For a limited period only, treat yourself to a brand new Brian May Guitars Special, complete with an exclusive FREE BMG GIFT PACK (worth over £40).

The Exclusive BMG Gift Pack Includes :

  • An official BM Sixpence commemorating the 2008 Queen + Paul Rodgers Rock The Cosmos Tour
  • Brian May Guitars Classic Logo T-Shirt in Heather Indigo
  • A Set of Elites Electric Guitar Strings
  • A Brian May Guitars Microfibre Polishing Cloth + BMG sticker

Please choose your T-shirt size and string gauge at the checkout

Promotion available strictly while stocks last. 
Applies to new purchases of the classic Antique Cherry BMG Special and in-stock LE Series variants.
Not available on purchases of Art Series models, signed guitars or instruments from the BMG Tour, Hire & B-Stock collection.

Welcome To Brian May Guitars... The Official Web Site

If you are interested in purchasing a guitar built to the design of my original Red Special, you have come to the right place…

It has been quite a journey to arrive at this point. Through the years there has been a multitude of replicas of the “Old Lady” built by both amateurs and professionals, including two major issues - from Guild Guitars of the USA, and Burns UK - but, as of 2004, I am pleased to say that the commercial Red Special has at last come home.

I was concerned that it ought to be me personally who controlled the design and manufacture of these instruments and so I have teamed up with Barry Moorhouse of House Music and Pete Malandrone, my long-time tech man, to create a brand new range, our aim being to make the absolute best products at an affordable price, so that all may enjoy the special sound and feel of a Brian May designed guitar.

Cheers - and Rock!!


The BMG Special

Inspired by the legendary Red Special, the BMG SPECIAL features superb build quality, awesome playability and an astonishingly rich diversity of killer tones.

In fact, it delivers everything you'd expect from an instrument engineered to the unique and exacting standards of one of the world's greatest musicians but with an amazingly affordable price-tag that belies its superior appointments and performance.

The BMG Special LE Series

Our best-selling model gets the custom treatment with a selection of limited edition instruments featuring the same great specs, but with fantastic new finish and hardware combinations that bring a fresh look to the classic RS template... because it doesn't have to be RED to be SPECIAL.

The BMG Super

A devastatingly authentic, handcrafted modern replica of the Red Special, the BMG SUPER is the result of a all-star international collaboration between Dr. Brian May and his long serving guitar tech Pete Malandrone, House Music's Barry Moorhouse, British electronics wizard Adrian Turner, Australian Red-specialist Greg Fryer, Japanese master craftsman Kazutaka Ijuin and the superb luthiers at New Bohemia in the Czech Republic. Every aspect of The Super's construction and appointments - from the acoustic chambered, mahogany body shape and neck profile to the custom made, knife-edge tremolo and exclusive BMG Adeson-spec Super® pickups - has been painstakingly rendered to replicate the storied original as accurately as possible at a price that won't completely break the bank.

The BMG Mini May

The fun-sized, 22.7" scale, Red Special flavoured MINI MAY with its lightweight, ultra-compact, edge bound meranti body, satin finish maple neck, 18 fret merbau fingerboard, and single Tri-Sonic style pickup makes a perfect travel companion and, now suitably supportive of global conservation efforts, is available for international purchase, without restriction... ONE WORLD, ONE MINI MAY!!

The BMG Bass

Featuring the instantly recognisable outline and aesthetics of the "Old Lady" herself, the unique BMG BASS is a striking, retro styled, medium scale, twin pickup instrument with a powerful, rich bass response and versatile, aggressive tone.

The BMG Rhapsody

The same instrument played by Brian May on the intimate One Voice tour with Kerry Ellis and on the Queen + Adam Lambert European summer festival shows in 2016, this superb, small-bodied, next generation electro-acoustic guitar has been designed in collaboration with the maestro himself and features the Red Special's distinctive double cutaway design and serious, professional quality, Fishman® Flex on-board electronics.

The BMG Tenor Uke

Another Brian May Guitars original design, The BMG UKULELE is a perfect partner for the BMG Special or Super, as well as a fantastic, travel-ready instrument in its own right. Featuring an under-saddle pickup and fully featured Fishman® Kula on-board preamp, this tenor-sized model is equally at home on a big stage or in an intimate, acoustic environment.

The BMG Art Series

The Art Series is a brand new range of limited edition BMG instruments featuring premium quality, original artwork and exclusive recreations of classic Queen album covers.

BMG Tour, Hire & B-Stock

Exclusive from Brian May Guitars, a chance to get a great deal on instruments from our tour and hire inventory, as well as on B-Stock, open-box, and ex-demonstration models - All items available strictly while stocks last.

BMG Accessories & Apparel


Fitted hard cases and gig bags, exclusive BMG apparel and custom straps, replacement pickguards, tremolo arms and control knobs, custom capos, Optima and Elites strings, modelling software and the remarkable Nigel Knight designed BMG Treble Booster Classic...

Latest BMG Customer Reviews

Beautiful guitar
Monday, 21 September 2020  |  Graham

I'm not sure I can add much to the great things others have already said - it's a beautiful guitar, very well made, and I'm sure I play better because of it!

Ordering was simple, and despatch was really quick. Excellent service, thank you!

Fantastic service
Monday, 21 September 2020  |  Stuart

Fantastic service... delivery to Australia in 10 days - unbelievable. The guitar is beautiful, I’m gonna have a lot of fun.

Dream guitar that plays and sound fantastic!
Saturday, 19 September 2020  |  Melissa

I bought this guitar as a sentimental gift for my fiancé who was named after Mr May. He was quite shocked and pleased that this guitar was gifted, I cannot stress that enough, but the review he says is simply this : He plugged the guitar into his Orange Rockerverb MK3 and turned it to 10 and was blown away. There were so many tones from the guitar that sounded great he couldn't stop playing it for hours. Our neighbors' review would be rather negative, as to be expected!

What a fantastic instrument! Financially speaking, it was cheaper to buy this direct than in the States, including the hard-shell case that was purchased at the same time. Bravo BMG Team!

My first impressions
Friday, 18 September 2020  |  Don

I was totaly surprised how fast this guitar came to my home address in Melbourne. The BMG Special Cherry arrived in perfect condition and I am just so happy to finally get my hands on this fantastic representation of Brian's Red Lady - the voices I am discovering are just amazing to find and I can't believe how smooth and easy to play in my hands compared to my Fender Strat I have had for 20 years! Mated with my new VOX AC30C2X and the Treble Booster I also bought from you guys, I just love it.

I tried to get on the waiting list for the BMG Super, but no luck, so this is second best. Maybe one day a spot will become available for the BMG Super and then I can buy the cream of the lot. Now I can really learn to play along with Brian on my complete Queen studio albums collection. I had a wonderful time seeing Brian and Roger along with Adam Lambert at the last Queen concert in Melbourne Feb 2020. The first time I saw Queen live was in 1974 at the Sunbury Pop Festival in Melbourne, then I saw them in London at We Will Rock You's opening night when I worked for Air Seychelles, so to finally get my hands on the BMG Special is a fullfilment of a long dream that started in 1973 with Night at the Opera.

Thanks for the great Guitar and Service. Cheers
Capt Donald Sexton

Delightfully realised guitar
Wednesday, 16 September 2020  |  Mick

Received my Red Special today in anticipation of my sixtieth birthday. I purchased the red special along with the free care pack, a treble booster and a Vegan guitar strap.

The delivery took three days to arrive, which is average for most items, the guitar was well packed, with everything in order. I opened up the gig bag in which the guitar was packed and found a further Protective lining bag had to be Opened before I could cast my eyes on the beauty.

I say beauty, this guitar out of the bag has flawless finish and detail.

Then my heart sank... the tremolo arm was missing. I searched through the box and it wasn’t there. Then I realised the gig bag had pockets, a thorough search revealed the arm contained in another poly bag and all was right with the world. Also in the pocket was the shipping document a cleaning cloth and the genuine Brian May, Paul Rodgers 2005 Queen tour six penny bit. I dig my own when metal detecting so this one will stay pristine.

I thank Brian for showing his Vox Mini5 amp, on the second micro concerto. One of the reasons I have long backed off from buying a Red Special is that it would require a Vox AC30, which is a notoriously loud amplifier, if used as it should be. My neighbours and local area will be spared too.

Playing with the settings I straight away ran into a “Now I’m Here” sound. The action is set very low to the fret board, with no noticeable choking on the frets.

I confess my skills are rusty following a fairly long lay off, but I am suitably enthused now, thank you Brian and your genius Father Harold for such a timeless, good looking and very playable guitar.

Wednesday, 16 September 2020  |  Tim

Love it so much. Good price and great quality and plays like a dream....

Just buy one
Wednesday, 16 September 2020  |  David

I have been looking at these guitars for 2 years now and I finally got one - I love it, I can't stop playing it, and now my other guitars are just sitting there collecting dust as I keep reaching for my Red Special!

A great guitar!
Tuesday, 15 September 2020  |  Rory

I finally saved enough to buy this guitar and I am not sorry! The guitar is beautifully made and the size, weight and colour are just perfect. I am very happy with this guitar! Thank you for a great device!

Thank you!
Wednesday, 9 September 2020  |  Ms

I purchased the signed BMG guitar arrived in this May, and started the lesson of electric guitar though my age is close to 60.

This new guitar strap is fit for my Red special, and I practice it more than one hour everyday. The code of Queen's tunes are very difficult for me at this moment but, someday, I will be able to!

Thank you very much!

Tuesday, 8 September 2020  |  Ahmad

I have received the BMG Special in a good condition although it tooks 5 days to reach my place. I am satisfied with the guitar and really like the phasing switches including the on-off pickup switches on the guitar. I salute the late Harold May and Dr. Brian May for designing such a unique system.

Exactly what I wanted!
Wednesday, 2 September 2020  |  Makhaya

The pedal is incredible! It's like Brian May in a box (although it's still preferable with a BMG guitar and a vox amp). It works at all volume levels; to protect myself from being beat up by my family, I keep my amp very low. It clarifies the sound so much, and is just beautiful to listen to.

I prefer the 70's setting the most. In my opinion, it truly sounds like Brian! The 90's also comes really close, so that's really fun to play around with. The 80's has a little too much gain for my liking, but I can fix that by rolling down the level knob.

Also, I think the booster works better with lead playing than rhythym and power chords (I'm not saying it is bad with rhythym playing, it's just even better with lead!).

This is such a wonderful pedal! I can't thank Nigel Knight enough for putting the effort in to make it.

10/10, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is willing to pay the money!