The BMG Super

The BMG Super
The BMG SuperThe BMG SuperThe BMG SuperThe BMG Super
Worldwide Price : £2,458.33
UK Price :  £2,950.00 Inc. 20% VAT


A huge thank you to everyone who has registered for the opportunity to purchase this exceptional guitar.

As production advances, instruments will be allocated on a strictly "first-come, first-served" basis according to your position on the waiting list.

A member of the BMG sales team will then contact you by email or telephone to advise you on how to complete your purchase.

"The dream of all Brian May fans has finally been realised - this is as genuine a recreation of the Red Special as is realistic for what is a pretty good price"
Simon Bradley • Guitarist • February 2009

Brian May Guitars Super - Antique Cherry

A meticulously constructed, devastatingly accurate, hand-crafted, modern replica one of rock 'n' roll's most storied instruments, the development of the BMG Super, a collaboration between Dr. Brian May, Pete Malandrone and House Music MD Barry Moorhouse, has has been informed by invaluable input from an all-star, globe-spanning team of Red Special-ists, including Australian RS guru Greg Fryer, East Anglian luthier Andrew Guyton, Japanese master craftsman Kazutaka Ijuin and British electronics wizard Aaron Armstrong.

Adding to the international flavour, the Super is now hand-crafted in the Czech Republic by the New Bohemia Electric Corp. (taking over from the initial 2008 - 2010 production by Japan's Kz GuitarWorks). World renowned for their exceptional build quality and innovation, New Bohemia's output also includes a range of superb electric guitars, basses and concert string instruments for Manson, Warwick, Stuart Spector and Ned Steinberger's NS Design marque.

The Super is designed to bridge the gap between BMG's own, competitively priced BMG Special model and Andrew Guyton's marvellous (and reassuringly expensive) hand-built instruments and is - without question - the most authentic, officially sanctioned Red Special replica in its price range.

Equally importantly, as a modern update to Brian May and his father Harold's unique 50-year old innovations, the Super stands proudly on its own merits as an astonishingly versatile, exquisitely engineered, professional grade instrument.


With the barest minimum of compromise, every effort has been made to re-imagine the Red Special, hence the Super conforms to the original's dimensions and technical appointments in almost every regard - body and headstock dimensions, neck profile, fingerboard radius, binding, scratchplate shapes, pickup surrounds, tremolo and electronics are all faithfully accurate.

Fifty years on, there are inevitably some differences in materials... instead of oak and blackboard, the body is constructed from quartersawn Mahogany with a book-matched, antique-cherry stained Mahogany top, resulting in some minor modifications to the internal acoustic chambering and control cavity. In addition, The Super benefits from a much stronger, glued-in neck join, rather than single bolt-on construction and, in favour of black painted oak, features a wonderfully smooth 24 fret ebony fingerboard.

Of course, benefiting from the scientific level of study carried out by Greg Fryer on the Red Special and from knowledge gained by Andrew Guyton during his restoration work on the original, all of The Super's alternative appointments and modifications have been made true to the spirit and character of the "Old Lady".

BMG® Super Pickups

Developed and produced in the UK exclusively for the BMG Super project by pickup specialist Aaron Armstrong, these hand-wound recreations of the Adeson-spec Tri-Sonic pickups built between 1960 and 1965, employing exactly the same construction and components as the original units, provide a faithful reproduction of the unique tonal nuances of the iconic Red Special with plenty of BM-approved "bite, growl, and volume".


The Super's wiring scheme, switches, potentiometer and capacitor values are exactly the same as the original's with the switching system correctly mounted to an aluminium mounting plate and reproduction, lathe-turned, aluminium control knobs.

Additional Greg Fryer-approved enhancements include shielding under the entire scratch plate surface area to reduce finger static noise and to assist in insulation from electrical and RF interference and a reinforcing plate inlaid into the guitar's body at the output jack to prevent accidental splitting damage.


Developed by Kazutaka Ijuin, the knife-edge tremolo tailpiece is a drop-dead accurate, hand-crafted reproduction of Brian's original design with the trem arm shaped to the exact curves of the Red Special's, from brass templates made by Greg Fryer in 1998.

In conjunction with a modified Wilkinson roller bridge and Graph Tech Black TUSQ-XL nut, the tremolo system performs, as you'd expect, with astonishing comfort, control and dexterity with perfect return to pitch, aided by the inclusion of Gotoh's fantastic Magnum Lock® machineheads, finished with white pearl buttons, of course.

Included Extras

The Super is supplied with an exclusive, premium quality, custom BMG branded fitted hard case by Hiscox, and an accompanying certificate of authentication, numbered and personally signed by Dr. Brian May.

The Official BMG Super Waiting List

In November 2018, to coincide with the resumption of ongoing production of the BMG SUPER after an 18 month hiatus, we invited all customers wishing to purchase one of these spectacular instruments to submit their contact details for our new official waiting list.

Huge thanks to all of you who signed up - the response was overwhelmingly enthusiastic and, due to the huge demand, registration was closed in early 2019.

To customers who did successfully register, instruments will be allocated on a strictly "first-come, first-served" basis. No deposit is required - as soon as guitars are available, you will be personally contacted in order, according to your position on the list, and invited to complete your purchase by credit card or bank transfer.

We thank you in advance for your continued patience.

Body 2-Piece Quartersawn Mahogany with Acoustic Chambers
Top Book-Matched, Quartersawn Mahogany
Binding White
Neck 1-Piece Quartersawn Mahogany
Finish Gloss Polyurethane
Fingerboard Ebony
Frets 24 x Jim Dunlop 6130 18% Nickel / Silver Vintage Frets + Zero Fret
Fret Wire Crown Height : 0.914mm (0.036") / Crown Width : 2.7mm (0.106")
Inlays BM Pattern Mother-Of-Pearl Face & Side Dots
Neck Join Glued-In Construction
Headstock Original RS Shape with Mother-Of-Pearl "MayStar" & Super Signature Inlays
Pickups 3 x Vintage-Spec, Hand-Wound Custom BMG Super Series Wired, Single Coil Tri-Sonic style Pickups
Switches White Switchcraft Slider Switches – 3 x Pickup On/Off / 3 x Pickup Phase In/Out
Controls Master Volume + Tone with BM Replica, Lathe-Turned, Billet Stock, Aluminium Control Knobs
Bridge Custom Roller Bridge
Tremolo Custom Design BM Replica Knife-Edge Tremolo, with Custom BM Replica Trem Arm
Machineheads 3-A-Side Gotoh Magnum Lock® Tuners
Nut Graph Tech Black TUSQ-XL
Scratchplates Exact RS Replica Main Control Plate, Half-Moon Tremolo Tail Plate & Matching Truss Rod Cover
Body Depth 40mm (1.57")
Scale 610mm (24")
Fingerboard Radius 184.2mm (7.25")
Neck Width @ Nut 46mm (1.81")
Neck Width @ 12th Fret 51mm (2.00")
Neck Depth @ 2nd Fret 26.5mm (1.04")
Neck Depth @ 14th Fret 29.8mm (1.17")
String Spacing @ Nut 40mm (1.57")
String Spacing @ Bridge 50.8mm (2.00")
Weight (Approximate) 3.62kg (8lb)
Strings D'Addario EXL120 Nickel Wound Super Light – Plain Steel .009 - .011 - .016 / Wound .024 - .032 - .042
Included Moulded, Impact Resistant, Plush Lined Hiscox Liteflite Custom BMG Super Fitted Hard Case
Extras Official Certificate of Authenticity, Numbered & Personally Signed By Dr. May
Country Of Origin Handcrafted by NBE Corp. s.r.o. – Horovice – Czech Republic

BMG Super Review 

Jamie Humphries • Guitar Interactive • Issue #40 • March 2016

Simon Bradley • Guitarist Magazine • February 2009

The UK's "Guitar Player's Bible" delivered their own verdict on the internationally acclaimed BMG Super in their February '09 issue with a glowing 4.5 Star review by Simon Bradley, a man who knows more than a thing or two about the Red Special.

Simon lavishes abundant praise on the Super's finish and overall build quality, its "truly wonderful to play" neck design and, of course, for the painstaking attention to detail that has brought this instrument "closer in vibe, tone and feel to the original Red Special than any other hitherto realistically available copy".

Kudos to Simon for also making the point that this isn't just an instrument for Brian May aficionados. The Super has also been designed to be a staggeringly versatile instrument and worthy of any guitarist's attention for achieving the neat trick of being "the true halfway house between the tonal wonders and traditional uses of a Fender Strat and Gibson Les Paul".

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A childhood dream come true
Wednesday, 14 August 2019  | 

My Super is almost 10 years now, and it's still today my number one guitar, my beloved piece of wood!!!

This guitar is, and looks, absolutely fantastic - it stays perfectly in tune even after heavy tremolo use. The tone is sublime!!! The Adeson Tri-sonics are so incredible. It's amazing to me how Brian and his father designed the perfect electric!! So proud to own this beauty, I love it.

Thanks a lot Brian, Harold, BMG, KZ, Greg Fryer for making this guitar.

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Gets better and more exciting everytime it leaves the case
Sunday, 11 August 2019  | 

I’m now a year or so into my Super ownership – The guitar just brings a smile to my face each and every time I open the case. The attention to detail is superb, I have owned many “top end” guitars by the big names... at the time I owned them, yes they were the best things ever. But, compared to the Super, actually they are all pretty bland… same as type guitars – everyone has one… they have a sound, that’s it, they have a look... like every other... so why bother?

Stand in the middle of the room with a shiny super around your neck and you stand out.. admittedly the Bohemian Rhapsody film has made the guitar MUCH more recognisable, no longer is it... ohhh what’s that? It's more WOW you managed to get one of those!
I have friends who are pro musicians – of course, all initial reactions are “oh, a Brian May Copy? Pah! I’ll get my curly wig out" but give them 10 minutes with it and they love the Special, the tone, the versatility makes is so much more than a Queen fan's guitar – name a genre, that sound is in there somewhere... in the myriad of switch combinations!

And the neck?? Flippin' huge – no one likes it when they pick it up... 2 minutes later, it works, it feels strong, plenty to get your hand around, it’s so playable and all other necks feel weedy in comparison.

Criticism? well, none really. Obviously they are not cheap, but then pick one up and you will see why they are expensive – I am a designer by trade, this is a fantastic bit of design (hats off to the original design) – but the quality of the build is exceptional.

Best bits? Watching "proper" guitarists as they humbly admit - this is a cracking guitar that looks and sounds like no other - then I take it from them and go home with it"

Regrets? Losing the signed certificate - doh!

Most people will struggle to get one looking at the closed waiting list – if anyone gets the chance – buy one - your sound will want for nothing.

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An absolutely extraordinary guitar - not just for Queen fans, but for every guitarist
Saturday, 27 April 2019  | 

I received my Super this week and I am absolutely thrilled.

Everything is just right on this guitar. It is a very versatile instrument with great sound and great workmanship. In addition, it really looks cool. Everything about the guitar is well designed out down to every detail. The tremolo is super soft and accurate.

It is pure fun to play on this instrument that really deserves the name "Super". I have been a Queen fan since my youth and so this instrument is more than a guitar to me. It's more like a piece of history.

Many thanks to the whole BMG Team.

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A high-end instrument with remarkable qualities
Saturday, 20 April 2019  | 

I am going to focus on the aspects of the guitar which are not immediately available or obvious via the product spec page. I’ll assume that readers are already familiar with the Red Special sound, pickups, switching options and electronics which get a lot of attention and are reviewed in detail elsewhere.

Fit and Finish
The finish is a poly according to the rep at BMG whom I spoke with, and I am glad it is. It isn’t too thick, which can sometimes happen in my experience, and feels and looks great. My guitar has an even, rich antique cherry stain on great wood selection which looks much like the pictures on the website. The back of the guitar is beautiful and unlike the Special, which has a tremolo route on the back of it covered by a plastic access panel, the Super is solid mahogany on the back with no plastic whatsoever (save the edge binding, of course). I am quite happy with the fit and finish of the Super. It is a beautiful instrument and presents itself well. The Super feels very solid and substantial without feeling overly big and heavy. The instrument seemed to be set up very well when it arrived and should be easy for a player to fine tune it to their preferences.

The frets are dressed and even. After cleaning my frets they polished to a mirror shine. The ebony arrived a bit dry which might have to do with many environmental factors such as shipping or just the building itself. After applying some lemon oil it came to life and I could truly appreciate the finish and dark richness of the wood. I was a bit worried that the 7.25” radius would feel strange as I am used to larger radius fingerboards but it works very well. It was naturally comfortable to my hands with no dead bends that I noticed even when really bending. The 24” scale length works very well with the radius and feels absolutely natural.

The tremolo is very controlled and feels great. In conjunction with the low neck angle, zero fret and rolling bridge, I was pleased with its tuning stability. You can pitch bend up causing notes to go sharp from neutral position, which I think is very useful and musical. The spring tension felt very natural and though I didn't feel the need to adjust the springs, they look easily accessible through two holes in the bottom of the Super. From what I understand this is similar to the original. The strings feed through the tremolo unit which is accessible via the half moon shaped access panel which is easily removed. Do to the nature of this type of tremolo unit you should expect to spend a bit of time rebalancing tuning if you move from Standard E to say an open G or C. This was my experience at least.

This is a zero fret guitar and with it comes some pro and cons. Open chords ring out like fretted chords and the smoothness of the fret helps with tuning stability when utilizing the tremolo. Eventually (depending on how much one plays the guitar, of course) this zero fret will need replacing. My guitar arrived with a pinging sound when bending some of the strings. After contacting BMG they recommended I inspect the zero fret for burrs to make sure this wasn’t the source of the sound. Being fairly guitar tech savvy and after closer inspection, I narrowed this sound down to the black nut string slots being cut too wide which caused the strings to move slightly on the zero fret and come in contact with the nut sidewall. This was causing the sound. I replaced the black nut (which really acts more as a string guide and not a traditional nut) with a new properly filed nut and the problem vanished. Perhaps this was just something unique to my instrument, but I found it worth noting in a review.

The neck is what intrigues me the most. I was expecting a deep neck profile and after comparing the neck depths from the website to one of my own larger neck guitars I imagined they would feel similar. The Super has a very deep neck depth—with what seems to be a classic vintage “U” shape—and the neck is noticeably bigger than a neck profile modeled after a late ‘50s LP. I do like the Super neck after playing it for some time and getting used to it, and now am looking to find a similar cut on my bolt on neck guitar. The Super's neck is an accurate replica of the original and I found myself feeling a strange connection to Dr. May when playing it and imagined that it in some way influenced his playing. I've owned the Special in the past and I absolutely prefer the Super's neck to the neck of the Special. To each their own. Many people believe that its mass adds to sustain and while I'm not sure if this is true, there is no question that the guitar rings out. It does leave my thinner neck guitars feeling inadequate and toy-ish. If you don’t want a deep neck depth then I’d recommend the Special.

The custom made HISCOX case has four latches and comes with keys for the lock. Mine arrived in black and it might have slightly exceeded my high expectations. The guitar nests securely inside and the handle is placed in a way that balances everything well. This is a no nonsense, touring case that is built to protect the instrument. Inside the case was the numbered and signed certificate of authenticity, some adjusting tools/cloth/etc., and other literature. It all looked purposefully placed.

The BMG Super is a high-end instrument with a lot of remarkable qualities. I think it succeeds in filling the gap between the BMG Special and the Guyton. The service I received was friendly and the process was fun and exciting. The fact that there is a very long wait and that it is hard to get makes owning one all the more precious. If you want an instrument that is as unique to play as it sounds—and if you like thick necks—this is a great instrument.

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Awesome, top level guitar
Saturday, 19 January 2019  | 

After one year wait, I finally got my BMG Super in September. It came with a stunning hard case and with Optima Gold strings, which you definitely need to play Brian May’s riffs and licks.

With the proper equipment, such as a good treble booster and Vox AC30 amp, its pickups and switching system allow me to obtain almost the same tone, except I’m not Dr. May of course!

I really love my Super and I certainly recommend it. Also all the people at BMG were very kind and attentive.

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Absolutely recommended
Monday, 31 December 2018  | 

I came into a Super a week ago. I have to thank Brian May Guitars because they have followed me throughout the procedure, from the first messages up to the payment and the traceable shipping, and they answered every email message and we kept constantly in touch with Facebook chat.

The guitar arrived here in impeccable conditions and was also discreetly tuned despite the air travel. It's a faithful replica of Brian May's and I'm having so much fun with the huge neck, the roller bridge and the switch combinations of the pickups... What can I say, my guitar for life!

Absolutely recommended - if you can, try it and get one.

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5 Stars +++++
Monday, 17 December 2018  | 

I absolutely love this guitar, and can't stop playing it. I have a Vox AC30HW2X and its a perfect match (although I do have to turn the amp down to 15 watts).

I waited several months for it while some details were worked out on the windings of the pickups (I'm told that Dr. May wasn't happy with a couple batches and wanted these pick-ups to be as faithful as possible to the tonal characteristics of the originals... that speaks volumes to the quality of this instrument).

The craftsmanship of this guitar is phenomenal and the detail is exacting, even down to the three strap holes in the end of the guitar (just like the original). The staff at Brian May Guitars was a delight to work with and very helpful with all of the details of the purchase.

The sound that this instrument produces is unlike any other guitar I've ever played. There's thirteen (or some such) different combinations. It's like having a Telecaster, a Stratocaster, and a Les Paul all in one guitar.

Absolutely love it and can't recommend it enough.

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Versatile, well made, fantastic looking
Saturday, 10 November 2018  | 

I bought a Brian May Super from here... Let's be honest - these are expensive! And very hard to get hold of - mine took 2 years to arrive! Lots of hopeful ETA dates emailed through - met with disappointment time and time again... but this month it arrived!

“Was it all worth it?” - the wait and the anguish??

Oh yes - what a fantastic piece of artwork this is. And I do describe this as a piece of art - it looks fantastic, the colour is rich and sumptuous, the finish across the guitar is impeccable - at this price you would expect this - and the Super delivers across the board.

The guitar came impeccably packed, in a really smart, BM logo'd case and double boxed full of padding - so arrived in A1 condition. For me the disappointment was no signed certificate, a quick call to BMG and that was cleared up - they just wanted the customers to get the guitars as quick as possible, the certificate followed as promised a week later.

On opening - I was shocked to see the guitar is shipped with the trem arm attached - unusual. Again I will emphasize just how good the finish is on the guitar, - just perfect.

On playing, well this is a true like for like of Brian's - the neck is really big - feels awkward, feels wrong... for about 2 mins, then it feels great - the set up was perfect, it's low, quick, and in tune straight out of the box.

I could write for ever on just how pleased I am. But I would bore you - the sounds are astounding, even with a little 10w Vox! My top tip is buy direct from BMG - 3rd parties are useless, they have no idea what is going on with deliveries - speak to Barry @BMG - the only guy who seems to know what's actually happening.

You name it - this really has it - looks, build quality, tone, head turner - yes it is expensive, yes you will have to wait, yes they are rare (100 per year) but it really is worth it.

From the way it's packed, to the quality of the guitar case, to the finish of the body - this guitar screams quality, oozes tone and shouts character...

I 100% recommend you buy one - if you can get one.

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Friday, 9 November 2018  | 

This guitar really is a thing of beauty. Superb level of finish on every item, body, pickups, bridge and tremolo unit.
However purchases one of the BMG Super’s will not be dissapointed.

Customer services are spot on, always warm and welcoming on the telephone/email.
Thank you to all the BMG team.

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A thing of utter beauty
Thursday, 11 October 2018  | 

I was lucky enough to buy one of the first batch of 16 produced by KZ in 2008. This instrument is a thing of beauty and quality that never disappoints. I also have a very early Burns BM Signature Guitar

The thing that surprised me is the difference in neck profile between the 2 guitars. The Super is intended to be very faithful of course. But the neck feels huge for me in comparison to the wafer-thin slimline neck I got used to on the Burns and also to the ultra fast necks on my Ibanez RG series guitars i was playing semi pro back in the late 80's. The Super really was a bit of a word-of-mouth secret way back when I put my name on the waiting list, with little to find about it online, so it was a bit of a shock to open the case and pick up this neck.

I understand Jamie Moses had the neck of his Super skinnied down to be more like a Strat profile, and I can see why! But if you are investing personally in a high-end & faithful replica of the 'Old Lady' then it makes this a much bigger consideration. I get it - Brian is able to wring such beautiful expression out of his guitars and if he asks for a faithful replica, then who am I to tell him he's wrong. LOL... Heck, no!

So the tone, the sustain, the quality of the feel and of the finish are all just far superior for the Super. It really is a thing of utter beauty, and I just can't bring myself to play it with a sixpence, as it deserves reverence and worship.

But, as far as the convenience of playability is concerned (and this is probably as much down as much to my personal playing style and LOFT (lack of flippin talent), the Burns is the "Red Special" I reach for through choice.

I'd love it to be different. I'd love to hear that the more recent Super version has at least a choice of neck profiles. Maybe then I'd buy another and keep the faithful KZ produced guitar on its altar for worship, and play the crap out of the new one, having a neck profile that really suited my playing style. But this is an expensive dream, and my days of playing Queen/Brian May are not so regular now.

So only 4 stars from me, although frankly these 4 stars carry more weight and personal value than any of my other guitars that I would rank as 5 stars, just because she's the nearest thing to the "Old Lady".

"Fat bottomed girl, you make the rockin' world go round". LOL

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Bank breaker... ‘cause it’s a lot!
Saturday, 17 February 2018  | 

Good. But to me, it definitely breaks the bank.

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Best of the best!
Friday, 16 February 2018  | 

The most playable, versatile guitar you can own. I have a BMG Special which I love but the Super goes beyond. I love them both!! Can't go wrong with either.

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What A Great Guitar!!
Saturday, 30 April 2016  | 

I own a Brian May Guitars Special since 2011 - that's a fine guitar, but the Super is just... finer! The build quality is outstanding and the sound... just magnificent!

As I often play an acoustic dreadnought guitar, the huge neck fits just wonderful, no need getting used to it, because the necks are very similiar! The playability of the Super really is "super"!!

My journey of seeking for "my" electric guitar has been finished now! And that really is great!

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Incredible Guitar
Thursday, 25 February 2016  | 

I received my BMG Super guitar as a gift (what a gift!) from my wife on my 50th birthday, a year and a half ago (I was born in the same year as the "Old Lady").

Of course it is my most appreciated treasure among all my other instruments. I bought another Red Special in 2005 and, although is also a great guitar, the Super surpasses widely the quality and specification of its “little sister”.

The overall construction quality is incredible and with the most careful attention to detail. Of course, it is a very beautiful guitar and it’s a dream for any Queen and Brian May fan but its versatility makes it an incredible instrument for any playing style.

The neck seems apparently huge in width (and it is!), but it’s very smooth and comfortable for playing. The well known multiple combination of pickups and phases supplies a lot of different tones. I usually play the guitar through a VOX AC15 amplifier (AC30 is too much loud for my home, maybe for any home!) with different effects and pedals, including the Digitech BM which also supplies great sounds.

It is almost impossible to detune this guitar. In my case, the guitar is usually resting inside a glass display cabinet and after several weeks without playing it (I play my another BMG for rehearsals) it is still in tune!! The roller bridge was and is an incredible invention, besides the zero fret, the tuners, and the overall construction of the guitar, getting the miracle.

I strongly recommend this very high quality guitar if you have doubts about it. The guitar can compete (and to win) with any other custom guitar from the other well known brands you are thinking about.

The guitar is accompanied by a hard-shell case - extremely good (in my case a beautiful white one) - and a certificate of authentication, numbered and personally signed by Dr. Brian May which is itself an extraordinary gift.

Many thanks to all of you; Dr. Brian May, Peter Malandrone, Greg Fryer, Andrew Guyton, Kazutaka Ijuin, the House Music Team (Gill, Barry, Katie, etc.), Adrian Turner, Bohemia Electric Corp and all those who have contributed to the design and construction of this incredible creature.

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I Love The Super
Friday, 2 October 2015  | 

I bought my first Super in March.

If you love Queen music and Brian May’s guitar playing, or just love to play a wonderful guitar then you couldn’t ask for more than the Brian May Super.

The build quality is superb and only matched by the quality of sound that comes out of it. With 3 on/off pickup switches and 3 in/out of phase switches the varieties of sounds are enormous, from a light melodic sound to a heavy overdriven sound they are all there.

So if you want a Brian May sound or something totally different all of your own you can create it.

As with the original, it has a thick, chunky neck with 24 accessible frets and a tremolo that returns perfectly time after time. The touch you need on it is so light it makes it really easy to play. Even through my little Vox VT20+ it gives a big sound.

So with its great build quality and great versatility if you are playing in your bedroom or on a massive stage you would have to go a long way to beat it.

Added to that the service from Barry and all of the House Music team has been outstanding.

I love this guitar.

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