BMG Rhapsody Electro-Acoustic
BMG Rhapsody Electro-Acoustic
BMG Rhapsody Electro-Acoustic
BMG Rhapsody Electro-Acoustic

BMG Rhapsody Electro-Acoustic

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A superb, next generation, small-bodied, electro-acoustic guitar designed in collaboration with Sir Brian May, the BMG Rhapsody features a distinctive RS-style double cutaway design and serious quality Fishman on-board electrics.

The Fishman Flex Blend system combines a Sonicore under-saddle pickup for true acoustic reproduction with a soundhole mounted condenser microphone for an additional level of dynamic sound quality. The discrete, side mounted Flex Series preamp includes a volume control, pickup blend, chromatic LED tuner with mute, phase switch, and a variable semi-parametric EQ control that allows players to choose either a natural, flat sound (with no EQ) or dial in a “scooped” tone with progressively emphasized treble and bass and reduced midrange response, dependent on their playing style.

"I Love MINE. I wrote my entire album on this guitar! It comes everywhere with me. Perfect festival / camping Guitar. It’s light, little, and really beautiful to play." — SINGER/SONGWRITER TALIA DEAN

With its compact dimensions, road-ready construction and a crisp, versatile sound, the Rhapsody makes an ideal travel companion, songwriting partner, and first-call studio instrument with a delivery and performance fit for any professional stage.

  • Sapele back & sides with ivory pinstripe binding
  • Solid spruce top with natural gloss finish and BM style Rhapsody decal
  • Luan neck, with dual action truss rod
  • 24 fret, 24" edge bound Techwood fingerboard with zero fret
  • Techwood bridge with PPC saddle and ebony bridge pins
  • Fishman Sonicore under-saddle pickup
  • Soundhole mounted electret-condenser cardioid microphone
  • Fishman Flex Blend on-board preamp
  • Volume control
  • Chromatic LED tuner with automatic mute
  • One-knob rotary tone control with phase switch
  • Blend control for microphone/pickup
  • 1/4" combination 9 volt battery box
  • Includes premium padded soft case with embroidered Brian May Guitars logo

Brian May and Kerry Ellis on the duo's intimate "One Voice" 2016 European theatre tour
"Crazy Little Thing Called Love" - The Rhapsody hits the big screen at Rock In Rio, Lisbon, 2016
With the Rhapsody in 2022 in a promo video for the deluxe re-release of "Another World"

Body Sapele back and sides
Top Solid spruce
FINISH Natural gloss polyurethane
BINDING Ivory ABS pinstripe binding
Neck Luan
Fingerboard Techwood with white pearloid dot inlays
Frets 24 x medium frets + zero fret
Pickup Fishman Sonicore under-saddle transducer
Microphone Fishman soundhole mounted electret-condenser cardioid microphone
Electronics Fishman Flex Blend preamp – Volume / LED Tuner with mute / Tone / Phase switch / Pickup blend
Bridge Techwood with PPS saddle and ebony bridge pins
Tuners 3-a-side M-1060CR chrome enclosed gear machineheads with ebony tuning buttons
Total Length 1016mm (40")
Body Width (Upper Bout) 24cm (9.5")
Body Width (Lower Bout) 35cm (13.8")
Body Depth (Upper Bout) 75mm (2.95")
Body Depth (Lower Bout) 85mm (3.35")
Scale Length 614mm (24.17")
Fingerboard Radius 500mm (20")
NECK Width at Nut 45mm (1.77")
NECK Width at 12th Fret 57mm (2.24")
NEck Width at 20th Fret 60mm (2.36")
Strings D'Addario EXP16 Phosphor Bronze Regular Light – Plain Steel .012 - .016 - .024 / Wound .032 - .042 - .053
Included EXTRAS Premium quality BMG padded soft case with embroidered BMG logo
Country of Origin People's Republic of China
Fishman Flex Blend Instructions

Style, elegance and intuitive design are the hallmarks of Fishman’s Flex Series acoustic systems. With a discrete, feature-packed footprint, the highly detailed and stylized knobs have been designed with ergonomics, elegance and function in mind, offering precision performance and a smooth feel.

Quick Start

1. Set The Controls — Set volume off and tone controls to centre.

2. Plug In — Connect Flex to an amplifier or PA with a 1⁄4-inch instrument cable.

3. Tune Up — Press and hold the Volume knob to activate the onboard tuner. Once activated, the tuner mutes the output. Press volume knob again to exit.

4. Turn Up — Raise the volume and adjust the tone controls to your liking.

FLEX Blend Controls

Volume: For the cleanest signal, set the volume knob as high as possible, without causing distortion or feedback.

Tone: This innovative one-knob tone control allows you to choose between a natural, undersaddle sound with no EQ (flat) on up to a “Scooped” tone with emphasized treble and bass and reduced midrange.

  • To make individual notes sound thicker and punchier, turn the Tone control to flat (full counter clockwise).
  • Set the Tone control to the middle position for fingerpicking, or when you need just a bit of midrange cut.
  • Turn the Tone control all the way to the right (full clockwise) to add more depth and clarity to your sound, especially for hard strumming.

Phase: Push the Tone knob to reverse phase. Use this phase switch to improve bass response at low volume and suppress feedback at high volume.

Blend: The Flex Blend system incorporates a soundhole mounted high quality electret-condenser cardioid microphone. Turn the blend knob clockwise to add the desired level of microphone signal to the pickup.

Tuner: Press and hold the Volume knob to activate the onboard chromatic tuner, which accommodates all standard and alternate tunings. It is calibrated to A = 440 Hz and can be activated without an instrument cable connected. Once activated, the tuner mutes the output. Press volume knob again to exit. To conserve battery life, the tuner will turn itself off after three minutes of inactivity.

Battery Life

When it is time to change the battery, a low battery LED located on the preamp inside the guitar will light. To conserve power, unplug the instrument and turn off the tuner when not in use. Typical 9-Volt alkaline battery life is approximately 100 hours.

Customer Reviews
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34 Reviews:

Plenty of nice tone and volume
25 November 2023  | 

I received my new BMG Rhapsody Electro Acoustic guitar today. I was surprised how small the body is, but still plenty of nice tone and volume rings out of the soundhole without using the built-in and microphone pick-ups. Action is fairly low, but has 24 frets along the fretboard and neck.

I have not tried to use the pickups yet but I will write another review as soon as I have tried them. Very light to pick up or hold standing up, it sounds and looks a great guitar.

So thank you for another great guitar as I have the Brian May Guitars Special too, but I had mine converted to the same bridge and tremolo system as Brian's guitar with the tuners and pearloid buttons too.

Truly a big fan of Queen and Sir Brian May.

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Lots of music from a small instrument
26 June 2023  | 

I was surprised by the size of the guitar body. But super. The guitar is very close in shape and size to an electric guitar and that was the real reason for the purchase. Another big surprise is the playable 24 fret neck on an acoustic guitar. The guitar's full sound is owed to the .012 strings. However, that's too much for playing solos in higher pitches. The variation of sound settings (pickup/microphone) is also perfect. The guitar arrived quickly and ready to play (9V battery included, gig bag). Overall great satisfaction.

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I couldn't be happier
25 June 2023  | 

I absolutely LOVE my new Rhapsody! From the wonderful sound that it projects to the beautiful wood tones, it's really a unique instrument. I couldn't be happier. I'm a big fan of Brian May; I already have a Red Special, which I also LOVE!

By the way, your team deserves an award for speediness of delivery. I think it only took 3 days from the submission of my order to the arrival at my door front (UK to L.A., not too shabby!). Thanks, guys!

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Beautiful instrument
24 January 2023  | 

I'm just a beginner guitarist but have significant experience with other instruments. The BMG Rhapsody is a pleasure to play and wonderful to hear. It has rich tones and looks beautiful. It motivates me to practice.

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The price makes it a must have
09 November 2022  | 

Was skeptical about the smaller size, but... the sound is amazing, the electronics are unique and extremely functional for feedback control and overall tone management. Dr. May obviously had a hand in getting this one "right". Buy with confidence, the price point makes it a must have. Also beautiful finish - especially the trim

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21 July 2022  | 

Beautiful guitar, lovely to play, would’ve given it 5 stars if it had new strings on it.

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Prized possession
25 April 2022  | 

Dr. May, You have built an exceptional quality made guitar again!

The pictures do not do it justice. The quality of the finish, sika spruce top, the sapele back and sides, in addition to the onboard electronics, make this a not only beautiful guitar, but a great playing guitar. Its smaller size makes it excellent to take with you, protected by the precise fitting padded BMG case.

This is a very special guitar and could easily cost twice as much, but only for Dr. May who chooses to sell this guitar at an affordable price. Dr. May I can not thank you enough, it is my prized possession.

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09 December 2021  | 

I couldn’t believe that I’ll be so in love with my new instrument. A wonderful guitar, specially for my live appearances. The sound is amazing from such a small instrument, the electrics are working perfect, and of course I love the shape of Brian May Guitars!!!

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04 October 2021  | 

Une superbe guitare de très très bonne qualité et une prise en main immédiate. Je recommande!

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19 April 2021  | 

I received my guitar today and I’m really happy to discover it in the real - she is so beautiful and I can’t wait to start playing it tomorrow!

I would also like to thank you for the quick shipment and the efficiency of your service. To be honest, I was not expecting that she would arrive so rapidly. It’s a birthday gift to myself and I thought It was more prudent to order it a few weeks in advance to have it in time. Now it’s sure that I will definitively not miss the date... in May!

Thank you very much!


A beauty
14 April 2021  | 

Such a beautiful Instrument!! I am so happy with it! I enjoy playing and try to my best to be worthy of this special guitar... Thanks all of you and take care!
Keep on Rocking! Cheers Roland

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11 April 2021  | 

A excellent guitar.

I already have the Red Special and love how close the sound was to Brian's sound, but also wanted a acoustic guitar with the ability to mix piezo pickup and built-in mic to get a rich acoustic sound into a amp, or mixer for recording.

Not so big as some acoustic guitars, so easy to handle, and with a nice low action on the strings for easy fretting without killing your fingers.

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Really pleased
29 March 2021  | 

This is a really good guitar. Small, but the sound is brilliant both through an amp or played on its own. The build quality is excellent - which is what you would expect from BMG.

The guitar was delivered 24 hours after ordering (which is amazing service) and I have played it every day.

Small, comfortable and a great sound. I would give it six stars if I could!

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Great guitar, great delivery service, too
08 March 2021  | 

This order went as smoothly as it could. The product is great... I enjoy playing the BMG Rhapsody a lot (guitar not at fault for my lack of practice/talent hahaha).

The delivery was smooth too. I live in Luxembourg (EU) and the delivery was easy despite Brexit regulations.

What's next? A Red Special, or maybe the Bass, I wonder....?!

All the best to the BMG team!

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First impressions count, don't they?
06 March 2021  | 

It is way too early to review the BMG Rhapsody in depth - but my foremost impression is: it plays amazingly well for an acoustic guitar. Comparing the size to my Takamine and Gibson acoustics, it is pretty small but yet full sounding. It consists mainly of neck (24 really accessible frets) and of less body. This might be a reason for its handy haptic.

The service was almost flawless: as a customer in the EU I would have liked some info on the tax and custom fee I had to pay, as well as the overall procedure. The given shipping information was simply dead wrong. I had to investigate actively, how to complete the delivery.

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As explained on the SHOPPING BASKET and CUSTOMER SUPPORT PAGE pages, since Brexit, supplies of product to the European Union are now zero-rated for UK VAT/sales tax.

The 'Worldwide' prices for all BMG products therefore now apply to ALL purchases outside the UK and include a 20% tax-free export discount for all international customers.

However, before delivery, customers across the EU are advised that they will need to pay standard VAT/sales tax for their order, according to the rules in their own country (plus a modest customs clearance charge, over which we have no control).

Effectively, for EU customers, the final price should therefore be equivalent to purchasing the product in their own country.

For further clarity, we strongly advise customers to contact their local customs authorities.

Exciting sound, comfortable neck
07 January 2021  | 

This guitar has a smaller body then average guitars so it has less bass tone, but who cares, it's not a bass guitar. It has an exciting tone. All the acoustic and the electric sound is well used.

The Fishman Under-Saddle Pickup and the Soundhole Mounted Electret-Condenser Cardioid Microphone works brilliant. Tuner well enough.

The number one reason I choosed this acoustic guitar that I hope, the neck is same as the BMG Special, and yes... it's easily playable at the last fret too.

I love it!

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Absolutely Stunning
21 December 2020  | 

An absolutely stunning guitar, flawless electrics, and beautiful tone. What’s hard to tell from the pictures is the size of this guitar. It has such a thin body compared to my other acoustics. This will be a joy to play in shows all over Florida next year!

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Really great guitar
16 December 2020  | 

It's a very nice guitar and a good compromise between an electric guitar and an acoustic. I also have a Gibson, but I don't touch it much anymore as I am playing the BMG instead. It has a nice balance and very good warm sound. Even the strings have the good density and tension. Very happy with this purchase ... my neighbours probably less !

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Outstanding guitar
17 November 2020  | 

This was a birthday present to myself. I couldn't be happier. It looks and sounds incredible. 2020 just got a little brighter.

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Excellent service
03 November 2020  | 

Unfortunately my guitar took longer than the expected 48 hours to be delivered, in fact it took just over a week. Be that as it may I cannot fault the customer service.. (I was) supplied with updates via the phone and when I was told the actual date to expect delivery it was spot on.

So I'm not pleased, just have to learn to play it now.

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The BMG Rhapsody is always worth waiting a little longer for, as every instrument receives a thorough, professional set-up in the House Music workshop.

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