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Available For Immediate Purchase

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Want to rock out with Brian May's rig? Now you can with AmpliTube Brian May - a brand new signature collection of amps, speaker cabinets, pedals and signal processors meticulously modeled after the actual equipment used by the legendary guitarist and available NOW in a stunningly designed Mac and PC compatible desktop app and plug-in for your DAW.

With his iconic guitar, one-of-a-kind gear, and unmistakable sound, Brian May has powered some of the world's most enduring stadium rock anthems and all-time jukebox hits. For decades his intricately layered, harmonized leads, muscular rhythms, and sweet, chiming melodies have seen him blaze a singular trail, proving that rock and roll can have both brains and brawn.

If you are here, you probably have your very own Brian May Guitars Special (or Super) but you may well be wondering how you can accurately emulate all the epic majesty and nuances of his signature sound, without breaking the bank... 

AmpliTube Brian May has the answer!

Featuring a unique suite of amplifiers, speaker cabinets, and signal processors forensically modeled after the actual equipment used by the legendary guitarist on tour and in the studio throughout his stellar career, this astonishing desktop app and plug-in is packed with ground-breaking features and a wealth of presets that will enable you to perfectly capture the sounds of Queen's spectacular, hit-filled discography. 

"This ultimate Brian May rig is user friendly and the presets cover all the iconic Queen tones. IK Multimedia has delivered the works!" — CHARLIE GRIFFITHS, TOTAL GUITAR

For over two years, IK Multimedia's audio engineers have worked closely with Dr. May and his techs to recreate the iconic sounds of countless classic hits, album cuts and live performances from the Rainbow, Wembley and beyond... from Brian's storied Red Special guitar and treble booster pedal to his massive, three-amp VOX® AC30™ setup and carefully curated choice of effects, the spectacular attention to detail on offer here will make you the champion of the maestro's distinctive guitar tone.

With 2 different amplifiers, 3 matching cabinet configurations with multiple speakers and 5 stomp boxes, AmpliTube Brian May features precise software models of the exact live and studio gear used by the legendary guitarist - all recreated in collaboration with Brian May himself. This amazing custom shop collection includes a brand new pedal that simulates the response of the iconic Red Special itself, a “Deacy” amp (complete with adjustable battery power!), the famous triple Vox setup, a virtual studio room with adjustable microphone types and positions, and a selection of tone-shaping effects - adjustable chorus, delay; even a harmonizer for nailing Brian's lush, stacked leads in a single take.


BM 30 - Based on the classic triple VOX® AC30™ setup, this model offers 3 amps with the effects chain in a Wet-Dry-Wet configuration to match Brian May’s classic setup.

BM DK - Originally fashioned by Queen bassist, John Deacon, after modifying an old radio, the diminutive "Deacy" amp is the trademark sound behind many of Brian May's classic recordings. As part of this groundbreaking software emulation, the Deacy even allows for the ability to adjust the amp's battery power!


2x12" BM 30 Blue - Triple cabinet based on the cab section of VOX® AC30™ equipped with with Celestion™ Alnico Blue speakers.

2x12" BM 30 H70 - Triple cabinet based on the cab section of VOX® AC30™ equipped with with Celestion™ G12H Anniversary speakers.

1x6" BM DK - Cabinet section of the BM DK amp, featuring a 6” speaker, modeled after the mysterious “Deacy” amp.

Stomp Boxes

Red Special - Created by a detailed study of Brian May’s famous guitar, this exclusive effect simulates the unique tonality and controls of the Red Special itself.

Treble Booster - Based on the Brian May Guitars Treble Booster Classic, designed by Nigel Knight of Knight Audio Technologies. this unique, multi-era, pedal combines three separate, uniquely voiced circuits that faithfully replicate Dr. May's most recognisable boosted tones from the '70s, '80s and '90s.

May Wah - Based on a rackmount Dunlop® Cry Baby® wah, modeled in the same configurations Brian uses to augment his tone. 

FOX Phaser - Based on a vintage fOXX® Foot Phaser, a pedal-controlled phaser with a distinctive sound.

Star Gate - This noise gate helps clean up the signal chain, minimizing the noise feeding Brian’s powerful amp and pedal setup.

Song Presets

The collection contains a set of song-based presets from Queen's discography and celebrated live performances which were painstakingly crafted by Brian May Guitars artist, Jamie Humphries, a “We Will Rock You” veteran and regular Guitar Interactive contributor who has also performed with Queen and Brian May. These presets, constructed under Brian's personal supervision, will allow users to dial up their favourite tones instantly.

Groundbreaking Modeling Technology

For the AmpliTube Brian May app, IK Multimedia have employed their latest Dynamic Interaction Modeling™ (DIM) to deliver the highest level of ultra-realistic sound when emulating Brian's gear. The product of 20 years’ experience modeling analog equipment, DIM™ reproduces the behavior of every component in the circuit all the way down to its smallest nuance and character.

IK models have consistently set the industry standard, as evidenced by their recognition from influential MI co-branding partners such as Fender®, Ampeg®, Orange®, Soldano® and many more.

Applied to Brian May’s rig, the result is the same sound and feel you’d get from the real gear as used in the recording studio and on a concert stage.

AmpliTube Custom Shop

AmpliTube Brian May functions within AmpliTube Custom Shop - a free software package for Mac or PC that includes a complete basic guitar dual signal chain; tuner, pedalboard, amplifier, cabinet, microphone and rack effects section, as well as 24 extra pieces of gear and access to a unique online virtual music store where you can purchase additional models either a-la-carte, or as a complete collection. You can create almost any rig you can dream up combining AmpliTube Brian May equipment with the universe of gear available to try or buy in Custom Shop.

When used as a standalone application, AmpliTube Custom Shop also features a 4-track recorder section and a song-player for easy play-along capabilities. The SpeedTrainer function allows you to slow down the audio so you can learn Brian May’s signature licks note for note without affecting the pitch. Grab a sixpence coin and give it a whirl...

Learn more about AmpliTube Custom Shop products HERE.


A download link to the desktop version of AmpliTube Brian May (Mac or PC version) plus your personal serial number will be sent to you by email within 24 hours of purchase.

AmpliTube 5 Features

  • Universal upgrade from any previous version of AmpliTube
  • Restores all your gear from previous purchases via the Custom Shop
  • Works as a standalone application and as a plug-in in your favorite DAW
  • Live performance mode with preset switching via MIDI control in standalone version
  • Fully redesigned Graphical User Interface with resizable display
  • Huge database of presets with gear-oriented tags and keywords, advanced search function and more
  • Proprietary DSM™ and VRM™ technologies deliver hyper-realistic, real-world gear emulations 
  • Dynamic Response Modeling provides improved amp response and feel across the entire signal chain
  • Fully redesigned power amp section for new and legacy gear with impedance matching
  • Simplified signal chain creation and management with custom routing options
  • Expanded rig with up to 57 simultaneous FX
  • New effects in the mixing section derived from T-RackS
  • Stereo signal path makes the effects chain suitable for any type of instrument including drums, keyboards, vocals and more
  • New VIR™ Volumetric Impulse Response cabinet engine
  • New impulse response loader with up to 2,400 impulse responses per cabinet
  • New custom user-supplied impulse response loader and editor
  • Individual speakers can be swapped to any cabinet position (on 12” speaker models)
  • Up to 31 individual speaker models available with more added to Custom Shop
  • Two movable cab mics allow you to precisely mic the speaker cabinet
  • Two movable ambient mics allow you to adjust the impact of the selected room
  • Built-in 8-track multitrack recorder DAW in standalone operation
  • Imports any Wav, Aiff, sd2, Apple Caf, Flac, MP3 audio file (standalone version)
  • SpeedTrainer tool for speeding up/slowing down imported tracks without affecting the pitch
  • Export loops to hard drive and import into the DAW section
  • Import audio to track 1 in looper for playing over backing track loop
  • Supports sampling rates up to 192 kHz
  • DAW automation and BPM synchronization
  • Built-in Custom Shop offers access to the full range of AmpliTube gear for free trial and purchase
  • Integrates perfectly with IK’s range of audio interfaces and controllers

System Requirements

AmpliTube is a 64-bit application and requires a 64 bit CPU and Operating System.

Mac® (64-bits)
Minimal: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo (Intel Core i5 suggested), 4 GB of RAM (8 GB suggested), macOS 10.10 (Yosemite) or later. 3 GB of hard drive space. 

Requires an OpenGL 2 compatible graphics adapter.

Supported Plug-in formats (64-bit): Audio Units, VST 2, VST 3, AAX.

Windows® (64-bits)
Minimal: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo or AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 (Intel Core i5 suggested), 4 GB of RAM (8 GB suggested). Windows® 7 or later. 3 GB of hard drive space.

Requires an ASIO compatible sound card. 
Requires an OpenGL 2 compatible graphics adapter.

Supported Plug-in formats (64-bit): VST 2, VST 3, AAX.

Internet connection is required as all of the Custom Shop operations are web based.

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Friday, 5 November 2021  | 

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Tuesday, 31 August 2021  | 

Amazing little piece of software/package that has all the awesome tones created by Dr. Brian May, from the 3-part delays in 'Brighton Rock' to the battery operated Deacy Amp, and many more.

For any guitarist and Queen lover this is a must.

All I need now is the BMG Red Special..... Then I'm all sorted.😉

Fellow Bri-Army Soldier. 🎸

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Tonal perfection
Sunday, 11 April 2021  | 

After playing around and recording with the different presets, using my AXE I/O, I can, with great confidence, say that the Brian May presets on AmpliTube are absolutely perfect. Granted, nothing will ever be 100% to what Brian created back in the days, but this is as close as I could ever hope on getting, without spending thousands of pound on equipment.

Love it.

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Love it
Monday, 6 July 2020  | 

This software is very realistic and easy to use, and obviously no need for a very extensive and expensive pieces of kit. Love it.

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1 of 2 people found this review helpful.

You only need this
Thursday, 18 June 2020  | 

I can only echo what others have said about the confusion in buying this from IK Multimedia. To be absolutely clear: this is All you need. If you don't already own a paid version of Amplitube, you don't need to buy one in order to use this. I got caught out and bought the app first, thinking that these were simply a plugin for it, but full credit to IK Multimedia, they refunded me immediately without a quibble.

As to the sounds - well, you get everything. Lots of song 'presets', but most importantly ALL the gear. If you can navigate around Amplitube's "unusual" interface which does take a bit of figuring out (youtube helped there), you can recreate any sound that Brian does, using any guitar.

Overall, Highly recommended.

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This review has not been appraised.

Well maybe it should be Brian May - AmpliTube
Wednesday, 27 May 2020  | 

Fantastic product - Here you will get Dr. May`s "Red Special" sound regardless which guitar you use.

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1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

Perfect experience
Saturday, 23 May 2020  | 

great product and perfect purchase. Nice experience with your very professional company.

See you soon

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Tuesday, 19 May 2020  | 

AmpliTube Brian May is a must-have for BMG RS owners. It has ALL the sounds. I have a Vox VBM1, but this collection gives you absolutely everything.

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Ampli Tube Brian May from IK Multimedia
Saturday, 28 September 2019  | 

I was impressed by the offer of the typical Brian May sound on a Web based platform. I already had previously loaded the app of AmpliTube from IK Multimedia on my iPad, and already owned the iRig stomp. But I found out that I had to buy the full version of AmpliTube to also run the Brian May sound package. But when you buy this one The Brian May package is already included, which means I bought it double.

However, this is an issue of IK Multimedia and not from BMG Guitars.

Recently, I saw that Jamie Humphries is presenting the AmpliTube on a guitar summit in London. It will be great if he can introduce this software also on the internet, focusing not only on the abilities of the software but also explaining how to set up the complete rig like computer, boxes, interface, etc. If this is posted on the big web page this will be very helpful to set up the software in appropriate fashion and bring success also to beginner guitarists.

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This review has not been appraised.


The desktop version of AmpliTube offered for purchase on the BMG website is a separate product entirely from the iPad/iPhone version and offers additional performance features and plug-in compatibility with professional recording software that is not available on the iOS platform.

Please visit IK Multimedia for comprehensive technical support for all versions of AmpliTube.

Wednesday, 25 September 2019  | 

Excellent digital emulation of all time great Brian May guitar sounds.

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0 of 1 people found this review helpful.

Thank you for making our lives easier!
Saturday, 21 September 2019  | 

If, like me, you have your Brian May Guitar, that is only part of the equation to achieve the iconic sounds created by Dr Brian May - the other parts are the outboard equipment and amps, and the AmpliTube Brian May software is the equivalent of being able to just buy everything in one convenient package.

Once you install the software and plug in the guitar, you are transformed - everything sounds exactly right. The software can cope with non-Brian May Guitars as well (but if you're reading this, hopefully you've already bought one - they're still the best value guitar money can buy!) so there's no excuse - the software allows anyone to sound exactly like the man himself.

The presets have been well designed and are a joy to use. I am fortunate in also having the AXE I/O interface which integrates perfectly with the software, and allows easy selection of the presets (as demonstrated by Jamie Humphries in the videos), but it works with any interface. If you have tried to create your own Brian May effect patches (which I have, several times), you can appreciate this software - it gives you the precisely right sounds straight away.

Should you buy it? Unless you own 3 Vox AC30s and all of the other pedals and equipment that Dr. May uses on stage and in the studio (including the legendary Deacy Amp) the answer is an emphatic YES!

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3 of 3 people found this review helpful.

You will not be disappointed!
Saturday, 21 September 2019  | 

I was asked to leave a review (and to be honest I rarely do !) but, WOW - after playing with the Brian May Amplitube you will not be disappointed!

There are so many options to go into here, but let's cut to the chase - has it got that "Queen" sound? Yes indeed! They have done a great job creating Brian's tones, even choices for some selected song titles!. Let's face it, you cannot go wrong here. If you are searching for just one Brian May tone, you got it, but there are tons more besides and from the man himself and IK Multimedia... well done guys. Congratulations Brian!!

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1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

Almost Perfect!
Thursday, 19 September 2019  | 

The Brian May aspects of this are really spectacular: spot-on sounds, very clever additions like the Red Special plugin that allows you to emulate the pickup/phase response of the Red Special even if you're using a different guitar... overall, just great!

My only complaint is that it's an AmpliTube add-on; I've never liked their interface or business model. You have to wade through what seems like mountains of *paid* add-ons to get to the sounds you want, and if you want to save more than one or two sounds to a "favorite" spot, you have to pay extra for that, too!

So, if this had been a standalone product, or maybe a set of presets for NI Guitar Rig, Waves GTR, or really almost anything else, it would be 5 stars!

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2 of 2 people found this review helpful.