If you are interested in purchasing a guitar built to the design of my original Red Special, you have come to the right place.

It has been quite a journey to arrive at this point. Through the years there has been a multitude of replicas of the “Old Lady” built by both amateurs & professionals, including two major issues - from Guild Guitars of the USA & Burns UK - but, as of 2004, I am pleased to say that the commercial Red Special has at last come home.

I was concerned that it ought to be me personally who controlled the design and manufacture of these instruments and so I have teamed up with Barry Moorhouse of House Music & Pete Malandrone, my long-time tech man, to create a brand new range, our aim being to make the absolute best products at an affordable price, so that all may enjoy the special sound & feel of a Brian May designed guitar.

Cheers — and Rock!!

The BMG Special

Inspired by a legend, the original BMG Special in classic Antique Cherry features striking good looks, superb build quality, awesome playability and an astonishingly rich diversity of killer tones.

In fact, it delivers everything you'd expect from an instrument engineered to the unique and exacting standards of one of the world's greatest musicians, but with an amazingly affordable price-tag that belies its superior appointments and performance.

The BMG LE Series

A stunning selection of alternative colourways and hardware combinations that bring a fresh look to the legendary design... Because it doesn't have to be RED to be SPECIAL.

The BMG Art Series

A range of instruments celebrating Sir Brian May's stellar career featuring premium quality, original artwork and exclusive, official recreations of classic Queen album covers.

The BMG Vision

Stripped down and ready to rock, the Vision blends the BMG Special's distinctive short scale styling with the simplicity, utility and firepower of a pre-1960 Les Paul Doublecut, as well as paying homage to Guild's mid-1990's BM032 Standard twin pickup design.

With a chambered mahogany body, solid mahogany neck, 24 fret ebony fingerboard, vintage wraparound bridge, twin chrome-capped vintage-voiced humbuckers, aluminium Top-Hat knobs and 3-way toggle, the result is a fabulous, no-frills, rock 'n' roll guitar.

The BMG Super

An officially licensed, modern reimagining of the Red Special, the BMG Super is the result of an all-star collaboration between Sir Brian May and his long serving guitar tech Pete Malandrone, House Music's Barry Moorhouse, British electronics wizard Aaron Armstrong, celebrated American parts suppliers Ron Smith and Woody Thomas, and the superb luthiers at New Bohemia Electric in the Czech Republic.

Every aspect of the Super's construction and appointments — from the acoustic chambered, mahogany body and the famously broad neck profile to the custom made knife-edge tremolo, roller bridge, control knobs, strap buttons and the exclusive BMG Super® pickups — has been painstakingly rendered to recreate the storied original as authentically as possible at a price that won't completely break the bank.

The BMG Arielle

"The Red Special in a Parallel dimension" is the result of a fresh collaboration between Sir Brian May and American singer, songwriter, and guitarist Arielle Schwartz, and the first original build that the Queen virtuoso has contributed to since he and his father embarked on the construction of the Red Special 60 years ago.

The BMG Mini May

Available in Metallic Cherry and a new Natural finish, the fun-sized, 22.7" scale Mini May, with its ultra-compact, bound meranti body, satin finish maple neck, 18 fret merbau fingerboard, and single Tri-Sonic style pickup makes a perfect travel companion.

The BMG Bass

Featuring the instantly recognisable outline and aesthetics of the "Old Lady" herself, the unique BMG Bass is a strikingly cool, retro styled, medium scale, twin pickup instrument with a powerful, rich bass response and versatile, aggressive tone.


The BMG Rhapsody

The exact same instrument played by Sir Brian May on the 2023 North American Rhapsody Tour, this superb, small-bodied, next generation electro-acoustic guitar has been designed in collaboration with the maestro himself and features the Red Special's distinctive double cutaway design and serious, pro-quality Fishman® Flex on-board electrics.

The BMG Tenor Uke

Another Brian May Guitars original design, the BMG Ukulele is a perfect partner for the BMG Special or Super, as well as a fantastic, travel companion in its own right. Featuring an under-saddle pickup and fully featured Fishman® Kula on-board preamp, this tenor-sized model is equally at home on a big stage or in an intimate, acoustic environment.