delivered to my residence in Brisbane Queensland Australia 10 days later. Outstanding in every way. Cheers.

Thank you for the courtesy and helpfulness
01 July 2021  |  James


Iím just writing after my phone call to you today. I phoned regarding a switch from a customersĎ Red Special which I am currently setting up/repairing.

I just want to thank you for the courtesy and helpfulness I was shown in dealing with you all. Itís very rare that I encounter this Ė I even ended up chatting about the west of Ireland where I am situated. Many kind regards and many thanks.

I wish you all the very best of health in this difficult time.

Best wishes
James Richardson

Great guitar for the price
30 June 2021  |  Mickael

Great guitar for the price!
Always loved the unstained wood!

28 June 2021  |  Grandclaude

Merveilleuse guitare, un grand merci ŗ Brian pour cette crťation, on l'a de suite en main et sur un AC30 le son est lŗ. La finition est parfaite une vťritable guitare de pro pour un prix trŤs honnÍte. Phil

The hard case I have wanted for 13 years
26 June 2021  |  Michael

I have owned a BMG since 2008. When I purchased it, the only available option was a gig bag. To be fair, it was a durable, versatile gig bag with many storage pockets, but still a gig bag. Ten years later, I discovered that Brian May Guitars sold hard shell cases, but only to UK and EU-based customers. Recently, I discovered that US shipping was an option. I went to the website, spent a few minutes creating an account, and ordered a case. I expected a long wait due to international shipping, supply backlogs, and similar. Instead, I received prompt email communications telling me that my order was received, and the order would soon be filled. Within a week, I was told the order was completed and would be shipped to the US. I was given a tracking number and options to track every step of the process, including Customs handling. I was even given the option to change the shipping day if the original date was inconvenient. A week after shipment commenced, my case arrived at my home.

The case itself fit the guitar perfectly and is in immaculate condition. The storage pocket in the interior is large enough to store spare strings, a tuner, and other things one would keep in a case. In short, I love the case, and highly recommend it for anyone who owns a BMG, especially someone who travels or gigs regularly.

My new #1!
14 June 2021  |  Gregg

Great-playing guitar, I love it! A dream come true, she's my new #1!

BMG Arielle is an Outstanding Guitar
11 June 2021  |  Mark

The BMG Arielle guitar is an extraordinary instrument. I received mine in early April, opened the carefully packed shipping box, took out the BMG guitar case, unzipped it, and saw the guitar that I had been waiting for.

I am a fairly new player and found this guitar to be easy, and fun, to play. The design, feel, switch options, tone and volume controls, and the appointments are wonderful. She stays in tune very well and sounds great in any setting. I have only made a few small tuning adjustments in the past several months. The neck fits my hand, and the ebony fretboard is like butter. WOW. It just feels so nice to play - And I play her almost every day.

The BMG Arielle guitar is worth every penny and will be great as your first electric guitar or as an outstanding addition to your collection. So, what are you waiting for? Do yourself a favor. Treat yourself and order a BMG Arielle guitar today.

WOW!!!! Where do I start?
10 June 2021  |  Damian

This is an amazing guitar that is well thought out and perfectly crafted for every level of guitarist. I am especially blown away by the ease of traversing the neck. I was a little concerned about the pickups and their configuration but no, after a short noodle, I was blasting huge sounds out of my rig in no time, as well as opening all new creative sounds Iíve not explored or heard before.

The finish is exquisite and a must-see. I could go on and on, but the bottom line is I absolutely love this guitar and have barely put it down since I got it.

Nice job, huge surprise.

A versatile, modern guitar with a vintage feel that covers all styles
10 June 2021  |  Jon

I was lucky enough to get one of the first ones from the first batch and the guitar surprised me. Clearly based around the Red Special with its specs, the guitar seems somewhat more versatile and lends itself to all styles of playing. Iím not sure if itís the wood or construction but you can easily go from '50s blues to hard rock as itís got it covered with the switching system. I donít feel the need to plug in a treble booster with it to get the guitar to sing and it goes well with more amps than just an AC30. It obviously does work well there too.

The neck is something I always pay attention to and on mine it was beautifully finished with the fret work being fantastic, which makes playing it easy. The modern guitar certainly has a vintage feel to it, and striking looks. Burnt Orange and Blue - donít let Arielle hear you say itís red!! The blue section on mine really shows the black limba grain beneath and itís a thing of beauty. Photos donít do it justice.

If you are looking for something to inspire you to make music or play some other styles then I would highly recommend picking one of these up.

My only complaint would be lack of black triangle behind the tremolo, and two tone knobs

Well worth the money!
31 May 2021  |  Garry

The neck needed a bit of adjustment but apart from that I really think itís a great instrument and well worth the money. I love the extra width of the neck and playing around with different pickup settings. Thx, Bri 😉

Beautifully instrument, carefree shopping
28 May 2021  |  Rob

Purchased this great guitar online from the Netherlands. Delivery was faster than advertised. Good track & trace. Customs and taxes went smooth as well. Very secure packaging. Thanks BMG!

Great guitar
21 May 2021  |  Anthony

A great well built guitar with a good range of sounds possible. I am really pleased with it. Good customer service also.

Very pleased
20 May 2021  |  Donald

Very pleased with this guitar. Tones, playability, quality are all as good, or better, than more expensive guitars that I own. Really like the wider nut width and shorter scale. Various tones available with phase and pick up switches really cool.

I would recommend this guitar to anyone.

I'm in love with Dr. May Ph.D + the Red Special! Lovely in all Respects
18 May 2021  |  Cynthia

I think I'm in love!

The instrument Brian and his dad created all those years ago is simply stunning! And on my instrument - when I checked everything was perfect.

1) The fit and finish - perfect.
2) The fret dressing - perfect.
3) Intonation - perfect.
4) Pots - smooth and velvety.
5) Fret Board - perfect, and when I first saw how wide it was I thought - wow! - MUCH wider than my other guitars! BUT it really fits me like a glove. I have an octave span on the piano, so long fingers. I don't feel cramped up on the fret board either across or down. No stretch is too "stretchy".
6) Recovery after whammying the whammy - perfect. It returns precisely in tune. I can not say the same for my Strats (high end, USA made).

I would call this beautiful instrument the Swiss army knife of electrics, because you have full control of all three pickups, and it has just a hint of hollow body. Not just a multi-position knife switch like a Strat, or a three position like a Gibson. Using slide switches to engage or disengage each pickup and change its phase relationship is pure genius.

I ran it through my pedal board clean and dirty using the TS-8 Tube Screamer, Electro Harmonix Holy Grail reverb, MXR Carbon Copy and MXR Chorus, in all pickup and phase positions Ė Just lovely! Clean or with FX. Then I ran it through the AmpliTube 5 Brian May rack, and Brian came flying out! HA!

To say I am impressed with a very reasonably priced instrument is an understatement. I don't care if the factory is in the UK, the USA, Asia, or the moon - this instrument was built with PRIDE! - Very rare these days! House Music should be proud - YOU should be proud - Brian should be proud, he chose wisely (Why am I not surprised that an astrophysicist would choose wisely!). This instrument simply feels "right" to me in every respect, and just noodling about, getting the feel, a new song issued forth - "Strange World" is the title and theme for it (at least for now). I suspect it will be electric (Brian), acoustic (Taylor 514CE), bass (Fender fretless), piano, drums and vocal (I'm kind of a one gal band - write, track , edit, mix, master etc - Ha! - The LAST guitar that gave me this same warm vibe - and songs issued forth from it - was my Taylor 514CE, back in 1996.

I frickin' LOVE this guitar
17 May 2021  |  Joe

I frickin' LOVE this guitar !!!!!!! It is a multi-dimensional thing - the guitar itself (looks/feel), the different sounds, and that it is modeled after Brian's original. What a great package, all in all.

A quick question. After I ordered it, I thought that I should have ordered the hard shell case for the trip over. It arrived in good shape, however, for the long haul, I want to get the BMG hard shell case. Can I exchange? How much? Many thanks again, you offered great, fast, service.

Backstory: I got a discount coupon from one of the big online stores, so I went through all the guitar offerings. There were over 2,000 guitars and about halfway through them, came across the BMG. Immediately ordered it. Then a week later, they canceled the order citing out of stock. Had been so excited about getting one and prior to this, didn't know they existed. So I located you all and ordered it.

An excellent product
12 May 2021  |  Kevin

We bought the BMG Special as a surprise gift to our son who has been a life long fan of Queen. His pleasure at now owning a Brian May Guitar has not disappointed; he loves the look of the guitar, the skilled craftmanship and of course how it plays.

The efficiency of the service was fantastic, arriving only three days after ordering it.

Thanks, all in all extremely impressed.

12 May 2021  |  Jacob

I absolutely love this guitar and it sounds absolutely amazing. High quality and a beautiful look.

Iím really enjoying my new Red Special!
10 May 2021  |  Paul

My new BMG Red Special is all I hoped it would be. The build quality and finish are equal to a Fender American Strat or top of the line Epiphone Les Paul. The Wilkinson and Grover hardware are top drawer, and the pickups speak for themselves. Comfortable neck shape and stays in tune. All in all an easy guitar to play. But what stands out for me is the fun in playing this guitar due to the wide variety of sounds available through the separate on/off and phase pickup switches. Iím really enjoying my new Red Special!

06 May 2021  |  Gianluca

Sounds almost like the real Red Special. Pair it with a treble booster for the perfect sound. Amazing "budget" choice if you can't afford the real one that costs more than 3k. The only thing i don't like is the tremolo bar, really hate the fact that it's totally unstable and can't just stand still, but I simply avoid using it

Awesome Service
05 May 2021  |  Stewart

Totally wonderful experience. Would recommend Brian May Guitars.

My husband loves and in love with his new the guitar. The promotional gift pack was very well received for his 60th birthday.

Great quality
03 May 2021  |  Rhys

The strap is practical, comfy and even looks the part. I knew it would be good quality when I ordered it, but it still managed to surprise me as to how well designed and manufactured it is. If you are in the market for a guitar strap, I would certainly recommend this over some other similarly priced ones that you can find. Itís worth it!

Great Pedal
03 May 2021  |  Rhys

The pedal is compact, effective and works wonders when paired with the BMG Special. I especially like the ability to switch between Brianís '70s, '80s, and '90s tones, while still being given the ability to fine-tune to your liking. Aesthetically, the pedal is about as good as a pedal can be. Itís not too big, and the overall design is logical and smart. It works well with any guitar but is a must have for any BMG Special owners!

03 May 2021  |  Peter

Sheer quality throughout. Highly recommended.

Nice hoodie, good quality
29 April 2021  |  Peter

Nice hoodie, my daughter loves it!

Best strap going
28 April 2021  |  Jeff

I bought this for the Brian May connection but since using it I am going to buy more RightOn straps. They are reasonably priced for the non-artist ones. Robust, smart and practical.

THE sound!
28 April 2021  |  Jeff

I have owned many treble boosters over the years. The Flynn Amps OC44 in to my AC30CC1 has previously been my go-to but this KAT takes it to the next level for me. I know it is expensive but I probably lost more money buying and selling pedals chasing the sound I was looking for.

I can't recommend this enough. I am a huge Queen and Brian May fan but don't use a TB exclusively for Queen covers. It gets you that 60s and 70s Rock sound - I have a Victory Sheriff 22 and that plus TB is Thin Lizzy, Priest etc. It is the missing ingredient.

Just get one, you won't regret it.

22 April 2021  |  Emerald

Everything was fantastic, from early delivery to beautiful product! It arrived a handful of days early which was a surprise because I live in the USA! Nothing was damaged, everything was beautiful!

Absolutely brilliant
21 April 2021  |  Damian

I have owned hundreds of guitar cables over the years and this one has to be the best one ever. It doesn't make a peep when connecting to the guitar and there is no humm. It is absolutely brilliant. Love it

Was it all worth it?!?
20 April 2021  |  Chris

Yes - Absolutely amazing pedal - Spend the $$$ people, because itís bloody worth it!

I use mine alongside my old BHM Digitech pedal and after toggling with the limited treble I got from that, the KAT boosts those sounds lovingly from my Marshall amp.

Pros: Everything. Crisp, rich tones. The control knob (looks like Briís).
Con: Change the toggle switch to white - the black sometimes makes it difficult to see the setting in some rooms

19 April 2021  |  Monique

I received my guitar today and Iím really happy to discover it in the real - she is so beautiful and I canít wait to start playing it tomorrow!

I would also like to thank you for the quick shipment and the efficiency of your service. To be honest, I was not expecting that she would arrive so rapidly. Itís a birthday gift to myself and I thought It was more prudent to order it a few weeks in advance to have it in time. Now itís sure that I will definitively not miss the date... in May!

Thank you very much!

Exceeds expectation
16 April 2021  |  Mark

I was going to treat myself to one of these beauties last year - other things got in the way - but I finally managed to acquire in March 21.

First of all, the shopping experience with BMG was outstanding - very straightforward, great communication and updates, and extremely secure. My BMG Special was with me within 3 days, very well packaged, and in one hell of a sturdy box.

As for the instrument itself, it arrived in perfect condition. Nicely polished, good amount of protective film over the scratch plate, pick-ups etc. and for once this film was easy to remove - I've had many a challenge on other guitars in the past. Minimal set-up required and almost in perfect tune ;o)

The fretboard is to die for and the action is incredible - you merely have to present your fingers to the board and the notes ring out. Tested the tone via small BOSS practice amp with no FX and though a more meatier 250W PA utilising 3 Multi FX units (BOSS GT-100, Zoom G5 and a Line 6 POD 2.0). Outstanding tone quality and the in/out phase switches are amazing.

Finally I hooked it up to the Amplitube BM rig - enough said - stunning.

I would thoroughly recommend this guitar and would strongly advise any buyers to purchase direct from BMG.

A beauty
14 April 2021  |  Roland

Such a beautiful Instrument!! I am so happy with it! I enjoy playing and try to my best to be worthy of this special guitar... Thanks all of you and take care!
Keep on Rocking! Cheers Roland

12 April 2021  |  Lisa

The guitar arrived well-packaged and on time in a nicely padded, and well protected, Brian May Guitars bag. Once out of the bag the guitar is stunning - an affordable alternative to the BMG Super that still more than excels when plugged into an amp. It sounds great, especially when you start experimenting with the pickup and phase combinations which give it that iconic Brian May tone. While it sounds amazing plugged straight into the amp, an additional treble booster pedal will help you get that classic 'scream' that the "Old Lady" is known for. It is not difficult to play, with the strings being easy to bend, yet still staying in tune, and the 24 frets give it a slightly larger range than most guitars which usually have 21/22 frets.

While I have not needed to change the strings yet, the tuners DO lock, meaning string changes are substantially quicker and easier. I would recommend getting a set of Brian May strings (Optima Golds, Gauge .009-.042) in order to enhance that sound and playability that little bit more.

Overall I am extremely impressed with the quality, looks and sound of the guitar. It is well worth it for the price you pay and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a Red Special inspired guitar.

Great little pedal
12 April 2021  |  Nicholas

Having done some research on treble boosters over the last few months, I was convinced that I needed one to help me achieve the sound I was looking for. My main guitar is a Les Paul going into an original Marshall Silver Jubilee combo. The sound is great, but a little muddy when the amp is cranked up.

My first impression when plugging in the Brian May TB classic was a bit underwhelming until I sent my guitar into the clean channel with the master volume turned down a bit. It made a huge difference and sounded much nearer the sound I was looking for.

Would definitely recommend this pedal as it can definitely add that treble sweet spot to make your guitar sing.

Tonal perfection
11 April 2021  |  Mikkel

After playing around and recording with the different presets, using my AXE I/O, I can, with great confidence, say that the Brian May presets on AmpliTube are absolutely perfect. Granted, nothing will ever be 100% to what Brian created back in the days, but this is as close as I could ever hope on getting, without spending thousands of pound on equipment.

Love it.

11 April 2021  |  James

A excellent guitar.

I already have the Red Special and love how close the sound was to Brian's sound, but also wanted a acoustic guitar with the ability to mix piezo pickup and built-in mic to get a rich acoustic sound into a amp, or mixer for recording.

Not so big as some acoustic guitars, so easy to handle, and with a nice low action on the strings for easy fretting without killing your fingers.

Great guitar accompanied by world class service
09 April 2021  |  Christopher

The Red Special is a beautiful guitar and plays wonderfully. The overall care in trim is wonderful and the components are magnificent. I was impressed by the great communication, fast shipping, and great packaging. This was a wonderful experience.

07 April 2021  |  Andy

I have been delighted with the BMG Special. I bought this as a second guitar to my expensive Ibanez but it has become my first. It is like no other guitar Ė I'm not going to do a comparison, that would be like saying I think salt is better than pepper. You have to appreciate how this guitar was conceived back in 1963 and how it had evolved. I believe this guitar plays and feels pretty close to how it is supposed to. It would have been great to have the original design of tremolo but the guitar is built to a budget and well built it is. I have bought an Vox AC10 to play it through hoping to be able to play at a reasonably low volume but even set on quarter watt its pretty loud. Having said that, the amp has had upgraded valves and stuff and is probably louder than it originally was. I don't know if there is a way of playing it at a low volume without the use of earphones (?) but the guitar was never designed to be quiet, so I will cherish those rare moments I get an empty house.

Thank you, Brian May for sharing your guitar and the story behind it

Quirky yet interesting
03 April 2021  |  Ian

The Arielle is a quirky yet interesting instrument to play. Its long fretboard oozes a sense of confidence and being to the player, while the Tri-Sonic pickups are sharp, bright and distinctive with their series and in/out of phase controls - the characteristic sound of BMG - as good as ever.

The volume, tone and whammy are close to the strumming hand and very accessible. The bridge is also perfectly placed as a rest for picking. This is a stylistically delightful guitar and, in its Burnt Orange and Translucent Blue, a joy to own.

Really pleased
29 March 2021  |  Deborah

This is a really good guitar. Small, but the sound is brilliant both through an amp or played on its own. The build quality is excellent - which is what you would expect from BMG.

The guitar was delivered 24 hours after ordering (which is amazing service) and I have played it every day.

Small, comfortable and a great sound. I would give it six stars if I could!

Comfortable & adjustable
22 March 2021  |  Mikkel

The strap is very comfortable to use and the way you adjust the strap is one of the most stable systems I've ever had on a guitar strap. I highly recommend this strap, for anyone who needs a nice strap, in high quality

Affordable perfection
22 March 2021  |  Mikkel

I absolutely love the BMG Special. It stays in tune like nothing I've ever owned, the phase shifting is a lot of fun to play around with, and the fact that you can have all three pickups on at the same time gives such an unreal sound.

This guitar is definitely a must-have for any guitarist who loves Brian and his sound.

It's stone cold crazy... I'm in love with my guitar
16 March 2021  |  Rich

Love the Red Special. I've always loved the story behind it and got the book about the guitar as a gift a couple years ago. Years ago I heard a company was making replica Red Specials and in the back of my mind I've always wanted one. In the book it mentioned Brian May was starting a company and putting out his own copies of the Red Special, so it was on my wish list of guitars and I finally got around to seriously looking at it and now I'm extremely happy I've ordered my very own Red Special.

It's comfy amd fun to play, sounds great, and I love the sweet black with red stripe strap it came with. I sprung for the bar stool, hard case (very nice), and a tee shirt and hoodie, too.

I ordered it and, in less than a week, it all showed up at my door. I'm very happy with it and it was worth every cent.

08 March 2021  |  Yves

Very high quality

Great guitar, great delivery service, too
08 March 2021  |  Claude

This order went as smoothly as it could. The product is great... I enjoy playing the BMG Rhapsody a lot (guitar not at fault for my lack of practice/talent hahaha).

The delivery was smooth too. I live in Luxembourg (EU) and the delivery was easy despite Brexit regulations.

What's next? A Red Special, or maybe the Bass, I wonder....?!

All the best to the BMG team!

An inspiring, quality product and a painless, professional transaction
06 March 2021  |  Victoria

Full disclosure: I am first and foremost a violinist. This is my first guitar, so take my perception and opinions with a grain of salt.

Ordering/delivery: Super easy to place my order. Every screen during the order process warns international buyers of a likely import/duty tax, depending on your country. They are as transparent as possible about this.

Yet I still see many reviews complaining about having to pay an import tax!

Thatís not... thatís not BMGís fault. Thatís your governmentís doing. Complain to your legislators!

Putting ďI had to pay an import tax!Ē in your review would be like me complaining, ďI played a D chord on my new BMG Special, but my hair didnít transform into majestic curls like Dr. Brian Mayís.Ē

What BMG can control is the packaging. The single box is environmentally friendly and deceptively protective. The supports inside the box protect the neck and headstock. My guitar arrived in perfect condition.

Out of the box: It was 4 degrees Fahrenheit (-16 degrees Celsius) in Chicago when my BMG arrived. I let the box acclimate for 2 hours before opening. The guitar was completely playable right out of the box; I was able to tune it and play right away. Thereís minor fret buzz on the low E, but I havenít been able to take it for a proper setup since weíre in the middle of a pandemic. The fact that the action is okay and the guitar is playable out of the box after a transatlantic flight and travel through a deep freeze across the US is a testament to the quality and care with which the BMGs are made.

Tremolo: The instructions on the product support page were easy to follow. Iíve never added or removed a tremolo arm before and had no issues selecting the smallest Allen key from the provided bag of bits and bobs and pressing down on the trem arm to screw it in.

Itís worth noting that I was able to use the same smallest Allen key to unscrew and remove the tone knob. Donít know if this is recommended or not, but some of the plastic film from the pick guard was stuck underneath, so I removed and reattached the knob without issue.

Tuners: Like I mentioned in my disclaimer, this is my first guitar and my frame of reference is violin. I canít get over how easily the tuners adjust compared to the tuning pegs of a violin. I donít experience any frustration while tuning my BMG, and I know I could tune all 6 guitar strings faster than the 4 strings on my violin. Itís the little things in life, you know?

Neck: Iím not used to frets and I have nothing with which to compare the frets on my BMG. However, there are no sharp fret edges on the neck, which is wonderful. The neck is glossy, not matte - however my hand has never gotten ďstuckĒ shifting up and down the neck!

The 45mm nut width is a lot for me to get used to, but again, Iím used to a violin so any guitar neck would feel mammoth to me. 45mm seems like a fair compromise - wider than a Fender or Gibson to appeal to the enthusiasts of Brianís original specs, but not so wide as to be unplayable.

Yes, the neck shape itself on the BMG Special is thinner than the BMG Super... which I think is a great thing! I never met Dr. May, but I can say with certainty that my hands are much smaller, since Iím only 5í 3Ē tall. If the neck was as thick as Dr. May prefers, I donít know if I would be able to play it!

I think the arguments Iíve seen over specs prove you canít please everyone, so itís in BMGís best interest to sell what would please the largest amount of customers. In that aspect, I think Iím the target demographic: I wanted a nice guitar under $1,000 thatís inspired, designed, and endorsed by my favorite guitar player that I could actually learn to play on. Thatís exactly what the BMG Special does.

Free strap promotion: The promotions change, but when I purchased my BMG Special, it came with a free Brian May-licensed vegan strap in my color of choice. I loved this promotion so much because I didnít have a guitar strap, and I didnít need to research and buy one separately. A $63 strap with my guitar? Very much appreciated.

Thank you to everyone at World Musical Instruments Co. in South Korea for building such a gorgeous instrument and to everyone at Brian May Guitars for the easy transaction, fast shipping (literally the morning of the next business day; WOW), and thoughtful packaging that ensured my guitarís safe arrival in Chicago. And of course, thank you to Dr. Brian May for inspiring me to practice and play and use lockdown to learn a new skill.

What a magnificent instrument!
04 March 2021  |  Claire

I bought the BMG Special LE White already in August 2020 - at last I can really say how much I love this fantastic guitar!

I only started playing (learning to play) in October 2019, so there's not too many other guitars I played, even though I was able to play different ones at my guitar school before deciding to just follow my instinct . I've been a Queen fan all my life, and Brian May is my first and ever guitar hero, so I thought that buying one of his guitars cannot be wrong, even if I cannot test it before ordering (there's no-one I know who has one). And wasn't I proved right? I've never (in my short-so-far guitar career) played on such a magnificent fingerboard, so smooth and easy to play, that I really wonder whether this is made of wood at all. The locking tuners should be made compulsory for all guitars worldwide, as they make string changeing extremely easy-peasy.

I'm so convinced of this guitar (as you might have guessed by now ) that I've now ordered the Rhapsody, having learned and really enjoying fingerstyle playing. I'm so much looking forward to it and am sure I'll be just as pleased as with the Special.

Thanks to Brian and all the team at BMG for letting us participate in the result of all your experience and fine-tuning throughout the years.

Love this guitar
01 March 2021  |  Michael

The BMG Special joins my current collection of 6 other electrics. It is a stand out for sure. The build quality is excellent and the sound is incredible. It plays well, I love the neck. A really great guitar.

Exceeds all expectations
26 February 2021  |  David

In a world where nothing lives up the hype, this is the exception - in fact, it exceeded my expectations and is one of the most awesome guitars I've had.

I was nervous about buying a guitar I couldnít play, thought I could have been stuck with a flashy looking guitar with a big name and low grade neck, fretboard and components, but it couldnít be further from the truth - the neck is great, the action is great, the electronics are amazing, the machineheads state of the art... the only complaint is I thought I would magically start being able to play like Brian May. The guitar sounds like one of his, but for some reason it didnít magically make my fingers move faster... !!

Really happy
25 February 2021  |  Mark

Already had the heather indigo version of this t-shirt and really like it - decided to treat myself to the black one too. Classic looking t-shirt which I am really happy with.

Marvellous Capo!
25 February 2021  |  Mark

Already had a G7 Performance 3 capo, so got this Brian May Guitars version of the Performance 2 as a spare. They are very similar and I really like them, they are easy to put on, take off and just do the job well! I think the Performance 3 will now be the spare!

Great looking guitar strap!
25 February 2021  |  Mark

Treated myself to the beige strap and it looks and feels wonderful! The adjusting screws are a great idea and the plectrum holders are the icing on the cake. Very happy with it

23 February 2021  |  Jodi

Perfect size for pockets. Holds every card you need, without searching on end for one. Organized and made beautifully... itís vegan so no animals were used. I really love the ease of using it... I should have had one years ago, even though they werenít around yet!

Plays wonderfully
22 February 2021  |  James

What can I say? The guitar is everything I thought it would be and more, plays wonderfully.

16 February 2021  |  William

Beautiful guitar starp, meets my expectations. Perfect for my Red Special

16 February 2021  |  Neil

Iím really pleased with my BMG Special. It arrived well wrapped and packaged and the courier was very good. Iíve only had a couple of weeks now so Iím still learning what it can do but so far very pleased with it.

First class service
15 February 2021  |  Ian

Absolutely love this guitar, this is one of the best guitars Iíve owned - paired up with a vox AC4, she sounds amazing.

First class service on website and over the phone, very friendly staff.

Over the moon, have not stopped playing it.

Ottimo prodotto
15 February 2021  |  Paolo

Ottimo prodotto, arrivato in perfette condizioni e con ottimi settaggio armonici.

Worth the wait
07 February 2021  |  Kevin

I have been tempted to buy a BMG for 3 years and never quite pressed the buy button. I could just get a Strat or a Gibson style and play the chords and the solos. I bought the Brian May pack on AmpliTube to get the tone and noodled away contentedly.

Iíll never play well enough to pass myself off as May or Knopfler, so no point in splashing out. But I did. I have gone through lots of guitars setting them up, levelling and polishing frets, adjusting neck angles, rewiring electrics and building from kits so I know my way around now. Out of the box this was set with a fairly straight neck and comfortable first fret and last fret string height. The intonation was near perfect and the electrics smooth (the jack socket has such a positive lock). The range of tones you can achieve with the switches and rolling the tone is a revelation and the variety can be increased controlling that volume dial when playing through an amp. The shorter string length makes bending notes so much easier and the acoustics from the hollow body give it a great sound even before you plug it in. Nice locking tuners that barely need tweaked as it stays in tune and the Wilkinson Tremolo just slides back into place with no effect on tuning.

My quibble? Fret buzz on the E string and A strings. A bit of a level and some adjustment on the saddles removed most of it and itís not noticeable plugged in, but acoustically it rankles me. It is a guitar I am happy to pick up and play just for the sound it can generate while it feels (to me) comfortable and natural.

Worth the wait? Yes.

Superb quality
03 February 2021  |  Eric

Superb quality. The contacts are very good, no wobbling, and the best is the silent plug - I didn't know how I could live without that feature.

Only thing is, a black color option would be good.

03 February 2021  |  Eric

Everything is as expected. Build quality, aesthetic, and most important, the sound quality, are superb.

Congrats, Brian May and Nigel Knight.

Great booster
29 January 2021  |  Ben

I have really enjoyed using the Treble Booster Classic. There are many variations of sounds to be had from adjusting both the pedal and using my guitars volume control accordingly. It runs perfectly into my old Marshall JMP which is set to mild break-up and the pedal gives it that extra push. This pedal can help cover a lot of ground from Queen-esque tones all the way through to Deep Purple and early Black Sabbath tones. Highly recommended, as long as you use it correctly and your playing technique is up to scratch.

Amazing booster / Amazing customer service
29 January 2021  |  Alisa

I received a Honeyburst BMG for Christmas and decided to get the Treble Booster. I love it. The sound is amazing. Highly recommended for everyone.

Not only that, when you order anything from BMG, the customer service from Barry and all there is unsurpassed.

Awesome pedal
27 January 2021  |  Daniel

The thing with pedals is, you either like them or not. What works for the one doesn't for the other... this is a very distictive sounding pedal, it will get you your classic rock tones, like Tony Iommi's and Rory Gallagher's if you use the right guitar and amp. I own several BM type guitars - Guilds and a BMG Super - and I'm very pleased with the sounds I get with my Marshall 1978x top with greenback Celestion speaker loaded cab. I will have to get a Vox for "that" exact sound but, for now, the pedal gets me where I wanna be! And I can sound like me!!

27 January 2021  |  Carl

Good product. Excellent design and quality. Looks well on my 'Mini May' Special.

The coolest
25 January 2021  |  Toni

This is coolest Brian May item since long time. It is must-have product for fans and a good idea to get one while you still can. Delivery time was fast, next to speed of light! If only one day there would be Brian May phaser and 'Brighton Rock' delay combo in one pedal...

Absolutely Phenomenal! Amazing staff & customer experience! Would give a thousand stars if I could!
20 January 2021  |  Michael

Always wanted to learn the guitar, and always loved Queen, and I looked up to Brian May for, not just his incredible guitar skills, but his ideals and dedication to what he believes in! And since watching 'Bohemian Rhapsody' and my brother getting me the Red Special book for Christmas, and me and him non stop talking about the Red Special, and learning Queen songs on my other guitars, I just knew I had to get one!

After a brief chat with customer service over Facebook I dove straight in and ordered my BMG Special. Already the customer service were very helpful and friendly and I couldn't wait to get hold of my Red Special. It was delivered very quickly and after a quick tuning I was off and playing, and it's an absolute beauty, first and foremost. looks spot on to the original, the light strings and low action makes it an absolute breeze to play! There is so much variation with the switching system, turning pick ups on and off and putting them in and out of phase! I'm still experimenting and trying to match them to the original songs, I honestly haven't put this guitar down.

The limited edition gift package was amazing too!

If you are a fan of Dr. Brian May and Queen (let's be real, you wouldn't be here is you wasn't), then you have absolutely got to pick one up! Worth every penny!

Thank you once again, Brian May Guitars! Just need to convince my brother to pick one up now, haha!

Fantastic service / Fabulous guitar
20 January 2021  |  Susan

Fantastic service, and what a fabulous guitar superb quality, and a beautiful finish too. Would definitely recommend your product and website.

Great sound, great value for money, and great service
19 January 2021  |  Richard

I have wanted a Brian May Red Special copy for so many years, but never got round to buying one. Anyway, lockdown hit so had some spare time on my hands, so I thought, why not take the plunge and get one?

Well, I was not disappointed - what a fantastic guitar. I have other, more expensive guitars (e.g. Fender Strat), and the BMG Special blows them away! Such a sweet (like some kind of cheese) sound and such a versatile instrument. I feel my playing has improved in the short time i've had it, probably because I want to play it all the time.

Great sound, great value for money and great service.

Great guitar!!
19 January 2021  |  Diego

As a great fan of Brian May, the purchase of this guitar is a dream come true. The instrument came in perfect condition and well set-up.

Really happy!!

The Old Lady
13 January 2021  |  Adrian

What can I say that hasn't been said?! When I saw Queen back in the seventies, in my early '20s, I thought I'd love to get that guitar Brian had. Hi sound of playing and the other guys in thr band had their own identity. For me it was like The Beatles all over again, if you know what I mean, they had their own sound.

Forward some forty years later, I finally brought the GUITAR I always wanted. WOW! And what a beautiful guitar. It is the best guitar I have ever owned. It plays like no other.

So Dr. Brian May, I thank you so much for putting this guitar into production, love to you and the rest of the Guys.

The World needs more People like you. Cheers, Adrian.

Get the solos clearly audible
11 January 2021  |  Alfons

I heard about the reble booster on the internet and why Brian is using it since decades. I'm a hobby guitar player and since I switched to electric guitars in the late 1970s I think my solos are too loud, while the audience thinks they're too silent. This is certainly based on my peculiar fable for soft and full sounds with a lot of sustain that are hard to distinguish from the sound wall generated by the rest of the band. With the treble booster, I did not need to change a thing as to the volume, just switch it on and, at the same volume, the solos stick out; at least inside our rehearsal room. Live gigs will show more later this year; fingers crossed!!

A must
08 January 2021  |  Mark

Fantastic treble booster Ė 3 presets based on Brian's '70s, '80s and '90s boosters, but you can tweak each to your own personal taste with the level control.

Makes your BMG come to life.

I have a BMG Signature and a 1993 Guild Signature, both massively enhanced using this. It really is a must if you own a Red Special.

Worth every penny.

Exciting sound, comfortable neck
07 January 2021  |  Tamas

This guitar has a smaller body then average guitars so it has less bass tone, but who cares, it's not a bass guitar. It has an exciting tone. All the acoustic and the electric sound is well used.

The Fishman Under-Saddle Pickup and the Soundhole Mounted Electret-Condenser Cardioid Microphone works brilliant. Tuner well enough.

The number one reason I choosed this acoustic guitar that I hope, the neck is same as the BMG Special, and yes... it's easily playable at the last fret too.

I love it!

What are you waiting for? Go buy this guitar!
07 January 2021  |  Alison

Amazing service and a great product. I can't believe the price for something of this quality. Came in record time for the holidays as well, so I have had some very fine days of playing this beautiful instrument.

Go ahead and purchase, you won't be disappointed. Also the T-shirt, coin, and pack of extras were a fantastic bonus that you won't get if you buy it anywhere else.

07 January 2021  |  Rebecca

This guitar strap is of very high quality and looks stunning, particularly when paired with a Red Special. My husband loves it. The service was fantastic and all arrived well packaged and in a respectable amount of time.

Best online shopping experience Iíve had
06 January 2021  |  Max

Absolutely outstanding customer service. The team were very helpful with any questions I had and after ordering the item it only too 7 days to get from the UK to Australia. Even with COVID restrictions.

Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a brilliant and iconic guitar. Thank you, Brian May Guitars!

Superspeed service!!!
05 January 2021  |  Renť

Got "Frank" already today. Ordered 2nd January - 3 days later here... Just amazing superspeed service!!!

Thank you guys very much for that. Just happy to hold it in my hands... Now we'll make some noise!!!!!!!

It is a thing of beauty!
03 January 2021  |  Emmalyn

I have never held an electric guitar before, and never even dreamed of owning one until... the moment I saw the sold-out Baby Blue BMG Special LE on the website. I knew I had to have it. I was informed that it wonít be available for purchase until early 2021. As luck would have it, I was notified over a week later that one was available. Of course, I purchased it the same day. So glad I did because it is sold out again. It was shipped and arrived within a week in California.

My Baby Blue is even more beautiful in person! It is a thing of beauty! Excellent craftsmanship! It is a Christmas gift from my husband I am a QUEEN fan and a huge Brian May fan. Owning a BMG makes me feel so special! Looking forward to learning my favorite Queen and Brian May songs. I am a beginner and my guitar sounds great. Love it! The gift pack and gig bag are a great bonus.

Special thanks to Dave G. for all his help and prompt email responses. Excellent customer service! I highly recommend this website and will be a repeat customer.

Playing my hero's guitar
01 January 2021  |  Geoff

My wife bought this Brian May Guitars Red Special for me for Christmas and I have spent the last few days getting used to all the various sounds/tones available from this wonderful instrument.

It is beautifully crafted and so easy to play. I can't play like Brian but at least I can experience his guitar at close hand. Best thing to come out of 2020 !!

This shirt is FANTASTIC!!!
31 December 2020  |  Glenda

I received my shirt, washed it and began to wear it immediately. The cotton quality of the shirt is GREAT, not too thin, not too thick! I've washed it a couple of times already and it is holding up very well with washing and drying. All in all, I'm very pleased with the quality of this t-shirt... and the graphics and color are holding up well to washing and drying, too!

I, of course, would expect only the BEST quality with an item bearing Brian May's name!!! This shirt is FANTASTIC!!!

She loves her BMG
30 December 2020  |  Christopher

We purchased the BMG Red Special for our daughter for Christmas. She is 13 years old and a huge Queen, and of course Brian May fan. The quality of the guitar is excellent and the sound is certainly that of Brian May's.

The purchase, shipping, etc. all went smoothly and was very timely. Definitely recommend a BMG for anybody interested in a great sounding, quality guitar.

Versatile Instrument, Excellent Value, Great Customer Service
30 December 2020  |  David

I've wanted one of these guitars for a long time, and decided to treat myself this year; I wish I'd done so long ago.

The instrument is outstanding : comfortable neck, very low action, versatile range of sounds from the pickup switching, beautiful sustain. I sincerely believe a gigging musician could use this one guitar for a broad range of music. The build quality is phenomenal. I've tried out a lot of guitars this fall, including a handful of multi-thousand dollar instruments, and the the BMG feels as well made as any of them, making it an excellent value for both quality and usefulness.

I also commend Brian May Guitars for a speedy ordering and shipping process and excellent response to customer inquiries. My instrument arrived from the UK to the U.S. mid-Atlantic region in 5 days from time of order, well packed and in excellent condition. Both the instrument and the company are deserving of having Brian May's name associated with them.

Top quality scarf
29 December 2020  |  Maria

Feels like silk on the skin. Keeps warm and the fabric is excellent.

Good quality
29 December 2020  |  Vanessa

Good quality and looks like real leather. Still no signs of use, although I use it every day. A bigger one with some more card slots would be nice too.

Light, warm and stylish
29 December 2020  |  Vanessa

Nice fabric, soft and light but still warm enough for winter temperatures. Good length!

The best gift!
29 December 2020  |  Katsunori

I was informed that I placed an order last Tuesday, December 22nd, and shipped the next day. It arrived 6 days after shipping. The correspondence of the staff was also very good and polite. I don't think there is such a good mail order in Japan.

The guitar is in good condition and the Red Special is the best!
I'm really thankful to you! We have the best year-end and New Year holidays!


Very happy
28 December 2020  |  Renate

Saw my husband with hearts in his eyes looking on the website - parallel locked in - and after only a few days I was able to hide it for Christmas... Saw those eyes then again at Christmas 🎄... perfect 😍 He is very happy with this guitar (and he builds guitars himself - so he knows exactly what he holds in the hands)

Best Christmas present
27 December 2020  |  Christine

Christine ordered the BMG Special secretly as a Christmas present for me. We live in Vienna Austria. As a 61 year old, hobby guitarist trying to reconstruct the music that inspired me many years ago, I was rehearsing 'Bohemian Rhapsody' for several weeks, and she found me studying websites about Brian May and his guitar and YouTubes several times. Well, I visited your website occasionally, but never expected this great present. I would not have bought it for me, not because I wouldn't desire to have it, but because I am not just good enough to deserve this iconic instrument. So it happened, right under the Christmas tree, I got my amplifier, turned it on - a bit to loud - and immediately got a feedback - which never happened with my Squier Strat before. Ha - it has resonance chambers! Soon I found out to control feedback and distortion just by using the volume pot, and managed to use the coin as a pick. What fun!

Well, this is a very different guitar, very special sounds, easy to play on one side, but unfamiliar too. It will take some more time to get by with this top-heavy instrument with this special size and narrow frets. Well, very special - and I love it. A great, iconic and high quality instrument.

One advice : It took me some time to find out how to fix the tremolo arm. A little instruction in the package would help. Strat-musicians are used to just screwing it in.

23 December 2020  |  John

Everything about this guitar is great! Looks amazing, plays really well with great tones and is a joy to pick up. My first RS but definitely not my last!

I also have to say that the team at BMG were great, prompt service and clear communication throughout. This includes the social media team whom I bombarded with various requests etc.

Well done to everyone!

22 December 2020  |  Rafael

Decir que en el proceso de compra todo ha ido de manera perfecta. Resolvieron mis dudas al instante y la rapidez en el envŪo fue perfecta. El producto llegů muy bien embalado.

Solo me queda decir que son unos profesionales y que estŠn a la altura del significado, historia y valor de la Red Special.

Muchas gracias y un saludo desde EspaŮa.

Absolutely Stunning
21 December 2020  |  Jameson

An absolutely stunning guitar, flawless electrics, and beautiful tone. Whatís hard to tell from the pictures is the size of this guitar. It has such a thin body compared to my other acoustics. This will be a joy to play in shows all over Florida next year!

20 December 2020  |  Vincenzo

Truly an excellent product for my Red

Such a good setup
18 December 2020  |  Ferdinand

The guitar looks gorgeous, and plays so too. I have bought top brand guitars before, for twice or three times the price, but never was one delivered with such a good setup as this Red Special. And then you even managed to fix my mistake on the T-Shirt size. I'll proudly wear it wherever it is slightly inappropriate.

I wish you all a very nice Christmas, but it will be hard to top the one Iím having 😊

Great Guitar!
16 December 2020  |  Ernest

But what are the spring and Allen keys that are included in the tremolo arm package for?

Really great guitar
16 December 2020  |  Hadrien

It's a very nice guitar and a good compromise between an electric guitar and an acoustic. I also have a Gibson, but I don't touch it much anymore as I am playing the BMG instead. It has a nice balance and very good warm sound. Even the strings have the good density and tension. Very happy with this purchase ... my neighbours probably less !

Loving the tone
16 December 2020  |  Richard

This guitar is a great value for the money. It has at least 2 tones that none of my Fenders, Gibsons, or other guitars can match. I am loving it!

Good product
15 December 2020  |  Massimo

Good quality, great sound!

Good looking and very nice
14 December 2020  |  Martin

To get it out of the way - I am not a gigging guitarist, I am a step-dad type playing for myself for my own enjoyment. Please bear this in mind.

Build quality appears solid. It's a very beautiful guitar, nice fretwork, slightly rounded fretboard edges, very pleasant to play. The knobs look better than in the pictures on the site. The neck is thick-ish (check the specs). If you like thick necks you'll enjoy this one. If you prefer Ibanez slim neck types you might be frustrated here. I find it quite comfortable.

I mostly play straight into a 4W Plexi-style amp. This can be a little dark and this guitar really wants a treble booster (or something) to liven it up. With a treble booster though, it is very nice sounding and also very touch sensitive. It has a very dynamic response and adjusting the volume knob while playing makes sense.

I find the tremolo bar is slightly in the way of the switching system but it may be a question of getting used to it. (I am not really used to a trem-system at all). I am not done investigating the tones I can get. This guitar will produce both humbucker and single coil type sounds - and more, thanks to the switching.

It was playable out of the box (obviously after acclimatization and tuning).

Does it sound like the real thing? I don't know and don't really care. I mostly got it for its features. I suspect you can get very close if the rig matches that of Brian May - and your skill,playing style and heavy-/light- handedness does as well.

Taking the price point into consideration, I think this is a very good guitar indeed. I am happy to have gotten one. 5 stars.

Really impressed
13 December 2020  |  David

My instrument arrived today, in perfect condition and 2 days ahead of the originally predicted schedule. I just spent an hour or so with it and I'm really impressed: it's rock solid, has really impressive sustain, and plays beautifully. I've coveted one of these for years and am glad I didn't wait any longer. My other guitars may get jealous, though.

Count me a thoroughly satisfied customer.

He's a very clever boy
10 December 2020  |  Robert

A very smart friend of mine told me about an audio signal generator he built as a boy and ended the story with "of course it was rubbish because I didn't know what I was doing". That obviously wasn't Brian May telling that story because he managed to design and build something that was very good. I am sure we mustn't underestimate his father's contribution, but this guitar was very well thought out and implemented.

Roll on to today where someone has productionised this concept and no doubt some smashing CNC machines and production people have realised it. It plays like a dream, the action and playability is very good out of the box and the build quality is first class. I didn't have my glasses on and thought the top of the pickups had corrosion on the chrome, I emailed BMG and got a prompt and courteous reply "have you taken the plastic film off?" No of course I hadn't, I was expecting it on the scratch plate but not on the top of the pickups for heaven's sake.

A lot of words to say "It's great, the whole experience has been great, thanks".

I wish I had asked for the medium T Shirt, perhaps I will grow into the large

Great guitar, awesome sound!
09 December 2020  |  Ralph

Received the guitar from UK to Brazil in less than 10 days through DHL Express.

Worth the heavy local import duties.

The guitar is awesome
07 December 2020  |  Ayelen

In general, the guitar is awesome. It looks very nice, it is very comfortable (not too heavy), the sound is great, and the tremolo works perfectly. However, I have two bad comments about it : the guitar goes out of tune within a few hours and the most worrying, the volume control makes a weird noise when I use it.

I am happy
05 December 2020  |  Remy

I am very satisfied fan since my childhood. I'm 59 years old and I dreamed of it for a long time.

03 December 2020  |  Helen

This guitar is beautiful. Brilliant service and arrived within 5 days including a weekend. And it is perfect. If youíre hesitating in buying one please donít. It will make your life better!

Great hoodie!!
29 November 2020  |  Mark

As with the t-shirt; great colour & logo. Really like the design. Bought at the same time as the t-shirt and very pleased with both.

Love it
26 November 2020  |  Jon

The candy hues on this guitar would look great on a stick of Brighton Rock, though not bright enough to induce 'Blurred Vision, playing it made this White Man feel like a Cool Cat.

Practicing whilst Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon, A Flick of the Wrist induced some Stone Cold Crazy tones. I realized I was putting myself Under Pressure and that I play better when I Donít Try So Hard.

Tangerine Dream, You Take My Breath Away, you made me think youíd been Made In Heaven. But You Donít Fool Me.

The customer service was great too, itís a Good Company.



Beautiful guitar
21 November 2020  |  Lance

I own two BMG Special LE guitars, and I think the quality is fantastic - playability, weight, balance, sonic variety. Just great guitars for the price. I'm a bit of a tone wonk, so I immediately voided the warranty on this guitar by rewiring the guitar for series/parallel tone options (thanks to JohnH's wiring diagram on The BMG's are just really nice guitars, and priced well below their value.

Best guitar ever
19 November 2020  |  Paul

I am a huge Brian May fan and my partner bought this as a surprise for me for my 60th birthday. I live in Australia and the parcel arrived in perfect condition very quickly. The quality of the guitar is fantastic and it is something that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Exceptional customer service
18 November 2020  |  Chris

Extremely happy with my new BMG Special and with the exceptional customer service that I received. I was expecting a bit of a delay, due to the Covid situation, so was very pleasantly surprised when it arrived within a few days of the order. Very impressed with the quality of the guitar and the ease of play. Looks great and sounds great.

Excellent service
18 November 2020  |  Keith

A lovely instrument, very nice to play and very good value for money. Also would like to commend Brian May Guitars for an excellent service, responding and shipping the instrument within 24 hrs of the order being placed. It arrived in New Zealand in 5 days, and was received by me less than a fortnight after being ordered.

17 November 2020  |  Steven

What can I say? What a wonderful little pedal- so easy to use and what a dramatic effect it has on bringing out the best in my guitars, not just my BMG. Wish Iíd got one years ago - a must for any serious guitar player.

Wonderful instrument and service
17 November 2020  |  Steven

One of the best quality new guitars Iíve seen, leaves Gibson to shame, and for a fraction of the cost. The finish and construction quality are way above this price range of guitar, the fretwork and the neck are divine, the trem system is one of the best Iíve come across, and the versatility of the guitar is amazing, with a whole load of infinitely variable tones available with it.

Very, very pleased with your product and service. Iím in Dubai and you somehow managed to have it at my door in 4 days. Thank you for your wonderful instrument and service

Outstanding guitar
17 November 2020  |  Jason

This was a birthday present to myself. I couldn't be happier. It looks and sounds incredible. 2020 just got a little brighter.

Exceptional service
16 November 2020  |  Keith

I would like to thank you for the prompt and exceptional service I received from you regarding my recent purchase of this†guitar. I was concerned that the looming lockdown may have affected the dispatch of it. However, I was delighted that the order was promptly processed and dispatched within a day of you receiving my order. It arrived in New Zealand 5 days from me placing the order, and I received it at home less than two weeks after ordering it. It is a lovely instrument and very good value and I am delighted with, both it, and the service from you and the team. I also would like to mention the excellent service from DHL, the freight company. I hope that you all stay safe in these uncertain times of covid† and wish you well for the future. I will certainly deal with your company again† in the future, and highly recommend† you to my musician friends. Thank you.

This guitar is amazing
16 November 2020  |  Emma

This guitar is amazing. It plays really nicely, oozes power and sustain. The only fault I have, is that the action wasnít set up properly and there was a lot of string buzz on the 3 low strings.

16 November 2020  |  Mark

Excellent purchase.

Classiest strap I've ever owned
16 November 2020  |  Wayne

It looks beautiful with the Red Special, is comfortable, and the fact that it's a vegan product makes it even better.

She's a beauty!
13 November 2020  |  David

Lovely balance, comfortable neck and a delightfully rich tone even unplugged. Arrived very quickly and played beautifully straight out of the box. The gorgeous Emerald Green finish is top quality and absolutely flawless... fell in love immediately and Iím sure Iíll be playing my Special for many, many years.

Ottimo prodotto
13 November 2020  |  Vincenzo

Un ottimo prodotto costruito con cura e ben rifinito.

A pleasure to play
13 November 2020  |  Robert

I'm very happy with this guitar. This has been the only guitar I've picked up in the last 3 weeks and that's saying something. The workmanship, overall quality and playability appear to be a standard above the price. I was also pleasantly surprised by the delivery time given the international shipment. I've given 4 stars as the neck pick-up switch must have a slightly loose wire/solder connection as more often than not, toggling the switch will turn off all three pickups. I don't believe this to be a difficult fix and I'm just waiting for the next string change to remediate myself. I would not imagine this to be a recurrent problem overall and I would re-order the guitar knowing the problem ahead of time.

Better than I could have imagined
10 November 2020  |  Ian

Just a quick message to say 'thank you' for all your help with the purchase of my red special. She arrived today and is better than I could have imagined, please pass my thanks to all concerned.

06 November 2020  |  Karen

Thank you so much! I can't wait to give this as a Christmas gift! Excellent service and delivery was flawless. Cheers!

Of course I had to get this guitar...
05 November 2020  |  Wayne

When I was in kindergarten in 1973, I remember hearing "Keep Yourself Alive" on the radio... was hooked immediately. Through the years, as I learned to play and tinker, I tried to emulate the "Old Lady" by rewiring my guitars, fiddling with amps and effects, etc...

FINALLY - I just go straight to the source, and get my own Red Special... it's well appointed, plays wonderfully, was set up rather well out of the box (some minor tweaks), and it sounds OUTRAGEOUS. I've got the Amplitube Brian May emulations, as well as the Vox BM-1 "Deacy" amp and a bunch of time to play and get familiar with the feel of the guitar. This is my 9th electric guitar in my current collection, and already one of my all time favorites. When the pandemic is history, and I can start gigging again, this WILL be one of my main players.
THANKS for putting out such an awesome instrument at such an affordable price! Who knows - I may get another...

03 November 2020  |  Ian

What can I say? I expect the best quality and thatís what you get from Brian May's products. Thank you, they are magnificent

Great shirt
03 November 2020  |  Dave

Great shirt - love the logo, although the quality of the shirt bit flimsy than expected, not gonna stop me wearing it though...

In LOVE with both of my Honeyburst Specials
03 November 2020  |  Armand

Playing this BMG "Honeyburst Special" is simply a POEM - it is very inspiring and damn fun, because she is built absolutely great, very easy to play and ALWAYS tuning-stable - not least thanks to the zero fret and the GROVER locking mechanisms (factory standard!).

😉 Conclusion: price & performance miracle!

That's the reason why I've purchased two of them! You never know - if they will stop producing such amazing Limited Edition Models like the Honeyburst again! You take this guitar in your hand and you immediately fall in love with it... Guaranteed!

Best wishes and thanks to BRIAN MAY for such a wonderful instrument!

Highest recommandation from my part as a professional studio & live guitarist!!

Yours, Mandy

Special waistcoat
03 November 2020  |  Armand

Something very special for "on stage" and also just to be dressed in a modern and special way! Perfect fit and amazing quality - both sides, one black in jeans design - one with all the RED SPECIALS - print in every colours .... very nice!! Highly recommended... best wishes - Mandy

So much nicer than the previous set fitted to my 2015 model
03 November 2020  |  Ian

Lovely quality control knobs that look and feel better than the originals supplied with my 2015 model guitar. A tad on the expansive side but I expect these are produced in smaller quantities than more 'mainstream' controls. Delivery and communication from BMG was fast and efficient. Thanks

Excellent service
03 November 2020  |  Chris

Unfortunately my guitar took longer than the expected 48 hours to be delivered, in fact it took just over a week. Be that as it may I cannot fault the customer service.. (I was) supplied with updates via the phone and when I was told the actual date to expect delivery it was spot on.

So I'm not pleased, just have to learn to play it now.

Can't wait to hear it played
01 November 2020  |  Chris

The guitar is for a Christmas present for my son 11yrs Ė he wanted the white one. So I needed to order early to ensure I could get that colour. I don't play so can't really test it, but it looks and feels nice

I'm having to wait till the 25th December to hear it played, I suspect it will be a hit, he's been learning for about 3 years now. At the moment he's using a Blackstar modelling amp and has downloaded a Brian May patch to emulate the treble overdrive sound. I suspect the next item on the wish list will be an BM effects pedal... I'd better start saving and getting some overtime in!

Very beautiful and versatile
01 November 2020  |  Eric

A few years ago I bought a Red Special second hand off the internet and enjoyed the guitar. Later, however, I sold it because I wanted to buy other gear. It didn't take long, however, for me to regret selling it, because it left a bigger and better impression than I realised.

In other words, I started to miss that guitar.

So recently I bought a BMG Special LE Tangerine Dream and it is everything I remembered and more. This truly is a versatile guitar. And sure, I'm compelled to learn to play the classic Queen songs, but this guitar can deliver so much more. I play in a cover band (COVID-19 is preventing us to rehearse and play) and though we do not have any Queen songs in our repertoire at present, I can easily see myself using this Tangerine Special exclusively.

I only have two little complaints, very minor :
1. The color of the guitar in the pictures on this website is not accurate with the color of the actual guitar I received. I don't know if this is true for other Limited Edition models, but I would encourage Brian May Guitars to evaluate the pictures they use on their website and maybe take some new ones which are color accurate.
2. The guitar is nearly perfect, except for the input jack cavity that is nod completely painted.

My conclusion, a very beautiful and versatile guitar for the beginning, the intermediate and the experienced guitarist alike.

All of you there are amazing
30 October 2020  |  Gino

Every time I make a purchase with you guys, your customer service amazes me! Thank you for the update, all of you there are amazing. Thanks for all your help.

30 October 2020  |  Susan

It works really well and it is absolutely essential if you want to protect a guitar!

30 October 2020  |  Susan

I bought this for my daughter who adores Brian May, every moment she gets she is playing that guitar!

Just fun to play
29 October 2020  |  Andreas

Coming from a Strat style guitar, a MusicMan Silhouette, the BMG with its small scaling is so much fun to play, so easy. I found myself grabbing the BMG more and more and now it has become MY GUITAR. For those of you who like playing lots of soulful bendings (and hate blisters on the fingers)... try it out

P.S. Im using the BMG together with 008 Pyramid String (one of the softest strings) and need only two spring of the tremolo, which pushes the softness even further.

Cheers, Andy!

Nice shirt
28 October 2020  |  Claire

Bought this for my husband who is into guitars. I ordered extra large and am pleased with the fit and also like the the style - goes well with jeans and has a neat v-neck style collar. The service was good - arrived within 2 or 3 days of purchase and I was kept informed of the delivery status through email.

Gives your BMG a different look
26 October 2020  |  Alistair

These pickguards allow you to make your red special a bit more personal. I gave my Antique Cherry a set of white pearloid accessories, but I reckon tortoiseshell would look stunning with one of the blue, black or sunburst models.

Also very good value, especially compared to the price of having custom plates made up.

Delivery was prompt and service excellent.

Good quality
23 October 2020  |  Bert

Good quality shirt. Nice fit.

Authentic dimensions, satin finish and knurl
21 October 2020  |  Doug

I have bought two sets of these control knobs recently because they look more aesthetically pleasing than any other Brian May Red Special knobs I have seen or bought over the years. One set is destined for a 2004 Burns/BMG Signature guitar I am upgrading and the other set will be fitted to the authentic Brian May Red Special replica I completed building in summer 2020. See my website ( for details.

As far as I am aware, the 'skirt' diameter should be 1 1/4" (31.75mm) and the items are correct (in fact, 32.0mm which is the nearest metric equivalent). However, the most pleasing feature, and one which I am particularly fussy about, is the knurl which appears to be the same as Brian's original knobs in two important respects: (a) narrow ridge spacing and (b) applied to the full height of the central grip. I note that this design is different to a previous one offered by BMG (which was shiny and had a sharp knurl ridge with a wider spacing) and is better in my opinion. Beware of other aftermarket versions, some of which have flaws such as badly applied or incorrect knurl.

Simply nails it
20 October 2020  |  Timothy

I am totally impressed with this Treble Booster. While there are many options on the market (new & old), this product is impossible to beat for the price. The "decades" presets perform as described and the feel of the unit as good as anything I have tried. Highly recommended!!! It works great with both modeling amps... and a genuine EL-84 driven amp!

16 October 2020  |  Nate

This is an amazing guitar, and Iím so happy that I purchased it. The different tones you can get on this guitar make you want to play it for hours. It is beautiful in every aspect, and the attention to detail is flawless.

I was hesitant for years on buying a guitar that I would not be able to play prior to purchasing, and I live in the USA. This is the easiest guitar I have ever played. The shipping was great as it only took four days.

This guitar gets rave reviews. Now I know why

Great guitar strap for my Honeyburst Special
15 October 2020  |  Armand

First - I was a little bit disappointed, that the strap was not real leather but based on Brian's philosophy to protect the animals, I appreciate his idea and I start loving the strap and, in the meantime, I find that it's the coolest guitar strap ever, with the two little plectrum-pockets (super idea!) and a very cool adjusting system, fine (synthetic) materials make the strap very comfortable and durable! Thanks! Well done, Mr. May!

13 October 2020  |  David

Thank you, Brian, for making these wonderful guitars, I have played Strats, PRS, Ibanez and Jacksons and the minute I picked this up, I knew it was right. Thank you for your build quality, for your quality control, for your amazing price point Ė bearing in mind the quality of the instrument, you and your father sure designed a great guitar, love and peace.

Customer service is outstanding
11 October 2020  |  Christopher

I purchased this guitar for my teenage son for his birthday. I was afraid I was not going to get it in time so I sent them and email and not only did I hear back from them right away but they made sure it arrived on time. The customer service is outstanding and my son loves his new guitar. It is definitely worth the money. I will definitely be purchasing from them again. Thank you, Gill and everyone at Brian May Guitars.

Unbelievable and versatile
09 October 2020  |  Mandy

Dear Brian... I would like to thank you personally for this unbelievable and versatile instrument!! I've it got today from Musicstore KŲln. I'm really totally flashed about the craftmanship, the playability, and from the sound of this wonderful baby!!!

I'm a studio guitarist in Austria and I know what a good guitar is! I'm so happy with your guitar and Iīm sure, this baby will be with me on stage all the times next year - so COVID-19 is hopefully history...!

All the best to you... stay in good health and many greetings from Styria, Austria.

Cordial, Mandy.

Red Special
05 October 2020  |  Mika

Love it!

What a great quality guitar!
05 October 2020  |  Keith

Can I just say how impressed I was on opening this product. I had tried playing this model in my local Epsom branch of Guitar Guitar. This is first time I have bought an unseen guitar online & I couldnít be happier. All arrived intact and in beautiful condition. I have a collection of approximately 30 guitars of electric / acoustic versions, with some of the more well known brands; Gibson, Fenders etc., but I have to say that this BMG Special has possibly the nicest fretboard in terms of feel & width at the nut and is an absolute dream to play. The tuners and just everything oozes quality. Brian & his Dad got this so right, although I of course, realise this is a replica. I am very proud to own this model & it will enjoy pride of place within my collection.

01 October 2020  |  Michael

I really like this guitar, it just feels "really right". Better than other guitars I have that are more expensive. I am having a little trouble setting the action up as low as I want, but that's a reflection on me not the guitar. It plays really nice, it is surprisingly light yet very solid.

If you want a good guitar at a good price you simply can't go wrong with this one!

I order this by mistake, I am glad it happened
30 September 2020  |  Daniel

When I first added my red Special to the cart, there was an offer of this guitar strap for free. I was actually excited by it. When I processed my order the strap was no longer free and I never noticed that I was paying 50 pounds for it until I paid the order... Well to be honest, I was not going to buy the strap if it wasn't free, but even after paying for it I am glad I made the mistake. First the guitar looks amazing with this strap, it was definitely produced for the guitar, and second the strap quality is great and the pickup safe is brilliant. RightOn! straps know how to do it! I will look if I can get another of this strap (not a custom but for any other guitar) for sure! Pick it up!

I'm in love with my guitar!
28 September 2020  |  EDU

I've just started taking lessons. I had a very cheap guitar, the plug broke and my local music house said they were not bothered to repair it because it wasn't worth the effort. Then I had a better one which I shared with my son, but is incredibly heavy for me to work with. So I thought it was the ideal occasion to invest in something for myself. Ordered last week and received today - Monday- amazing service, but this I am used to from the BMG people.

The guitar is breathtakingly beautiful, size and weight are totally fine for me. And it sounds so good! It has the best strings I've ever played! As I'm just learning, there are thousands of features I cannot even dream of yet, but my fingers feel so comfy on the frets!!

Amazing guitar
28 September 2020  |  IAN

I class myself as an intermediate guitarist and managed to at last save up and treat myself. Not disappointed at all, looks stunning, feels great and out of all guitars I have plays beautifully. Recommend to anybody. Would you expect anything else from an instrument endorsed by probably the world's greatest guitarist. 10 out of 10.

Nice guitar, nice job, nice website
28 September 2020  |  Livio

The guitar has arrived perfectly to my home. The finish is a little bit more bright than image in the website but it's okay anyway, the Antique Cherry finish (that I have) is too dark. Anyway, I changed the pickups with a set wound by me with right isotropic ferrite magnets (as with Antique Cherry) and now it sounds perfectly.

Nice guitar, nice job, nice website. Greetings from Southern Italy!!

I'm in love with my guitar
26 September 2020  |  Enrique

Hello folks, I bought my BMG in a shop of my city, Tenerife, and what can I say? As a Queen fan, it's like a dream to have this guitar.

26 September 2020  |  Brian

Perfect treble booster, with the Red Special you can select the perfect tone. You can choose the boost for the era which when you play through a VOX amp it is excellent.

Outstanding customer service
25 September 2020  |  Darleen

I placed an order with you on Wednesday and, amazingly, I received my order last night. I had emailed you after I placed my order because this is a birthday gift for my son and I wanted to make sure I received it in time for his birthday. I am amazed that after speaking with you I received my order so fast. When the truck pulled up my driveway I said to my husband that it had to be the guitar I ordered from you. My husband said that it wasnít possible and that there is no way it would be here that fast! I really appreciate the effort you put in to make sure it was here for my son's birthday.

I have never dealt with a company with such outstanding customer service. Thank you so much. My son is going to love his new guitar! There is no doubt I will be ordering from you again!

Smooth & faultless
25 September 2020  |  David

Fantastic pedal. 10/10. Highly recommend. I live in New Zealand and like the BMG guitar I ordered and had delivered, the whole process was very smooth and faultless. Quick delivery times.

Best guitar strap ever
24 September 2020  |  Ann

Loved these so much that itís the second one that I have purchased. Shipping was quick and seamless with excellent communication! Quality leather is top notch, love the pick holders, and just love Brian. I have my two straps on my two most favorite guitars! Brian is my favorite guitarist, and I hope to celebrate a milestone and add a BMG Red Special guitar to my collection!

Big Red
23 September 2020  |  James

Unique iconic instrument.

22 September 2020  |  Manuel

Nice looking strap.

22 September 2020  |  Manuel

Nice looking cable. Looks like durable, will know in few more years.

Beautiful guitar
21 September 2020  |  Graham

I'm not sure I can add much to the great things others have already said - it's a beautiful guitar, very well made, and I'm sure I play better because of it!

Ordering was simple, and despatch was really quick. Excellent service, thank you!

Fantastic service
21 September 2020  |  Stuart

Fantastic service... delivery to Australia in 10 days - unbelievable. The guitar is beautiful, Iím gonna have a lot of fun.

Excellent quality strings
21 September 2020  |  Keith

Very comfortable to play with, and the tone quality is superb.

Awesome case to protect the guitar and long time storage
19 September 2020  |  Melissa

Guitar case is a perfect fit for the BMG Special and has a nice compartment to store any accessories like a tuner. Excellent construction and value. Cannot recommend enough to purchase this if you are considering to get any BMG electric guitar!

Dream guitar that plays and sound fantastic!
19 September 2020  |  Melissa

I bought this guitar as a sentimental gift for my fiancť who was named after Mr May. He was quite shocked and pleased that this guitar was gifted, I cannot stress that enough, but the review he says is simply this : He plugged the guitar into his Orange Rockerverb MK3 and turned it to 10 and was blown away. There were so many tones from the guitar that sounded great he couldn't stop playing it for hours. Our neighbors' review would be rather negative, as to be expected!

What a fantastic instrument! Financially speaking, it was cheaper to buy this direct than in the States, including the hard-shell case that was purchased at the same time. Bravo BMG Team!

My first impressions
18 September 2020  |  Don

I was totaly surprised how fast this guitar came to my home address in Melbourne. The BMG Special Cherry arrived in perfect condition and I am just so happy to finally get my hands on this fantastic representation of Brian's Red Lady - the voices I am discovering are just amazing to find and I can't believe how smooth and easy to play in my hands compared to my Fender Strat I have had for 20 years! Mated with my new VOX AC30C2X and the Treble Booster I also bought from you guys, I just love it.

I tried to get on the waiting list for the BMG Super, but no luck, so this is second best. Maybe one day a spot will become available for the BMG Super and then I can buy the cream of the lot. Now I can really learn to play along with Brian on my complete Queen studio albums collection. I had a wonderful time seeing Brian and Roger along with Adam Lambert at the last Queen concert in Melbourne Feb 2020. The first time I saw Queen live was in 1974 at the Sunbury Pop Festival in Melbourne, then I saw them in London at We Will Rock You's opening night when I worked for Air Seychelles, so to finally get my hands on the BMG Special is a fullfilment of a long dream that started in 1973 with Night at the Opera.

Thanks for the great Guitar and Service. Cheers
Capt Donald Sexton

Delightfully realised guitar
16 September 2020  |  Mick

Received my Red Special today in anticipation of my sixtieth birthday. I purchased the red special along with the free care pack, a treble booster and a Vegan guitar strap.

The delivery took three days to arrive, which is average for most items, the guitar was well packed, with everything in order. I opened up the gig bag in which the guitar was packed and found a further Protective lining bag had to be Opened before I could cast my eyes on the beauty.

I say beauty, this guitar out of the bag has flawless finish and detail.

Then my heart sank... the tremolo arm was missing. I searched through the box and it wasnít there. Then I realised the gig bag had pockets, a thorough search revealed the arm contained in another poly bag and all was right with the world. Also in the pocket was the shipping document a cleaning cloth and the genuine Brian May, Paul Rodgers 2005 Queen tour six penny bit. I dig my own when metal detecting so this one will stay pristine.

I thank Brian for showing his Vox Mini5 amp, on the second micro concerto. One of the reasons I have long backed off from buying a Red Special is that it would require a Vox AC30, which is a notoriously loud amplifier, if used as it should be. My neighbours and local area will be spared too.

Playing with the settings I straight away ran into a ďNow Iím HereĒ sound. The action is set very low to the fret board, with no noticeable choking on the frets.

I confess my skills are rusty following a fairly long lay off, but I am suitably enthused now, thank you Brian and your genius Father Harold for such a timeless, good looking and very playable guitar.

16 September 2020  |  Tim

Love it so much. Good price and great quality and plays like a dream....

Just buy one
16 September 2020  |  David

I have been looking at these guitars for 2 years now and I finally got one - I love it, I can't stop playing it, and now my other guitars are just sitting there collecting dust as I keep reaching for my Red Special!

A great guitar!
15 September 2020  |  Rory

I finally saved enough to buy this guitar and I am not sorry! The guitar is beautifully made and the size, weight and colour are just perfect. I am very happy with this guitar! Thank you for a great device!

Well made
10 September 2020  |  Michael

Well made & accurately machined screw holes. It was also screened where appropriate, which was nice. The only minor problem I had was the wait time for the product to come into stock, which, given the general problem with Covid, is entirely understandable. I think the tortoiseshell scratchplate on the BMG Goldtop looks stunning. Mine has all the gold plated fittings too.

Thank you!
09 September 2020  |  Ms

I purchased the signed BMG guitar arrived in this May, and started the lesson of electric guitar though my age is close to 60.

This new guitar strap is fit for my Red special, and I practice it more than one hour everyday. The code of Queen's tunes are very difficult for me at this moment but, someday, I will be able to!

Thank you very much!

Ideal solution
09 September 2020  |  Andrew

These switches are the ideal solution for flexibility. They are of sufficient quality to do the job required and are robust enough to last as long as conventional types of guitar switches.

09 September 2020  |  Steven

Fitted switches and so far so good. Original switch for middle pickup stopped working soon after purchasing guitar so could have just been a duff one.

A great product but not the easiest thing in the world to build
09 September 2020  |  Deborah

Really pleased with this item. Nice and sturdy, swivels and doesn't creak or squeak when being used - very handy when recording. Only one drawback was the assembly. My advice would be throw away the instructions and work out yourself, but that could just be me. Overall, a brilliant product, delivered promptly by a guy wearing a collar and tie, and has the cool Brian May Guitars logo on it, what could be better?! Although sitting on his name doesen't improve my guitar playing.

Awesome as always
09 September 2020  |  Matthew

Fantastic product, highest of standards as always.

08 September 2020  |  Ahmad

I have received the BMG Special in a good condition although it tooks 5 days to reach my place. I am satisfied with the guitar and really like the phasing switches including the on-off pickup switches on the guitar. I salute the late Harold May and Dr. Brian May for designing such a unique system.

08 September 2020  |  Cathy

I tried to order one from Queenonline, but they told me my email address ďwas being used by someone elseĒ. Iím not sure if Iíll ever need the mask, as I donít go out very often, unable to walk you see. I was delighted when I found out on Twitter that I could buy it from Brian May Guitars, and equally delighted with the speedy service.

If I need something, I wonít hesitate to come back. Thank you SO much!

Perfect replica with great sound
04 September 2020  |  Jan

Perfect sound and feel. A great guitar for a fair price. I have many great guitars from almost every brand; Gibson, Fender, Gretsch, Epiphone, Harley Benton, Brian Moore, PRS, and I must say, this BMG Special can really compete with all those brands.

I am very satisfied with the switching pickup possibilities, the tremolo, neck, finish, weight etc. I can really advise this guitar because it also can sound perfect for every style of music, I use it for blues, rock, jazz, funk. I easily pick this guitar for whatever style I'm playing and it's fairly easy to make it sound the way it should for every type of musical style and, with all my other guitars, however good they are, it was really difficult to get that typical Brian May feel and sound, so I don't regret buying it for a moment.

Best mask around
04 September 2020  |  Maria

As the BMG shirt, the fabric's quality is excellent and the pattern is very cool!

Guitar strap
03 September 2020  |  Amy

I ordered the red striped one, it is beautiful and very well made!

03 September 2020  |  Amy

I bought the BMG Special in Antique Cherry as a gift for my husband - he has several high end guitars and this is his favorite. He says it is easy to play and comfortable to handle. The process of ordering the guitar was outstanding. David was so fast in getting back to me with the answer to a question and the delivery was so fast from England to the USA.

PS. I am obsessed with Queen, so the guitar has a place in our family room. I would also like to add that knowing how proud of everything Brian May does and what a perfectionist he is I had no doubt the guitar would be very well made, and it is! And such a great price! It even came with a beautiful complementary strap!

Exactly what I wanted!
02 September 2020  |  Makhaya

The pedal is incredible! It's like Brian May in a box (although it's still preferable with a BMG guitar and a vox amp). It works at all volume levels; to protect myself from being beat up by my family, I keep my amp very low. It clarifies the sound so much, and is just beautiful to listen to.

I prefer the 70's setting the most. In my opinion, it truly sounds like Brian! The 90's also comes really close, so that's really fun to play around with. The 80's has a little too much gain for my liking, but I can fix that by rolling down the level knob.

Also, I think the booster works better with lead playing than rhythym and power chords (I'm not saying it is bad with rhythym playing, it's just even better with lead!).

This is such a wonderful pedal! I can't thank Nigel Knight enough for putting the effort in to make it.

10/10, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is willing to pay the money!

31 August 2020  |  Hartmut

Super soft, easy to adjust. The integrated pick holder was a positive surprise.

Nearly perfect
31 August 2020  |  Hartmut

Super fast shipment. Perfect package. Only small ajustments of neck and bridge and I had my perfect BMG. Electric and sound beautiful as expected. The 24" neck makes playing really comfortable. Full rating from my side.

This guitar is one of a kind
31 August 2020  |  Blakely

The guitar is so amazing! Thank you, Brian for making such an elegant guitar with some many neat features! I have played it every single day and have never had any complaints. Keep up the great work!

A fine piece of work
27 August 2020  |  Matthias

The BMG Special is really a fine piece of work. I must admit that I am not a good guitar player yet (I'm 57 and just starting to learn despite my old days), I bought the BMG also as a collectible on one hand, and on the other, as a means to get my wife (she's doing classical acoustic guitar so far only) into the E-guitar thing.

So far, we found only time for few sessions, but we were quite astonished already :
- The finish is great.
- The special arrived almost in tune, despite the climatic catatrophes of the last weeks' heatwave in Europe.
- She keeps her tuning even if playing around a lot with the vibrato, or after days hanging on the wall.
- Despite so far only attaching a very simple "street box" amp without many effects, it is astounding how many variations of sounds you can get by flicking the pickup settings etc.
- Intonation is very clean over the complete fretboard (another sign of a very good basic setup).
- I find that the insulation / grounding etc. is done extremely well, there is absolutely no noise when you leave the amp on and put the thing at the side for a moment.

Thanks for all.

Words cannot describe how awesome this guitar is!!
27 August 2020  |  Makhaya

Got my guitar for my birthday, and it is literally the greatest thing I have ever seen. The colour was stunning, it was super playable and sounded AMAZING!!! Easily my most prized possesion now!!! 100% would recommend to buy!!

Great guitar! Great customer service!
26 August 2020  |  Donatello

Simply wonderful!!!

I'm not a professional but I found the sound of this guitar extraordinary. What a wonderful sensation playing 'Hammer to Fall' or 'One Vision' with the Queen sound. This guitar has a great power. I have a USA Fender Stratocaster but it will remain in the case for a long time, thanks to the BMG Special.

Quick and fast shipment, and a very friendly customer care ready to answer to my questions.

I'm totally satisfied. Money well spent.

Great polos!
26 August 2020  |  David

I prefer polo shirts to T-shirts so was delighted to get these beauties! Great quality and design.

Heavenly t-shirt
26 August 2020  |  Laureen

This shirt is super soft and true to size. I love the logo on it and I will be sure to wear it often - especially when playing my BMG Special autographed by Brian!!

25 August 2020  |  Renee

I like the size of the actual mask as it covers very well.

25 August 2020  |  Michael

Good quality product and great service.

Loving it
24 August 2020  |  Patrick

Even better than I expected - Sounds great through the amp, but I was really surprised by how well it sounded and projected on its own, especially given the small body. Fit and finish very good, neck feels great - What's not to like?

23 August 2020  |  Per

Great guitar and great service!!!
Thank you

Great to play
21 August 2020  |  Michael

Very good service during very awkward times. The guitar itself great to play and looks good.

Excellent guitar
21 August 2020  |  Lorenzo

Despite not being an exact replica of the original red special, the BMG Special is capable of delivering a tone very close to the original one. Anyway, donít think at it like a Queen only guitar, itís more versatile than the most of the other instruments on the market and definitely a must-have in that price range.

The strap and the soft case are a nice add-on, both are top quality. The guitar required a minimal setup, the intonation was perfect, I just fine tuned the action but it was nicely playable out of the box. The manufacturing is quite good, the finish is perfect and the frets are correctly dressed and required zero intervention, a nice surprise: they were polished! I donít think it's possible to get a better value for the money.

I would have liked to add the Super to my collection, but being not available (please give me a shout if you reissue it) the BMG Special is a cheaper but absolutely valid alternative. I couldnít be more satisfied by it.

A little suggestion to the team: the addition of one sixpence coin would be a super cheap and nice touch

Love this guitar
20 August 2020  |  Mark

I truly love this guitar, it plays well and sounds great. The finish looks great.

I don't really do this, but...
20 August 2020  |  Janne

I have a nice collection of guitars (don't really want to call it a collection, to be honest, since it's my work tools, and I use every single one of them) and, to be honest, the occasions where I've just ordered/bought a guitar without trying it first are VERY rare. However, I'm a huge fan of Queen and Brian May's guitar playing (I've even played some Queen tribute shows in Mexico of all places), and when I saw the ad for the Brian May guitar on FaceBook, I felt I just HAD to have it. The price was very decent and the shipping much lower than I had anticipated. I felt I could actually take a chance on this one. Well, I must say, I'm REALLY happy I did.

Starting with the customer service. The contact was easy and very friendly. The delivery time was surprisingly fast in these Corona times, and the packaging was very sturdy and safe.

When I opened the package, the guitar was packed in a nice BMG soft case, and the guitar strap that was included in the deal was of surprisingly high quality! I will most likely switch out my regular live strap for this one (the added "pick pockets", lol, are very cool), plus Brian May Guitars had also added an extra gift, the special Brian May coin, which I actually missed buying at the latest Queen show! Much appreciated!

So, the guitar. First impression is it was B E A U T I F U L! The finish was spotless, the color was deep and rich, it looked like a guitar 3-4 times as expensive. Playing it, the neck was perfect in my hand (which is sometimes a problem, since I don't like guitar necks that are too flat, or too V-shaped). You could also feel the quality since the fret edges were soft, there was no annoying noise or buzz and everything just felt smooth and nice.

I plugged it in and it sounds awesome! I have a variety of guitars including Les Pauls, Strats, Teles and others in-between, but the BM guitar added some new colors to my sound. There's so many cool variations you can get by selecting different combinations of the pick-ups and selecting in/out of phase. I don't even have a Vox AC30. I'm a Marshall guy. No problem, it sounds GREAT anyway!

So, bottom line, I'm a VERY happy customer now in the possession of a guitar that will stay with me and will be used on various recordings, starting with my upcoming (fourth) Mountain of Power album!

Thank you Brian May Guitars and The House Music Group for outstanding service and a great guitar!

Janne Stark

Fantastic guitar
20 August 2020  |  Fernando

This beauty flew all the way to Mexico and arrived in perfect condition. Great setup, great sound, great playability. Endless sonic possibilities with all the pickup and phase combinations. Definitely a 5-star instrument, will buy again if lost or stolen.

20 August 2020  |  Sarah

It's so awesome and I absolutely love it!

Love this guitar!
20 August 2020  |  Steven

I bought this guitar because Brian May is one of the most unique guitarists I have ever heard play and I love Queen. I've known about the Red Special for a long time. Getting a chance to play a guitar that is something like it is awesome. When I was a kid I could not afford the guitar I wanted. I have a Les Paul, a Telecaster, a Strat and a Martin acoustic, but this Red Special copy is the guitar I am playing and enjoying right now. The action is great. It plays beautifully. I am still getting the hang of the pickup switches. But I love this guitar!

20 August 2020  |  Mary

The face mask is awesome and your customer service department is first rate. Five stars all the way!!!

Amazing Guitar
20 August 2020  |  Jake

Out of the 10 guitars that I own, this one has the best feel and playability! I am on the list for a Super and can't wait until it becomes available. I highly recommend this guitar.

19 August 2020  |  Tzvetoslav

Hello, all Queen and Brian May fans. A few days ago I received the desired and waiting guitar from me I can say that I was amazed. I can't compare it to another model of Brian or any other brand, that's my first real guitar so to speak. The strap, which is a gift, is also very nice and comfortable. Thanks to Dave Good for wonderful communication. Thank you and the sixpence coin you sent me in compensation for the long wait for the Covid-19. Only bothers me the 5 and 6 strings, but I probably need a slight adjustment. The guitar is extremely light. I will no longer bother you with the purchase. Don't hesitate to get a jewel like that. Greetings from Bulgaria - I hope is the first and only copy here 😁

Thoroughly recommended
19 August 2020  |  Peter

Would recommend the company to family and friends, Gill Moorhouse is an excellent ambassador for the company, thoroughly recommended.

Great Guitar
19 August 2020  |  Robert

Plays great and sounds great.

18 August 2020  |  Hayley

My husband looks fab in this shirt and has been complimented by other people too. It is stylish and very good quality. Sadly it hasn't improved his guitar playing skills... but I guess you can't have everything.

Cool T-shirt
17 August 2020  |  Josť

Nice, cool and wearable. I recommend it!!

Great guitar, great sound, great performance
17 August 2020  |  Josť

I'm really impressed of its sound, performance and playing comfortability!! It rules!!!! 💪

Great cable!
14 August 2020  |  Mark

The silent plug is excellent and the 3m length suits my set-up perfectly. The red colour makes it stand out and looks great too. BMG delivery prompt as with my other purchases - many thanks.

Very nice
14 August 2020  |  Jens

Looks great - sounds great

13 August 2020  |  Gerhard

Quality is as it should be. The only thing I would criticize is that there are no complete sets (pickguard, half-moon, truss rod) available at the same time - depends on colour maybe, but that would be much easier to order. I also would like to find complete sets of screws (chrome, gold, black) for easier change of my Special's look.

Love the versatility
13 August 2020  |  Gerhard

I will use that guitar for different styles and sounds, I'm not playing Queen songs that much. I just love the versatility of the sounds, and the look of the guitar. I don't have to look like Brian, so I decided to go with a different style than the red one. And I love that Windermere Blue .

I'm very impressed with the build quality, all the details are flawless - it's a very fine guitar, and value for money is great.

13 August 2020  |  David

I ordered a Metal May guitar and have been really impressed with the service from Brian May Guitars. The delivery of the guitar (I live in New Zealand) was quicker than expected and the thorough packaging ensured the guitar arrived in a perfect condition.

I have played on a Burns Brian May guitar for the past 18 years and it has been an excellent guitar. The Metal May is another superb guitar. I prefer the tremolo system on the Metal May and also find it slightly more playable due to its neck. While I wanted another BM guitar, it was an added bonus that it plays slightly differently to my Burns. It also looks fantastic in black and sounds great. The free guitar strap is top quality and gig bag is as well. Thanks again.

Best thing about 2020
12 August 2020  |  Gino

I received my signed BMG this morning. Words can not describe how happy and excited I am with this! You can tell it is top quality, beautiful craftsmanship, not to mention it has been signed by the great doctor himself!

I am a huge Brian May fan and I am getting it coated first thing tomorrow morning to help protect the signature (as recommended by BMG). I cannot thank Dr. May and his team enough for making this happen for me!

I also want to mention that the customer service is outstanding! Any email I sent with questions was almost immediately answered within a couple hours. The gentleman I was fortunate enough to work with was named Dave, and I wish every company had a dedicated employee like him.

Bottom line :
I cannot recommend this guitar enough! I know I will be back to buy the Baby Blue edition when it becomes available again!

11 August 2020  |  John

Bought this as all of my previous straps had been leather and not animal cruelty-free or environmentally friendly. Although it's overpriced, as compared to buying directly from the supplier because it has Brians name on so basically you're paying the extra for branding, it is without a shadow of a doubt a beautiful strap. Two handy pick/sixpence pockets at the front but one gripe in that when adjusted to the length I required, which is an absolute pleasure to adjust and so easy to do, it only leaves one slot for sixpences and not three. Fantastic strap and I will be buying again for my other guitars.

I would highly recommend this strap as it's very light and sticks to the shoulder like glue and doesn't slide about as my leather ones do and above all, it looks great.

Love it !!!
06 August 2020  |  Bo

Iím a big Queen fan and Iíve been since ďKiller QueenĒ was released. Iíd played guitar a few years at the time and went from John Fogerty to Brian May. ďBrighton RockĒ became my guitar school.

This Metal May is simply fantastic. I love the fact that the all black colour turns it into something different than the other BMGs. Theyíre all beautiful but this version stands out. Ordered in on a Friday and got it next Tuesday !!! Tuned it up and it had a perfectly setup. A big neck and wide fretboard and that might take a little time to get used to for some. For me? No problem cause itís a lot like one of my Firebirdís (2006).

Anyway ! Iím really really happy with this guitar and I guess thereís room for one more... maybe in gold or blue or red. Thanks BMG and keep up the good work 👍🏻

Very pleased
05 August 2020  |  James

Very pleased with the prompt dispatch and delivery. The guitar made it safely to its new home thanks to the excellent packing. Thank you, BMG team! James (USA)

Highly recommended
04 August 2020  |  David

Really pleased with the build quality, play-ability and tone from my purchase. Plays straight out of the box, supplied with great care and when stated. Would highly recommend.

Awesome guitar + awesome service + delivery!
04 August 2020  |  Tania

Wow! I absolutely love this guitar! I was very fortunate to secure a signed (By Dr. Brian May) BMG Special guitar a couple of months earlier. I loved it so much, but being signed, which I treasure, I donít want to play this live @ gigs... so, solution... buy another! This time, the BMG LE Metal May.

Iím so happy with this guitar, too. Itís set up well, with a beautiful feel, and looks and sounds awesome! Both times, the guitars arrived from England and on my doorstop in NZ within 10 days (in actual, probably less). Communication was great from the time I placed my order, to dispatch and all delivery steps on the way. And this is through COVID-19 times.

Thank you so much BMG Guitars! You rock! The BMG special Guitar Rocks! Just like Legend Brian May Rocks! 😊 5 Stars PLUS! One extremely happy customer. Thank you.

Absolutely gorgeous!
04 August 2020  |  Konstantin

Don't have even words to describe how well made and beutiful this guitar is. The only thing better than the looks of this guitar is the way it sounds! Even with my little modeling amp, the sound is amazing.

Thank you Brian and all BMG workers for this.

Just perfect
30 July 2020  |  Joan

Quick shipment, perfect gig bag. Just playing like Brian now!

Awesome sound
29 July 2020  |  Falk

It's a beautiful guitar with a rich sound, despite the small body. I'm glad I bought it. It handles quite well and is a real lightweight. It is quite head heavy though, you feel that when playing it with a strap. BTW, it doesn't have both strap attachment points, if you want to put a strap on it you have to attach those yourself. I can't say anything about the electrics, I didn't use it with an amp so far.

29 July 2020  |  Mike

Guitar came in perfect condition.

Could not be happier with this guitar!
28 July 2020  |  Freddy

At the risk of sounding like I work for Brian May Guitars, I come here to say how thoroughly impressed I am with both service and the guitar itself. I am in Sydney Australia and was really dying for one of these, however none were to be found here. I won't lie that I had some trepidation ordering an instrument from so far away, especially during COVID times. Some of the reviews here really helped me decide and I'm glad I did. Big shout out to Dave Good, who went above and beyond in answering any questions I had personally and sent any relevant links to assist with shipping costs in Australia. From the day I purchased until the day it arrived safe and sound in Sydney it was a total of 6 days! yep 6 days... I had ordered books here from neighboring Victoria which took longer! I could also track the item every step of the way with DHL. I cannot say enough good things about the entire transaction.

The Guitar itself is AMAZING! so easy to play, sustains like nobody's business and the phase in and out pickup setup is magic! Hours... days of fun working tones out. I have 6 guitars all together, Fender Strat, Epiphone Casino, Martin and Co. etc and this BMG Special is by far my fave now. So incredibly versatile and a ridiculous tone. What more could one want as a guitarist? Needless to say I HIGHLY RECOMMEND grabbing one if you're considering it. Thanks again team at Brian May Guitars!

27 July 2020  |  Michael

Great strap, great price, and great service.

So sweet!
27 July 2020  |  Shoko

I dared to choose size XL even though I have 153cm height only, because I thought wearing this shirt as dress. My decision was right, so this "dress polo" is so nice and it shows me like a lovely girl. Thank you so much!

I love this
21 July 2020  |  Jodi

The perfect height for playing. Love the foot rest bar. Have not used anything since. The only problem with the construction was it would be nice if the assembly directions were a little bit more specific with the type of screw used where. Especially since the foot ring is larger in circumference to the legs. But I love this product

Another great purchase
21 July 2020  |  EDU

As usual! Great quality, shape and colour. You can feel it will last forever if washing instructions are followed. Wish they had a version in navy blue, though.

Stop looking... and purchase one!
20 July 2020  |  Timothy

After looking for weeks, I decided to order "Frank". The ordering process was quick and easy-plus the guitar arrived sooner than expected. Decades ago, I purchased one of the last US made Red Specials and enjoyed it-but never really bonded with the guitar. I have also played a few BMG models and liked them, but never compelled enough to purchase. After some time with my BMG Frank-I can honestly say...WOW! The guitar is simply excellent! I had some trouble removing the protective film from the pickups, but aside from that minor inconvenience-could not be happier. The attention to detail, playability and sound are beyond most instruments in this price range. And of course, it simply nails "the sound".

Love it but super expensive
20 July 2020  |  Phyllis

Very secure. Love it, but the price is pretty hard to take.

Well worth it
17 July 2020  |  Mark

Great guitar stool at a great price and in a great colour! Arrived promptly after ordering.

Many thanks to all at BMG. Keep Safe.

Beautiful guitar
16 July 2020  |  Maritta

A fantastic Guitar. The sound is beautiful and the colour is brilliant. Great service and quick delivery.

Great service!
15 July 2020  |  Darren

Amazing Service, placed my order by 7.30 on the Tuesday morning and had received my new guitar by 2.30 the next day! Everything about Brian May Guitars speaks quality, thank you.

Very useful
15 July 2020  |  Elizabeth

I bought this strap for my BMG Rhapsody but I think for this guitar itís too heavy. I also have a BMG Special that I want to use it for but I havenít yet put it on the guitar because I have straplocks, so thatís a little work that hasnít been done yet. I saw pickholders on the strap and that I thought is very useful. I think this strap is thought over because Brian is a guitar player himself and he knows how to make it useful.

15 July 2020  |  Steve

This Brian May Studio Stool is fantastic... itís at a fixed height which is spot-on, with a well comfortable, padded cushion on a very sturdy chrome frame. The red BMG logo and Brianís Signature stands out on this very bright blue backing. Build Quality 100%. Itís a must have product From the BMG. I would recommend!

Great service and buying experience
15 July 2020  |  Jane

G'Day, all. Received the Frank model in 8 Days to Brisbane, Australia. What a fantastic Guitar and sounds awesome . Really quick delivery, but customs charges are a joke - three charges in total, so be aware of these.

Great service and buying experience. Thanks.

Itís pretty!
15 July 2020  |  Elizabeth

This is a very light guitar. To me it sounds best with a little amplification. It has a built-in tuner and itís a little smaller than I was expecting but that makes it comfortable to play... I also very much like the design of it, itís pretty to see!

The piece of QUEEN Magic is now in my studio
15 July 2020  |  Dimitar

I am very happy that I made this present for my birthday to myself. I am a piano and keyboard player and of course a big fan of Queen and Dr. Brian May. So thank you for all of you for the best quality and service. Stay safe and be blessed! The Music of QUEEN always gonn'a be in my heart!

The real deal - from service to product - delivered
13 July 2020  |  Anthony

Where to start with this review? I originally bought a 'standard' Red Special for my son's Christmas and was mightily impressed to the point of buying myself one too. I bought the LE Natural one and it's such a versatile guitar.

I love Brian May (who doesn't?) but I play all styles of music and went for this guitar because it really covers all the bases. You won't be disappointed with this instrument. It joins another 14 guitars and since it arrived, they haven't been out of the cases.

A quick word on the service from BMG / House Music. I had emailed asking a question re. the finish on the natural guitar and rather than an email response, received a phone call to explain the answer to me from Barry Moorhouse himself, who promptly asked how my son was getting on with his RS and had we received the pick guard screw I had requested. The service and attention to detail is fabulous and was the deciding factor for me when I bought my own.

Thanks again folks - Great product & experience!

The best guitar
10 July 2020  |  Gary

I Am not a professional guitarist, I refer to myself as a bedroom guitarist, however. Of the seven guitars I have this one is, without a doubt, the best guitar I have ever had or even handled. The help on the BMG web site is great and the service was 1st class. Would highly recommend to anyone.

A good guitar
10 July 2020  |  Jon

I got this yesterday and all I have to say is, itís a good guitar. The craftsmanship is just amazing, the neck feels so smooth and there isnít any sharp frets - Simple answer, 5 stars.

Brilliant guitar
07 July 2020  |  Richard

Very pleased with the guitar, sound, action, playability all superb! If I had to make one negative comment, it would only be with regard to the colour; don't get me wrong - the finish is great! I chose the Emerald Green version and, although it still looks wonderful, the green is very much darker than it appears on the website photographs... It actually looks black under most light conditions, and I've always avoided black guitars as I don't like the colour personally. I certainly wouldn't call the colour Emerald Green, it is a very, very dark shade of green.

Love it
06 July 2020  |  Philip

This software is very realistic and easy to use, and obviously no need for a very extensive and expensive pieces of kit. Love it.

06 July 2020  |  Andrew

Amazingly versatile guitar, excellent built quality.

UK to Australia in a week!

I have many Custom Shops & artist proofs... the BMG Special, I'm not able to put down.

03 July 2020  |  Claude

A nice bag but little expensive for only one signature added, but it can contain all what needed : 6m cable, strings, spares, tuner, capso, duster, and overall my Brian May guitar.

Thanks to get feedback of yours customers, Claude.

03 July 2020  |  Scott

It's really very comfy and the artwork looks great in person. Held off for a long while because I'm cheap, but it's a great shirt and well worth it.

Very impressive guitar, incredible
03 July 2020  |  Aaron

Awesome guitar, best I've ever owned, sounds incredible,

Sounds amazing
01 July 2020  |  Jodi

Love this... it is very flexible... snaps into my amp... sounds amazing...I will order another one for my second amp.

Great guitar !
01 July 2020  |  Michel

First of all, I was astonished how fast the shipping was. I received the guitar just 3 days after order! Faster than mail from France to France!!

I was a little bit scared the first time I plugged it because the sound on the B string was a bit "weird" around the 5th fret. Afraid of a neck problem. Then I loosened the string and realized it had a little "bent" (hope you understand my french guy english), some kind of a "^" on the string, invisible of course while the string was stretched. Then I bought new D'Addario strings, changed the B, and everything went ok!

The guitar has a very nice finish and sounds really great for an affordable price. I'm very happy.

I just have to try to meet Dr Bri now to have it signed...

Thank you very much to all the BMG team !
Michel Duval

I absolutely love it
01 July 2020  |  Helgi

Bought myself an Antique Cherry guitar for my 40th birthday last april. Had been in contact with BMG for a while (started late 2019) regarding the possibility of getting a signed one, "no problem" they said, just stay tuned in May. But then Covid-19 happened and Dr. May sadly having his health issues. Because of that I didn't see signings happening any time soon so I decided to just go ahead and get one. NO regrets on that. And just a few short days later it came all the way to Iceland. The funny thing is that just a week after I got the guitar home I saw Brian May signing guitars on Instagram, ha-ha. But NO regrets I absolutely love it, such a great instrument and a beautiful work of art. Full recommendations from me. Will absolutely shop at BMG again. You guys rock.

I have just started....
30 June 2020  |  Siny

... and I enjoy it very much. Great instrument, great sound. Only... it will take some time to reach the Master's level. I will keep playing and following your news. Thank you.

I love it 😻
30 June 2020  |  Keiko

I really like this T-shirt... itís good quality I think.

Silent is nice
29 June 2020  |  Mark

The one feature of the BMG cable that I really like is the Neutrik Silent plug. I didn't even know they existed. I think, however, that the BMG tag under the shrink tube is cheap-looking on such a fine cable. But yesterday I thought of a good reason to keep it, if a tiny change is made : If the shrink tube was centered on the distance between the jack and strap button, it could serve as protection for the cable at the point it passes over the button. Then it would be a feature.

A fine instrument
29 June 2020  |  Mark

I'm an older guitarist who started playing three years ago. I was using an Epiphone Les Paul Stardard Plustop Pro V, and thought I had a reasonably good guitar, but when I started playing the Brian May model I realized that it was enormously easier to get good results. My playing quality jumped instantly.

When the guitar arrived it was set up perfectly. The action is low, but there's not a buzz or a choke anywhere. I couldn't be happier.

Excellent guitar
28 June 2020  |  Mark

100% happy would recommend to anyone great service and prompt delivery thanks.

26 June 2020  |  Jacob

First off, what a beautiful piece of craftsmanship this is!

While a natural finish like this can be considered easier to produce, the final product is just spectacular to look at. As far as the instrument plays, the fretboard and associated action feels very comfortable under the fingers. Though it is a bit wider than I'm personally used to, that will just take a little time to become accustomed. The slightly shorter than typical Gibson and Fender scale length certainly allows for easier bending, I definitely appreciate the locking tuners in conjunction with the tremolo system - pitch doesn't seem to go out very easily, even when you really crank on the bar! The use of a "0 fret" instead of a traditional nut is an interesting design choice as well - this may only be my experience, but when bending the G string, the upper part of the string past the nut vibrates, creating a very high pitch. You don't really hear it when the instrument is plugged in, and it in no way effects the playability. It's just a funny quirk.

Now for the way it sounds, I couldn't say enough good things! I love the simplicity of one volume and one tone knob to control everything. Simplicity in performance settings is really crucial, and despite having three pickups, managing everything with so little makes for a smoother experience (at least for me!). Not to mention, the wide variety of tones you can get by rolling on or off either of the knobs. That, in addition to what this guitar is so famous for - its ability to pair unusual pickups and switch their phasing - make for a truly versatile color palette. When paired with a treble boosting pedal, the instrument shines like no other! It's also pretty lightweight which is nice on the shoulder.

Bravo, BMG. You've really got a wonderful product to showcase!

Unbelievable service
26 June 2020  |  Nev

The guitar is a surprise Xmas present for Queen mad son and hasn't been played yet so all I can comment on is the service. Unbelievable really - The tracking facility online from DHL was amazing. It arrived in a week after order. I'm sure the guitar will be awesome.

Love my BMG Special
26 June 2020  |  Vicky

Quick delivery to Melbourne Australia, perfect condition on arrival. This is my 50th birthday present from my family. Cant wait to use it. Only a month to go. Thank you

This guitar conjures up the magical sound of Queen
25 June 2020  |  Windischbauer

On June 22nd, 2020 I got this beautiful guitar in Freistadt (Austria). The BMG is brilliantly made and the color antique cherry is just beautiful. The sound of this BMG is brilliant, and I only play on my Katana MKII. As a pick, I ordered a sixpence coin on Ebay to appreciate Brian's guitar art. Thanks, Brian May for the opportunity to receive this BMG. God save the queen - rock on! Best regards, Joe

One beautiful guitar!!
22 June 2020  |  Carlos

My guitar finally arrived on Thursday. I have to say it is one beautiful guitar!! I wanted to take time to thank all of the staff at BMG for the quick shipping and also the packing of the guitar!! The guitar strap is amazing, and also the gig bag!! Cheers to you all!!

You only need this
18 June 2020  |  Bil

I can only echo what others have said about the confusion in buying this from IK Multimedia. To be absolutely clear: this is All you need. If you don't already own a paid version of Amplitube, you don't need to buy one in order to use this. I got caught out and bought the app first, thinking that these were simply a plugin for it, but full credit to IK Multimedia, they refunded me immediately without a quibble.

As to the sounds - well, you get everything. Lots of song 'presets', but most importantly ALL the gear. If you can navigate around Amplitube's "unusual" interface which does take a bit of figuring out (youtube helped there), you can recreate any sound that Brian does, using any guitar.

Overall, Highly recommended.

Just magnificent
17 June 2020  |  Baris

As a huge fan of Dr. Brian May I have to say, this guitar is just brilliant! That was my dream guitar and I finally got that. The guitar has really amazing workmanship, better than I thought. And the employees are very kind. Thank you so much for everything!

Very nice present for the fun of Dr. Brian !
16 June 2020  |  Norifumi

My wife is a big fun of Dr. Brian, and I purchased this shirt for her as a gift. It was very nice and she was so glad ! Thank you very much.

She would like to have other product of this cloth pattern (other than sportswear). If you will add the new wear series, I'm sure she will buy them!

Amazing guitar
15 June 2020  |  Lisa

Very happy with our purchase. Our son is playing the guitar non stop. Delivery was very fast. The guitar is fantastic. Thank you so much.

The best
11 June 2020  |  Stewart

I only started playing 2 years ago and I've had many guitars trying to find the right one. I have three now after buying and selling some - A Strat, a Gibson SG copy, and now the Brian May Special. It is without a doubt the best of them and the one I play most. I seem to be able to get any tone out of it. Itís a beautiful guitar, so well made.

I always dreamed of a guitar that could do everything, I even thought of putting a humbucker onto my strat with 3 single coils but couldnít find a place for it. I could go on here for ages about everything thatís great about this guitar, but let me just say that everything is great on this guitar. The pickups designed by Brian May are just perfect, you can use the neck on its own and it sounds as good, maybe even better, then a custom shop Strat pickup (I had a set before), but this guitar has so much more tone than that from the other pickups and selections. It can be a chill out clean tone, beautiful guitar tone, or an absolute snarling beast with the best and most distinctive voice ever heard.

I got the natural LE one and I love it. JUST GET IT! You will not regret it

Brilliant tone and versatility
10 June 2020  |  Keon

You don't have to be a Queen fan or even a Brian May fan (even though I think that's impossible) to appreciate the fantastic features and quality of tone this guitar has to offer.

I play concerts and different venues with Fenders and Gibsons, but this guitar stands apart from all others. The sound can really break through a loud drum set and vocals to have a voice of its own.

I had this product shipped to me and I believe it was damaged because after a few weeks of playing I had to adjust the bridge and re-fret it a bit in order for the G string to properly bend without issues. Other than that, I had no other complaints.

Not only does this instrument look great, it sounds even better! Thanks, Brian May and his team of technicians to make this guitar available for the common people. Keep on Rockin, Let 'em neighbors c'mon knockin'!

Canít believe Iíve got this...
10 June 2020  |  Ian

After following the music of Queen and Brian May for more than 40 years, receiving the Red Special (a pandemic lockdown treat and early birthday present to myself) was unexpectedly emotional. Itís the most beautiful instrument, through which Iíve started to reacquaint myself with the joy of playing guitar after a long break.

The service from the company has been exceptional, and it's a thrill to unzip the case and take out the guitar each time - it just feels RIGHT. My 27-year-old son can produce much better sounds from it than I can but, for now, Iím just thrilled to own a Brian May guitar - and still canít quite believe that I do!

Perfect. Thank you.

09 June 2020  |  George

My wife and I are huge Brian May, Queen and Adam fans. This was a present for my wife. Cannot believe the quality and price for such a beautiful guitar. Sounds great. Value for money.

The secret ingredient!!
03 June 2020  |  Carl

I have been chasing the Brian May sound for years and was umming and ahing over buying this pedal. But I have to say it's the best thing I have done. It's a great pedal and really is the missing piece of the puzzle you need to get the sound you want.

The best guitar I have played.
02 June 2020  |  Daniel

The neck on the guitar is super comfortable for me. It sounds amazing and it is so versatile. Extremely good guitar for the money, a five out of five.

Nice guitar, nice shop
01 June 2020  |  Christophe

Only five days to receive this guitar (to France during Covid crisis). Tried on a Vox AC30 (in studio), what a sound. Recommended.

Well done... a beautiful guitar
29 May 2020  |  Wesley

Iíve had an eye on acquiring a Red Special guitar for years and under these unusual global circumstances I could focus on things not otherwise possible.

I am very impressed by the build quality and the feel of this guitar as Iíve adjusted it to my playing style. Also pleasantly surprised to receive in excellent order my RS in just under 5 days (from the UK, customs to Vancouver Canada).

The promptness and professional responses from Dave Good and Gill Moorhouse shows their care towards what they do. Many thanks to Dr. May, BMG and House Music. Thumbs up also to the included custom strap and the flexible fantastic sounds of AmpliTube Brian May.

Great quality and pain-free shipping
28 May 2020  |  Fredrik

Treble booster sounds absolutely amazing with the Red Special, shipping was on time and it was an allround good shopping-experience.

Amazing quarantine decision
27 May 2020  |  Gabriel

Just to share that I just simply acquired a masterpiece (made in Korea, which generated some questions in the 1st place my side), but still a masterpiece. The tones, excellent wood finish, color, texture and sound, simply perfect. Need to state that besides I have finally understood all possibilities of pick ups combinations, I've enjoyed how smooth the transition over the guitar arm is.

Remarking image in web page is less spectacular than having this black and gold babe in front of me; receiving it in perfect conditions just in 15 days coming from the UK, directly to my doorstep (took longer time at Mexico's customs). It was the finest way to consolidate a great customer experience.

Thanks very much for helping me in this great acquisition, that given the hard and frustrating times of Covid19, it's simply a blessing.

Well maybe it should be Brian May - AmpliTube
27 May 2020  |  Magne

Fantastic product - Here you will get Dr. May`s "Red Special" sound regardless which guitar you use.

Rocks harder than anything out there
27 May 2020  |  Hugh

I'll preface this by saying that the setup out of the box was pretty appalling, the strings were way too high and it wouldn't stay in tune for more than a few minutes. The guitar did come a long ways, so that is somewhat to be expected, and a fresh set of strings and a few hours of tweaking got it playing great.

With that out of the way, this is simply a fantastic instrument. The flawless sunburst finish sits on a gorgeous mahogany top, the workmanship is solid, and most importantly you can get all the great Brian may tones. I play it through a treble booster into a little Vox tube amp. Crank the volume and the gain on the amp, and with the volume up on the guitar you get that great saturated sound ŗ la 'Hammer to Fall', turn it down and you get sparkling cleans such as you hear on 'Under Pressure'. It isn't just a one trick pony either, by fiddling with the switches you can come up with tones reminiscent of Rickenbacker, Fender or Gibson guitars, or completely new and original sounds.

So, be prepared to put some work in to setting it up to play (or to spend the extra money to have a tech set it up), and then be prepared to rip out some queen tunes and to shape your own sound with all the great pickup combinations.

Amazing Guitar
27 May 2020  |  Adam

These guitars are the best I've ever played and have the amazing Brian May tone, these are totally worth every penny!

Best birthday present ever
27 May 2020  |  Connie

According to my husband this was the "best birthday present ever". He loves it... did I say he loves it!!!!

The guitar arrived within 3 days after I placed the order (we live in the US) in perfect condition.

Miracle has come
25 May 2020  |  Shuichi

For the first time in my life, I saved myself money and bought a guitar! It's really a miracle that it's such a great guitar!

I am practicing hard with the help of an instrument store! The clerk of the musical instrument shop was also happy to hear that the guitar had a great tone when he tried BMG.

Perfect experience
23 May 2020  |  Vincenzo

great product and perfect purchase. Nice experience with your very professional company.

See you soon

22 May 2020  |  Celine

I'll just quote my daughter, to whom it was a present : "It's the best present ever!"

Absolutely stoked!!
22 May 2020  |  Kelsey

I was absolutely stoked when I received my beautiful Brian May BMG special!! Such fast shipping and amazing value. Would have been handy to know about the import tax though.

Special is not enough to describe this guitar
21 May 2020  |  David

This guitar is absolutely incredible : authentic recreation of the Brian May sound, superb internal hardware, great pickup and phase system, excellent size of neck, and other great useful features like locking tuners. The inclusion of 24 frets as opposed to the usual 22 that most other guitars have adds further versatility and musical range.

The neck and fingerboard are extremely comfortable and accessible, and make it extremely easy for players to fret notes clearly and accurately. This guitar makes you feel like a rock legend and is a wonderful, refreshing alternative to the typical neverending Fender and Gibson catalogues, and is competitively priced (comparable to Fender American Stratocaster or an Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus).

To top it all off, BMG's service was excellent - they shipped it from the UK to Canada within a week of it being ordered (during the COVID-19 pandemic no less), and it arrived with no signs of damage or adverse effects. 10/10 would recommend to any Queen fan or anyone who wants something different from the usual Fender and Gibson guitars! Thank you BMG!

Sounds great
20 May 2020  |  Christopher

Very swift delivery and turned up ready to play. Looks well put together sounds great and so far is playing well. Which is more than can be said for me.

This guitar is amazing
20 May 2020  |  Valentina

Bought this for my daughter Emily (14) who is a Queen fan. After we went to the concert in Florence of Brian May + Kerry Ellis she fell in love with that guitar. She plays it very easily (she has learned in the middle school). In September she will go to a Music High School to learn it better. Anyway the guitar is spectacular!!!! The sound is fantastic!!!! (we have a Fender amplifier). Our family is satisfied with this purchase! The customer service is impeccable as the shipment. We have made and still do an amazing experience! 🤩❤🔝🎸

A remarkable guitar !
20 May 2020  |  Eddy

Hello all,

This instrument came quickly and well adjusted to Belgium, finished with care and excellent price quality.

I have been a Queen fan since childhood, and certainly Brian. Brian's YouTube micro concerts convinced me to order this Red Special. A great initiative in these Corona times...

The unusual shape, color, pickups, binding and sound are unique. And a guitar with a story . It is something different than a Strat or Les Paul.

The included strap is comfortable and long enough. Fine! I am very happy with my purchase! Best regards and until next time, Ed.

Arrived quickly
19 May 2020  |  Stephen

Guitar arrived five days after placing order. Well packaged and in good condition on arrival. Getting a great deal of pleasure from playing this guitar. The quality is very good.

19 May 2020  |  David

AmpliTube Brian May is a must-have for BMG RS owners. It has ALL the sounds. I have a Vox VBM1, but this collection gives you absolutely everything.

Best guitar I've ever played
19 May 2020  |  Zachary

This guitar just simply sounds amazing and has great acoustics to it, you can hear it reverberating with the amp off, and the tuners are solid and pretty much never go out of tune when playing. Every single note sounds crystal clear and, with the wide variety of possible pickup combinations, I can play any genre and it sounds amazing - I can get any sound out of it that I want, from metal to rock to pop, it can do it flawlessly, as Brian May himself has proven over his amazing career as Queen's guitarist.

The whammy/tremolo, I'm not extremely into guitar tech so I don't know what to call it, but I believe tremolo, it allows for amazing, like, chord vibrato and can add super subtle tonal differences that really show, and it never throws the guitar out of tune, which is a problem I had with other guitars, even locking nut guitars with Floyd Roses, this tremolo system is simply superior.

And for the money, this is a top class guitar - I'm surprised it wasnt a lot more, It's also built amazingly and I have had zero problems with it, it's such a beauty and a god-like guitar, and I don't struggle with like, fret numbers or knowing where each fret is, but the extra dots on the 7th fret and 19th fret are a really nice touch and I imagine would be really helpful for beginners, but this is an expensive beginners guitar, but nonetheless.

This is the best guitar I have ever laid my hands on and the most beautiful by far, and I would recommend this guitar to pretty much anybody in the world. It can do it all, and it does it flawlessly. Extremely happy with my purchase. Thank you Brian May Guitars. I also cried when I opened it and got super emotional because Brian is my absolute favorite guitarist and it's, like, his guitar, so I got so overwhelmingly happy to possess it. And I occasionally get emotional just looking at it hang on my wall. Anyways, anyways, perfect guitar, everything about it. You should get it.

Efficient shipping, constant updates and beautiful guitar!
18 May 2020  |  Dilip

I would recommend this company and the BMG Special guitar 100%. It took just three days to arrive from the UK to Germany and the updates and progress of the shipping was sent via email and text so you know exactly what's happening and when it will be delivered.

The guitar was delivered well packed and I opted for the soft case. This case in itself, despite being included, is VERY well made, comes with extra to clean to add to the guitar and has the logo and signature on the front of the bag. I like that it doesn't open all the way down to the end of the case - this avoids the guitar to fall out and get damaged (only the side opens and you can slot it in). It comes with straps to carry it like a backpack or just the side handle if you prefer. What can I say about the guitar? Well, it's perfect.

The wood is beautiful and the pickups are out of this world - picking up strings individually and totally changing the tone. The guitar is so easy to play and I love the extra frets and the lightness of the strings. For me, it has that distinct "Brian May" sound even if you don't have the proper gear (Vox amp, pedals etc). I also got the free strap and it's incredible - the best I've ever had. The pick holders are super useful and I love the material (vegan leather) - you wouldn't know the difference. It's super comfortable as well. Overall, it's my favourite electric so far and I will treasure it. It's a work of art. Thank you very much!

Good Guitar!!
18 May 2020  |  Masayuki

Very good to play and just good guitar. I'm satisfied this. Thank you!

Spťcial BMG
18 May 2020  |  Berton

Le potentiomŤtre volume qui crache un peu mais sinon une trŤs bonne guitare ! je conseille

Great Strap
15 May 2020  |  Axel

Soft smooth and fit perfect

Great pedal
15 May 2020  |  Scott

This is my first treble booster, Wow! Incredible tones for sure. If you're going to play any Queen tunes, this is a must.

I couldn't be happier
15 May 2020  |  Scott

I couldn't be happier, the guitar is everything I expected and more. I was a bit concerned with a guitar coming all the way from London to the US but it made it safely. It has become my favorite guitar and I will enjoy playing it forever.

Thanks Brian for making it possible to own a piece of rock history so we can make our own. Oh, and other than a quick tune this guitar was set up perfectly. The action was also perfect! Bravo! Gentleman!

Even better than I dared dream!
15 May 2020  |  David

This guitar is the best guitar I have ever played. Not only is it a brilliant replica of my hero's guitar, it is a magnificent guitar in its own right. The finish is spectacular, the action is light and low, it holds tuning, the tremolo is perfect... and the sound! Brian is in there... I love it.

Also only took 8 days to get from London to my house in Australia. Only thing I'm annoyed about is that I waited until I was 47 to buy one

14 May 2020  |  Stephen

Fantastic item I shall be back... STAY SAFE!

Sounds like it looks - excellent
13 May 2020  |  Patrick

I've paired it with a Yamaha THR5A for home use and I am completely blown away! Plays nice and easy and sounds great. 10/10 - would buy again.

Superb guitar - so little and yet so big
13 May 2020  |  Jose

What a fantastic guitar... a body so small and yet such a great sound without being connected.
When I connected the guitar the balance between the 2 mics is fantastic, and you can change that... WOW.

Great sound, great playability even with 012 strings, and so so light... 5 stars!!!

Beautiful strap
07 May 2020  |  Christina

This was a present for my husband to go with his Red Special, and it complements it beautifully. We love how the strap is fully vegan leather and the quality is amazing, well worth the money and the service was spot on. Arrived quickly and well packaged, thank you!

Flawless Antique Cherry
07 May 2020  |  James

Reaching out to express my gratitude. I just recently received my guitar, and I cannot begin to say how excited I was to hear it was being delivered especially during a worldwide crisis. I was blown away.

This package made it from London to Cleveland in 3 days without one scratch on the outside box. Amazing. But WOW once I opened... I was so surprised by the quality and workmanship put into this instrument. Truly outstanding. As a longtime fan of Queen Music and the unique sound of Brian's Red Special, this guitar will forever be part of me, my home and family. Special thanks go out to those involved in making this all happen - Barry Moorhouse & Gill Moorhouse in Sales; David Good the communicator on the Social Media Team and, of course, Brian May.

Flawless transaction with so much happening right now. In conclusion. if anyone is a big fan like me and interested in a guitar, these are the guys to go to. Don't settle for anything less. The kindness from this BMG Team goes along way.

With Sincere Appreciation, Jim D Macedonia Ohio USA
Best Wishes, guys. Keep healthy!

04 May 2020  |  Daniel

I was lucky enough to get a Brian May signed one from the KJA 2020 tour promotion. This is a very very very good guitar. The playability is amazingly smooth and the various pickup/phase combinations make for many tone combinations. The Grover locking machine heads are really great, the finish is beautiful, and the guitar certainly has a top end feel to it.

Since this one is signed I don't want to play it much though, to preserve the beautiful signature. But I will probably get me another one soon!

Love the versatility
04 May 2020  |  David

Received the guitar recently. It beats my expectations with great playability. Love the versatility with the pickup switching. Really nice hard case with the guitar, although the soft case was really usable.

A-May-zing quality
01 May 2020  |  Maria

Amazing fabric quality and a very unique pattern. Fabric is so soft it feels like silk to the touch. Definitely a must-have in your closet!

Stunning guitar
29 April 2020  |  Craig

I'd read a few reviews of the BMG Special online, watched the obligatory YouTube demonstrations, and decided that, being a fan of Queen and Brian May for 40 years, it was time to try the guitar, so ordered online.

First surprise was how quickly it arrived, but the second was how well it played straight out of the box, quick tune up was all it needed.

I play in a covers band and we do a few Queen songs, so I tried these first and I was not disappointed. The sound and tone from this guitar is so close to the original it is absolutely amazing. I normally play a Les Paul and all of mine have the slim '60s neck so the BMG Special neck feels "normal", making it as easy to play as the guitars I am used to, but it's the sounds that it can create that really make probably the most versatile guitar I have ever owned (even better than the old 70's Shergold Masquerader that I should never have sold!). It might even get a play in my Lizzy tribute as well.

As guitars go, this is a relatively inexpensive guitar even including the hard case. The finish is excellent, the frets are perfect and the tremolo and locking tuners work really well. I am very impressed and extremely pleased with the purchase.

Perfect! Better than Fender!
28 April 2020  |  Driss

I tried many guitars in my life, many brands and many models.

Recently I tried a Fender Stratocaster Ed O'Brien and a Telecaster Hybrid Japan, because I love fat necks (U shapes and V shapes) the guitars were more expensive and the quality was lower than BMG,

I bought a 3 Tone Sunburst BMG Special Limited Edition and WOW, just WOW, let me tell you :

Stays in tune perfectly, like for real.
The guitar fine tuning (Wilkinson) octaves is perfect even in high notes (whole neck scale is in tune).
Every chords sounds great thanks to the fret zero (ultra rare nowadays).
The tuning mechanism is one of the best available on the market and ultra smooth
ebony touch.
The pickups are just crazy, never seen this much output level from single coils
(If you play guitar on external USB interface, you will be amazed. Usually, on electric guitars, you need to boost the IN signal a lot and normalize it to obtain decent dB level, and a nice waveform but not with this guitar, the output is HIGH, and its the first time I see this).
The Wilkinson is very nice.
Volume and tone knob are metal (aluminium), my model is a 2019.
The phase switch system is wonderful, personaly I use only the bridge pickup out of phase.

I also want to say to people : this guitar can play a ton of different sounds, versatile and interesting sounds.

I'm very happy and this guitar is worth every dollar/euro/pound.


Love it!
27 April 2020  |  Vladimir

Been a fan Queen and Brian May forever and wanted a Red Special for a long time. Watching Brian on his Instgram mini-concertos inspired me to play again. So glad to have finally pulled the trigger!

The quality of the guitar is great, it's a gorgeous instrument and the sound is awesome. Brian's switch system is different than a Fender of a Les Paul but there are great resources including here on the website that show examples of switch settings. The easiest way is just to play with them and figure out what sound you like.

Another thing that I love is the guitar is great at all styles (not just Queen style) so you can rock out to Queen or AC/DC or Metallica or whatever. Possibilities are endless!

Excellent service
26 April 2020  |  Park

The counselor was very kind. And he takes care of things quickly. I used Translator because I can't English well so I was wrong in grammar, but the counselor understood them all.

I bought - all I have left is waiting for my signed BMG ē KJA 2020.

Thank you, counselors.

The Special is awesome!
24 April 2020  |  Peter

I simply love the tone and the unparalleled playability of this super fine guitar. It is absolutely top value for money. It is completely different from my Strat, Tele, LP, PRS etc. My other guitars have hardly been touched since I receive my Special.

The service and communication from BMG Guitars is very quick and super friendly. (Thanks to Gill Moorhouse!

The only very minor issue could a slicht string buzz on the low E and A strings when fretted from abt. the 12th to the 15th fret. I increased the action a bit, but the higher action does diminish the ' feel' a bit. Maybe BMG cab help met out a little on that. Thanks

Thank you very much for your professional and swift service
22 April 2020  |  Katrina

I am so thrilled with the guitar - itís absolutely stunning. The strap and case are beyond my expectations - excellent quality.

Totally worth the cost
21 April 2020  |  Richard

This is a very high quality guitar (as I would expect, with Brian May using one while he is quarantined at home). My daughter has been saving up for one since she started working, and was within a hundred dollars of having enough when we decided to purchase it for her as a reward for working so hard on school, at her job, and on learning to play (4 different ukuleles, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and bass guitar - all since June of last year). The look on her face when it was delivered was worth every penny.

Well worth the wait
20 April 2020  |  Mark

I just wanted to thank you very much for sending the Rhapsody acoustic. It arrived safely today and looks & sounds great. I have been keenly waiting for it to become available again - it was well worth the wait.

Thank you again and I wish you all the very best during these uncertain times.

Best Regards
Mark Rogers

20 April 2020  |  Martin

Sounds killer!

A fantastic instrument
17 April 2020  |  Kelly

This guitar is truly one of the best sounding, most unique, and versatile guitars ever made. I own many classic vintage guitars Ė they all have their personality, however the Brian May Special is truly special. It's a fantastic instrument, like no other in character and play-ability. For rock music, I think it stands out as the best rock voice of all guitars. The guitar was well set up when I received it. Shipping was fast and the staff I talked with were great!

Oh yes, and thank you, Brian for bringing this wonderful instrument, affordably, to the public!!!

13 April 2020  |  Vladimir

Loving it! the guitar is amazing!

A dream to play
13 April 2020  |  James

This is a beautiful work of art that is so much fun to play. I enjoy it every day!

Great guitar!!!
10 April 2020  |  Bogdan

What a beautiful sound! Exceeded all expectations! Thanks Brian May Guitars for it!

5 Stars!
09 April 2020  |  Matthew

Love it.

Excellent product, speedy delivery
09 April 2020  |  Vanessa

I bought this guitar for my 16 year old son who absolutely loves it. I ordered it from Australia and was surprised how fast the delivery was. However, be aware of the extra customs and duty charges when purchasing in Australia, which I didn't realise was going to be so high.

Very good quality product.

06 April 2020  |  Lorraine

Quality of the material seems excellent. I have not worn in yet as I have not washed it yet. Hopefully it does not shrink like the guitar shirt.

02 April 2020  |  Jacques

You must have it with your BMG Special favorite guitar - made by a professionnal for everyone!

Real effect
02 April 2020  |  Jacques

An amazing effect !

At the top of guitar
02 April 2020  |  Jacques

THE REAL BM - every guitar player must have this diamond! Buy it! Very technical sound level but amazing !

A strap for all!!
29 March 2020  |  Gary

The BMG Custom Guitar Strap is an absolutely wonderful guitar strap. It's really comfortable and easy to adjust, the pick holders are very clever as well!

My dream guitar
29 March 2020  |  Gary

I received this guitar as a Christmas gift and ever since I'm still head over heels with the BMG. It's an absolutely beautiful guitar and it's definitely a must-need for Queen fans who play guitar!

25 March 2020  |  June

I ordered this shirt for my son. He plays guitar and I thought he would love it. Wear it on his gigs. I live in the USA and I received the shirt overnight.I was totally impressed with the quality of material and workmanship. Thanks so much Dr. May for designing such a lovely shirt. Would recommend this item to anyone.

Good product
21 March 2020  |  Shizuko

It is a good product with very careful sewing, but I think it is easier to wear if the length is a little shorter.

Awesome guitar!
20 March 2020  |  Diego

I always wanted a Red Special replica since when I was a kid... and that's it! Paired with a Vox tube amp and a treble booster, the result is just astonishing for its price! Hardware quality is very well done, sound quality is perfect, not very far from its more expensive "sister". The only flaw I can report is that the volume/tone knobs are slightly bent, so when I turn them they oscillate a little bit. Potentiometers though are working perfectly. Rock On!

Perfect quality
20 March 2020  |  Andre

A beautiful shirt in perfect quality!!!

Wearing it proudly!
19 March 2020  |  Lynnette

Nice sports bra, lots of stretch and the guitar pattern inspires me! I got a size large, I am 5í 8Ē and 140 lbs - the bra is a teensy bit gapped under my arms, going back I would probably order a medium. The large is still good on me though, and I will wear it proudly!

Great product and super-fast shipping
18 March 2020  |  Carl

I love this waistcoat! It is comfy and really does have enough pockets to hold everything. I took it on a recent trip and it was nice to have my hands free and just relax with everything secure in the coat. I couldn't believe how quickly it got here. Ordered on Monday and it made it to the USA by Friday!

Thanks a lot
17 March 2020  |  Hiroyuki

Thank you for delivering to Japan quickly, and affordable. I have a Japanese Greco copy model for 30y ears. It's many parts gets damaged,so doesn't sound decent. The new BMG has a much better tremolo unit than Greco's. I will enjoy playing Brian's licks and sound for the first time in ages.

Everything is good
17 March 2020  |  Giovanni

I tested the guitar, valid. Next purchase the most expensive... anyway, everything is good.

Thank you!
17 March 2020  |  Kimiko

When I recieved it and put it on immediately, it was just the right size, though it was a little long. I'm very happy. Thank You!

Great customer service
13 March 2020  |  Christopher

Excellent case, just the job. Great customer service.

The BEST you can use!!!
11 March 2020  |  Ricky

I went to the NAMM Show in California in 2019 hoping for a new endorsement from a certain string maker. I happened upon Optima Strings and Eduardo Del Signore. The guys from Optima have come up with a set of strings that are untouched in comparison. The quality and durability is far superior to ANY strings I have ever tried and I have tried them all. They feel springy and comfortable. My hands never get tired when I am playing any guitar strung up with the 24K Gold Brian May Strings. I would recommend them to any player who wants more from their strings. NOTHING on the market compares to these strings. NOTHING!!! Ricky Parish ē Deuces Wildd 2020

Awesome item
04 March 2020  |  Wendy

Very well made and does hold everything.

Good looking, useful, comfortable
03 March 2020  |  Noriko

I'm a woman who is 160cm (5'4") height, bought a small size one. It's totally fit, the shoulder length is long a bit to me.

This is the very well-made product. the stitch is beautiful. the clear outline covers my trunk shape. These are the useful functions of different size pockets, open-front style, mandarin collar. I always wear this black side out, lay the collar down to show inside beautiful original print of BMG. My small size one weighs only 430g. It's comfortable. I think our pal's dog and cat hair love to stick on black side.

This waistcoat has more value than its price.

Very thank you for jolly shopping.

I'm happy
02 March 2020  |  Shoko

I'm happy to be matching clothes with Brian!!! This waistcoat is so cute! If I must say, it's a little long for my height (153cm) 😅

Great shirt !
28 February 2020  |  Gunhild

IĎm very happy with my purchase : cool design and very good quality. The shipping to Germany was very fast and the customer service is very friendly and helpful.Just perfect and highly recommended. 🎶🎸
Thank you and best wishes. 😊

Wearing guitars
26 February 2020  |  Jeffrey

I'm a huge Queen fan & so I'm very proud to be wearing a shirt designed by the best guitar player in Rock and Roll history. It looks great & fits perfectly!

Lives up to the hype
26 February 2020  |  Arthur

I searched far and wide for a proper treble booster and have tried others. When it comes to the VOX AC30C2, the booster from Knight Audio Technologies lives up to all the hype and sounds fantastic... simply brilliant!

Overall I love it...
26 February 2020  |  Brian

The concept and styling are great. The quality and fit, however, could use some tweaking. I'm 5' 10", 190 pounds and wear a size 42 jacket. So I ordered the waistcoat in X large. It fit fine everywhere except the arm holes which were (really) too small and had to be altered before I could wear it. Also, the pockets use a snap button system and the first time I tried to close and open one, it broke. Those snap buttons are notorious for not lasting. I think a conventional slit and button system (like on a shirt) would last and be easy to use. There is no tag on the waistcoat to indicate what material its made of, but I assume cotton. That's important for dry cleaning information and for ironing (it wrinkles very easy so ironing might be advisable it you want to look your best!). Again, overall I love the waistcoat but would happily have paid as much as 1.5 times the price for slightly better quality. I'm up for more BMG clothing items - ball cap and a shorter vest would on my short list.

Eye catching, great quality
25 February 2020  |  Stephen

Delighted with my Brian May shirt, wore it to a Queen tribute night and got loads of comments and people asking where I got it.

Love the style, but snug in the arms
24 February 2020  |  Jerald

I really like the style and versatility. I am a pretty average-sized guy, but I always buy XXL because I like somewhat longer tops. Unfortunately, even the XXL size had arm cuts that were extremely tight and uncomfortable, even wearing only a light dress shirt. Iím not sure I will be able to wear it unless I have it tailored.

21 February 2020  |  Vincenzo

Beautiful case for my Red, and well finished.

19 February 2020  |  T

Awesome!! Thank you!

So cute!
18 February 2020  |  Shoko

Size XS I selected, completely fit me. Before arriving, I was worried XS is too big for me because I'm so little (my height 153cm) but that was my imaginary fears. It's perfect!!!
Now, I hope the same size, XS of leggings will be sold again!!!

Very special
17 February 2020  |  Harry

This guitar sounds absolutely "special". I LOVE IT. Thanks to the factory who built this guitar for me. It is absolutely perfect. Wonderful colour, it stays perfectly in tune, and you can work with the tremolo system without straying out of tune. THANK YOU ENGLAND/KOREA FOR THIS WONDERFUL GUITAR!

Beautiful as always
14 February 2020  |  EDU

Not my first purchase there so I knew that top service and quality were guaranteed. Colour and design are beautiful. I noticed that the sleeves are shorter than the ones in the three-guitar design, so maybe it's wise to choose one higher size when compared to the other model, unless you like the sleeves shorter, of course )

Top quality
13 February 2020  |  Elisabeth

Top quality print and material, and fits like a glove!

Great strap
13 February 2020  |  Enrico

It's a very solid and comfortable strap. Easily adjustable to your needs and soft close to the neck so it's a pleasure to play. The red one I own is very cool paired to the red Special.

Wonderful guitar
13 February 2020  |  Enrico

It's a real wonderful guitar. Great sound paired with stunning looks. The fretboard is really good and fast. Totally worth it!

Great quality
06 February 2020  |  Naoe

The size I wanted arrived! The vest is of great quality - I will love this outfit for a long time!

Thank you so much!

Excellent post-sale service
06 February 2020  |  Didier

My order was accidentally abandoned (too many orders during the Xmas period I guess), I gave a phone call and the part was shipped the very same day. Excellent reactivity!

03 February 2020  |  Kjell

Quality and finish on top. Sounds and plays great. Very nice neck. Recommend other payers to try this unique guitar.

Wonderful service, beautiful guitar strap
03 February 2020  |  Chuck

Got my wife an autographed BMG Special for our anniversary and realized she needed a strap! This strap is beautiful and feels very secure. We haven't gotten to use it a lot, but I suspect we're going to love it more every time we use it.

Love It
31 January 2020  |  Ulrika

So happy, absolutely wonderful guitar, cool picture. can really recommend this guitar to everyone who loves Queen.
(Helt underbar gitarr, sŚ hšftig bild. Kan verkligen rekommendera denna till alla Som šlskar Queen)

I got my old lady!
31 January 2020  |  Jun

I got a BMG in my dream. It was more beautiful than I thought and smelled great . I think the combination with VOX was amazing, and the "Screaming Tone" was almost perfect. Unfortunately, there is too much noise in the out-of-phase tone using neck pick-up and middle pick-up. I think I need to work on the ground separately. Now I'll try to set up a Treble Booster.

I thank Dr. Brian May for creating a great guitar and inspiring me to use it.

Most comfortable bra Iíve ever worn!
28 January 2020  |  Lila

I cannot give this sports bra enough praise!

Itís so hard for me to find a well fitting, supportive bra that I really like, but I absolutely love this one! Itís got a nice stretchy material so itís not too restricting, but itís also really supportive. Itís really good for running, and the elastic on the bottom holds it in place while also staying impossibly comfortable

Itís also super stylish!

I love the BMG design! Very creative!

10/10 recommend!

As good as a solid body electric gets
28 January 2020  |  John

The Special is the nicest guitar I have played, full stop. Without plugging it in, the neck, the fretboard and action are superb. Amplified, a really wide range of tones is available. I can't recommend these guitars highly enough.

This is not the only Special I own. I bought a new, old-stock Burns Red Special a few years ago and since then have rarely picked up another guitar. I don't have time for the narrow neck, nasty frets and high tension of my Stat any more. I love the ability of a single coil pickup to cut through in a band and for decades, the Strat was my main guitar. But once you get used to playing on a wider neck with smoother frets, it's hard to go back. The Strat is really a guitar designed for cheap mass production and though it sounds great, the Special is a far more modern approach to a guitar - which is odd since the Red Special appeared a long time ago.

Since getting a Red Special, my style of playing has changed a lot. I play far higher up the neck and bend a lot more - the 600mm scale length makes big bends easy and painless. The action and neck are as fast as a Maton and they're hard to beat but perhaps a little too thin...

Well, I worried a lot about my Burns getting knocked off or broken and at some stage put my name down for a Super. Now here's the difficult bit - I slightly prefer the Special. This isn't so much because of the daunting size of the neck on the Super, you get used to that fairly soon and it appears to make things like hammering on a little more accurate. It's mostly to do with the tremolo. The one fitted to Burns and the BMG Specials can be used with the palm of your hand to give a really nice vibrato. Because the Super has a different style and position of tremolo, this can't be done.

By mistake, I played a current spec BMG Special in a shop and found it had all the good features of the Burns version, and a bit more all around. The neck and string alignment is a bit better and strings don't fall off the side or get caught under a fret end and the Wilkinson tremolo works the same way. The other thing is that the Super is a bit too nice to play all the time (sorry, it's my problem!) so I decided to get the BMG Special, and it had to be the LE so I didn't get them mixed up, even though that ran the risk that "the authorities" might say that one had to go!

What puzzles me a bit is how the great man himself (with a little help from his dad) came up with a guitar so good all those years ago, and no manufacturer from the other side of the pond thought to copy it. I see people playing Les Pauls and Stratocasters (mine's actually a "The Strat") and wonder if they have tried a Special. Why would you play anything else? (Unless it's that nice, very special, green Guyton semi-accoustic).

A fine unity of unique design and modern technology
27 January 2020  |  Marinko

The guitar is a fine unity of its unique design and modern craft; excellent for its class. Materials and components, both mechanical and electronic are pro-spec and function flawlessly. It fits and feels comfortably while playing; the sound is distinctive, rich and powerful; the instrument is a true pleasure to play with.

Customer support staff is excellent, providing professional service in a kind and elaborate manner.

Love the guitar
27 January 2020  |  Richard

Brian and the team really got this right. I love everything about this guitar. Plays and sounds amazing and the workmanship is outstanding.

Downright stunning
24 January 2020  |  Curtis

Received my BMG Special yesterday YESTERDAY. WOW! Your company is doing everything right with these guitars. I have immediately bonded with this guitar. Just a downright stunning guitar and the build quality and playability rivals guitars that cost 3x as much. I will be saving for another one.

Please thank Dr. May for making his guitar model available.

16 January 2020  |  Steven

Fantastic hard case, incredibly well made, not to mention how beautiful it looks! Thank you for the great packaging and the speedy delivery!

I'm in love with my guitar, gotta feel for my BMG!
16 January 2020  |  Steven

So happy with my purchase, this beautiful guitar looks and feels amazing, the craftsmanship is second-to-none and the photos don't do it justice!

The staff were helpful, very professional and answered all my questions!

I highly recommend this stunning guitar to everyone!

Very happy
16 January 2020  |  David

6 days to arrive from London to South Australia - Outstanding! Upon opening the box I was astounded with the build quality and finish, playability is a bit off at the moment, hard to keep in tune, possibly because the guitar is still quite young. but overall very happy, thanks Brian for sharing your special guitar with us.

BMG Rocks!
15 January 2020  |  Sam

Just purchased my SECOND BMG Guitar. Love it! Plays and sounds like a dream and you can feel the quality of build. It really is a fine instrument that turns heads and gets comments every time I play it.

Iím super proud of it. Thanks BMG! 😁🤘🏻

Fully meets my expectations
15 January 2020  |  Giampiero

The guitar I purchased fully meets my expectations and I am satisfied with it. The only small flaw in my opinion is the connection of the cable which easily tends to disconnect.

Classically fantastic!
14 January 2020  |  Stephen

So glad I finally was able to acquire one of these. Truly captures that beautiful Brian May tone with my Guild "Green Special" and brings my other guitars to life.

Great job on a great piece of gear. You "nailed" it, Nigel! Customer service is top notch! Thanks again, Barry!!

Awesome sound
14 January 2020  |  Jason

Once I plugged the Treble Booster CLassic into my overdriven amp it sounded incredible. The tones are fantastic that come out of it, especially when you turn the volume up on the guitar - and with the switching system on my BMG Special LE, the different wide-ranging tones make it a enjoyable experience.

I would highly recommend this product.

Highly recommend
10 January 2020  |  Kenneth

Bought it for my granddaughter so hereís her review :

ďItís brilliant! I do already have a tenor, however I like the deeper tone of this Uke due to the larger body. I would have given it five stars, however the G and A string were a bit damaged (I assume which happened during transport since Iím all the way in Canada) which is not a huge deal since I was planning on changing the strings anyways. Other than that, it is my go-to ukulele now, and every one of my musician friends who see it are instantly impressed with its unique look (especially once I mention that itís modelled after the Red Special).Ē - Kahshennoktha Deer

Guitar Strap
10 January 2020  |  Anthony

Strap was purchased for my daughter as a Xmas present. Loves it.

Love it!
09 January 2020  |  Simona

High quality - feels great! I'm definitely going to wear it a lot.

09 January 2020  |  Simona

Great service from BMG. Guitar is well-made, neck feels awesome, and it sounds just amazing.

Arrived unharmed in a very nice package.

I'm so happy that I'm finally able to have this beauty at home! Thanks!

Great present!
07 January 2020  |  Sophia

Bought this as a gift and the recipient was very pleased indeed!

I'm glad I read the reviews of others which advised the sizing is a little snug, and to buy one size larger than required; as this resulted in a good fit. Awarded four stars only because I discovered a stray thread hanging from the hem on the first wear, but overall good quality.

The Perfect Treble Booster!
07 January 2020  |  Darnell

I just received the Brian May Guitars Treble Booster... I love it. It's paired with a VOX AC30HW and a BMG Special (still patiently on the waiting list for a Super!). Crank everything up to MAX, use a sixpence as a pick... and off you go! I'm all about the 70's setting... it's perfect. Thank you BMG!!!

Happy Boy
06 January 2020  |  Kirk

Received the order today Jan 6th - ordered Dec 2, UK-Canada. Shirt is perfect, my son was very happy.

I absolutely love this guitar!
06 January 2020  |  George

I don't know how to review this guitar without sounding like an endorsee.

The guitar arrived very well packaged and played well straight out of the box. I did read that purchasers had to do a lot of setup work upon arrival but it was not the case for me and I live in Australia.

The guitar sounds great, the tone versatility is quite something. Although I enjoy Brian May's playing, I didn't want his sound - Ironic I know. My intention was to have a versatile guitar as I do enjoy a lot of sound experimentation and it delivers.

I use an Axe Fx through a standard monitor as an amp, which gives me tons of versatility and the guitar responds well. I wouldn't say metal is its thing, but you have room for loads of creativity if you have the right gear.

Some have mentioned that it's hard to get a good clean tone, again I had no issue. It could be another gear-related issue, not a guitar problem.

In terms of it being a quality instrument, it is very well made, no doubt about it. I was hesitant at first in purchasing because I was put off by the marketing and replica advertising, it just sounded too gimmicky, but this is not the case. This is a great guitar, and a very well made guitar at that. Just like your Gibsons, Fenders and other labels I can throw at you. It sounds nothing like these guitars but that's not why you hear!

I absolutely love this guitar!

Very happy
03 January 2020  |  Christine

We absolutely love this shirt. It made well and great material. Very happy with it.

Excellent for every guitarist
02 January 2020  |  Jo

Brilliant - my grandson Freddie has not stoped playing it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

AWESOME! (natch)
01 January 2020  |  Rhona

Was a gift to hubby so he gets to review :

ďObviously the coolest guitar EVER and does not disappoint. Looks the part and sounds the part but with the extra Reverse polarity option on the pickups. Has inspired me to learn properly and get rid of bad habits which is one of the reasons I wanted this experience.

Iím getting a bit of what seems to be stickyness on the neck but I think that might be my playing and will prob be resolved with some guitar-neck-oil magic glitter stuff.

Anyway, so looking forward to the free Queen concert with every Special... kidding! That would give a rating of a billion Rhapsodies!!Ē

Great quality
27 December 2019  |  Jane

The strap is of great quality and it is beautiful. I have concluded that everything directly associated with Queen - whether from Brian's guitar and accessories, or his books, Roger's fashion and accessories, the books, accessories, CDs and albums from the Queen Online Store, and, of course, their music - that I have ever purchased from Queen-related sources has consistently been of great quality. I love them and they are worth the wait.

Beyond fantastic
26 December 2019  |  Rodney

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you re my purchase experience with Brian May Guitars. I purchased the BMG Special for my niece, who is a huge Queen fan, as a Christmas present so I had to wait until Christmas day.

She was so excited and was very much taken by surprise. We've never seen her that excited to the point where she was speechless. Wait, I take that back, she was like this when Brian May reposted her picture on his Instagram when Queen came to Pittsburgh.

Now to business : My experience with Brian May Guitars was beyond great. Your customer service and response time to my questions was beyond fantastic and to that end I want to thank Dave and the other members of your team that I had the great opportunity to interact with during this process.

Thank you guys again for making this the most pleasant purchase that I've ever had. We're totally satisfied and my niece is definitely on cloud nine and has not let the BMG Special out of her sight. We think she even slept with it.

I can't say it enough, you guys are GREAT!!

Perfect Service!
26 December 2019  |  Christian

Thank God it's Frank-Mas! Hereís Franky - I got the best Christmas present ever.

Wow! What can I say? I speechless - Iīm over the moon with my signed Frank guitar. A true treasure and the highlight of my huge Queen and News Of The World collection.

A big thanks again to the entire BMG team and of course to the one and only Dr. Brian May!

Very cool
23 December 2019  |  Peter

Great product all round. Quality workmanship and a very cool design. My son looks very cool wearing the shirt while playing his red Special.

A GREAT guitar
21 December 2019  |  Guy

WOW !!! This is what came to my mind, when i got the message that my package had arrived after only 5 days. The guitar came in perfect shape, and tuned!

After carefully opening the package i could think of nothing else but - WOW.
A GREAT Guitar

Thanks !

20 December 2019  |  Callum

Iíve wanted to buy this guitar for some time now, however the high price tag didnít encourage me to purchase. I am a huge Brian May fan and love the unique sounds that no other guitar can replicate. After some thought, I decided to purchase this guitar as a present for myself. I am so happy with the build quality, finish, sound, etc. - I can list so many positive things about this guitar.

I encourage anyone who is a Brian may fan to buy this guitar as you wonít be disappointed.

Beautiful material & well made
16 December 2019  |  Vicky

Love love love my purchase. Beautiful material and well made

Thank you!
12 December 2019  |  Teresa

I just wanted to thank all of you for my Red Special and all the other goodies I got to go with it. I don't do the Facebook or Twitter things, and I'm pretty sure you aren't really active on Ravelry (hey I'm a knitter, and there IS a knitting needle on the original's tremolo bar!), so I wanted to email you this thank you note.

The guitar was a retirement gift from me to me, and I am enjoying learning to play it. I figured even Brian May started at zero, and it took him a few years to get pretty good at it 😉. I promise you that it has come to a good home and will be well loved by a very happy old lady in Denver, Colorado, USA... Thanks again

Thoroughly fantastic from start to finish
10 December 2019  |  Simon

Unbelievable service from BMG, and in particular Barry, who took ownership of a small concern I had.

Oh... and of course, the instrument surpasses my expectations, ultra quality build, didnít even need a setup.

In summary - you NEED to own one of these guitars... RIGHT NOW!

My granddaughter is the biggest Queen & Brian May fan!
04 December 2019  |  Paul

My 12-year-old granddaughter Freya is an aspiring rock guitarist and loves Brian May and Queen's music. She bought herself a Brian May Guitar with money her Nan left her when she passed away in the summer and hasn't put it down since.

I have bought her the strap for a Christmas present and I know she will love it. It's excellent quality and the perfect match for the guitar.

She would love to meet and play with Brian.

Watch Freya's video clips on her YouTube channel

Thank you for your music, Brian.

Kind regards, Paul

A Very BMG-ish Guitar
03 December 2019  |  Adam

If youíre thinking about buying this guitar to sound like Brian, all the best to you. It will help you on your tone quest. For me, as much as I enjoy Brianís playing, itís not why I bought it. I was looking for a guitar with wide tonal possibilities, and this has them.

You probably know the specifics Ė each pick up has its own on/off switch, and in-phase/out-of-phase switch. This allows you to go from dark/mellow to bright/treble tones and everything in between. Even though I donít personally sound like Brian (who does?) I enjoy the many tonal options this guitar gives. What surprised me most of all was the depth and snarl of the single coils. Itís like someone forgot to tell them theyíre single coils, and theyíre not supposed to sound like humbuckers too. So two thumbs up for the tonal options.

I admire quality workmanship. This guitar has it. The attention to detail and finish are excellent. The paint and binding are faultless. For its intermediate price range I think the quality is top shelf. Colour is a very personal thing and I personally love the Windermere Blue and its retro vibe. The main electric I played prior to the BMG arriving was an Ibanez JS model. I love that guitar, its pickups, amazing ergonomics and super fast neck (Iím not a super fast player though).

Regarding the BMGís neck, I find it 'medium' sized, so compared to the slim Ibanez it took a little getting used to at first. Having played the BMG now for a couple of weeks I find the neck is just fine and have come to really like it. The only thing I havenít found excellent is intonation across the neck. Iíve had some well intonated guitars and I think this one is good rather than great. However, I do mean good, and donít have enough of an issue with it to mark my rating down (or maybe Iím not being critical enough on this point but I expect it will improve with a small set up adjustment).

I think the guitar is great for rock, blues and even ambient tones. Iím not sure about jazz or country, but I donít play those genres. In the hands of a better player, I expect it can do a decent job of those too, given its wide tonal options. The BMG definitely has its own unique thing going on Ė itís nothing like a Strat, or Les Paul, or SG, or Tele (giving my generation away here). Itís very much BMG-ish. And I think thatís great. I love it and look forward to exploring it as I get to know this guitar more.

03 December 2019  |  Neil

This is great one - adjustment to begin with, and it fits perfectly, two very useful pick holders at the front, 3 coin holders at the back, and does not move unless you move the guitar or strap - fantastic.

Excellent guitar
02 December 2019  |  Donald

Great guitar. Looks to be well-made. Action is very nice and neck feels great. I am very happy. Thanks Brian!

Fab design
25 November 2019  |  Mark

Top Shirt with a fab design.

Great Guitar Strap
22 November 2019  |  James

This is a great guitar strap. It is very high quality and it looks amazing. Good value for the price.

The best guitar
22 November 2019  |  Guiganou

Hello, and thanks to you. I am very satisfied with my purchase at home. The BMG Special is really a great guitar. See you soon on your site for a future purchase.

Very good work
22 November 2019  |  Heike

A pleasant wide strap, nice material, different possibilities for length adjustment and small compartments for two plectrums. Functional and appealing.

Exceeds all expectations.
22 November 2019  |  Heike

My BMG Special arrived well packed and unharmed. She is a beauty visually. Her sound is wonderful and exceeds my expectations. Her tight strings and narrow fingerboard make her very easy to play and the settings leave nothing to be desired. I am very happy to be able to play her.

Dream guitar
21 November 2019  |  Marcos

August of 2018, I was beginning to learn guitar and I was a bit awful but after watching the movie "Bohemian Rhapsody", Brian May playing his Red Special, and all his iconic riffs were just inspiring and since then, I practiced every day Queen songs back-to-back. I asked my mom and dad if they could save up enough money to buy this beauty... 6 days later it arrives. The first thing I thought was, "Wow the delivery was as fast of the speed of light". I live in California and The DHL delivery tracking service was super helpful.

When I FINALLY took it out of the box, I was just in shock in all emotional levels. The guitar is super light and the neck is really thin. The 20+ tonal possibilities are just amazing! My favorites are blues, rockabilliy, and Queen settings. The tuning heads keep the strings locked in place even after heavy tremlo use and the ebony fret board is extremely comfortable and wood is smooth as water.

In the end, this website made my dream come true and I will continue to buy products from here!

An axe like no other!
21 November 2019  |  Richard

Fit and finish (and set up) were just awesome! Just a superior guitar all around. Tremelo is excellent. Sustain and available tones are unmatched. One fine axe for the money!

Great service
19 November 2019  |  Jordi

Very fast sending... in less than 5 days I've the great guitar at home.

Awesome pedal - the final piece in the jigsaw
10 November 2019  |  David

What an awesome sounding pedal! Beautiful tones. I'd already got myself a lovely BMG Special and Vox AC-30 amp, but am amazed at the difference the treble booster pedal has made. If only I could play like him, my setup really would now sound like Brian himself.

Well done guys, would highly recommend it.

It rocks!
09 November 2019  |  Lavinia

I loved this shirt since I've seen it for the first time in a pic of Dr May. And when I got it, it was totally worth it. Really nice material and colours. I can't wait to wear it for my first ever Queen show next year!

Ladies, it will fits you well too, don't heistate, it's not only for guys!

05 November 2019  |  Martin

Awesome looking T-shirt, fits great also, only negative would be the posting time as you pay a fee for posting for the same fee I've had items from other sites qucker as is for simular fee, took a bit longer than i thought it should, thats the really only negative aspect

Love It
01 November 2019  |  Simon

An excellent guitar - it plays smoothly, holds tune well and the pickup options give plenty of room for experimentation. Delivery was also very quick and the guitar came well packaged (but not over-packaged, which is always nice to see). Communication from the seller was also helpful, since I don't usually buy guitars online, so I knew the process was going through each stage.

Fast shipping
31 October 2019  |  Thitika

Fast shipping!! Thank you so much!!!

Nice Guitar!
30 October 2019  |  Joseph

The BMG Special came to me nicely set up ready to play. The action is comfortably low and the intonation is good. The build, finish and workmanship of the guitar is very good.

I purchased the guitar with the hard shell case. At the start the guitar fits very snug and the case will need a bit of breaking in. But overall the case is very high quality.

My only gripe about the guitar is the inability to give the tremolo bar some tension. I like to leave the bar in a stationary position rather than leaving it slack. But overall this is a fine guitar at its price point.

The right strings
29 October 2019  |  ōYvind

Perfect strings for my beautiful Red Special. The shopping was smooth and the items arrived in Norway a coiple of days after the shopping was done.

29 October 2019  |  Heike

My guitar arrived safely. Thank you for the quick delivery. She is wonderful.

Lush and green
27 October 2019  |  Marcus

This baby is vegan... No animal products. Wow! I love it. It feels so silky smooth and has a very generous solid extension system, glossy black clamp and screws... like baked zirconium, mmmmm.

I have this one on my Johnny Cash acoustic right now. I will have one on my RED SUPER SPECIAL, OH YEAH! I would love to get me a Frank LTD with one as well. I know it's against the whole gist of the Red Guitar mystique, but how fun would it be to have a black with, maybe, a red stripe for my Cash acoustic, and maybe my Epiphone Tony Iommi SG? Hot Damn!

Great product and service!
24 October 2019  |  Oleg

Absolutely the best! Thank you for taking such a good care of your customer! God bless!

Feels great, sounds great
21 October 2019  |  Barbara

Absolutely love the guitar and sound... feels great, sounds great.

A pleasure to play
21 October 2019  |  Vance

The guitar and gig bag arrived in perfect condition from England in a box that had protected it. I was initially struck by the beauty of the finish. It is a gorgeous instrument. I have really enjoyed playing it. The neck is thin, but a little wider than I am used to, which makes complicated chords more comfortable to play. The pickups have a very balanced tone - with all three on, you have neither the exaggerated brightness of a single-coil or the midrange hump of a humbucker. This allows you to shape the sound any way you want.

I guess my only very minor complaint was that it came strung with very light gauge strings, which I plan to replace. I really love this guitar!

Great guitar
15 October 2019  |  Paul

I love this very playable guitar, I find it to be better than many of the top guitars out in the world.

Itís a great guitar, Iím glad I bought it, number two for me!!

Thank you very much
15 October 2019  |  Saffron

Long before I came along in my husbandís life, he has been a massively obsessive fan of Queen and all things to do with guitars. He has a strangely large collection, even though he canít really play Ė but it keeps him happy and quiet.

And ever since my husband and I have been together, he has been mentioning this desire for yet ANOTHER gutar. I really didnít take much notice of it, and I kind of just fobbed him off with a ďmaybe for your 50thĒ comment.

We were in New York recently, and my husband was determined to find this music store in times square. But once we got there, they didnít have any Brian May Guitars in stock, and we weren't in the area long enough for them to ship one in. I saw my husbands little heart snap in two! He looked so upset!

So I baught it for him via your website for his 50th birthday Ė he is only 47 now, but why wait when he will just sepnd the next 3 years pining over it anyway. He seems really happy with the guitar, now Ė I am not one to know to much about guitars Ė frankly I'm not a fan (violinist, you see). But he was speechless when it arrived. I am assuming that was joy, it was the first time he was ever really quietÖ

I personally was really happy with the delivery service. It would have actually been up home if I had paid the duty at customs on it earlier. Honestly, we landed back in Australia on the Friday morning, I paid the duty around lunch time, and it was at our house that night! In good condition, it was packed appropriately and there are no complaints coming from me.

All in all, I am happy with the service, my husband seems happy with the guitar (not said otherwise). So, thank you very much.  

Super comfortable
07 October 2019  |  Matteo

The strap is beautiful and very comfortable.

It is not easy to change the length, but when the size is good you never change it. The bonus here is that the length never changes once it is done because you have to unscrew... Nice job.

04 October 2019  |  Ulrich

The new KAT Treble Booster Classic has fully convinced me! I will not turn it off anymore. Every guitar signal, no matter what type of guitar, seems busier, fresher and crisper. Difficult to describe. I have the booster in front of a distortion pedal and there with a reduced level setting. Here the sun rises. With my RS and a Vox pathfinder and/or AC15, I now have my Queen sound (My wife told me that it sounds authentic and she is my accountant and has to approve all purchases!).

There is nothing more to expect. Get one, if you can!

Very versatile Treble Booster
04 October 2019  |  Robert

This is a very versatile Treble Booster. I've got also a Fryer, but this one is doing just one sound. In this one here, I have all the sounds of the classic BM areas and even more with the in-position sounds. Thanks for this, it's great!

Excellent Product
04 October 2019  |  Jerald

The BMG Treble Booster Classic and BMG Special Guitar exceeded my expectations of range and beauty of tone and color.

I agree completely with all of the glowing reviews of your products.

She loves it !!!
02 October 2019  |  Danny

Purchased as a gift for my wife who is a huge Brian fan... She loves it !!!

I love it
02 October 2019  |  Dan

I received the Treble Booster Classic a lot faster then I expected, shipping to the United States. I love the TBC and love the tones I can get out of my guitar.

I canít say enough positive things about the BMG products and will be purchasing more through the site. Thank you again for the amazing product.

Allows for more sounds
02 October 2019  |  Mark

It definitely reacts to the different impedance of different instruments. This is why I like the different options for the tone selection (i.e. the different years). And dialing just the right boast can create a vast array of useful sounds.

I donít think I will ever regret this purchase!

Great product
02 October 2019  |  Samuel

Great product and great service

30 September 2019  |  Paul

Great build quality, playability and tone for the price, even better than expected, backed up by a first class service - thoroughly recommended!

Ampli Tube Brian May from IK Multimedia
28 September 2019  |  Andreas

I was impressed by the offer of the typical Brian May sound on a Web based platform. I already had previously loaded the app of AmpliTube from IK Multimedia on my iPad, and already owned the iRig stomp. But I found out that I had to buy the full version of AmpliTube to also run the Brian May sound package. But when you buy this one The Brian May package is already included, which means I bought it double.

However, this is an issue of IK Multimedia and not from BMG Guitars.

Recently, I saw that Jamie Humphries is presenting the AmpliTube on a guitar summit in London. It will be great if he can introduce this software also on the internet, focusing not only on the abilities of the software but also explaining how to set up the complete rig like computer, boxes, interface, etc. If this is posted on the big web page this will be very helpful to set up the software in appropriate fashion and bring success also to beginner guitarists.

These do the trick
27 September 2019  |  Michael

These are just what I wanted. I bought a cheap knock off Brian May guitar (Ivy IBM-200 TRD) but I didn't like the knobs that came on the guitar, so these do the trick. Thanks Brian!

25 September 2019  |  Joerg

Excellent digital emulation of all time great Brian May guitar sounds.

Thank you for making our lives easier!
21 September 2019  |  Bimal

If, like me, you have your Brian May Guitar, that is only part of the equation to achieve the iconic sounds created by Dr Brian May - the other parts are the outboard equipment and amps, and the AmpliTube Brian May software is the equivalent of being able to just buy everything in one convenient package.

Once you install the software and plug in the guitar, you are transformed - everything sounds exactly right. The software can cope with non-Brian May Guitars as well (but if you're reading this, hopefully you've already bought one - they're still the best value guitar money can buy!) so there's no excuse - the software allows anyone to sound exactly like the man himself.

The presets have been well designed and are a joy to use. I am fortunate in also having the AXE I/O interface which integrates perfectly with the software, and allows easy selection of the presets (as demonstrated by Jamie Humphries in the videos), but it works with any interface. If you have tried to create your own Brian May effect patches (which I have, several times), you can appreciate this software - it gives you the precisely right sounds straight away.

Should you buy it? Unless you own 3 Vox AC30s and all of the other pedals and equipment that Dr. May uses on stage and in the studio (including the legendary Deacy Amp) the answer is an emphatic YES!

You will not be disappointed!
21 September 2019  |  Ron

I was asked to leave a review (and to be honest I rarely do !) but, WOW - after playing with the Brian May Amplitube you will not be disappointed!

There are so many options to go into here, but let's cut to the chase - has it got that "Queen" sound? Yes indeed! They have done a great job creating Brian's tones, even choices for some selected song titles!. Let's face it, you cannot go wrong here. If you are searching for just one Brian May tone, you got it, but there are tons more besides and from the man himself and IK Multimedia... well done guys. Congratulations Brian!!

High Quality
19 September 2019  |  Jason

This guitar strap is so comfortable and easy to adjust to the player's needs - I would highly recommend to purchase one.

Works great, sounds great
19 September 2019  |  Bren

Sold my green Guild back to a friend. Read up on your current product and chose BMG special LE. Arrived in great condition and within a few days stayed pretty much in tune. Would have liked to see Brian May's produced in U.K. but as one who build guitars know Vietnam has a lot to offer luthiers.

Noticed the Guild was mis-wired from Guild, But the May I received from you was correctly wired in tandom series.

Works great, sounds great, feels good in the hands. Rocks through all my variety of amps. Thanks.

Almost Perfect!
19 September 2019  |  Andy

The Brian May aspects of this are really spectacular: spot-on sounds, very clever additions like the Red Special plugin that allows you to emulate the pickup/phase response of the Red Special even if you're using a different guitar... overall, just great!

My only complaint is that it's an AmpliTube add-on; I've never liked their interface or business model. You have to wade through what seems like mountains of *paid* add-ons to get to the sounds you want, and if you want to save more than one or two sounds to a "favorite" spot, you have to pay extra for that, too!

So, if this had been a standalone product, or maybe a set of presets for NI Guitar Rig, Waves GTR, or really almost anything else, it would be 5 stars!

Now my Red Special is complete!
16 September 2019  |  Jason

Loved my Red Special from the moment I got it, but really wanted to replace the plastic knobs. Took a while for the aluminum (U.S. spelling) ones to come back in stock, but then they arrived mere days after I ordered and look and feel BEAUTIFUL!

Thanks to Brian and everyone at BMG!

Fantastic service
16 September 2019  |  Dale

Despite the first parcel going missing, the team were quick to replace them, and the product has now arrived safely, Thanks, guys.

Whoever owns a BMG RS should have one!
16 September 2019  |  Peter

Itís a great polishing cloth, what can I say? It gets the job done and with Brianís signature on it! Sort and very effective. May as well just add it to your order because youíll always need one to clean your guitar. Iíll def buy another.

LOVE this guitar
16 September 2019  |  George

Since I received my BMG all my other high end Guitars are collecting dust.

Just LOVE this guitar. Thank you 🎼🎼🎼

Looks great
13 September 2019  |  Kenneth

I recently purchased an older, used Emerald Green Special but was unhappy with the black plastic plates. I therefore decided to replace ALL the plastic plates with mint green ones by ordering from BMG.

There was a small difficulty with the time taken & tracking my order as it was with the Royal Mail. Regardless - the plates fitted perfectly with the exception of one little screw hole in the wrong spot. No problem - a drill and a small bit took care of that.

My Green Special looks great now and properly balanced.

Ordered New Knobs
10 September 2019  |  Kyle

Knobs arrived in perfect condition, ahead of schedule. Thank you!!

Excellent Accessory!
09 September 2019  |  Ed

I have the earlier version of the BMG Special with the smaller knobs. I ordered these to bring it up to spec with the current offering and also make mine closer to Brian's.

They look fantastic and are easier to grab for use. Now, if the white-tipped tremelo arm would become available, my BMG Special will be complete! I bought mine used and the seller had lost the original tremelo arm!

5 stars for the aluminum knobs!

Awesome Guitar
09 September 2019  |  Salvatore

Quick delivery, the guitar arrived in perfect condition, the finish is amazing and it sounds awesome. Tuning stability is just perfect, Wilkinson bridge and Grover locking tuners do their job.

Thanks for this masterpiece.

Gorgeously made item
09 September 2019  |  Roy

I bought these as a replacement for my white Special which originally had the plastic chrome knobs - what an improvement! They really look the business and I'd highly recommend these if you have the older style knobs.

They are so good I understand Dr May himself has used one of these to replace one of his beloved original ones made with his father, which he lost recently - that's how good these are.

I had a long wait for them to come into stock but the quality of the item was well worth the wait.

Thanks BM Guitars!

Just the job
09 September 2019  |  Andrew

They look and feel just right.

Amazing guitar at ANY price
09 September 2019  |  Gregory

Used it in a recording the day it arrived. (Also used the new official Brian May setting in the Amplitude guitar amp simulator software BTW) - sounded amazing straight away.

Super happy with the purchase and can't wait to use it again.

Listen to a clip HERE.

Very comfortable
07 September 2019  |  Keith

I was actually surprised and how comfortable this strap was as I normally use woven straps because of their flexibility. Unusual strap adjustment, a couple of pick pockets and a couple of picks (shouldn't they be sixpences!)

Can you ever have too many tones?!
07 September 2019  |  Keith

This guitar is very nicely finished and well built. Out of the box it was very well set up and the frets were well polished making bending strings and vibrato almost effortless.

It has a very comfortable neck profile even for my large hands, it is well balanced and comfortable when sitting down or standing. The tremolo system stays in tune far better than similar units I have used - I assume this is down to the combination of the straight pull through the nut, 2 point tremolo, locking tuners and shorter scale length.

As for the sound, even without any effects you can hear these pickups have their own tone and once you start experimenting with the switches you start to realise the extent of the tonal pallete, but to get the most out of it and try to sound like Brian you definitely need the treble booster, chorus etc.

So if you need upgrade your guitar or are looking for inspiration, try a RS or one of the LE's as you can never have too many tones.

Awesome Guitar
07 September 2019  |  Jason

I love the look of the Baby Blue Classic. When I started playing it all those great tones come to life.

Excellent strings
07 September 2019  |  Jason

These strings sound great. Very good tone for the price!!!

The perfect treble booster
04 September 2019  |  Kasper

If you're looking to buy a versatile and great sounding treble booster then I would recommend you take a look at this one.

First of all, it does what it says on the tin - it boosts your guitar signal and pushes your tube amp into a glorious sustain and overdrive. In the case of a treble booster, it also tightens up the bass (well, reduces it, really) and pushes certain frequencies. That's the recipe for a million iconic rock'n'roll tones, for example those of Brian May. This particular treble booster takes things a step further in allowing you to choose between 3 different iconic treble boosters - here labeled as 3 decades of Brian's playing. In practice this gives your 3 very useful voicings to choose between when dialing in the tone you're looking for. They all sound different, and they all sound great!

Furthermore this pedal accepts a 9V power supply with center-negative voltage - this is great, because the old original circuits are center positive which can make it difficult to incorporate them with other pedals. No such problems here!

All in all, I cannot think of a more useful treble booster pedal, so this product will have to receive the highest rating from me, a solid 10/10. Try one!

Looks lovely - proper review to come!!
03 September 2019  |  Steven

My wife tells me this is my Christmas present, and I'm not allowed to look at it until then.

The boss has unpackaged it and says it looks lovely and, as she put it, "pinged" the strings and they made a sound similar to my other ukes.

So I assume it's all OK, you may have realised my wife has no musical know how or talent!! 😁 😂

Happy to give a proper revivew after Christmas 🤶 if that's OK?

Absolutely beautiful
02 September 2019  |  Camryn

My parents purchased this guitar for me through Australian distributor, The Rock Inn and, oh my goodness, it's beautiful. Lovely finish and has a nice weight. I love how many versatile sounds can be achieved through this guitar and it's just so much fun to play. It's an absolute joy to call The Special my very first electric guitar, and I can't wait to bring her out on stage soon!

Perfect. One of the most comfortable straps
02 September 2019  |  Peter

I had been using what I thought was the most comfortable strap (a certain brand who make Guns N' Roses straps) until I got this one in the mail, and really quickly to the US.

Arrived with two picks that I actually use now. Plan on buying a second one, maybe the black, or all red. Def a must with your new Red Special.

Love this company and its customer support. Thank you!

Super fast shipping, the guitar is perfect!
26 August 2019  |  Stefano

I'm not a virtuoso guitar player but I own a studio and I was looking for a nice playable electric that could give me a few different sounds.
The price was in line with budget and I've always been intrigued by this guitar, I knew what it could do and I decided to pull the trigger.

The guitar arrived in less than a week, in perfect conditions, it looks and feels beautiful.

Now for the main test, I actually called in a few great guitar players that would dissect the playability and sound of the guitar through their pedals and amps. It turns out that everybody, even the most picky players are getting familiar with it in less than 20 minutes, and start to enjoy its many pickup patterns almost immediately. I really recommend it to anybody looking for something that sounds great and that will find a few go-to combinations of the pick ups and their phases.

Just a regular guy
26 August 2019  |  Steven

Love this item

Finally getting to play left-handed on a beautiful guitar!
22 August 2019  |  Tom

I had decided to bite the bullet and start playing left-handed (as it should be). After doing some research, I decided to go with this lovely left-handed model from BMG.

Purchasing was a breeze and shipping was mind-bogglingly quick. The only surprise was a modest tax collected by the shipper at the last minute. Not a big deal, and I don't mind paying a legitimate tax, but was just surprised.

Having said that, the guitar and case were beautifully packaged Within minutes I was up-and-running. The feel of the guitar is first-rate, and so far the sound is great (discounting my gorilla-like playing).

BMG has done a great job here, offering a capable instrument at a sane price. Gleefully recommended.

22 August 2019  |  Vanessa

Thanks for the great service and quick delivery!

Love it!
19 August 2019  |  Michael

My expectations were high and they were 100% met. Itís currently my favorite shirt I own.

A childhood dream come true
14 August 2019  |  Eric

My Super is almost 10 years now, and it's still today my number one guitar, my beloved piece of wood!!!

This guitar is, and looks, absolutely fantastic - it stays perfectly in tune even after heavy tremolo use. The tone is sublime!!! The Adeson Tri-sonics are so incredible. It's amazing to me how Brian and his father designed the perfect electric!! So proud to own this beauty, I love it.

Thanks a lot Brian, Harold, BMG, KZ, Greg Fryer for making this guitar.

Best guitar
13 August 2019  |  Pam

The guitar was a gift for my son. I asked what his thoughts were for feedback - his response was that it's the best guitar ever and he has hardly put it down since he got it

13 August 2019  |  Robert

The purchasing process on your website was very easy and straightforward. I was very impressed. As soon as I opened the package, I immediately realized it was a high quality guitar.

I just hope I can do it the justice it deserves.

Great guitar and awesome value!
13 August 2019  |  Kenneth

The guitar arrived from the UK to Florida well packed and without a dent or scrape on the box. What blows me away is the quality of the fretwork and the setup right out of the box. Plays great and the intonation is spot on despite the long journey.

Guaranteed fun chasing all of the tones with this guitar!

Gets better and more exciting everytime it leaves the case
11 August 2019  |  Andrew

Iím now a year or so into my Super ownership Ė The guitar just brings a smile to my face each and every time I open the case. The attention to detail is superb, I have owned many ďtop endĒ guitars by the big names... at the time I owned them, yes they were the best things ever. But, compared to the Super, actually they are all pretty blandÖ same as type guitars Ė everyone has oneÖ they have a sound, thatís it, they have a look... like every other... so why bother?

Stand in the middle of the room with a shiny super around your neck and you stand out.. admittedly the Bohemian Rhapsody film has made the guitar MUCH more recognisable, no longer is it... ohhh whatís that? It's more WOW you managed to get one of those!
I have friends who are pro musicians Ė of course, all initial reactions are ďoh, a Brian May Copy? Pah! Iíll get my curly wig out" but give them 10 minutes with it and they love the Special, the tone, the versatility makes is so much more than a Queen fan's guitar Ė name a genre, that sound is in there somewhere... in the myriad of switch combinations!

And the neck?? Flippin' huge Ė no one likes it when they pick it up... 2 minutes later, it works, it feels strong, plenty to get your hand around, itís so playable and all other necks feel weedy in comparison.

Criticism? well, none really. Obviously they are not cheap, but then pick one up and you will see why they are expensive Ė I am a designer by trade, this is a fantastic bit of design (hats off to the original design) Ė but the quality of the build is exceptional.

Best bits? Watching "proper" guitarists as they humbly admit - this is a cracking guitar that looks and sounds like no other - then I take it from them and go home with it"

Regrets? Losing the signed certificate - doh!

Most people will struggle to get one looking at the closed waiting list Ė if anyone gets the chance Ė buy one - your sound will want for nothing.

Quality guitar strap lives up to the name
07 August 2019  |  Eric

Like the Red Special, this black strap is put together with thought and attention to detail.
The pick slots are a perfect touch and the strap feels sturdy and durable and you get the strong sense your guitar is secure on your shoulder. Iím not spinning my RS but this strap makes me feel like the guitar is safe and secure

The BMG Treble Booster Classic Delivers!
06 August 2019  |  Ed

I finally had the chance to tryout the new BMG Treble Booster Classic. Opposed to early treble boosters with basically on or off, this offers plenty of flexibility for tonal options. You can recapture Brian's tone from 3 decades (70s, 80s & 90s)!

I haven't tried it through a cranked up yet, which I know that's where it really shines. I plugged in into my 1966 Fender Princeton Reverb and, even with the volume at 3, I was able to conjure up killer rock tones. Raw and aggressive when you want it to be.

So far, I love it at low volume settings and hope to play through a cranked up amp soon, where I know it will give me all the juicy tones it promises. There are plenty of YouTube videos already demonstrating its versatility.

Very satisfied with it.

Very good guitar !
06 August 2019  |  GŁnter

Hope I get the BMG SUPER as soon as possible. I`m on the waiting List since 11.8.2018.

Greetings from AUSTRIA, GŁnter

A real work of art
06 August 2019  |  Chris

Over the years I keep buying BMG specials, selling them, then regretting it. Started with the Burns version in fact.

Clearly they are working hard on the quality; each one I have had is incrementally better than the last. This one is near perfect in finish, beautifully made in fact. Trademark tone is there, very playable and not just a "one trick pony" either; very versatile.

I only scored it as 4 because it came with a slight rattle on the lower strings. The response when I reported this was a bit slow, in fact I never got an answer so eventually I just loosened the truss rod and the problem was solved.

"Frank" is going to be a keeper this time!

Great Shirt, but I want it all
06 August 2019  |  Wendi

I would like to have a choice of stickers and other fan merchandise available for purchase. I couldn't wait to get my shirt in the mail and when I did, it was high quality fabric and exceptional print image.

I would definitely shop for fan merchandise again.

Very happy
01 August 2019  |  Jason

I'm very happy with my new scratchplate , well packaged and a speedy delivery.

I am so in love with this guitar
29 July 2019  |  Kelsey

The rich, warm tones that come of of this piece of superb craftsmanship is phenomenal.

25 July 2019  |  Richard

Good quality case and very quick delivery.

Guitar Strap
24 July 2019  |  Kai


Every bit as good as I had hoped
20 July 2019  |  Michael

Packed well and arrived safely in Canada. Looks beautiful and sounds wonderful. I love the simplicity of the controls (switches) vs the Les Paul. Never thought about it before, but it does make it an easier guitar to setup as you want.

Love it!

Oh and went to see Queen & Adam Lambert in Vancouver last week. Amazing. Brian May is truly a guitar superstar!

19 July 2019  |  Sue

I am thrilled with my purchase! The design is amazing and it fits well. Do take the time to measure, as it runs a bit snug. I ordered a size larger than I typically wear and it fits perfectly. This is a well-made item. I have gotten compliments each time I've worn it. Totally pleased!

Delivery was timely (slight holdup in customs) and shipping information was provided.

Thank you, Brian May Guitars!

A 43 year dream is finally realized...
17 July 2019  |  Rob

From the time I heard my first Queen album back in the early 70's, I have dreamed of having a Red Special of my very own. A lifetime later, now that my children are all grown up, I decided to order one of these beauties. It made its way across the pond to me in Canada unscathed and I felt like a child in a candy store opening up the box to stare in awe at what I now finally held in my hands. With a few moments of setup I was ready to play... so I did.

Wow... this guitar is FIERCE! I can hardly find the words to describe the growl that I can pull out of this beast, but with the flick of the wrist I can tame her and turn the guttural rasp into a delicate whisper or a soaring aria. Hands down, this is the most versatile instrument I have ever had the pleasure to play, and I will treasure it for as long as I live.

I wish this guitar had been available 40 years ago when I was playing guitars in a few local bands instead of the Strat that, in truth, did the job for me, but doesn't hold a candle to the versatility of this instrument.

Thank you Dr. May for making this available to the common man, and for the stellar job you have done in designing and creating such an exquisite example of a guitar that can only be classified as a functional work of art. Your attention to detail and dedication to perfection is unparalleled, and greatly appreciated. Keep up the great work!

Best I've tried yet
17 July 2019  |  Phil

Having tried a number of treble boosters over the years (including the Guild BHM, and various Fryer ones, plus the Digitech pedal) this is my favourite so far. A high-quality, compact little unit which easily switches between the three eras of the 70's, 80's and 90's, and kicks out some really authentic sounds.

My only suggestion for improvement would be to make replacing the battery easier, but it's a minor inconvenience really.

Highly recommended, and especially well-priced.

17 July 2019  |  Regilio

It's the best strap I ever had

16 July 2019  |  Andreas

This is an outstanding pedal boosting the level of the high strings.

I had some troubles with my Les Paul Studio because it emphasized the low strings but the B and E string had a very low output.

Now this is absolutely solved - thanks, Andreas

What a great addition
10 July 2019  |  Charles

Got my hands on one of the TBCs and I have to say, it's absolutely amazing. Playing it through my VBM1 and my Vox Valvetronix, both sound amazing and it adds a whole new depth of sound.

The device feels well made and doesn't feel cheap at all and wont move about much if on the floor if you're playing live.

Magnificent guitar
09 July 2019  |  Paul

Superb, the best, delivered in a couple of days, sounds awesome!!

I canít say enough about the quality of the build. The Frank picture kicks.

This is my dream guitar!

28 June 2019  |  Erik

I recieved my Special today and indeed "SPECIAL" it is!

I expected/hoped for a decent guitar but this instrument beats my wildest dreams. It is utterly awesome in every way.

Thank you so much Mr. Brian May for the music since my early youth and for making this instrument available for all of us to enjoy. This is my best purchase in "the guitar department" thus far, and I'm soon to be 58!

Quality instrument
28 June 2019  |  Jim

As a short scale bad, it's very playable but it sounds so much bigger. The tone range is excellent. The case is well made.

Overall, it's a quality instrument and a great value

27 June 2019  |  Al

Completely satisfied with this purchase. From the start, Brian May Guitars / House Music kept me updated with every step of my purchase. Delivery was prompt and well packaged.

The BMG Special is a fantastic well built guitar that succeeded my expectations. It plays and sounds great, and I highly recommend it!!

Great Bass Overall, but a couple of points that could be improved
27 June 2019  |  Marvin

Exceptional bass that is made in Korea. Nice neck and playability. Also the finish is just like the BMG Special guitar. I have 2 negatives to point out :

1. Not a fan of Volume/Volume but a Master Volume and Blend Control. Actually I think the wiring is out of phase. As soon as I backed off of the neck pickup, the audio disappeared.
2. The Neck pickup should have been full range, it almost is a Mudbucker. I was happy they used Hipshot Lite Tuners but they should have used their bridge as well.

Highly recommended
26 June 2019  |  Jamie

Arrived last Friday, absolutely loving it. Not much more to say, the usual quality you would expect from BMG, does exactly what it says on the tin.

A perfect match for my Super!

26 June 2019  |  Rastislav

Nice and quality strip, well adjustable, and in connection with the Red Special, it looks fantastic.

26 June 2019  |  Rastislav

A really great guitar, not only looks fantastic, it plays fantastic.

I'm excited, and the delivery time was really fast. Thank you for your good job.

Very pleased with Brian May Guitars, thank you
26 June 2019  |  Ruth

Amazing product, great quality, sound beautiful. 100% quality including the case.

The purchase experience was very positive, always receiving updates from delivery company about time.

I am very happy and satisfied with my purchase.

Thank you very much 😊

As good as you just can expect
25 June 2019  |  Georgii

Very convenient one. I like it!

The dream comes true
25 June 2019  |  Georgii

30 years ago, when I became Queen music fan, I couldn't imagine that once I'll play this magnificent beauty. A few days ago that dream came true.

The guitar is as good as I expected it to be. Every detail is very accurate, the sound... mmm... You know it very well It's worth trying.

If you want to play ultimate electric guitar - this is the best choice as for me. I'm happy now and wish everybody to enjoy the same feelings with the little help of BMG!

Very 😊
25 June 2019  |  Ed

Thanks to Brian May Guitars for prompt service and delivery of my BMG Special guitar.

It was a retirement gift and I couldn't be happier. I look forward to many hours of musical enjoyment and re creating the tone of my favourite axe man.

Great guitar
22 June 2019  |  Furman

Great instrument. Rapidly becoming my go-to guitar over my Les Paul's or even Strats. Love the 24 inch scale and series-wired pickup with phase selecting. Huge number of tone options. Great playability. Incredible value!

What a weapon!
21 June 2019  |  Peter

Yes, I am a B.May fan. Yes, I am a Queen fan. But this guitar would have been my favorite regardless. My BMG special was deliverered quickly to Australia and in perfect condition. Plays great, very versatile and a perfect addition to my studio. Thanks guys... well worth it.

Top shelf all the way
20 June 2019  |  Francis

It's lighter than I expected. I've had this for almost a month & I must say I'm still "fiddling" with the switches, using different combinations. The workmanship is above average. Its tonality is far & above what I expected. A beautiful piece.

20 June 2019  |  Andrea

The guitar is for my son Aleardo, fourteen years old. He is very very happy for his new BMG. Itís wonderful and precious for him. He would like to meet Brian one day if possibile.

Thanks a lot for this real dream.

19 June 2019  |  Raymond

I have so much fun playing this guitar. It's unique features plus playability make it so much fun. I have already recommended it to a friend of mine.

18 June 2019  |  Craig

I was lucky enough to be one of the first recipients of this beautiful guitar and the very first customer to play one on stage with my Queen tribute band, ĎForever Queení, at the Isle of Wight Festival. BMG kindly let me buy mine ahead of its official release due to me being a featured artist.

The finish on this guitar is stunning. The perception of 3D and depth in Frank's face is superb and his eyes follow you around the room! I love the black hardware on the guitar and colour all over is perfect. It came perfectly set up out of the box, and was ready to hit the stage with instantly.

Hereís a taste of how it sounds :

Very good
14 June 2019  |  JiřŪ

This is very good strings with unbelievable sound

Great quality
14 June 2019  |  Danny

The shirt is great quality and the image looks fantastic. Very clear, easy to see and cool design. I'm probably the biggest Brian May fan thats ever lived, so I really like the shift. .

Hope to see more in the future.

Killer special - guaranteed to blow your mind
13 June 2019  |  Pete

Had my Special about a month now and itís playing beautifully with a Ďkillerí range of tones. The neck feels gorgeous with a really nice playing action. Overall the build quality is of a very high quality and in my opinion far outweighs its price point.

BMG were very helpful throughout the ordering and delivery process, keeping me updated with delivery timescales and tracking info, making the whole buying experience very easy and assured.

Thank you to all at BMG for a great guitar.

Another shirt to add to my Brian May Collection
12 June 2019  |  Megan

I am attending my first ever Queen show in Brisbane Australia in February 2020 and was looking for a shirt that I may possibly wear to it. Stumbled across this shirt while perusing the site and fell in love with it. Perfect in every way and a great addition to my collection. Will be purchasing more soon.

Excellent customer service
12 June 2019  |  David

In the short time I have been doing business with your company, not only is your customer service excellent, your products are the finest. Thanks to everyone at Brian May Guitars!!

The Real Deal
11 June 2019  |  David

I happened to open my email right as I was wingin' away on my newly purchased Red Special and was really wishing I had a proper Treble Booster. Lo and behold, I glance over only to find this wonderful new pedal had been announced, as if the Dr. himself had read my mind. I snatched one up as fast as I could (considering how fast these sell out) and I've been very pleased with the unit upon arrival.

I don't own a Vox yet, so it took me a while to find a setting on my Line 6 Spider that was most suitable. The amp doesn't perform the nice chimey/jangley notes as well as I like. However, amp aside, this thing still packs a wallop. The entire neck just wakes up and provides such a crunchy/saturated action. Combining the tremolo bridge on the BMG with some healthy boost, the sustain on those high notes is unreal. It really is exactly what I wanted out of this thing. The price tag is a little high but it's really a great bargain considering this is three pedals in one. 90's tends to feel like a less aggressive/more clean 80's but Queen fan or not; this is one of the most comprehensive boosters on today's market.

For anyone serious about ridding the mud from their amp, this is the package for you. Wake it up and rock on!

Excellent guitar in every way possible
10 June 2019  |  William

WOW!!! I just got my BMG Special and it's amazing. Excellent in every way possible.

First off, really fast shipping, it only took 6 days delivered to the US. Arrived in perfect condition. Set up was spot on right out of the box, string action is incredibly low, I was really surprised. Tremolo system stay perfectly in tune even when you go a little crazy on it.

And then there is the tone, well it's a Red Special. I'm not getting the exact "Brian May" sound yet but my amp and set up is quite different. I do have a Fryer treble booster on the way and need to work out the settings but I should be able to recreate that amazing sound with a bit of time and practice.

Thank you Brian and BMG for making this piece of rock history available at an affordable price.

Canít wait to try it
06 June 2019  |  Jeff

I recently received my BMG Treble Booster and have not had the opportunity to give it a go.

I am currently on the waiting list for a BMG Super which I ordered in November 2018. Iím looking forward to trying them together and at that time I would be more than happy to write a proper review.

Thank you for the prompt delivery of what looks to be a very special device. Thank you!

Much better than expected...
04 June 2019  |  Michael

Such a wonderfully versatile pedal, equally at home in front of my AC30 as it is in front of my JCM800.

Brilliant job!!!

04 June 2019  |  Adam

This is a unique piece of equipment in that it gives me many options to explore to mimic the tone used throughout his career as well as creating the tone I like. I have not yet explored all the possibilities available yet, but my favorite so far has been the 70's settings. This pedal fits nicely into my signal chain and adds the right amount of punch in the upper mid and treble frequencies my other pedals just cannot give me.

Thank you so much for making this pedal available to us Queen tone enthusiasts. I look forward to learning more about it and exploring its capabilities.

Beautiful Guitar, Plays Superb
01 June 2019  |  Ian

I have a Natural finish BMG guitar and it is absolutely stunning in looks, sound and feel to play.

If I was to buy a second it would without any doubt be the Baby Blue with the gold hardware. The pictures really do not do it justice, seeing it in person I can say it's an absolutely beautiful looking guitar that anyone seeing it will fall in love with it.

And of course, as with all the BMG guitars it will sound and play unbelievably great. Go on spoil yourself!!!!

The best booster on the market
31 May 2019  |  Jonathan

Excellent product, highly authentic sounds and easy to use, without question the best pedalboard booster on the market

One Treble Booster To Rule Them All
30 May 2019  |  Thomas

Whether you're using a modelling rig or a bank of AC30s, the treble booster and its interaction with your guitar is the key to getting out Brian's tones. The booklet that comes with this pedal does an excellent job of describing that relationship. Many of Brian's tones come from adjusting the volume knob on the guitar and having a real treble booster makes for sparkling cleans that crunch with an extra strike of a sixpence and searing leads that really sing.

This is the treble booster that will get you there.

There are other commercial treble boosters that do an excellent job but this has some key features that put it as the best choice.

Brian did use a selection of different types throughout his career. The Rangemaster is the first one represented in this box and gives the gritty cutting tones of the first Queen album. Sometime in 1974, Brian started using the Cornish TB that offered more gain and a smoother tone. Finally, when he committed to a wireless system he started using a lower gain booster. All three are represented here.

It's not really likely that one would hop between the three in a gig but having the options is great. From a performing musician's point of view, it is the other features that are particularly noteworthy.

Having a bypass switch is great. Brian May treble boosters are usually of an "always on" design and tuning with a treble booster on isn't ideal. Being able to kick it out is fantastic.

The pedal has the option for mains power. It's never likely that you'll run out of battery at a gig but great to have piece of mind.

The big feature for me is the gain control. Not everyone's guitar is the same and few will have the same pickups as the original or a top end copy. Being able to tweak the boost to suit one's own set up is amazing.

Sound wise - it's fantastic.

All the sounds are there and well represented. The Rangemaster is also very useful for anyone chasing Rory Gallagher's sound or even Richie Blackmore's tone.

For the price this is an incredible unit and an essential purchase for those with a Brian May guitar or chasing his tone.

Great Guitar!
24 May 2019  |  Gene

Happy to advise this guitar is not only fine for playing Queen music, it also plays a mean "Enter Sandman" by Metallica, just as I figured it would.

I'm really not sure if I will ever feel like picking up my vintage 80's B.C. Rich much more after playing this one.

It's going to take a while to figure out all the sounds this axe is capable of making, but I am going to have some great fun while I'm doing it. This was my first purchase of a new guitar in 39 years. Worth the wait. If I get good enough to buy a Super that's surely next. We'll see.

Dream guitar!
23 May 2019  |  Giuliano

The red special "antique cherry" is really a beautiful guitar and it sounds very good.

All good
23 May 2019  |  Anthony

The guitar arrived on time, in perfect condition. The order process was simple. The guitar is perfect. Craftsmanship is very good especially considering the price-point.

My daughter is playing it in a show dedicated to the music of Queen. We could not be happier.

BMG Special Signature Edition - Gran sonido!
23 May 2019  |  Rodrigo

Voy a intentar hacer una review corta que resuma lo mŠs importante acerca de esta guitarra.

------ LA GUITARRA ------

- El acabado es bastante bueno y la guitarra es muy atractiva estťticamente. El granate, el negro y el plata combinan bastante bien.
- Al principio hay que acostumbrarse a la Red Special, sobre todo si tocas sentado, ya que el cuerpo es totalmente redondo y relativamente ancho, pero a los dos dŪas te acostumbras.
- Es muy cůmoda de tocar, los dedos deslizan muy bien por los trastes y el "traste cero" hace que los bendings sean mejores y mŠs fŠciles.
- Lo que mŠs me ha gustado ha sido la barra de trťmolo. EstŠ en una posiciůn y altura perfecta.

------ EL SONIDO ------

- Gran sonido. Tiene tres conmutadores dobles que hacen posible que combinŠndolos se obtengan sonidos diferentes.
- Eso sŪ, no te desesperes si estŠs buscando un sonido idťntico al de las canciones de Queen y no lo consigues. Brian no sůlo usa su guitarra, tambiťn usa unos pedales en concreto y un amplificador Vox en particular. Suena realmente bien, pero para obtener el tono idťntico serŠn necesarias otras cosas (los softwares son bastante ķtiles en este aspecto).

------ EDICI”N FIRMADA (SIGNED) ------

- AquŪ es importante que te armes de paciencia. Suele tardar bastante en llegar, alrededor de 8-11 meses, pero merece la pena.
- Puedes tocar un poco aunque tenga la firma, pero es muy importante que la protejas lo antes posible, porque en cuanto toques dos dŪas seguidos, o 10 minutos si hace calor que haga que el brazo pueda sudar, la firma se va a borrar enseguida. Es como si pintas con un rotulador en un plŠstico de plastificar libros.

Si alguien tiene cualquier pregunta, me puede mandar un mail a "". A PARTIR DE JUNIO/JULIO empezarť a subir vŪdeos a YT (Rod Special) para que se pueda comprobar todos los aspectos de esta gran guitarra.

My new BMG Special
22 May 2019  |  Vern

A beautiful guitar in every respect. It is exactly as I had hoped for and expected! Thank you!!

Simply Stunning
22 May 2019  |  Andy

Gorgeous guitar right out of the bag, very little set-up needed, just tune it up and play. Put it through the right amp and it sounds just like the man himself! So many pickup's amazing! Sounds like no other guitar.

If I had to gripe about something it would be the placement of the adjustment screw for the vibrato bar - you need good eyes and great light to be able to get at that. But once it's set where you want it, it doesn't move much, so luckily you don't need to get at it often!

20 May 2019  |  Anita

My 15 year old daughter was absolutely amazed at the sound this guitar creates. No other guitar she currently owns has the feel and ease of the strings. She feels like she is Brian May when she plays! My daughter is in awe of Brian May and his unique gift of music.

Thank you Brian May for sharing. Love, love, love you

Fantastic guitar
20 May 2019  |  ŃSdŪs

Very quick delivery, no visible damage when it arrived. It has a really good feel to it. The thicker neck makes it really nice to play, especially nice with barre chords. Overall a fantastic guitar and I love playing it.

Sounds that span the decades
18 May 2019  |  Dean

As the owner of a BMG Special too, when I saw that BMG were bringing out a signature treble booster, I was excited to see what it was about. Then, finding out that it was being made in conjunction with KAT (Knight Audio Technologies), the excitement bumped up a notch. Nigel Knight has been involved heavily with Brian over the years and definitely knows a thing or two about his sound.

I badgered BMG for weeks for a release date for the TB (treble booster). And finally the very day they became available, I was there, debit card in hand. After a short wait I was notified of the despatch and waited with baited breath for it to arrive.

Upon arrival, I was pleasantly surprised at the small size of the box and the enclosed unit. It is quite small for everything it does compared to other boosters on the market. Included were some great instructions and a few stickers from BMG and KAT. The unit itself is very nicely made and looks stunning with the red special matching control knob, it also came with an industrial Duracell battery installed, so it's ready to rock straight out of the box.

I've used a few treble boosters so have a decent idea of what to expect, but this thing totally rocks Brian's sounds. The sounds for each era (70's, 80's and 90's) are quite subtle in the changes but, then again, so was Brian's sound. No massive changes or ground breaking tech from each decade, just fine, further tuning as technology moved on for Brian and his sound. This has been finely replicated by Nigel (Knight) from the early 70's Rangemaster sound which when recorded gives the wonderful nuances in the sound of that era. The 80's sound captures the stronger drive heard on the likes of "Hammer to Fall" etc. To the 90's and current sound which has Brian's live sound down perfectly. Like I said, the differences aren't huge, but definitely capture the changes that were made perfectly.

The pedal is a fantastic addition to any set up, with the added bonus of you also being able to dial in more or less drive in each era's setting to get even more from the pedal that just the 3 era BM sounds.

Absolutely brilliant bit of kit and you'll never need another treble booster again

Thanks to Brian, Nigel, and the team at BMG for creating this.



16 May 2019  |  Rob

Beautiful guitar. Thank you for making such a quality guitar for such a reasonable price. I love it!!!

BMG Special Signature Edition...
14 May 2019  |  Christiaan

Dear all,

It has been worth the wait and really want to thank you for this great instrument. As a dedicated Queen fan, I have seen them firstly in Amsterdam in 2017 in the Ziggodome and last year in Ahoy, Rotterdam.

My first and only life Queen concert with Freddie that I have seen was around 1983 and still remember those moments. It was emotional to see Brian and Roger playing with Adam so many years later in the last two years.

I am a guitar player and bought the instrument more from a Queen-fan perspective, especially having Brianís signature on it. But what a good instrument, I must say. I have owned very expensive and high end guitars but this beast has definitely his own place. So inspired by its feel, playability and sound options.

This will be a keeper for life.

Thanks again and keep up the good work.

A really cool guitar
09 May 2019  |  Trond

First a word on the shopping experience : Arriving at the page and realizing that all items were sold out and that if I wanted to buy a Red Special I had to put my name on waiting list was quite depressing. But then I got a mail saying that it now was possible to order, and that was very good news.

Everything from ordering to receiving the guitar was a breeze. The delivery time was even better than expected since I live in Norway. The guitar itself is really nice. I am not a professional guitar player, but I really like the sound I get through my VOX amplifier and the fact that the pickups are mounted in series is really cool. The light strings makes it very easy to create bends and also make the guitar very easy to play for amateurs like me.

Although I have only had the guitar for a few weeks, the build quality feels very good, and the lacquer and finish looks really nice. This is now my go-to guitar even if I do not have the skills to be worthy of such an instrument... yet!

Fantastic guitar !
08 May 2019  |  Robert

I play in a Swiss rock band and was looking for a guitar with multiple tone options that would complement my usual gear (Telecaster, Les Paul, Suhr custom) so I would not need to carry too many guitars in my gigs. The BMG Special was a great acquisition. Great playability, tons of tones and beautiful. I now carry only 2 guitars and the BMG is definitely one of them.

The only negative point is the vibrato handle that can fall easily.

Rock 'n' Roll forever!

A Beautiful Guitar
07 May 2019  |  Mark

I am new to guitar playing, but had to have a BMG Special. The fit and finish on this instrument is superb. I considered having a set-up done, but upon inspection, the only thing that was needed was to tune the guitar. Intonation was perfect out of the box! The shipping time was amazing. I had the guitar in my hands in the U.S. 6 days after ordering (including 2 weekend days).

I would highly recommend this guitar to anyone.

Totally dig this guitar
07 May 2019  |  Pat

My Antique Cherry Brian May Special Guitar arrived today and she IS Really Special, visually and tonally.

It took 7 days to come from BMG in Jolly ol' England to me in Australia which is very impressive. I plugged her into my Vox AC15 HW1X and from the first few chords I knew I was going to love this guitar. It is really comfortable to play and the variety and quality of tones are sublime.

Fantastic purchase!
06 May 2019  |  EDU

After buying the shirt, which he loved, my husband decided the T shirt would also be a great adittion to his wardrobe, so I ordered it. The colour, quality and printing arefantastic and the sizing is perfect for him as he prefers loose rather than fitted clothes.😊

Good tone
06 May 2019  |  Ulrich

Good tone and quality. Smooth to play.

Absolutely fantastic instrument
04 May 2019  |  Kasper

I was lucky enough to pick up one of these guitars recently, and to say I'm blown away is the understatement of the century.

I'm lucky (and old) enough to be able to own and play several rather expensive guitars, so I'll be totally honest and admit that when I first came across the Brian May guitar and saw its price point I expected it to be a fun guitar to own for a Brian May/Queen fans - but also a guitar with all the usual problems that comes with low to mid range guitars. Like problems with tuning, poor quality plastic nut, useless trem system etc etc.

Boy, I couldn't have been more wrong!! This guitar absolutely kills it! It's a joy to play, sounds fantastic, rock solid tuning even when using the trem... btw, the trem arm is perfectly shaped and stays in place exactly as you want it. Finish perfect, fret work perfect... all in all the guitar is just so nice to play that I cannot put it down. I got mine as a second hand guitar (previous owner have barely used it, still had some plastic on it... so it's exactly as new) for a price that is almost 1/10 of some of my other guitars. I just cannot believe it!! It's my favorite instrument right now, and I would recommend it to anyone. This is surely the best instrument in it's class.

Thank you, Brian May and the team behind this fine instrument!

A Truly Incredible Piece
04 May 2019  |  David

Growing up I only played, "middle-of-the-road" guitars with varying quality and till the day my Cherry Red Special arrived, I hadn't realized a guitar could be so smooth to play. From the build quality to the incredible range of sounds, this guitar does so much! The light touch Brian mentions that he plays at really comes forth in this rendition as well. For the heavy handed players, this does take some finesse to learn as to not unintentionally bend notes out of tune at the bridge.

The Wilkinson wave tremolo itself adds so much to what makes this really incredible to play. Combined with the dynamic trisonic pickups and then stack all the tonal options in the phase switches; I'm still blown away and I've already been playing this for a week. The loss in sustain attributed to friction on string bends (with standard guitars) is negated with proper use of the bridge. Those long soulful notes in a solo just pop without any stress of keeping the vibrato in play on the neck. Did I also note the required energy of this guitar is little to none? Soft gold strings, a lush trem bridge combined with these hot pickups is just effortless with the right amp and booster.

I can't wait to start recording on this! So many more options than I'm used to, I can't rate this thing high enough to do it justice!

Tone Beast!
02 May 2019  |  Ron

First, Thanks to Gillian at House Music London for a fantastic transaction. I'm a guitar builder, and I also create new guitar-based products to bring to market. I don't think that there's a better guitar out there for under 1,000 bucks, period! S. Korea is known for being good guitar builders universally. but this BMG axe is off the hook amazing.

The craftsmanship is top shelf. The playability & tones are Endless. I dialed the guitar and my pedals in to play "Keep Yourself Alive". I was floored when Brian May's signature Tone came blasting through my rig! I feel like I'm playing an "Exact" duplicate of Dr. May's Red Special... Brian, you and your Dad were way ahead of your time. Fender was only around for less than 10 years when BM built his iconic axe. If you think about it... the big 3 guitar builders could have been Fender, Gibson & BMG right from the start! That's how awesomely unique this guitar is.

Cheers from the USA. I love my BMG Special!

Stunning guitar
30 April 2019  |  Steven

I have wanted one of these from the age of 14 and finally could afford one, got the BM box amp of eBay as well and it sounds fantastic, having loads of fun testing out the different sounds you can get.

I'm just blown away, as is my 8-year old - she loves playing around with it just as much.

C'est vrai qu'elle est spťciale !
28 April 2019  |  Beraud

Et trŤs polyvalente ! quel bonheur de la recevoir. Un bel instrument, polyvalent, magnifique, mythique!

An absolutely extraordinary guitar - not just for Queen fans, but for every guitarist
27 April 2019  |  Ulrich

I received my Super this week and I am absolutely thrilled.

Everything is just right on this guitar. It is a very versatile instrument with great sound and great workmanship. In addition, it really looks cool. Everything about the guitar is well designed out down to every detail. The tremolo is super soft and accurate.

It is pure fun to play on this instrument that really deserves the name "Super". I have been a Queen fan since my youth and so this instrument is more than a guitar to me. It's more like a piece of history.

Many thanks to the whole BMG Team.

25 April 2019  |  Michael

Attractive and very well constructed case.
My granddaughter loves both her Brian May Guitar and this case. Thanks!!

24 April 2019  |  Diana-Marika

Next concert, we will wear it!

23 April 2019  |  Paul

I have received my BMG Ukulele and I am blown away with the quality and sound. Brilliant job guys🤘

Excellent hard shell case, perfectly tailored for the Red Special
23 April 2019  |  David

Case came carefully packed and promptly shipped. The case is sturdy, and lovingly embraces the red special . Highly recommended, and a perfect fit for a Brian May guitar, right or left hand model.

22 April 2019  |  Chris

They look incredible. Very vintage appearance and really suit the red body.

A high-end instrument with remarkable qualities
20 April 2019  |  Jason

I am going to focus on the aspects of the guitar which are not immediately available or obvious via the product spec page. Iíll assume that readers are already familiar with the Red Special sound, pickups, switching options and electronics which get a lot of attention and are reviewed in detail elsewhere.

Fit and Finish
The finish is a poly according to the rep at BMG whom I spoke with, and I am glad it is. It isnít too thick, which can sometimes happen in my experience, and feels and looks great. My guitar has an even, rich antique cherry stain on great wood selection which looks much like the pictures on the website. The back of the guitar is beautiful and unlike the Special, which has a tremolo route on the back of it covered by a plastic access panel, the Super is solid mahogany on the back with no plastic whatsoever (save the edge binding, of course). I am quite happy with the fit and finish of the Super. It is a beautiful instrument and presents itself well. The Super feels very solid and substantial without feeling overly big and heavy. The instrument seemed to be set up very well when it arrived and should be easy for a player to fine tune it to their preferences.

The frets are dressed and even. After cleaning my frets they polished to a mirror shine. The ebony arrived a bit dry which might have to do with many environmental factors such as shipping or just the building itself. After applying some lemon oil it came to life and I could truly appreciate the finish and dark richness of the wood. I was a bit worried that the 7.25Ē radius would feel strange as I am used to larger radius fingerboards but it works very well. It was naturally comfortable to my hands with no dead bends that I noticed even when really bending. The 24Ē scale length works very well with the radius and feels absolutely natural.

The tremolo is very controlled and feels great. In conjunction with the low neck angle, zero fret and rolling bridge, I was pleased with its tuning stability. You can pitch bend up causing notes to go sharp from neutral position, which I think is very useful and musical. The spring tension felt very natural and though I didn't feel the need to adjust the springs, they look easily accessible through two holes in the bottom of the Super. From what I understand this is similar to the original. The strings feed through the tremolo unit which is accessible via the half moon shaped access panel which is easily removed. Do to the nature of this type of tremolo unit you should expect to spend a bit of time rebalancing tuning if you move from Standard E to say an open G or C. This was my experience at least.

This is a zero fret guitar and with it comes some pro and cons. Open chords ring out like fretted chords and the smoothness of the fret helps with tuning stability when utilizing the tremolo. Eventually (depending on how much one plays the guitar, of course) this zero fret will need replacing. My guitar arrived with a pinging sound when bending some of the strings. After contacting BMG they recommended I inspect the zero fret for burrs to make sure this wasnít the source of the sound. Being fairly guitar tech savvy and after closer inspection, I narrowed this sound down to the black nut string slots being cut too wide which caused the strings to move slightly on the zero fret and come in contact with the nut sidewall. This was causing the sound. I replaced the black nut (which really acts more as a string guide and not a traditional nut) with a new properly filed nut and the problem vanished. Perhaps this was just something unique to my instrument, but I found it worth noting in a review.

The neck is what intrigues me the most. I was expecting a deep neck profile and after comparing the neck depths from the website to one of my own larger neck guitars I imagined they would feel similar. The Super has a very deep neck depthówith what seems to be a classic vintage ďUĒ shapeóand the neck is noticeably bigger than a neck profile modeled after a late Ď50s LP. I do like the Super neck after playing it for some time and getting used to it, and now am looking to find a similar cut on my bolt on neck guitar. The Super's neck is an accurate replica of the original and I found myself feeling a strange connection to Dr. May when playing it and imagined that it in some way influenced his playing. I've owned the Special in the past and I absolutely prefer the Super's neck to the neck of the Special. To each their own. Many people believe that its mass adds to sustain and while I'm not sure if this is true, there is no question that the guitar rings out. It does leave my thinner neck guitars feeling inadequate and toy-ish. If you donít want a deep neck depth then Iíd recommend the Special.

The custom made HISCOX case has four latches and comes with keys for the lock. Mine arrived in black and it might have slightly exceeded my high expectations. The guitar nests securely inside and the handle is placed in a way that balances everything well. This is a no nonsense, touring case that is built to protect the instrument. Inside the case was the numbered and signed certificate of authenticity, some adjusting tools/cloth/etc., and other literature. It all looked purposefully placed.

The BMG Super is a high-end instrument with a lot of remarkable qualities. I think it succeeds in filling the gap between the BMG Special and the Guyton. The service I received was friendly and the process was fun and exciting. The fact that there is a very long wait and that it is hard to get makes owning one all the more precious. If you want an instrument that is as unique to play as it soundsóand if you like thick necksóthis is a great instrument.

Amazing guitar, came with scratchy pot
19 April 2019  |  Stephanie

Guitar came straight out of the box set up perfectly, even after shipping to California. After having played it for about 2 weeks, one of the pots started to make scratching sounds. Other than that it's an amazing guitar, and the pickups sound like none other.

Excellent Guitar
18 April 2019  |  Garold

A unique instrument. Very happy with it. I recommend adding it to your collection.

Super cute & cool!!!
16 April 2019  |  Midori

(This is from Japan. At first sorry for my poor English.)

I hope this might be some help for someone who considers to buy it in Japan...
I received this wonderful shirt after about 10 days from the notification of shipment.The size S is approximate to "Men's M" in Japan.

Anyway, this is so much more lovely than I expected.

Thank you, Brian and Brian May Guitars!! Love.

Rock solid case
15 April 2019  |  Randy

Well constructed quality made guitar case fast shipping and great customer service cheers!

Love the shirt!!
11 April 2019  |  Mary

Love the design and pattern of the Shirt!! Exellent quality!! My favorite shirt!!

09 April 2019  |  Jenni

Greetings from Finland!

Thank you SO much again! Now our boys have The BMG Mini May and also The BMG Special-Antique Cherry! These guitars are unbelievable beautiful and their sound is amazing!

Very beautiful instrument
09 April 2019  |  Sarah

This is a very popular product, so it took a little time to order it. But, once I was lucky enough to order it, the service was extremely fast, professional and informative.

I am very impressed with the service! And the product is wonderful. Very beautiful instrument, very well made and my husband is very happy with it!

Thank you so much!

Not bad
09 April 2019  |  John

Staff at BMG is amazing in every single way! Guitar came to the USA in just three days. The guitar is beautiful in every way, but did need set up as I like my action low. Plays much better set up properly.

Sound is good, I play thru a line 6 Helix and Line 6 half stack. The wow factor is the look. If you are a Queen fan, as I am, the look is awesome. If you can get one you should, it is worth every penny!!!!

Great product all around
09 April 2019  |  Jesse

Plays and sounds great, case is sturdy and spacious. Would strongly recommend.

Ready to play!
09 April 2019  |  Kevin

My new Antique Cherry Red Special arrived promptly and was playable immediately, without lots of setting up. Using my emulator pedal, I can easily achieve that authentic sound.

Love it. If only I could play like Brian May!

Excellent service
09 April 2019  |  Bob

Excellent service on all aspects of purchasing this guitar from information, ordering and receiving this guitar. Beyond expectations and really amazing. Can't wait to afford the Super.

Thank you to everyone involved, from Brian to the delivery!

Guitar limited edition
08 April 2019  |  Vittorio

Magnificent as I supposed it to be

Perfection made guitar
05 April 2019  |  Jesus

Such an amazing guitar, incredible looking and incredible sound.

Tested with an VOX AC30, AMAZING.

Beautiful guitar, totally recommended

Looks great, plays great
05 April 2019  |  Brad

It's exactly what I was hoping for while not really knowing what to expect! I've only read about Brian's guitar and how freaking unique it is and the BMG special doesn't sound like any guitar I have. The weight and finish is spectacular. I'm honestly not a fan of messing with phasing, but that is what gives his guitar its unique sound on some songs! And at this price, this is way more bang for your buck, IMO.

Guitar strap *****
05 April 2019  |  Vittorio

It is OK.

This is a quality instrument
04 April 2019  |  Mark

Wow! Upon opening the box after delivery I was simply shocked at the quality of this instrument... and I mean in a positive way! I own other guitars, including a Gibson Les Paul, and the craftsmanship is actually better, yes, better than the Gibson and the attention to detail unsurpassed!

The finger action is fantastic and the sounds are wonderful that come from this beautiful axe. If you have any doubts based on the country in which these are made, rest assured... they have it down to a science.

Very much impressed
04 April 2019  |  Mark

It is more than I expected. I was amazed at how light it really is compared to others, and then when I saw how much weight they promise it can hold I was pretty shocked. Great Case! Unique shape.

Thank you for a great product, Brian
02 April 2019  |  Randall

I do live in America and understand the sizes are smaller, my size was XXL a little tight. The other issue was the arm stitching doesnít line up/match up...

However the shirt is amazingly designed, and the material is comfortable.

Almost satisfied *****
01 April 2019  |  Nobuyasu

I have never bought such a high priced strap, so I don't know if it's honest or not.

Since adjusting the length is a screw type, it is inconvenient to adjust the length when removing clothes. I am satisfied because it seems to be strong afterward.

28 March 2019  |  Lars

All good....Nothing to complain about. Fast driver!

28 March 2019  |  Lila

I am in love with this shirt! I read reviews before I bought it, and the general consensus was that it ran small. I bought the largest size just to be safe, and it fits perfectly! I wear it literally all the time! Itís a good quality and very comfortable. It also came a lot faster than I anticipated, since I live in America.

So to sum it up, itís definitely one of the best purchases/online shopping experiences Iíve ever made!

Iíll definitely be wearing this when I go see Queen live!

Thank you, Bri!

My favourite guitar
25 March 2019  |  Jakeb

I've played many guitars, such as the Strat, Tele, Les Paul, multiple Ibanez guitars, PRS, and more... but once I finally got my hands on my antique cherry Special, none of them can compare. Something about the BMG just feels right. I genuinely can't find a single thing to fault with this guitar. Being a Queen fan, I may be slightly biased, but I've played several genres of music with this guitar and it excels at all of them.

I can't recommend it enough.

Nice Shirt
25 March 2019  |  Nigel

I bought medium which comes up a bit tight compared to other medium purchases so need to lose a few pounds

Nice design
25 March 2019  |  Toshihide

And very comfortable

Worth more than its price
25 March 2019  |  Toshihide

It fits really good, and the pockets and slots for picks (I put the coins, actually) are really handy, too. I also set KAT treble booster on it, and it stays just fine.

Worth more than its price
25 March 2019  |  Toshihide

It fits really good, and the pockets and slots for picks (I put the coins, actually) are really handy, too.

24 March 2019  |  Brian

Excellent, plays perfect out of the box. Setup, string height, tone, build quality all perfect. Well packaged, fast delivery and very helpful when I phoned in my order.

I would highly recommend the guitar, it compliments any collection and will be the guitar of choice with its fantastic tone and multiple switching options.

23 March 2019  |  Roger

Just received the guitar in fantastic condition!! Itís PERFECT, however I didnít know they were made in Korea. I thought you made them at House Music Ltd... nevertheless itís fantastic and I am very happy and honored to have a piece of history!!!

Now we have two!
21 March 2019  |  Louise

This is the second one of these amazing straps I have ordered for my many-guitared husband. He loved the first one so much that he requested a second for his upcoming birthday. Beige this time... the red one is on his red guitar.

Very comfortable straps. Well made. My husband has been a professional guitarist for 30 years and these are his favourite straps so far.

We highly recommend them.


21 March 2019  |  Jason

Great quality, perfect guitar, can get a million sounds out of it. Thanks BMG!!

20 March 2019  |  Karen

5 stars!

Great article and great shopping experience!
18 March 2019  |  EDU

My husband asked for one of these shirts as a present, so I came here. The shopping experience was easy, the parcel was fastly delivered, perfectly packaged, and the shirt is lovely. Great clothing quality, fantastic design, and fits very well (we both prefer loose clothes rather than tight, so I ordered a size bigger to be on the safe side and it was perfect. Thanks for the tip on Twitter!).

All his friends were amazed at seeing him with such a coloured pattern, as he's usually quite boring when dressing (plain, monocolour, dark T-shirts, and so on) so it's like seeing a new side of him!

He even changed his Whatsapp profile photo for one of the shirt, that's how happy he is with it 😊

Both product and service excellent
18 March 2019  |  Adrian

I was looking for the "right" guitar strap for my BMG Special ē Antique Cherry. And I found it right here, again. When I compared the BMG Custom Guitar Strap with other guitar straps my choice was soon made : I buy it. If I don't like the quality, I can return it, too. But what can I say : like with my BMG Special, I was stunned quality wise in a positive way.

I like it very much and can highly recommend it!

Great shirt
18 March 2019  |  James

Very pleased with my BMG T- Shirt! Thanks for the great service!!

Excellent guitar
14 March 2019  |  Charles

Very happy with guitar. Quality finish and great sound. I am waiting for the Black 'N' Gold to become available.

Overall very good
14 March 2019  |  Gary

Love this guitar. Received well packaged and arrived down under (Australia) faster than I expected. My only constructive feedback would be in final inspection of the instrument. Mine arrived with bridge pickup sitting very crooked. Turned out it was caught up on excess paint blob in pick up cavity. Was an easy fix. Set-up was out, but thatís to be expected coming in from different climate zones. Communication with regard to the pickup problem was excellent with fast responses.

Overall BMG was excellent to deal with and I would have no hesitation in buying again or recommending to others.

Very happy BMG owner.



A great guitar!
13 March 2019  |  Tony

Beautiful, unique sounds and easy to play. Feels just right in spite that I am used to Fender guitars. The only negative experiance was the delivery, It took a while from order (January 25) until delivered at my home (February 18). By then I was abroad. Had also some problems with UPS to get it delivered to my neighbour.

Finally I own a very nice and special guitar. Thank you for making it.

Outstanding Guitar
13 March 2019  |  Peter

The guitar arrived in a timely manner, within a few days of ordering, and was well packed. The quality is superb with excellent standard of finish. My only feedback is that the guitar was not properly setup and checked prior to shipping, this may have been due to my location in HK and the instrument was possibly shipped directly from the factory in Korea. The truss rod nut was loose and needed significant adjustment to eliminate significant fret buzz. It was unplayable out of the box. It would be nice to have setup guides on your website to know what to do with all the various adjustments.

On balance though, a beautiful guitar and a proud part of my collection.

A beautiful guitar and great value for money
12 March 2019  |  Ronny

This is a gem of a beauty... it looks great and handles great. If you want a versatile guitar or a Brian May guitar this is it.

Thank you to the master and the producers, this guitar could well sell for the double price and still be worth it.

Great T-Shirt
12 March 2019  |  Elizabeth

Fabulous T-shirt, bought for teenage son who adores it. Bought medium and sizing is good.

Exactly what I hoped
12 March 2019  |  John

The tone *is* in this guitar. It's tricky to play for me because I'm accustomed to larger frets and longer scale, but it's worth it. Best surprise for me is how good the tremolo is. Floats like a dream.

12 March 2019  |  Arben

First, I would like to thank the BMG for the attention and care that they have for the costumers. A big thank to Dr. Brian May for being a such a great inspiration and giving us the possibility to afford such an amazing guitar!

The quality of the sound and the esthťtique of this guitar is beyond the expectations!

Iím so happy! Thank you!

Spectacular Instrument
28 February 2019  |  David

This guitar is stunning. It's absolutely beautiful, and it's very playable and versatile.

BMG Special Signature Edition... Truly amazing
19 February 2019  |  Paul

OMG! Thank you just is not enough for this truly amazing guitar that arrived today at my door here in Perth, Western Australia.

Thank you to all concerned and, of course, MASSIVE thanks to Dr. May for his signature... The Queen concert here last year was the best concert I have ever experienced, and I have been to a few over the years!

Amongst my guitars, the BMG Special takes pride of place over them all at number 26!

Thanks so, so much again!

Everything I expected
16 February 2019  |  Vance

Yes!!! I definitely recommend this guitar. Set up and action perfect right out of the box. No further adjustments will not be needed. I am very critical about this and I am amazed on the quality for the price. The guitar is flawless and truly beautiful.

Customer service is the best and answered all my questions before making my purchase.

Thank you for all your help.

Awesome shirt!
13 February 2019  |  Phyllis

I love my new Brian May Guitars shirt! It's very high quality cotton, and it's fun to look at all the different guitars!

Misleading *****
13 February 2019  |  Mark

I would suggest you change the photo of the case on your website as its very misleading. It implies the interior is red and not as the colour you stock! I read, after ordering, the disclaimer saying current stock is grey which is fine but when I called you I was told there would be no further stocks with the red interior. So I suggest the photo should be changed, hence no need for a disclaimer?

I look forward to your reply

Many Thanks


Nice shirt!
07 February 2019  |  Tadashi

Many kinds of guitars are printed on the shirt and it is very nice!

It seems that Brian's wonderful sounds come from there.

07 February 2019  |  Craig

Straight out of the box this guitar was superb.

Firstly, the finish was flawless, really fantastic job. The colour of this model really is something special and I love how its appearance changes depending on the amount and angle of light shone onto it. Setup out of the box was spot on, no issues at all.

One extra thing I particularly love is the natural grain in the fingerboard. It has the most striking streak of colour running lengthways up the neck, which has gained some admiring comments from photos, and when used at gigs already from people.

04 February 2019  |  Ronnie

Absolutely beautiful shirt. Only problem is, it definitely runs snug. I ordered a size up and the last button still barely closes.

All around 5 stars!
02 February 2019  |  Mickey

There was a long lag time between when the order was placed, (credit card charged), a notice of the order processed, and the actual shipment, but maybe it was just because it was during Christmas and New Year. Maybe also I was a little impatient and wanting to get the damn thing in my hands!

But the guitar is beautiful, sounds wonderful, and I'm definitely enjoying getting used to it and what I can do with it. My teacher commented on both what a nice guitar it is for the price, and the fact that it. came all the way from the UK to California, and was in such good shape, just ready to play out of the box.

Beautiful instrument!

Amazing shirt and service!
31 January 2019  |  Marcela

I bought this shirt as a gift for my dad - the #1 Brian May fan I know! - and he loved it! The design is incredible and the quality is perfect! He rocked it at the karaoke version of "Bohemian Rhapsody" and he couldnít have been happier.

The service was also perfect and kept me updated on everything regarding the shipment of the shirt. I would really recommend buying this to any Brian May fan you know! Absolutely happy with my purchase.

Genuine quality guitar
31 January 2019  |  Peter

I'm a late blooming (60+) Queen and Brian May Fan courtesy of the movie "Bohemian Rhapsody". I own a number of MIA & CIJ Fender guitars. The Red Special is every bit the equal of the Fenders in build quality & tone, in fact I'd say that the BMG Special is a Tone Monster. The Special through a VOX AC30 is what all we who play guitar search for.

The build quality & finish on the Special is faultless, testament to the obvious high design and build specs demanded by Dr. May before he would put his name to a product. Customer service, communication and delivery to Brisbane, Australia was fantastic.

I would highly recommend this guitar, not only to Queen fans, but to anyone looking for a great to play quality guitar.

Thank you to all at House Music & to Dr. May for making the 'Old Lady' available to we mere guitar mortals

Peter Slater ē Brisbane, Australia

28 January 2019  |  Barbara

Shirt looks great and is very good quality, thanks, Bri - love ya.

Looks great
28 January 2019  |  Glen

How are you all going?

The large version of this sadly isn't the same sizing as the Heather Grey version. The sizes are mismatched. I can't wear it. They look great but yeah that's not because I don't love it but I can't fit inside.

Love your work.

Sounds fantastic!
25 January 2019  |  Chris

When I received my guitar at first I thought it had been scratched up on the front plate but, after contacting the company they informed me about the protective film that covers the plate. I then examined the guitar closely and wow... they were correct. The film was articulately placed on the guitar so that it appeared invisible. I removed it (also on the pickups and back plate) and was so happy to see how it made the whole guitar glow.

This is a great guitar! I have several vintage collectors guitars, a 79 Madcat, a Cloud, etc... but this by far is the most beautiful of my collection! And it sounds fantastic!

5 out of 5 stars! Thanks BMG, you guys are great!

Love the product!
24 January 2019  |  Theo

Very nice looking guitar, also fantastic to play with but when it was delivered the strings were too close attached to the neck, which means when I play, the strings hit the neck and make a terrible sound... I'm going to have to bring it to a local guitar shop to fix it, but that will cost me another sum of money.

Besides this the guitar is very well packed up with the other things I ordered and it all was safely packed in the guitar case.

Love the product!

24 January 2019  |  Noam

I bought the BMG as a gift for my brother, but I just used it to record. My producer loved checking out all the tonal possibilities. Besides the three of us, two other players checked it out, and we all agree - the guitar is incredible.

The guitar is strung with .009's, but my preference is .010's. The guitar is fairly light and has great sustain. The whammy bar is very responsive (only light pressure needed) and doesn't need to be screwed in. The guitar came with a gig bag, but I ordered the hardshell case, which is very sturdy and sports the Brian May logo.

All in all, five stars!

Lovely service
23 January 2019  |  Lťon

Dear BMG folks

Just received my guitar case. Thanks again for the lovely service.

Kind regards

Lťon Kester, The Netherlands

Lovely reproduction of Dr. May's Red Special
21 January 2019  |  Brendan

With all of the idiosyncrasies intact (switches!), this guitar will help the player experience playing the famous Red Special, created by Dr. Brian May. The guitar itself is exeptionally well made, no buzzing, nice string action, very good hand feel on the neck and nice fret heights.

In all, a very comfortable guitar to play for all purposes.

Awesome, top level guitar
19 January 2019  |  Alessandro

After one year wait, I finally got my BMG Super in September. It came with a stunning hard case and with Optima Gold strings, which you definitely need to play Brian Mayís riffs and licks.

With the proper equipment, such as a good treble booster and Vox AC30 amp, its pickups and switching system allow me to obtain almost the same tone, except Iím not Dr. May of course!

I really love my Super and I certainly recommend it. Also all the people at BMG were very kind and attentive.

17 January 2019  |  Stefan

No.1, Amazing guitar with excellent sound, Love you, BMG

This guitar is just something else
15 January 2019  |  Caroline

The sounds really are unique and I'm so glad I bought this. I was planning on buying the red one but fell completely in love with the Baby Blue colour when I saw it and, as Brian himself says, "It does not have to be red to be special!"

This is just very, very impressive. And I love that Brian has chosen his guitars to be so affordable. These guitars are so special.

Thank you!

Sweet Tangerine
13 January 2019  |  Richard

Really love the guitar, would recommend to others wanting a variety of sounds from one instrument, also love the color!

I have an 84 Guild Brian May, #137, I love them both. The price of this guitar was very low for such a high quality guitar, very happy all around.

11 January 2019  |  Peter

This great guitar is for my son's 18th birthday in June. We bought it early because of the popularity of the guitar and how quickly we had seen they sell out.

We experienced first rate customer service, very speedy delivery to Australia which, over Xmas and New Year, was surprising, and then the pleasure of opening the package.

My son played it for about ten minutes and then I packed it up to put away until June. He was devastated as he loved playing it and I must admit it sounds unreal. He tried a few arguments to get it early including using it in his final year music exams but I was adamant it was!

I jokingly said "if Brian May himself asked me, I'd only consider it". Next thing he's on this website asking to make contact with Dr. May. I really love his cheek, but I guess this shows how much the guitar means to him and, like I said, even to my untrained ear, it's a hell of a guitar. Plus it looks great and is flawless in its production. Brilliant.