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Welcome to the Official Home of Brian May Guitars

If you are interested in purchasing a guitar built to the design of my original Red Special, you have come to the right place…

It has been quite a journey to arrive at this point. Through the years there has been a multitude of replicas of the “Old Lady” built by both amateurs and professionals, including two major issues - from Guild Guitars of the USA, and Burns UK - but, as of 2004, I am pleased to say that the commercial Red Special has at last come home.

I was concerned that it ought to be me personally who controlled the design and manufacture of these instruments and so I have teamed up with Barry Moorhouse of House Music and Pete Malandrone, my long-time tech man, to create a brand new range, our aim being to make the absolute best products at an affordable price, so that all may enjoy the special sound and feel of a Brian May designed guitar.

Cheers - and Rock!!


The BMG Arielle

Brian May Guitars are delighted to present a brand new addition to the BMG line for 2021, the result of a fresh collaboration between Dr. Brian May and American singer, songwriter and guitarist Arielle and the first original build that the Queen virtuoso has contributed to since he and his father embarked on the construction of the Red Special almost 60 years ago.




The BMG Special

Meticulously modelled on the legendary Red Special, the BMG SPECIAL features superb build quality, awesome playability and an astonishingly rich diversity of killer tones.

In fact, it delivers everything you'd expect from an instrument engineered to the unique and exacting standards of one of the world's greatest musicians but with an amazingly affordable price-tag that belies its superior appointments and performance.

The BMG Special LE Series

Our best-selling model gets the custom treatment with a selection of limited edition instruments featuring the same great specs, but with fantastic new finish and hardware combinations that bring a fresh look to the classic RS template... because it doesn't have to be RED to be SPECIAL.

The BMG Super

A devastatingly authentic, handcrafted modern replica of the Red Special, the BMG SUPER is the result of a all-star international collaboration between Dr. Brian May and his long serving guitar tech Pete Malandrone, House Music's Barry Moorhouse, British electronics wizard Aaron Armstrong, Australian Red-specialist Greg Fryer, Japanese master craftsman Kazutaka Ijuin and the superb luthiers at New Bohemia in the Czech Republic. Every aspect of The Super's construction and appointments - from the acoustic chambered, mahogany body shape and neck profile to the custom made, knife-edge tremolo and exclusive BMG Adeson-spec Super® pickups - has been painstakingly rendered to replicate the storied original as accurately as possible at a price that won't completely break the bank.

The BMG Mini May

The fun-sized, 22.7" scale, Red Special flavoured MINI MAY with its lightweight, ultra-compact, edge bound meranti body, satin finish maple neck, 18 fret merbau fingerboard, and single Tri-Sonic style pickup makes a perfect travel companion and, now suitably supportive of global conservation efforts, is available for international purchase, without restriction... ONE WORLD, ONE MINI MAY!!

The BMG Bass

Featuring the instantly recognisable outline and aesthetics of the "Old Lady" herself, the unique BMG BASS is a striking, retro styled, medium scale, twin pickup instrument with a powerful, rich bass response and versatile, aggressive tone.

The BMG Rhapsody

The same instrument played by Brian May on the intimate One Voice tour with Kerry Ellis and on the Queen + Adam Lambert European summer festival shows in 2016, this superb, small-bodied, next generation electro-acoustic guitar has been designed in collaboration with the maestro himself and features the Red Special's distinctive double cutaway design and serious, professional quality, Fishman® Flex on-board electronics.

The BMG Tenor Uke

Another Brian May Guitars original design, The BMG UKULELE is a perfect partner for the BMG Special or Super, as well as a fantastic, travel-ready instrument in its own right. Featuring an under-saddle pickup and fully featured Fishman® Kula on-board preamp, this tenor-sized model is equally at home on a big stage or in an intimate, acoustic environment.

The BMG Art Series

The Art Series is a brand new range of limited edition BMG instruments featuring premium quality, original artwork and exclusive recreations of classic Queen album covers.

BMG Tour, Hire & B-Stock

Exclusive from Brian May Guitars, a chance to get a great deal on instruments from our tour and hire inventory, as well as on B-Stock, open-box, and ex-demonstration models - All items available strictly while stocks last.

BMG Accessories & Apparel

Fitted hard cases and gig bags, 100% Vegan Custom Straps, exclusive BMG apparel, replacement pickguards, tremolo arms and control knobs, custom BM capos, Optima and Elites strings, AmpliTube Brian May modelling software, remarkable Nigel Knight designed BMG electronics, and more!

Latest BMG Customer Reviews

Great guitar accompanied by world class service
Friday, 9 April 2021  |  Christopher

The Red Special is a beautiful guitar and plays wonderfully. The overall care in trim is wonderful and the components are magnificent. I was impressed by the great communication, fast shipping, and great packaging. This was a wonderful experience.

Wednesday, 7 April 2021  |  Andy

I have been delighted with the BMG Special. I bought this as a second guitar to my expensive Ibanez but it has become my first. It is like no other guitar I'm not going to do a comparison, that would be like saying I think salt is better than pepper. You have to appreciate how this guitar was conceived back in 1963 and how it had evolved. I believe this guitar plays and feels pretty close to how it is supposed to. It would have been great to have the original design of tremolo but the guitar is built to a budget and well built it is. I have bought an Vox AC10 to play it through hoping to be able to play at a reasonably low volume but even set on quarter watt its pretty loud. Having said that, the amp has had upgraded valves and stuff and is probably louder than it originally was. I don't know if there is a way of playing it at a low volume without the use of earphones (?) but the guitar was never designed to be quiet, so I will cherish those rare moments I get an empty house.

Thank you, Brian May for sharing your guitar and the story behind it

Quirky yet interesting
Saturday, 3 April 2021  |  Ian

The Arielle is a quirky yet interesting instrument to play. Its long fretboard oozes a sense of confidence and being to the player, while the Tri-Sonic pickups are sharp, bright and distinctive with their series and in/out of phase controls - the characteristic sound of BMG - as good as ever.

The volume, tone and whammy are close to the strumming hand and very accessible. The bridge is also perfectly placed as a rest for picking. This is a stylistically delightful guitar and, in its Burnt Orange and Translucent Blue, a joy to own.

Comfortable & adjustable
Monday, 22 March 2021  |  Mikkel

The strap is very comfortable to use and the way you adjust the strap is one of the most stable systems I've ever had on a guitar strap. I highly recommend this strap, for anyone who needs a nice strap, in high quality

Affordable perfection
Monday, 22 March 2021  |  Mikkel

I absolutely love the BMG Special. It stays in tune like nothing I've ever owned, the phase shifting is a lot of fun to play around with, and the fact that you can have all three pickups on at the same time gives such an unreal sound.

This guitar is definitely a must-have for any guitarist who loves Brian and his sound.

It's stone cold crazy... I'm in love with my guitar
Tuesday, 16 March 2021  |  Rich

Love the Red Special. I've always loved the story behind it and got the book about the guitar as a gift a couple years ago. Years ago I heard a company was making replica Red Specials and in the back of my mind I've always wanted one. In the book it mentioned Brian May was starting a company and putting out his own copies of the Red Special, so it was on my wish list of guitars and I finally got around to seriously looking at it and now I'm extremely happy I've ordered my very own Red Special.

It's comfy amd fun to play, sounds great, and I love the sweet black with red stripe strap it came with. I sprung for the bar stool, hard case (very nice), and a tee shirt and hoodie, too.

I ordered it and, in less than a week, it all showed up at my door. I'm very happy with it and it was worth every cent.

Monday, 8 March 2021  |  Yves

Very high quality

Great guitar, great delivery service, too
Monday, 8 March 2021  |  Claude

This order went as smoothly as it could. The product is great... I enjoy playing the BMG Rhapsody a lot (guitar not at fault for my lack of practice/talent hahaha).

The delivery was smooth too. I live in Luxembourg (EU) and the delivery was easy despite Brexit regulations.

What's next? A Red Special, or maybe the Bass, I wonder....?!

All the best to the BMG team!

Absolutely Phenomenal! Amazing staff & customer experience! Would give a thousand stars if I could!
Wednesday, 20 January 2021  |  Michael

Always wanted to learn the guitar, and always loved Queen, and I looked up to Brian May for, not just his incredible guitar skills, but his ideals and dedication to what he believes in! And since watching 'Bohemian Rhapsody' and my brother getting me the Red Special book for Christmas, and me and him non stop talking about the Red Special, and learning Queen songs on my other guitars, I just knew I had to get one!

After a brief chat with customer service over Facebook I dove straight in and ordered my BMG Special. Already the customer service were very helpful and friendly and I couldn't wait to get hold of my Red Special. It was delivered very quickly and after a quick tuning I was off and playing, and it's an absolute beauty, first and foremost. looks spot on to the original, the light strings and low action makes it an absolute breeze to play! There is so much variation with the switching system, turning pick ups on and off and putting them in and out of phase! I'm still experimenting and trying to match them to the original songs, I honestly haven't put this guitar down.

The limited edition gift package was amazing too!

If you are a fan of Dr. Brian May and Queen (let's be real, you wouldn't be here is you wasn't), then you have absolutely got to pick one up! Worth every penny!

Thank you once again, Brian May Guitars! Just need to convince my brother to pick one up now, haha!

Great guitar!!
Tuesday, 19 January 2021  |  Diego

As a great fan of Brian May, the purchase of this guitar is a dream come true. The instrument came in perfect condition and well set-up.

Really happy!!

The Old Lady
Wednesday, 13 January 2021  |  Adrian

What can I say that hasn't been said?! When I saw Queen back in the seventies, in my early '20s, I thought I'd love to get that guitar Brian had. Hi sound of playing and the other guys in thr band had their own identity. For me it was like The Beatles all over again, if you know what I mean, they had their own sound.

Forward some forty years later, I finally brought the GUITAR I always wanted. WOW! And what a beautiful guitar. It is the best guitar I have ever owned. It plays like no other.

So Dr. Brian May, I thank you so much for putting this guitar into production, love to you and the rest of the Guys.

The World needs more People like you. Cheers, Adrian.

The BMG Special  Antique Cherry

The BMG Special Antique Cherry
RRP : £845.00Worldwide Price : £620.83
UK Price : £745.00 Inc. 20% VAT  (331)

The BMG Special  Art Series  News Of The World

The BMG Special Art Series News Of The World
Worldwide Price : £2,458.33
UK Price : £2,950.00 Inc. 20% VAT

The BMG Arielle

The BMG Arielle
RRP : £895.00Worldwide Price : £662.50
UK Price : £795.00 Inc. 20% VAT  (1)

The BMG Special LE   3 Tone Sunburst

The BMG Special LE 3 Tone Sunburst
RRP : £895.00Worldwide Price : £662.50
UK Price : £795.00 Inc. 20% VAT  (5)